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Christian Horner
Christian Horner 16 timmar sedan
Just a soft drink company huh?
Francis Vaughan
Francis Vaughan 16 timmar sedan
It seems odd that Honda would be prepared to hand over its IP and engine capability in a manner that allows a rival manufacturer to come in and partner with Red Bull. What happens when Honda decide to come back into F1 again? I can't imagine anyone imagines that they won't eventually. They have history here. A deal that allows Red Bull to go out and create a deal based on Honda's efforts should push the price of the operation the Honda would want up. I can't imagine that Honda don't have some caveat on the sale that affects just how any partnering deal is done. Maybe for the next engine spec such deals might be reasonable, but for the Honda derived engine's lifetime hard to imagine. Given Honda could change its mind about F1 in the future, it might want first right of refusal for partnering come the next engine regs anyway. For the current engine's lifetime I can't see how any manufacturer with any pride would want to partner. Putting a Volkswagen stable brand on the engine when everyone who cares knows it is a Honda engine would not be the mark of a brand with pride in its own engineering prowess.
RoryJL2014 16 timmar sedan
for all the hate Mercedes gets from some quarters, even the most ardent ABM (anyone but Mercedes) fans have to admit this is a really great gesture from Toto and co
mmpj twod
mmpj twod 16 timmar sedan
My dad passed away earlier this year and today is his birthday. It was GREAT news to wake up to this morning. Cue the tears... don't care... this is awesome
Amsro 16 timmar sedan
for the meme god, GrossJean, this is a feel good story!
Czian Tejada
Czian Tejada 16 timmar sedan
if this goes on until the end of the year I think verstappen will place a hit on hamilton
Rhys Evans
Rhys Evans 17 timmar sedan
Red bull isn't a drinks company...its a marketing company that happens to make drinks
No Name
No Name 17 timmar sedan
It would be nice if the top drivers drove the worst cars in testing and help the teams make the midfield more fun to watch... It would never happen but having a max or lewis say yeah ur car needs this would help so much.. I just want to see wheel to wheel racing every race
BoxerEngineSounds 17 timmar sedan
Push comes to shovel. lol.
Deamon93IT 17 timmar sedan
Toto made a great gesture to a man who has been a part of F1 for quite some time, leading also the GPDA as director. We may never see Romain on the grid again but I'm glad for him to have a last hurrah with a car like the W10
THEALKYL 17 timmar sedan
What a season, absolut exitment from begining to end! And that the GT300 championship was won by a team run by students from Nissans technical college, just brilliant. Oh what the DTM could be if they would just finally implement Super GT's regulations and mixed class racing. The Race: Please bring back Super GT with Sam Collins and Rob Barff at least for 2022! Or give them a format where they are at least able to cover Super GT on the channel in some form. I myself, and I am sure many others, did not subscribe for F1 boredom when this was still a Nissan channel.
Noahtjuh 17 timmar sedan
Nah, you’re missing the nail with the track limit rant
THEALKYL 17 timmar sedan
Please bring back Super GT with Sam Collins and Rob Barff! Or at least cover the series in some form like you do with F1. A lot of your subscribers are here because of Super GT from before the channel was re-branded as The Race. Watching Autobahn traffic from a pedestrian bridge is more exiting then F1.
Emperor 17 timmar sedan
I hope Porsche will join F1 as a engine supplier and partners with RedBull
Paul Koehn
Paul Koehn 17 timmar sedan
I just hope that he doesn't break that good car
mmpj twod
mmpj twod 16 timmar sedan
in endurance raceing
Ahmed Naveel
Ahmed Naveel 18 timmar sedan
The rivalry can go sour from Lewis side but Max is not the kind of guy who gives a shit or chokes at mind games. lol
THEALKYL 18 timmar sedan
Please bring back Super GT with Sam Collins and Rob Barff! Or at least cover the series in some form like you do with F1. A lot of your subscribers are here because of Super GT from before the channel was re-branded as The Race. Watching Autobahn traffic from a pedestrian bridge is more exiting then F1.
Hei Chan
Hei Chan 18 timmar sedan
Haas does not have the ‘resources’ but Renault has. Toto honored his word. Classy. Mercedes sees it as cost-effective marketing goodwill in France. Profit motivated but still classy.
alanngli 18 timmar sedan
It looks like the honey badger is good at stealing victories from Mercedes when things go wrong for them.
Johnathan 18 timmar sedan
Why did I get recommended this 😂😂 love seeing the F1 tech dude though
R G 18 timmar sedan
Hey man change your style of telling a story, it seems that you are announcing some information. Change your narrative so that even a naive can understand and enjoy the contents. Just keep on trying.
Israr Mohi
Israr Mohi 18 timmar sedan
Renault benefiting what?
TEZ MOVIES 19 timmar sedan
Lewis is toxic he spoiled nico rosbergs career.
spidyspidy 1
spidyspidy 1 19 timmar sedan
To sum it up BMW was doing a brilliant job in building the best engine and also being a sponsor and giving williams money but Williams was doing a shit job building a car that without the engine couldn’t compete against the best.
SaQiB Amir
SaQiB Amir 19 timmar sedan
Max Will Kill It With Mercedes ♥️
Cheeto 19 timmar sedan
This aged well!
Karrde 19 timmar sedan
I think red bull charging forward into engines matches everything inspiring about f1. Beats the terminator, mr average and sir sjw.
Virvum Juggernaut
Virvum Juggernaut 19 timmar sedan
Most of us who follow F1 are fairly informed about motorsport in general, myself included. However could someone more knowledgeable explain the reasoning behind the “jagged” design of some F1 windshields? I’m guessing it has something to do with airflow disruption? I have no idea and would appreciate an answer if anyone reads this.
PlanesTrainsAutos 19 timmar sedan
Mercedes is supposedly getting into IndyCar. Maybe he can drive for them. :-)
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan 19 timmar sedan
Someone has been drinking the RBR Coolaid. I don't see how this makes RBR any more flexible than Ferrari, Renault or Mercedes. If anything, those companies have their parent companies to draw from if they need any more depth of talent.
Blue 17 timmar sedan
Unlike Ferrari or Mercedes, Redbull can sell their engine badge to whatever car company who's willing to pay them..
cls lm
cls lm 20 timmar sedan
今より50mくらいTGRのブレーキ 手前なんだね。 そう考えると今のGTカーってすごい進化してるよなぁ
Puzzled Gamer
Puzzled Gamer 20 timmar sedan
I Think the Top 10 on Sunday starting with any tire they want, could make it less interesting...
afe nijmeijer
afe nijmeijer 20 timmar sedan
He better not drive it too fast. Mecedes might mess up the pit stop again lest he embarrasses their star driver😅🤣😂
grxengine 20 timmar sedan
Not Cool, Renault. He should have died that day leaving another permanent black mark on F1. All the team on the grid need to be offering him this opportunity. They should laud his survival. It costs them nothing...especially his home team. Shame on you, Renault or Alpine or whatever your name is now.
Nikolay Ivanov
Nikolay Ivanov 20 timmar sedan
Because FIArarri.
MrNinjaFish 20 timmar sedan
All of zem vill be der Mercedes in ze end
MARTYN \ 20 timmar sedan
Just imagine: Russell's tweet about driver who defend should think about conditions, so he literally took all the responsibility on Bottas. Men, u r overtaking, its yours concerns about lines and conditions! Everyone here are for George, cuz he was almost overtake a mercedes, what a yoke!
ZWIVHUYA RADZILANI 20 timmar sedan
Hamilton is winning the championship again...... easy
Bob Boberson
Bob Boberson 21 timme sedan
This doesn't sound unique. Nope. Definitely good for RB. Of course, no guarantee of wins. They do have Max - so anything is possible.
Procione Mannaro
Procione Mannaro 21 timme sedan
Never unfair?????????? Wht about bahrain???
indoprince3 21 timme sedan
I saw Alex albon
KWASHIC 21 timme sedan
The uper hand is Hamilton.
Kanny 22 timmar sedan
4:30 didn't know the Haas principal was once a Redbull member
chris lim
chris lim 22 timmar sedan
its folksfagen
Craig Davies
Craig Davies 22 timmar sedan
I am not a red bull fan but this is exciting and I hope it works!
Jake Warken
Jake Warken 22 timmar sedan
All the dots look to be connecting for the future with RedBull Powertrains, how quickly we see success depends on the seamless transition from Honda. I for one am super excited for increased potential to dethrone Merc, fans need a new champions era and 2021 as last with Honda is sure looking good to me, they've earned it!
angel_one 22 timmar sedan
I read some time ago that one condition by Honda for Redbull to take over the engine division is that all the intellectual property that covers the engine will remain the property of Honda and cannot be taken over by a rival company like VW or other company, so how will VW be in the picture? unless they develop everything from scratch and will not use IP's from Honda which is very unlikely given the amount of time you need to be competitive. It took Honda 6 years to win again in F1, correct me if I'm wrong about the conditions.
Josh Gee
Josh Gee 22 timmar sedan
red bull are a stubborn bunch.. they'll be Infront in no time...Go Danny Ric!
Teaghan Finks
Teaghan Finks 23 timmar sedan
Redbull is the most rad brand on earth.
Gaming with Faris
Gaming with Faris 23 timmar sedan
Guess who whos back. Back again Romain is back Tell a friend
Ye Wise Mountain Goat
Ye Wise Mountain Goat 23 timmar sedan
Question: When was the last time a back-door, customer engine/power unit ever a force to be reckoned with in F1? Without the backing of a major manufacturer it's pretty much a dead end.
Steve McQueen is King of Cool
Reheated leftover HAAS has already put paid to this "Britannia" forever BS.
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 23 timmar sedan
RedBull will do token spends on its own engine - and - secretly leak out its info to porsche/vw/audi who wont be under ANY token restrictions....so they can develop an engine and be a surprise new supplier to RB and other teams...so RB will only do its own engines for a couple of seasons at best....allowing its porsche shifty-scheme to create something bigger and better. It might even sell RB and its RB engines to someone else, then, move into an aston martin style new deal with porsche. So the new Audi/VW team will be the old RB. A bit like Aston Martin is the old merc... The new RB will be porsche.
iceman 13
iceman 13 23 timmar sedan
Favourite grosjean memory has to be that move on Hamilton at valencia in 2012