5 career-defining F1 team-mate battles in 2021 

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It's the first rule in motorsport - beat your team-mate. The nature of the driver market means we have lots of new pairings going up against each other this year, and in this video Edd Straw picks out 5 combinations that are most likely to have a significant impact on the career's of at least one of the drivers involved, depending on how the season plays out in those teams.
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27 jan 2021



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Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin 16 timmar sedan
That slo-mo shot of Alonso walking was a perfect segue after the “out of the frying pan and into the fire” line.
tim yo
tim yo Dag sedan
I hope Sainz is ready to be a comfy number 2
tim yo
tim yo Dag sedan
Bottas has already proven himself unworthy of a team leader role. His entire career depends on how long Lulu wants to hang around for.
tim yo
tim yo Dag sedan
I hope Norris beats Ricciardo and Ocon beats Alonso often enough to stunt those 2 overrated veterans. I also hope Stroll beats Vettel.
J Egbert
J Egbert 4 dagar sedan
The certain cell directly peel because butcher chiefly pump abaft a relieved lipstick. clear, half criminal
virdewinder singh
virdewinder singh 6 dagar sedan
My predictions Hamilton will easily beat Bottas Max will beat Perez but not as comfortably as he did Albon same as Danny to Norris.
Ivan Lukacevic
Ivan Lukacevic 12 dagar sedan
Alonso beats ocon Ricardo beats norris Bottas keeps his seat for 22 Sainz vs Leclerc hard to say but he definitly wont just sit in car and watch for someones back Perez vs Max this will be a FIGHT!
smith. 13 dagar sedan
they should swap Russel for bottas
dougiedoug3515 19 dagar sedan
Edd: Bottas is Me: shit yes we know Edd: tenacious Me: oh
Nionity 20 dagar sedan
Perez will outscore Verstappen 60%
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 20 dagar sedan
Good video dude.😃👍
Landy golf
Landy golf 21 dag sedan
Hopefully a Mexican will win a championship and redbull will win the constructors
Thomas McNamara
Thomas McNamara 27 dagar sedan
Bryan M Walsh
Bryan M Walsh 29 dagar sedan
These are not even close battles; Sainz over Leclerc Ricciardo over Norris Russell over Bottas Verstappen over Perez Alonso over Ocon easy.
Rico Wolter
Rico Wolter Månad sedan
I love the duo of norris and ricciardo hopefully they can get some podiums with mclaren
Martyn Peal
Martyn Peal Månad sedan
Verstappen V Perez.... I think Max will make a Mockery out of Perez . I've never rated Perez . Who remembers his season at McLaren...? . He never won a Championship in the lower formulas unless you include "B" Class in British F3 . Hulkenberg should have had that seat. I think Perez will not last the season. Max will out qualify him at every race. Perez will constantly make up silly excuses for not doing well. He's got to get used to the car, He's struggling to get a balance, Him and Max prefer different set ups. Usual rubbish from an ok driver. Max is a World Champion in the making. Perez is an also ran. A bit like Pastor Maldonado (Remember him) One Lucky win but plenty of Money.,,
md5matt Månad sedan
Sainz and Norris got a hard fight ahead for each of them this year. Max isnt worried about Perez at all. redbull just want a shot at the constructors. Russell’s time will come.
Scott O
Scott O Månad sedan
Even the most veteran media members have to be as excited as we are to see how this many fascinating stories race out on and off track. It's lights out and away we go!
Seshvir Seodutt
Seshvir Seodutt Månad sedan
2:11 OMG that’s so funny
Sandra Rago
Sandra Rago Månad sedan
With limits on car changes, the driver changes will spice things up in 2021. I personally would have watched you go through all 10 team matchup. How about a follow up with the other 5?? 😁
Esther Akeode
Esther Akeode Månad sedan
Carlos sainz vs Charles leclerc AKA CS vs CL
Crystal Racing
Crystal Racing Månad sedan
Raikkonen vs. giovinazzi. If Gio wins, he might become Alfa team leader and send Kimi into retirement, whilst if Kimi wins, that's curtains for both unless Alfa want another year of Kimi
Nuz Tuz
Nuz Tuz Månad sedan
the f1 fan in me wants lando to do well but the Australian in me want Danny ric to do well
Ledio Gjergjani
Ledio Gjergjani Månad sedan
Not looking good for Norris.
Philippe Beinaerts
Philippe Beinaerts Månad sedan
Of all drivers mentioned here, Alonso runs by far the biggest risk. If he doesn’t comprehensively beat Ocon from day one, things will turn sour pretty quickly...
wraitheful Månad sedan
Alonso has been out for 200 years, he’s 79 yrs old and was literally out of his league. Ocon is a young F1 driver in a competitive environment working his way through. Alpine secretly hates this (Cyril’s) lineup and prefers that everyone behaves, works together and moves forward quietly and cohesively. Repeating past mistakes will only hurt the entire effort and their drivers need to recognize that. All the new pairings: the ones that work together win. This is going to be a great season.
Gian Paolo Todde
Gian Paolo Todde Månad sedan
Dear Mr Kravitz, according to your chart JT scored 79% of Alonso's points while JB only scored 57%... Regards
Θωμάς Γκούντας
This year will be amazing cause of all the in-team battles and the next year will be cause of the new regulations. Can't wait
Max Martin
Max Martin Månad sedan
its all about compatibility between the team and their new comer.
David Lanas
David Lanas Månad sedan
Best F1 season EVA
Eliot Salandy Brown
Eliot Salandy Brown Månad sedan
Ed the clarity of your thoughts, syntax and delivery amounts to EXCELLENT broadcasting and journalism
matthew jolly
matthew jolly Månad sedan
2021 is going to be awesome, but as much of a Mercedes fan that I am, I don’t want to see them just run away with every race again
Richard Hudson
Richard Hudson Månad sedan
Unpopular opinion: Lando will not match Danny Ric, he will outperform him.
Once afain you guys made an amazing video!!
GearzMonkey Månad sedan
I think Mahaveer Ragunathan will be victorious 💪
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Cedric Asdfghjkl Månad sedan
It will be crucial for Ocon to beat Alonso.
Tyo Dafirenze
Tyo Dafirenze Månad sedan
Obviously not prince stroll
Павел Олейников
2021 f1 season is going to be crazy in so many levels😍
Dev Akyuz
Dev Akyuz Månad sedan
IMO Sainz v Leclerc not career-defining, at least not in 2021. I'd rather include the Alfa Romeo, where Gio needs to shine vs Raikkonen to save his career.
Dreamy Månad sedan
Alpine: Fernando Alonso will eat out Estaben Ocon. Ferarri: Carlos Sainz will edge on Charles Lecrash. McLaren: Lando Norris will hopefully match Daniel Ricciardo. Mercedes: Hope Bottas earns his achievements. Hope Russel shows his skills. Red Bull: Maximum Verstappen will have support from Sergio Perez.
Dreamy Månad sedan
Alpine: Fernando Alonso will curb stomp Estaben Ocon. Ferarri: Carlos Sainz will edge on Charles Lecrash. McLaren: Lando Norris will hopefully match Daniel Ricciardo. Mercedes: Hope Bottas earns his achievements. Hope Russel shows his skills. Red Bull: Maximum Verstappen will have support from Sergio Perez.
Bro Shido
Bro Shido Månad sedan
Damn, Alonso never lost in the points battle, only wins or draws, never noticed that
Jackson bermingham
Jackson bermingham Månad sedan
perez means = more helmut marko = old guy that thinks he worth any value being a prick
Jackson bermingham
Jackson bermingham Månad sedan
Michael Schumacher is still improving .. that quote is redundant.
Craig Moy
Craig Moy Månad sedan
Stroll over Vettel, Dan over Lando, Ocon on par with Fernando, Charles over Carlos, Hamilton to only go one more year so maybe not battle at all between Russell and Boatass. Checo treated every RB driver from Dan onwards, like crap.....
greunkano Månad sedan
The RedBull one will be interisting
James Buckingham
James Buckingham Månad sedan
I disagree Ocon is 'out of the frying pan into the fire', I think its the other way around. I'd be surprised if Alonso beats Ocon over the course of the season, and/or poses a stronger challenge than Ricciardo.
Cherry Månad sedan
Did we hear anything new: NO Do we love it anyway: YES !!
joekilega Månad sedan
checo will beat max.
Sam M
Sam M Månad sedan
Sorry, but the one I look forward to is Perez mashing Vettel.
MadelnOahu Månad sedan
I still stand by my word: Alonso will outqualify Ocon 75% of all participated qualifying sessions
Videsha Namali
Videsha Namali Månad sedan
Ricciardo and norris content plz
James R
James R Månad sedan
Vettel v Stroll is a key battle too. If Vettel can outperform Lance Stroll as a son, then he might get a permanent seat in the Stroll family, and be able to race in F1 on an indefinite basis.
Mogster Kupo
Mogster Kupo Månad sedan
I love that in the midst of all these drivers feeling the pressure, just a few garages down the pit lane, Kimi is sitting there thinking "it's more like a hobby for me." 😂
James Bowman
James Bowman Månad sedan
Mercedes should set the trend, after a certain amount of success with one driver, it’s time to give someone else a shot and prove how much is car and how much is driver. We all know Lewis is great, but prove it. Get in the Williams.
Degan Ellis
Degan Ellis Månad sedan
All great battles that I'm looking forward to seeing playing out. Btw, Edd Straw at x.25 speed is hilarious if you need a laugh!
Matt G
Matt G Månad sedan
Can't wait to see the hilarity from Lando and Danny
F Månad sedan
Alonso or sainz world champion this year👍
Chaitanya Ranade
Chaitanya Ranade Månad sedan
bideomanlol Månad sedan
Lol ocon matching Alonso. Cmon bow give the guy an actual chance haha
Francisco Chagas Correia
HAM and BUT the only ones with their reputation untarnished? Trulli?
Josh Tiel
Josh Tiel Månad sedan
I honestly think bottas has the most to lose out of everyone.
Matthew Sinclair
Matthew Sinclair Månad sedan
Kinda feel like Russell is already ahead in that battle.
ROHIT P Månad sedan
Ricciardo and Alonso team up would be really amazing because they both are teammate destroyers
Kichwa Tembo
Kichwa Tembo Månad sedan
Awesome video. Good conversation
lucky *
lucky * Månad sedan
thank you for reminding me im a f1 fan
lucky *
lucky * Månad sedan
hope perez beats max next season and im a die hard max fan. ik it won't happen lol
lucky *
lucky * Månad sedan
max vs. perez is gonna be good same w ocon and alonso
isshyfux Månad sedan
Red Bull is going to be Checo's team by mid season just watch. hes going to out perform Max once he gets used to the car imo
chuala428 Månad sedan
LOL Alonso outscored Button 65-37
CaptainToyota Månad sedan
Ocon is going no where in F1. Bet on it
Graham Sivill
Graham Sivill Månad sedan
I suspect that Sainz will be very close to LeClerc and may do better by consistent driving throughout the year. I think LeClerc has moments of brilliance but his track record from last year is it's interdispersed with many rookie mistakes and I think that is where Sainz is one step ahead of him. I think once Sainz gets settled in and understands the car, there may be fireworks similar to what went on with Vettel with a few broken wings and the odd off unless Carlos can use his experience to avoid clashes. I think if Lewis is back at Merc it will be the same old same old. I think Merc would be foolish to have Hamilton and George Russell together, it will inevitably lead to fireworks, they would be better leaving the team as is for this year, let Hamilton get one more championship so that he can outright beat Schui's championship haul and then I am sure he will either retire to pursue his other interests and go out on a high or perhaps try his hand with a lesser team to try and prove it's not just the Merc car. Then bring in George and see what Valteri can do. I suspect that it may end up the same as with Hamilton, but at least there will be less smashed cars and putting the manufacturers title at risk. I think Ocon will be smoked by Alonso once Alonso gets the car how he wants it. The danger is that it gets silly like Ocon was with Max at Brazil and against Gasly with lots of damaged cars rather than taking a more mature approach and avoiding collisions. I think there could be fireworks at McLaren as Lando tries to beat Dani Ric. I think he would be wise to go gently and try and avoid too many crashes or it may end up like Dani's departure from Red Bull after too much agro. I think Lando may surprise a lot of people and do a lot better against Ricciardo than people are expecting. I just fear it may break down if they have one or two shunts. Red bull I think will work like the current Merc line up, I think Perez will do a brilliant job backing up Max and getting himself firmly in the team. I think the problems may come the following year because once he gets a grip of the Red Bull I think his consistency may show Max up and then it will be back to how Max was with Dani Ricc, with Max far to keen to have a smash rather than driving round the other guy. I still think Max has a hot head that needs calming down. Because he has not been up against Team mates that have pushed him hard since Ricciardo left, he's been pretty quiet but I suspect when Sergio starts putting pressure on him the old smash and grab merchant may be back.
The Gooligan
The Gooligan Månad sedan
To think we haven’t seen Alonso vs Vettel race against each other since effectively 2012
William Månad sedan
I do not see Perez out driving Verstappen or challenging for poles.
jackson ;
jackson ; Månad sedan
and here's me thinking f1 was a team sport
Christo Månad sedan
Edd: Every season is important for a Formula 1 driver Kimi: (mumbles incomprehensibly) Vettel: yeah, Im done for, if I dont perform this season Alonso: yeah, im done for, if i dont perform this season Bottas: Yeah, Im done for, if I dont perform this season Perez: yeah, Im done for, if I dont perform this season Ocon: Yeah, Im done for, if I dont perform this season Sainz: Yeah, Im done for, if I dont perform this season Gasly: Yeah, Im done for, if I dont perform this season Giovinazzi: Yeah, Im done for, if I dont perform this season
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Månad sedan
1:31 How can any one call those stats a "decent season". He got raped and humiliated by Ricciardo. Its questionable if he deserves a F1 drive at all after that season Just a single extremly lucky P2 Moment cant save this disaster of a season.
Branco Freitas
Branco Freitas Månad sedan
Gasly vs Tsunoda?
Chris M
Chris M Månad sedan
We can only hope for close battles between all teammates but it will be Alonso, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Sainz, Vettel and Hamilton on top.
JJ Hutton
JJ Hutton Månad sedan
Ocon will outperform alonso Sainz will be a strong backup if the car is up to it Norris will push ricciardo all the time Bottas will perform to a similar standard as he has in the past and George will continue to push his Williams ahead of where it should be.
Utetopia Månad sedan
I sort of hope Perez crushes Verstappen, as I've never really liked Verstappen. But if that happens, that will mean Red Bull will be closer to Mercedes this year than last, and McLaren, who I actually want to see do better than last year, will stay in 3rd, instead of leapfrogging Red Bull into second.
8C_Michael Christian
I can't wait for both of them on the mclaren youtube channel because both of them seem a good match because danny ric is an active guy likes to make jokes and always smiling
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle Månad sedan
All of them Perez-Max Leclerc-Carlos Alonso-Ocon Are my favourite
Rob 69
Rob 69 Månad sedan
Russell will be in the merc come 2022 . Bottas may be good but he will never be a world champion. He would have to win the championship this year and dominate hamitlon for them to even consider another year but even then hes closer to the end of his career than the start and Russell is Mercedes future
Shakalaka Månad sedan
Alonso will beat Ocon easy. Sainz will be very close to Leclerc but bad "luck" will keep him short. Norris will be close to Ricciardo. Russel will put to much preasures on himself but will get the merc seat and Pérez will be better than expected but no one will notice it Cheers
Luke Burt
Luke Burt Månad sedan
Feel like Alonso is going to ruin Ocons career this year
drew wrobel
drew wrobel Månad sedan
Gotta thank Christain Horner, he consolidated both drivers I don't like on the team I don't like. It's pretty convenient!
RaK Månad sedan
I think Perez will be more of a challenge than Verstappen is anticipating
Alex Codd
Alex Codd Månad sedan
I hope perez succeeds he has earned it
Matt Peters
Matt Peters Månad sedan
I’d argue Tsunoda vs Gasly is career defining simply because if Tsunoda is as quick, if not slightly quicker than Gasly, than Gasly may not be held in as high of a regard as he did at the end of last year, which would surely propel Tsunoda into the stratosphere. If it’s the other way around and Tsunoda gets absolutely hammered by Gasly, than Red Bull will surely regret not giving the Alpha Tauri seat to Albon
Gustavo Monteiro
Gustavo Monteiro Månad sedan
Ocon will be decimated by Alonso, Perez by Verstappen, Sainz by Leclerc, like 17-5 to 20-2 for both. Lando Norris is overrated, couldn't even beat Carlos Sainz and Ricciardo is much better, he'll do a bit better but not much. Probably something around 16-6.
Simon Emms
Simon Emms Månad sedan
Ocon can't really win. If he's behind Alonso, it'll be perceived that he's inferior to Alonso. If he beats him, it'll be perceived that Alonso's lost speed on his sabbatical.
Noavaileblenames Månad sedan
I think Norris will be the better driver in the first half of the season. Ricciardo will have to get used to a whole new team and car again. But once he does the gap will go in his favor.
StupidFlandrs48 Månad sedan
These are all important, but the battle we can't let slide under the radar is Raikkonen vs. Giovinazzi over at Alfa Romeo. While it doesn't really have a place in this video because said battle is only consequential for one of the drivers involved, it's still worth noting that 2021 is probably Italian Jesus' last chance to prove to Ferrari that he deserves to stick around, before they abandon him to Formula E and bring in Callum Ilott. The odds are stacked against him within Ferrari, so he'll need to do some difficult things to stay in F1, but it's still possible. Priority 1: Secure 15th place in the drivers' championship. He has the car, he just needs to stave off his teammate, two rookies, a rich Canadian, and our lord and savior George. If he can't do that he probably deserves the boot anyway. Priority 2: Lay waste to the Iceman. Impressive as it was that Gio was able to fight Kimi to a standstill last year, he needs to roundly thrash him to get Ferrari's attention again. Priority 3: Make Q2 on a regular basis, which he's more than capable of doing.
BackDoorFlush Månad sedan
Great video, keep it up
Dru Dodd
Dru Dodd Månad sedan
Pray for Ocon 🙏
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega Månad sedan
Why were you generous to Jenson? Nando beat the brakes off him.
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Månad sedan
What about Schumacher vs Mazepin, Gasly vs Tsunoda and Vettel vs Stroll...? Especially Vettel vs Stroll, since if Vettel doesn't perform against a average driver like Stroll, he's pretty much done in F1. I mean you guys prefered to put an unconfirmed battle (Bottas vs Russell) over one that is confirmed and could be as interesting as the others? (Vettel vs Stroll).
Макар Бурлаков
What about Shumi VS Mazepin? This is very important season which will define career of one of them...
Thato Modisane
Thato Modisane Månad sedan
Something tells me that Ocon will beat Olonso all year long. First half of the season will belong to Ocon and by the time olonso is ready, Ocon will be much better like this year with his 2nd place at the end of the season.