Can Perez and Sainz be more than 'number twos' at Red Bull and Ferrari? | The Race F1 Podcast 

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Following requests from lots of you in our SElosk audience, here is the latest episode of The Race F1 Podcast for you to enjoy.
Let us know if you'd like to see these episodes uploaded to the channel every week!
This week, Edd Straw, Scott Mitchell and Mark Hughes discuss Sergio Perez's start to life at Red Bull, and how Carlos Sainz Jr will fit in at Ferrari alongside Charles Leclerc. There's also a discussion about who from F1 history we'd like to co-write a book about, and you can get your suggestions into @SMitchellF1 on Twitter to join the debate!
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00:00 Intro
02:59 What can Perez do at Red Bull?
22:54 Where does Sainz fit in at Ferrari?
31:50 What is a modern 'number two'?
40:47 Whose F1 book would you like to write?
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26 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
ChameleonThe13 8 dagar sedan
Who told you they are Number 2...???
blkmamba824 17 dagar sedan
If you’re faster, you’ll (eventually) have the team’s support. That simple.
Ryan Bocchino
Ryan Bocchino 22 dagar sedan
Opinion: checo, yes Carlos, no
Will Leonard
Will Leonard 23 dagar sedan
Simple answer : Carlos Sainz yes , Sergio Perez NO
son 27 dagar sedan
Great job everyone. I really appreciate the more professional analysis. The delivery through a podcast form is perfect for me, too
Sam David
Sam David 28 dagar sedan
39:52 .. this part the people only think this way .. because skysports f1 speak like this and push this agenda !! if your not winning then you need to go .m there fast to jump the gun with alot of 2nd drivers if there beat
Sam David
Sam David 28 dagar sedan
⁉️ QUESTION ⁉️ ... Do you guys think if max and Perez get good start very close on points where Perez could fight for drivers championship or even just beat max .. do you think redbull will expect him to be number 2 ! Regardless.. ? and help max get max points for him to win ? As he's waiting for the car to do this .. like Perez team radio move over let max frew ? Or behind closed doors told max is priority .. I could imagine this to be the case don't think he will get fair crack at it
Sam David
Sam David 28 dagar sedan
look with Danny rick he was beating him regularly to redbull favorite max. when max started his crashing into him if couldn't pass or drama behind doors blame game .. don't think max is as amazing as people make out. ! Hes not rully had decent team mate other than daniel rick for little while . And car always 2nd- 3rd best yes max quality driver but alot of people down play Perez !! Man not a rookie or young inexperienced driver i 😂😂 can't wait see max blame the car or something in the race when he's beat by him in the season I not even a perz fan but just don't think max is all that
Edison73100 Månad sedan
Odds are favoring Perez IMO.
lexus lfa
lexus lfa Månad sedan
good thing about perez is he is not a push over and likes to take the bull by it horns and when it will be in his favour he won't hesitate to take it from max.
Mollie Lim
Mollie Lim Månad sedan
Sainz no perez no
Frank Triggs
Frank Triggs Månad sedan
Hands up who's gears are grinding every time Alpine, is pronounced, Alpeen. Anyone for a peen tree?
Sam David
Sam David 28 dagar sedan
COSMOS 2017 Månad sedan
No Perez will not help at all not better than albon. Sainz is the new bottas for Ferrari
Ben Benboi
Ben Benboi Månad sedan
Every team is falling in line and employing a clear number one and number two driver strategy. This works well if you are Mercedes and the second driver doesn't necessarily need to be that quick in order to secure second place, however with how enormously competitive the midfield will be this year, from Redbull all the way down to Alpha Tauri, it may have been a better strategy for the teams to have aimed for two top drivers in their line-up's despite the fact that two top drivers does cause internal conflict.
Shifty Malone
Shifty Malone Månad sedan
Still no Hamilton contract!?
Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons Månad sedan
Anyone still suggesting that Max Verstappen should change his driving style???????
Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons Månad sedan
Only Max maximizes everything.
ChameleonThe13 8 dagar sedan
Checo: Hold my bear,Jeroen...!
RDW Månad sedan
If Max and Sergio are able to split the Merc's, they may be get a shot to become World Champion in 2021...
Andrew Carfax-Foster
I watch a fair stack of your videos, somehow I’ve never heard you promote the podcast.
Ufuk Yanmaz
Ufuk Yanmaz Månad sedan
1 hour of empty talk. The answer is yes but they are just backups they cant achieve more
ken large
ken large Månad sedan
whats the bet on perez winning first GP of the season? or is the bet on george winning the first GP in a merc?... lol
Tribal Magic
Tribal Magic Månad sedan
the day that max has a big accident willbe the day that max works out he is no better than his father and what was jose best finish ,,, nineth place
Andy Ray
Andy Ray Månad sedan
Lol at the bants! Hughes gets pulled up for pronouncing Book correctly instead of "Buk". But no one mentions Mitchell's " frwee" instead of "Three".. good work guys keep the content coming
AndyRay Månad sedan
Yea I was thinking the same hehe
TByrom Månad sedan
Hey THE RACE, thanks a million for posting this to SElosk!! Lovin it!
Steelasophical Steel Band Dj
Both and Max and Charles joined RB & F as, in effect, No.2 drivers. It was their performances that elevated them and eventually forced out their then team mate. If Perez and Sainz outdrives their teamates, they will be No.1's ... its all about consistancy and results! 🔴
Stuart Marshall
Stuart Marshall Månad sedan
No they cannot
Hugo Diaz Garcia
Hugo Diaz Garcia Månad sedan
Of course, Pérez and Sainz will more than ¨number twos¨at Red and Ferrari, considering their experience, big talents and driving skills.
Phantom096 Månad sedan
If Perez is able to get the RB16B on the two front rows consistently with his skill set this should get interesting. 🤔
Dreamy Månad sedan
Would be funny when Sainz is faster than Leclrec
David Martin
David Martin Månad sedan
Sainz has always been an underdog. He kept verstappen honest in the torro rosso and has come a long way. He is consistent possibly more consistent than Leclerc. And I think will surprise people. Similarly Perez on contra strategy and race consistency will also challenge max at time too.
Darshan G
Darshan G Månad sedan
No means no
Nat Jes
Nat Jes Månad sedan
The wrong end of Brexit, nice one...
Michael Sanderson
Michael Sanderson Månad sedan
For the book question, I think it’s got to be Alonso for me. A long and successful career with lots of controversies, politics and great stories which would be brilliant to learn more about
classyfenn Månad sedan
Please do upload this more
Len Månad sedan
Why is no one talking about red bull probably not having an Engine supplier for 2021 🤷‍♂️
Max T
Max T Månad sedan
Perez not a chance
elfwald Månad sedan
Glad it's on SElosk, I keep forgetting to check for podcasts.
kaushal shinde
kaushal shinde Månad sedan
Perez is a Sunday man... Even if he doesn't get podium position on Saturdays & finish up in 4th, 5th or 6th...he will come back & fight for podium.... It's a game on for Mercedes....
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey Månad sedan
Will Lando be a #2 to Daniel? I don't think so...
David Lanas
David Lanas Månad sedan
All this talking is 100% useless! we shall wait till the season starts... but really, what is the point of 'predicting' what will happen, that is not even fun and I am starting to think is kind of annoying, also drivers will never see this kind of videos... let them do the talking in the track, pointless.
Noah Skerman
Noah Skerman Månad sedan
why is this a 50 minute video to say "No"
censordis Månad sedan
Heinz-Harald Frentzen; I want to hear his story.
censordis Månad sedan
Please have him in your podcast.
Toomuchdebt Månad sedan
Perez is like a replacement Mark Webber for Redbull.
Runaway Månad sedan
Seeing the title and duration of the video, I just opened it to make this comment: How pathetic is my life if I wanna spend 50 whole minutes of it listening about whether Perez and Sainz can be more than number twos at their teams?
arizonarafa Månad sedan
How can you compare Carlos with Perez.... there's no comparison... and on the question... the way Ferrari is now.. there will not be a number 1 and numer 2 drivers... both Ferrari drivers will be number 2.... and on the Perez issue... Perez will be as good as Max... and there's a good chance that even better... I've been following Perez all his career and he's a driver that has the skills and the hunger to win... also he has the experience Max lacks...
Dawoud Abdul Aziz
Dawoud Abdul Aziz Månad sedan
They can show those whippersnappers a thing or two.
Steven Hull
Steven Hull Månad sedan
Sergio Perez, 2021 World Champion! Imagine that :)
Vivian Newman
Vivian Newman Månad sedan
Notice how there is no clear number one at Mercedes !!!
Vivian Newman
Vivian Newman Månad sedan
By keeping a difficult car to drive, Redbull will make it more difficult to win a championship (constructors). Mercedes is that great because both Bottas and Sir Ham. can extract every drop of racing water out of the package. So, I agree with Gasly and the others argument.
Todd Sherley
Todd Sherley Månad sedan
Short answer. No. They're both A- drivers up against A+ drivers.
thejoeyg Månad sedan
ima be real both of them are against stronger drivers than at their previous teams so I doubt they will more than a number two
brain eater
brain eater Månad sedan
My driver sergio fights for 1 ,no matter what ....if downhill his career goes he is not gona settle for less... Max shud not understimate a hungry desperate and late blooming n igniting to its brightest form ❤️❤️❤️
Ajith Nair
Ajith Nair Månad sedan
Newey designed redbull cars have this tendency to struggle during early part of the season and improves once the season progresses and they become extremely strong by the end of the season. We have seen that couple of times.. 2020 , 2019 and 2018 are examples of that. Real problem is the rule changes. End of 2018 they had the fastest car , but there was the front changes for 19 which we they struggled with. Even in 2021, they have to cop up with 2021 rule changes. So I think car designs shouldn't be changing every year. They should freeze it for sometime or years so that the teams will have some chances of carrying the car performance from previous years.
Oliver Court
Oliver Court Månad sedan
Enjoyed that fellas. 👍🏻
carboncitizens Månad sedan
We release Copyright Free Music every Sunday & Wednesday for all content creators to use + our live 24/7 radio!
Josh Jess
Josh Jess Månad sedan
I think Ferrari and Red Bull want to beat Mercedes so badly that they will not slot the new drivers into a number 2 slot.
No Pomegranates
No Pomegranates Månad sedan
Sainz and Leclerc will probably be more like Kimi and Massa in 07 and 08, very similar on performance I think
tom lathrop
tom lathrop Månad sedan
The car is number 2 at Ferrari
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma Månad sedan
No and NO
eugene the bean
eugene the bean Månad sedan
If they're not number twos, they can be number one point fives
Avin Maharaj
Avin Maharaj Månad sedan
Please continue to put the podcast on SElosk 👍🏼
nate clips
nate clips Månad sedan
I think Sainz could cause problems at Ferrari. LeClerc is "the guy of the future" and the pressure will all be on him. I disagree with many comments here thinking that Perez will do well against Verstappen. Racing Point underperformed last year with the pink mercedes, with Perez's form being flattered by the the fact that Stroll is shit. Many Max haters here, but he's been the best and fastest driver on the grid since the second half of 2018. He's going to destroy Sergio.
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand Månad sedan
Also don’t underestimate leclerc if car is better than last year it will suit him and you will see fewer errors
keegan Månad sedan
why is the music so loud?
Simone Garau
Simone Garau Månad sedan
TL;DW no.
Reinier NN
Reinier NN Månad sedan
I hope they try to be more than number two....it will make the F1 more interesting. But for both it will be very hard to be faster than their team mate...but not impossible.
Unholy Muppet
Unholy Muppet Månad sedan
I hope Perez can take it to Max this year. I want to see him routinely ahead of golden boy, it would be interesting to see how RB responds to that. I already know how Max will respond. I think the situation at Ferrari is different. I don't think Charles is as ruthless (or arrogant) as Max and will be more welcoming. I expect to see the two Ferrari's racing each other closely and fairly.
adam adam
adam adam Månad sedan
Leclerc is overrated
Evol lovE
Evol lovE Månad sedan
the only driver with more motivation than Perez is Bottas, this is his very last chance thats for sure, i honestly hope he wins the world championship, that would really be a sticky situation for Toto then, hehe
ChameleonThe13 8 dagar sedan
No way! Bottas was born with no 2 on his forehead!
Christopher Robin Garrish
Team Orders will be to assist the 1st when possible and win alone when necessary.....same as every 2nd driver deal. Picking up the scraps left by the lead driver is an art in itself. Perez will be an exemplary teammate. Classy guy.
Enzo MA
Enzo MA Månad sedan
tb3420 Månad sedan
You should put all your podcasts on SElosk. Bigger audience for Bring Back V10s!
Nick Burak
Nick Burak Månad sedan
Actually, it never dawned on me that two Spanish-speaking drivers are at the helm of two top teams each with arguably two of the best and youngest F1 team leaders. I'm giving the edge to Perez & Verstappen even if Ferrari figures out its problems.
Jonathan Chester
Jonathan Chester Månad sedan
What a load of knob-ends you all are. All year the pundits were slagging Albon off, and here we are 10 minutes later saying ok boys, you need to be realist about your chances. Albon finished P7 last year, totally decent by any measure. The way you old farts are taking seems like you expect nothing better from either of these two. Uggh. Nose, end, can't see beyond.
JR’s SimRacing
JR’s SimRacing Månad sedan
There both agreuably Better all round drivers. Perez can help rb win a constructers title Sainz needs time ⌚ with that 💩 box of a Ferrari
Cadrian Sithebe
Cadrian Sithebe Månad sedan
The problem that Carlos faces on he's 2-year contract is Mick Schumacher...
mark dance
mark dance Månad sedan
The interesting one to watch will be Bottas I feel - with Ferrari and Red Bull now have two proper drivers I think Bottas will be under severe scrutiny this coming season -
יהודים זבל
יהודים זבל 20 dagar sedan
Lol bottas car is still way too superior to the rest
mark dance
mark dance Månad sedan
@Darren Morris Bottas has a contract for this season coming - as for Lewis this season I’m willing to bet Merc don’t re sign him just got this feeling
Darren Morris
Darren Morris Månad sedan
Surely Bottas won't be in a Merc next season unless Lewis quits.
MegaSturrup Månad sedan
Carlos Sainz was just a replacement for Vettel. He is not a Ferrari man and he is not going to be treated better or equal to Leclerc. Remember they are always willing to shaft one driver in favor of the other.
RottieShep CALIBRE
RottieShep CALIBRE Månad sedan
21:30 bull*#$t Scott.. because as a racing driver surely Perez would be thinking "wait a minute, why is my car a tenth and a half off"
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson Månad sedan
I think Sainz might be a nasty surprise for Ferrari. He’s expressed his intent to be the best. If that car is better sorted, he could assert himself.
esphi LEE
esphi LEE Månad sedan
Carlos will give Charles a run for his money. Sergio will be like Botas.
RottieShep CALIBRE
RottieShep CALIBRE Månad sedan
Wait a minute... I got to about 9:20 and Scott said the unimaginable.. "Perez doesn't need to beat Verstappen" what! try telling him that.. these dudes are combat ready.. and they all believe that they are the supreme soldier
king dodongo
king dodongo Månad sedan
Leclerc Sainz is the most exciting Line up in Ferrari since Raikkonen Massa in 2007
TeeFFW Månad sedan
Answer: Yes Long Answer: But the teams won't let them even if they tried.
Scott deLong
Scott deLong Månad sedan
My thoughts eggs-ack-lee. And if they tried IDT they have the talent to pull it off. Certainly not Perez against Max. I don't know enough about Sainz to be sure but IDT he will give LeClerc much trouble.
LIL IBRA Månad sedan
Woody Conaway
Woody Conaway Månad sedan
Well Perez does not have a choice, it he shows he is faster they will dial him back. Now Sainz I think will do just like Lewis did and outpace his teammate...
- iMARA Månad sedan
I never realised you guys had a sense of humour, more please
Hastar Månad sedan
Not if they want to keep thier drives, no
Dorleys Flir
Dorleys Flir Månad sedan
45:40 Jim Clark What if Jim Clark Survived 1968? Fan fiction by superb content creator "Aidan Millward". Is here on SElosk. It's worth trying to find, IMO.
Dorleys Flir
Dorleys Flir Månad sedan
@TeeFFW I don't interact with him either, he recently said he's got a fairly full schedule in real life and perhaps that's part of the reason? I do enjoy his Story Time and reasoned analysis of situations, I think he shares some good insights.
TeeFFW Månad sedan
Too bad the guy is allergic to feedback. Interesting videos, just don't interact with him.
Mr_ Akmal
Mr_ Akmal Månad sedan
What happen to Albon ?
Reinier NN
Reinier NN Månad sedan
testdriver for Red Bull, maybe replacing if one of the drivers test positiv.
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd Månad sedan
I don't think they'll be winning or even hunting podiums each race but they should make their teams more consistent for the constructors championship. A consistent 4th or 5th will be great over a whole season.
Joshua Lämmlin
Joshua Lämmlin Månad sedan
Short answer: No Long answer: This will sadly not be possible, as their respective teams nr 1 driver is the future of the team regardless what happens
Greg Mayled
Greg Mayled Månad sedan
Sounds like the Mobil 1 the Grid intro
Taurus belos
Taurus belos Månad sedan
I think both perez and sainz will outperform their teammates, I hope they do beat them
Vandan Sonkar
Vandan Sonkar Månad sedan
Yes but actually no
Shivam Kapoor
Shivam Kapoor Månad sedan
Charles and Max: They can be 1.69s ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You Tube
You Tube Månad sedan
The question is was RIC much better than GAS/ALB or did VES grow during the years and will now be also much better then RIC?
You Tube
You Tube Månad sedan
@WinTech 4074 yes i think so too
gorviv529 Månad sedan
Why does Perez have to go into this as a supplicant in Verstappen's presence, like he just has to be happy to be there? Does he have to shine his shoes and wash his car too?
Isaac Ostrow
Isaac Ostrow Månad sedan
Bottas might as well be included in this discussion
Sam David
Sam David 28 dagar sedan
Pale Rider
Pale Rider Månad sedan
Particular with regard to Perez, most people seem to be already writing him off in a direct fight against Verstappen. I’m not so sure that the season will pan out that way. Perez is a very clever driver, who knows his own capabilities and in latter years seems to be able to choose his battles and has a ‘thinking race craft’ which helps him achieve consistently high race results. Over a season that counts for a lot. There is no doubt that Verstappen is über quick, but I still feel his temperament is his achilles heel. That may well be down to his age and will improve in time. Perez has a distinct advantage in that respect, showing great maturity when it comes to improving the car and racing. It will be fascinating to watch and imo Red Bull will have two drivers who are more than capable of bringing home the bacon week in week out, if Red Bull are able to give them a title challenging package. Similar story at Ferrari between Sainz and Leclerc I hope 🤞
joseph robson
joseph robson Månad sedan
@Draco Rosso if a driver can head a team in the wrong direction it is a weak team. The engineers know physics and can build the car. The driver can setup and drive it. If he dictates design and engineering its a weak team of engineers. Merc isnt dominant because of lewis. Its due to their working processes
Quete Importa
Quete Importa Månad sedan
Couldn't have said it better, Pale Rider
Draco Rosso
Draco Rosso Månad sedan
This∆ VER is overhyped and had been leading the team in the wrong technical direction.
Thomas smith
Thomas smith Månad sedan
Perez, maybe. Sainz no
212 Månad sedan
212 Månad sedan
Time stamps would also be blissful!
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