Button's Williams F1 return and what his new role means 

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Jenson Button is going back to Williams - returning to the team that gave him his F1 debut in 2000 in the role of senior advisor. It's the latest step in the masterplan of Williams's new owners that took over in 2020, and in this video Scott Mitchell explains what Button's role will involve when he gets to work with the team he twice tried to rejoin during his career as a driver.
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22 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
Xihilus Heping
Xihilus Heping Dag sedan
williams be an underdog
Collin Wadham
Collin Wadham Dag sedan
Jenson Button is an asset to ANY F1 team. Williams has now got what they didn't have before. And extra constructive brain across the whole formula table. He is constructable creative for car and driver. For decisions and for forward thinking. Let us just hope that personality misunderstandings are kept out of everything. If so, a light is being lit.
k A
k A 5 dagar sedan
what about his driver position in the Lewis Hamilton EXTREME E Racing team...
dubpilot1 15 dagar sedan
I hope he can help light a fire under Williams so they can be threat in the near future 🤔
sensible driver
sensible driver Månad sedan
Button has a wealth of experience to pass on to Russell.
Salt Månad sedan
am i the only one super excited for this? i reckon they should let JB test the car every now and then so he knows how the drivers feel
Machiavellian Chompfoot
My 86 year old Nan has a driving license I think she will be ok in a Williams I mean it’s not that fast
Juan Carlos Berrocal
I will love to see JB back in the grid
JK Visions
JK Visions Månad sedan
Hope williams will move forward. Though I like every team an independent one is the best just like red bull.
Shamim Huq
Shamim Huq Månad sedan
Currently, the best Formula Engine is from Honda.
Jim S
Jim S Månad sedan
Great News! Good luck with it all Williams. Not making major decisions....Hell Yeah!....let some else get sacked.....LOL!
Jason rushton
Jason rushton Månad sedan
All the best with it JB !!
dgrblue 4
dgrblue 4 Månad sedan
Will it make the signing of Button give them more performance, no, but it gives the team a face, something they have not had in many years.
Xboxplaya1988 Månad sedan
The man won a grand prix with 4 pit stops, he can pull off the impossible
Ian Howlett
Ian Howlett Månad sedan
Speak up Scott, you’re whispering a bit! 😂
Ian Howlett
Ian Howlett Månad sedan
5:12 Questions regarding Honda’s commitment to F1. Nothing changes, then.
AP Månad sedan
90 secs of content padded out to 6 mins. So close to unsubscribe.
Riki Newton
Riki Newton Månad sedan
Aww ! I want Jenson to drive - and become world 🌎 champion again !! Now that would be cool 😎 ??!!
Pavel 49
Pavel 49 Månad sedan
Cool, so when Russel gets sign by Mercedes to replace Hamilton he can drive as well 😅
MisterK Månad sedan
Mercedes - Brawn. Brawn - Button. Button - Williams. Williams - Mercedes.
Aaditya Kalwani
Aaditya Kalwani Månad sedan
omg the black/grey mclaren at 2:44 gives me so much nostalgiaaaaaa (considering im14 lol)
Klauss Salles Frazao
Maybe we could just look at what Niki Lauda did for Mercedes... A non executive position that helped a lot!!!
Zen Okada
Zen Okada Månad sedan
Aarava must be happy.
Michael Fayne
Michael Fayne Månad sedan
So basically its a PR stunt.
Alone1am Månad sedan
Jenson is a sort of a Legend and hamiltons championships dont eaual him
JLM PC Månad sedan
the race videos get more unstructured with every video
Martin Branigan
Martin Branigan Månad sedan
Williams must surely be desperate. Button has nothing to offer.
John Moore
John Moore Månad sedan
Fingers crossed that good comes from it, I would dearly love to see Williams further up the grid.
NB 1294
NB 1294 Månad sedan
I bet a bunch of bootcut jean and brown leather shoe wearing Williams fans are moist at this news.
Annihilation Maximization
f1 advice - spend more money
Granjacia Månad sedan
Im Janson's biggest fan but he isn't a huge name, more a nice name. I don't see it making that much difference to the team progress, but certainly better communication than the last turgid lot
Yeetin Boomer
Yeetin Boomer Månad sedan
You know, with the halo, and safety, and technology, and brands..... Just go sportscar instead.
Alvin Ching
Alvin Ching Månad sedan
Means he's 3 grit penalty is still there
Jack Vaughan
Jack Vaughan Månad sedan
Just some great overall moves by Williams !!!!
TimmyTheSnail Månad sedan
“Button’s not returning as a driver” Well that’s my 2021 ruined now, cheers guys
Icon Icon
Icon Icon Månad sedan
For F's same what's different? Does he know some blokes on the outer that could do a better job?
bonosbones Månad sedan
Button is a likeable guy!!
Dawit Getachew
Dawit Getachew Månad sedan
Best news ever. Love this guy.
Cam F
Cam F Månad sedan
Oh dear, Jensen whipping a dead horse but grabbing some cash on the way through.
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann Månad sedan
Does this mean that he will stop posting pictures of his wife in her underwear on Instagram?
Cédric Coulombe
Cédric Coulombe Månad sedan
Not a Commander's role, looks more like a Sergent-Major role; Experienced man dealing with the discipline and morale of his troops.
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli Månad sedan
Button is great. But, I don't really like Williams. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Onboard CC
Onboard CC Månad sedan
The James Hunt of the modern area
Amanda Fer
Amanda Fer Månad sedan
Does JB still have super license for 2021? I know for 2020 season he did. Just wondering if he does... why they don’t maybe use him for some car development too maybe even throw him in for a half day of testing?. Williams have a great engine, they’re going to have a lot of great parts and components from Merc now but they have two super inexperienced drivers with almost no car development experience. Kubica fills this role to compensate for Gio’s lack of experience at Alfa. Just saying it’s not like Williams is going to be fighting the front of the midfield right away they need a decent chassis to do so going forward why not give a few hours of testing time and include JB a bit. A half a day less of testing to help improve the car going forward especially with new regulations being developed isn’t going to say hurt Williams overall season performance or either drivers overall season ending position. If they were fighting for 3rd or best of the rest etc. they ok maybe every little thing counts but not for Williams and not yet. JB has experience in this and is good at it! Wondering if they will use him at all in that capacity or strictly have him in a suit never a race suit even to just help develop 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jake SCOTT Månad sedan
Maybe now he can lead Williams into not being dead last with no points and then everyone will be laughing at haas instead
Scotti Ramage
Scotti Ramage Månad sedan
Can they really be called Williams anymore....
CRA_55 Månad sedan
Would still love to see him go for a spin in the car
John Stanton
John Stanton Månad sedan
I am out of touch. Didn't the Williams F1 team get sold? So is Button the ghost official of a non-existent team? Maybe I should pay more attention.
Melted Camera
Melted Camera Månad sedan
So Russell does really great for Mercedes and then Button comes in with the experience of driving for Brawn who became Mercedes? Bottas must be getting nervous...
Elio Camey
Elio Camey Månad sedan
For us that followed Button from his GP2 days...this chap “prepped” F1 Championship-level cars for many years and was unceremoniously sacked, until BrawnGP Championship Year! At least he is worth 3-4 personnel! Great move WilliamsGP!!
chuckschilling Månad sedan
I'm sure Jenson has all kinds of grandiose ideas about what his "role" will be, and I'm just as sure his role will actually be just participating in photo ops and rubbing shoulders with star-struck Dorilton executives.
chrissdevanoツ Månad sedan
did you guys know williams is sponsored by ThE rEaL iTaLiAn CoFfEe??
Nelson Club
Nelson Club Månad sedan
A former British Champion joining an ailing British team that everyone is hoping can and will do better. Whats not to like?
gheaflorin Månad sedan
So... with everyone getting back, who's going to sign "Felipe baby"?
Frank Bieser
Frank Bieser Månad sedan
Sounds more like a PR position than anything. So what I'm hearing is, Williams is going to pay him to be available to answer questions now and then, but he will have no real duties or authority of any kind. Sweet. Where do I sign up? :-)
Brockside Månad sedan
I think George and Jensen will dovetail very well together. They appear to be of similar temperament, are good at feeding back information and of course Jenson has the experience of being an ex champion.
Tristian Scarbrough
Tristian Scarbrough Månad sedan
It’s good to see him back with a team in some capacity. Hopefully it works out for the better. I mean Williams can only go up from here.
Jhon Henderson
Jhon Henderson Månad sedan
I quit my work thanks to this look up on the internet for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
bitkarek Månad sedan
this man has some real talent, just did not have that much of a luck.
Maicol X777
Maicol X777 Månad sedan
Just a PR stunt
Maicol X777
Maicol X777 Månad sedan
No use! Todays teams are totally different!
Paul James
Paul James Månad sedan
Jenson button top bloke👍
Picklewiickle. Månad sedan
room full of smart white men. no room for diversity if the idea is to win.
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman Månad sedan
Advisory role, is the holy grail.
rod kay
rod kay Månad sedan
Why? Most over-rated driver ever. His single championship fell into his lap purely because of a series of lucky circumstances. Of course the predominately English F1 fans are not going to agree with this.
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc Månad sedan
not a real position, just like a team mascot to make the new owners connected to F1
Paulus thewoodknome
Paulus thewoodknome Månad sedan
Williams need a shot in the arm and to bring a driver back in an ambassadorial role is not a bad thing. Look at what Niki did for Ferrari and Mercedes.
allan hughes
allan hughes Månad sedan
Good to see a true gentleman return to our sport I am sure he will be worth every penny to the team Well done Jensen !! I still think you shouldhave been the one with the sword over the shoulder !!
Alok Lokhande
Alok Lokhande Månad sedan
sorry rick bobby now my favorite driver is back i am now williams fan
Teo Politis
Teo Politis Månad sedan
FIREDELL10 Månad sedan
Hopefully he can direct the team to where they need to focus their efforts. He knows what drivers want, and he knows how to get it to happen. I would assume he knows which corners need to be sought after more than others as well, after being in the sport so long. All in all, it should definitely be a help to the team. I don't expect Williams to just be in the mid-field fight in 2021, but perhaps with the new cars in 2022. His insight should help a lot.
Jon Wetherell
Jon Wetherell Månad sedan
He knows how to win , something that Williams needs. However I’ll lay off the conspiracy theories as I have no idea if he is eligible for a super license
Daniel Barton
Daniel Barton Månad sedan
The way he went back on his second Williams contract they should’ve told him to fuck off
Timsalt3100 Månad sedan
I think 2021 will just be a copy of 2020 Williams might be looking at 2022 with a new car and with a closer Mercedes partnership the new car might be pretty good. And i highly suspect Russell will end up at Mercedes. even though Hamilton is obviously scared of him hence why he does not want him partnering him.
Jamie H
Jamie H Månad sedan
YUD0NSAY 111 Månad sedan
Just take the pay check Jens.....😶
Snifey 76
Snifey 76 Månad sedan
basically, is like when changing new teams in F1 2019 and there's a whole mess in that new team
Malcolm Short
Malcolm Short Månad sedan
Maybe 'powers that be' would like Sir Lewis going to Williams to be replaced by George, but Sir Lewis is not quite ready for such a move? Could be a successful move all around??? Could explain the contract delay. Just thinking..... Another Malcolm
Steve Holt
Steve Holt Månad sedan
Uh how is he relevant?
Frank the NOOB
Frank the NOOB Månad sedan
Hopefully it’s to replace George as he moves to Mercedes 🤞
H DHIL Månad sedan
I feel seb could do this in the future very well
king ayrton
king ayrton Månad sedan
aaaa i was thinking he is back in seat :(((((
Jason Barlian
Jason Barlian Månad sedan
Would have been much cooler if he had joined Aston Martin. He has the right image, the right nationality, and even the right initials to be an Aston ambassador.
Xeakpress Månad sedan
This is a HUGE power play. Someone with huge experince, brand power and his intelligence of the politics in F1 politics is HUGE another pretty solid move
Derik Henderson
Derik Henderson Månad sedan
Button is bringing Hamilton to Williams.
Muszex 18
Muszex 18 Månad sedan
Even if Williams fight in the midfield I don’t think latifi will do well...I think he will only be in the bottom of the pack
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Månad sedan
I think it interesting to consolidate or integrate the McLaren perspective with Williams, philosophically, and smart to have a big name in with the Williams family stepping down. Good luck to them.
Bill Gutierrez
Bill Gutierrez Månad sedan
I'm very cool with it.
drex315 Månad sedan
Who cares
776badnic Månad sedan
Great move for Button and Williams.
Jungle Brother
Jungle Brother Månad sedan
This is bs 🙄
alheldezcz Månad sedan
Hopefully, William will be able to push the right button this time and be competitive
Slick Six Racing
Slick Six Racing Månad sedan
Step 1. Change the color of the car and make it look good.
Danny Stubbs
Danny Stubbs Månad sedan
Any help is good help and they sure do need it
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott Månad sedan
Button can be to Williams what Lauda was to Merc. Give him a serious role! Glad to have you back, mate!
GeorgeF1Official Månad sedan
Yenson my friend
Jackdaw Månad sedan
I hope he wasn't the problem at McLaren.
911 Månad sedan
Jenson seems pretty humble as well which, in my opinion, is really crucial so this has been a great decision for Williams.
Atlanticway Paddle & Adventures
I can see an improvement again this year, hopefully with a couple of points finishes.
djrashty Månad sedan
How much do you rekon he would get for this sort of role with Williams? Has there been similar roles in other teams before? (One comes to mind and that was Nikki)