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Aozotra 13 timmar sedan
Why can’t mclaren make their own engine? Have they tried?
black nigga
black nigga 13 timmar sedan
look, we dont really know this mazepin guy personally so i wont say no to him, maybe he is a nice guy.. who knows
PimpDaddy G
PimpDaddy G 13 timmar sedan
everyone is too unrealistic with their season goals. I mean there is a team called Mercedes that has been dominating the decade and has two very skilled drivers no one can compete with them its always a fight for the 2. place in constructors and 3rd in drivers
Jacob Haagerup
Jacob Haagerup 13 timmar sedan
Initially felt sorry that Magnussen got the boot. Now, not so much...
The Parrot
The Parrot 13 timmar sedan
LBNMKRS 13 timmar sedan
Yeah serious at buying Mercedes' last years car. 😅
Checkered Croat
Checkered Croat 13 timmar sedan
He touched wet girl how she wanted to be touched and then SJW idiots started screaming. You westerners are snowflakes.
SkybladePhoenix 13 timmar sedan
Toothpaste car.
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 13 timmar sedan
Haas taking over the "Rookie training camp" from Toro Rosso. How far Schu Jr and Mazepin will push each other by the end of the year is very interesting, regardless of how the team performs.
Pinecone Buddhist
Pinecone Buddhist 13 timmar sedan
There is some strange green filter over this Mercedes F1 car reveal
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick 13 timmar sedan
Gene Haas an American F1 team owner unable to attract American sponsors despite having a renowned name is embarrassing! Zak Brown has gotten more sponsors from America to McLaren. Gene is nothing but a spineless coward who is only going to sell this team for a loss, not profit. Haas is going to be worse than Williams this year wait and watch.
Giannetto 13 timmar sedan
Marussia is back
Esther Akeode
Esther Akeode 13 timmar sedan
So it's beginning to look like Haas f1 team is changing livery every season what will happen if they have ran out of livery design
PandaStroll 13 timmar sedan
shut up abt mazepin and his actions. it was dealt with on december. move on. anyways he will be faster than mick
Blejky B
Blejky B 13 timmar sedan
Special entry fee for Honda only. 500.000.000€ would be adequate compensation just in case they change theirs mind's again.
ventisette. 13 timmar sedan
They know they are going to suck royal PP so why even bother?
Oscar Egbogu
Oscar Egbogu 13 timmar sedan
Did Mazepin kill someone or put someone's life in danger? Or swindle someone in an elaborate fraud. From my understanding, he was horse playing with friends. I don't know him from Adam but the vilification is over the top and seems borne out of an agenda. He is an F1 driver, not the Pope.
KK B 13 timmar sedan
Haas F1 everyone's punching bag.
The Cook
The Cook 13 timmar sedan
The engine alone, if it's competitive will be enough of a boost to not make them the weakest team on the grid. But that's a big IF.
Alvin Ahammed
Alvin Ahammed 13 timmar sedan
The Hass livery looks like what a BMW livery would look like.
G K 13 timmar sedan
Strip away the engine and F1 could have had a glorious era during the hybrid years. Biggest turn off in the sport/own goal inflicted on itself in recent memory.
David Kitcher
David Kitcher 13 timmar sedan
So, how exactly have they given up already? You didnt really explain? I'm pretty sure if they'd already given up, they wouldnt still be a F1 racing outfit? Surely they'd cut their losses and leave? your caption for this shit video is clickbait.
stratman 13 timmar sedan
it would be really funny if mazepin beats mick every time this year....if he sticks to do the talking on track....;-).
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 14 timmar sedan
Alpine mountains are also not supposed to rhyme with peen yet you say peen over and over again. Alpeen Alpeen Alpeen. Alpine also rhymes with fine or dine.
Ethan Daniel
Ethan Daniel 14 timmar sedan
The Haas budget is just dumb. You dont put an amg gearbox into a nissan micra or put a ferrari engine into a nissan. It just doesn’t work so I understand why they will finish 10th or 9th
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 14 timmar sedan
Alpine is supposed to rhyme with wine not ween. cmon...
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 14 timmar sedan
Why do you guys call the team al peen? I hate it. It's called alpine. Say the I's name because the e at the end makes it do so.
MrShoryuken1 14 timmar sedan
The off track behaviour is awful but fans and drivers should be more concerned with Mazepin's extremely dangerous on track behaviour. Remember when he deliberately ran Tsunoda and Drugovich off track multiple times in Sakhir? He is lethal, like a terrifying hybrid of Maldonado and Grosjean combined.
amend 14 timmar sedan
F1 going to be shit this season
mse 14 timmar sedan
mick shouldve been in alfa instead of has been raikonen or useless gio. he will be george v2 now in a backmarker....
Rob Hills
Rob Hills 14 timmar sedan
Aston definitely have some wins in them this season. If Vettle is on his game and Stroll shows a bit more consistency I think there is good chance of Aston fighting Red Bull for 2nd in the constructors.
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc 14 timmar sedan
Haas sold itself to the Devil by kissing ass to Mazepin's daddy
Manolo 14 timmar sedan
Hope McLaren will grab a win or two this year!
Peter van Loo
Peter van Loo 14 timmar sedan
Wauw, I think they can play with the bigger boys! Maybe with te biggest boys but that depends on Vettel.... how is he adaping to the car and can take full out of it!! Don't forget ... they have the data from force roso (lol) AND Aston Martin has for shure data from Red Bull.... so all ingredients for a fast team... Come on Vettel this is your chance for pay back!!
Aaron Ala-Nikkola
Aaron Ala-Nikkola 14 timmar sedan
I was very sad when Aston Martin pulled out of WEC with their potential Valkyrie LMH but since WEC and sportscar racing in general is going to be epic in 2023 with Toyota, Peugeot, Audi, Porsche and now Ferrari! Plus if i im correct Cadillac and Acura are commited to LMdH in 2023. So now im not that sad that Aston Martin choose F1 and i do hope that they win with Seb😄
dominik bleuel
dominik bleuel 14 timmar sedan
So haas is now an American team flying a Russian flag? What time to be alive
Clippy 14 timmar sedan
Mazepin did nothing wrong
Kleon II
Kleon II 14 timmar sedan
Hot take: Gasly and Perez will be fighting each other for 4th place in the championship
Doubledeepfried 15 timmar sedan
Poor mick..
Mark Sawyer
Mark Sawyer 15 timmar sedan
The colour won’t make it go any faster and neither will alonso. Old past it and a waste of time and money.
tarun1982 15 timmar sedan
Haas, the new Williams?
Tony O Donnell
Tony O Donnell 15 timmar sedan
it is no more an aston martin than it is a merc, it has two of the worst drivers in F1 and is only HUBRIS by daddy stroll justifying the team for his son, and if he beats Vettel and lets face it who can't beat Vettel it might give a little bit for credibility to Jr. who could not beat Perez in a car running 3 tenths slower thanks to no upgrades last year. What excuses will Vettel have this year, none if he can't beat Jr.
CAMS Graphics
CAMS Graphics 15 timmar sedan
nice simple, I am assuming Russia $$ is why the colours?
Ian Howlett
Ian Howlett 15 timmar sedan
2:43 “Mazapin has the distinction of becoming one of the most disliked drivers in Formula 1 history” - wow, don’t pull your punches Edd! 😂
Kristijan Vragović
Kristijan Vragović 15 timmar sedan
As much i would want it i don't believe that Red Bull can beat Mercedes. They have huge lead, and it's foolish to think they'll trip this year.
Ian Howlett
Ian Howlett 15 timmar sedan
Diego Driesens
Diego Driesens 15 timmar sedan
The car looks really good
Dave Payne
Dave Payne 15 timmar sedan
The definition of a professional is generally someone who is paid to perform a task. Mazepin therefore is the opposite of that.
missedme0063 15 timmar sedan
Hey Guys, Your transition animation is so jarring, please change it!
C. T
C. T 15 timmar sedan
The only sport that punishes the most innovative in order to keep bleeding money of companies whom dont have the funds to be competitive and shouldnt be there. Every other competition the most innovative a rewarded. This past decade has put the corruption on full show and created a soap opera instead of competition.
TacticalBunnyCA 15 timmar sedan
😕 On my IPad the paint looks like a collar of Axe body spay. Maybe it’ll look better in the sun ☀️
Cheeseatingjunglista 15 timmar sedan
Lets hope MassiveToilet crashes a lot
rishabh sharma
rishabh sharma 15 timmar sedan
Indianapolis and
SimEnduranceRacers 15 timmar sedan
Honestly? This was a shitty and biased video... People in the comments already mentioned other, certainly bigger, controversies you should have mentioned, yet you kept focusing on the few ones involving Michael Schumacher. Well done, you lost one subscriber.
Will Mac
Will Mac 15 timmar sedan
Mclaren, Aston Martin and Red Bull might be very close.. will be v interesting!
Liam Gellett
Liam Gellett 15 timmar sedan
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 15 timmar sedan
The car has a red white and blue scheme so you could say it’s still the American car. Most people haven’t heard of the Russian firm so we’ll just slide over that!! 2022 has to be a good year for the team.
R R 15 timmar sedan
True beauty
R R 15 timmar sedan
Hahaha as if