F1 engine freeze sets up Red Bull Honda engine takeover 

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F1 has approved an engine freeze to come in for 2022, which paves the way for Red Bull to take over Honda's engine project when the Japanese manufacturer leaves at the end of this year. In this video Scott Mitchell explains the implications of the latest news, what it means for Red Bull and Honda, and there's also an update on F1's plans for its next set of engine rules
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11 feb 2021



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Robby Woolums
Robby Woolums 6 dagar sedan
Al I’m hearing is that we’re going to have V6 engines fore longer. Great... who am I kidding, next gen engine could very well be an I4
Dan Some
Dan Some 14 dagar sedan
C Mon Honda back to winning ways love Honda and Japanese engineering
Matthew Levett
Matthew Levett 14 dagar sedan
Red Bull just signed their F1 fate away,this will not end well and will result in them leaving at some point
Fide Nemini
Fide Nemini 16 dagar sedan
They must've shipped a lot of free red bull to Honda. And what about 2023? Can they still use the engine?
Xynos Tasos
Xynos Tasos 16 dagar sedan
Cheap, naturally aspirated V10 engines along with KERS that can survive 6 races and run them on "sustainable fuel". Oh, and also allow refueling!
STGG 16 dagar sedan
Purwanto Oke
Purwanto Oke 17 dagar sedan
Alpha Tauri Red Bull F1 team
titancheat 17 dagar sedan
If the mguh takes away the sounds can we agree to just get rid of that at least?
titancheat 17 dagar sedan
They need to simplify them. Viewers dont give a you know what about ers etc. We just want good racing. Kers was better cause it was driver deployed unlike ers is by the engineers etc.
Bryce Dubois
Bryce Dubois 18 dagar sedan
Assuming synthetic fuel meets its promise (carbon neutral, no sulfur, nitrogen, particulates...) and BEVs continue to dominate alternative motive power on the street (as opposed to PHEVs), then I don't see why the complication of hybrids offers anything relevant for F1 from 2025. So, a nat atmo V10 sounds just fine to me (3.0 - 3.5 litre?). My goodness do they sound just fine...
BBO 18 dagar sedan
F1 should go back to the V12 era and not set such sustainable goals. Just make the best and most competetive engines.
tsoliakos 18 dagar sedan
I can make a V6 sound like a V12
Shadow Broker
Shadow Broker 18 dagar sedan
"Now I need Toto to serve me breakfast in bed or we'll cry about it and quit." -Christian Horner
Aaron 18 dagar sedan
We're stuck with this setup until 2025? I was really looking forward to a 2022 shake-up. Can Lewis win the championship another 4 times?
Alex Liu
Alex Liu 18 dagar sedan
As a Honda fan, I would hope the Red Bull teams keep a small Honda logo on the cars and overalls. And, if the regulations become attractive for Honda it would resume as a works engine from the end of the freeze going forwards. Honda is significantly behind the passenger car competition in electrification, its decision to leave is understandable though questionable in terms of motivation, which I believe is mostly about cost during a significant market downturn. Hopefully a competitive season added to much lower costs during the freeze + attractive regulations will bring it back. Otherwise it really feels like goodbye forever.
Raging Savage
Raging Savage 19 dagar sedan
V6 3.0L.
William Ford
William Ford 19 dagar sedan
The real news is I now have one fewer year to increase my carbon emissions so that I can offset the carbon reduction efforts of F1. I'll need to add a few miles of back roads on my daily commute to work and drive my internal combustion engine to my vacations instead of flying.
Trigger 19 dagar sedan
I can hear it now: "Christian Horner is going to be running 2 Red Bulls with spoon engines"
titancheat 17 dagar sedan
Verstappen: "Dude I almost had you" :)
AdotLOM 19 dagar sedan
Honestly they should start using flat engines, like a flat-4 or flat 6. I just don't like the sound of V6's. MGU-H, MGU-K, turbo hybrid system etc. are all fine, I just want the base configuration of the engine to not be a V6 anymore.
Tj Willms
Tj Willms 19 dagar sedan
this channel should forever be banned from saying the word "Twenty" more than once in any single sentence.
BIGALOOOOOO 19 dagar sedan
we need to stop making silly rules we need 5L V8 quad turbos more power more noise more overtaking too many rules spoiling the sport F1 cant stay at he top if its so green up the carbon
Tom F1
Tom F1 19 dagar sedan
Why does an engine need to have social relevance?
The Quadrasaurus
The Quadrasaurus 19 dagar sedan
Remember what happened the last time they pulled out .............
Mohamed Abdinur
Mohamed Abdinur 19 dagar sedan
Might sound crazy but an inline 3 or inline 4 turbo biodiesel electric hybrid might be the most sustainable package ... but it's not emotive and would release too much NOx and SO2. A package like that can simplify the powertrain with a fully engaged electric powertrain with the deisel engine just used as a genset to recharge the battery. With fully electric powertrain they can get rid of the gearbox also ... hence providing additional cost reduction.
Mohamed Abdinur
Mohamed Abdinur 19 dagar sedan
BTW that type of diesel electric hybrid drive already is used on naval ships and advanced electric locomotives. They have been used on public transport buses as well. Long haul trucking hasn't run to this technology because it's not quite effective for highway miles that don't require frequent stoppage due to traffic but with cheaper battery prices it may become attractive as a transition path towards fully electric.
Arul Roshan
Arul Roshan 19 dagar sedan
You forgot the name change of Renault into alpine
NabilPlayz Roblox
NabilPlayz Roblox 19 dagar sedan
Max Verstappen Red Bull is zo cool en meseders
hayden floyd
hayden floyd 19 dagar sedan
wouldn't it be amazing if Renault show up with the best engine? like bruh that would be the best poetic justice on so many levels
DoxYDox DeLamanca
DoxYDox DeLamanca 20 dagar sedan
Turbo V8, no crap'o MGblah blah. Want hybrid or electr'o stuff, go with with formula e. Let us grease-monkey, whatever length of time, and I am not talking about boomer here, we have in this earth, enjoy some noise!
Andrew Dillon
Andrew Dillon 20 dagar sedan
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 20 dagar sedan
I’m all for more manufacturers. Less expensive engines might mean couple of extra teams down the road.
Ashley Galvin
Ashley Galvin 20 dagar sedan
All this freezing is just helping Mercedes stay on top.
Christian Marche
Christian Marche 20 dagar sedan
Mark my word. Electric cars with quick change batteries during a 4 second pitstop.
Sports2Hedz 20 dagar sedan
I'm surprised Honda allowed this to go through...there must be a lot of Honda IP in the drawings etc. And this will be easier said than done. Not easy to pickup where legendary Honda know how left off.
Devin McLean
Devin McLean 20 dagar sedan
New engine needs to be electric, or some form of electric hybrid. Where either a pair or a single electric motor is used in tandem with a generator with no limitation besides a cap on fuel consumption per race. Meaning turbine, wankle single cylander i4 v4 whatever configuration, Quali laps should be all electric only. The battery pack should be speck or capped by capacity. I think F1 is missing freedom of development it needs to open up to the next gen of automotive tech which is obviously electric. It also needs to be an arms race where automotive companies want to join and race. Honda leaving for environmental reason is the canary. Without adapting to more electric F1 will lose more manufacturers as dumping billions into outdated tech doesn’t aline with future business models.
Ace Garcia
Ace Garcia 20 dagar sedan
Destipe fans begging for V10s again it's not gonna happen as manufacturers won't want it, except a highreving biofuel 4 cylinder turbo with further electfication.
CalgarGTX 20 dagar sedan
So considering merc has the overall better engine they already have a built-in advantage until 2024 ? And they all signed off on that ? Weird..
Riccardo Bonacina
Riccardo Bonacina 20 dagar sedan
It's a joke. Whenever redbull cries at the fia they give them what they want
speedy blue
speedy blue 20 dagar sedan
Just make the engines v8 or v10. I doubt a grid of 20 cars racing for an hour is going to ruin the planet. Soon we won't be able to enjoy the rour and sound of a good engine on public roads. So the race track will the the last place to experience such things. All electric cars on the future roads, and all v10s on the future racetracks, that would definitely draw in huge crowds and be more intertaining. Isn't that the whole point of professional sports in the first place.
Toms Tech
Toms Tech 20 dagar sedan
1.6L I4 bio diesels here we come.
Ali Ansari
Ali Ansari 20 dagar sedan
F1 lost its mojo when decided to be environmentally friendly. They forgotten they're a 'Racing' organisation not a green party.
A J 20 dagar sedan
With most car companies going 'green' and planning electric models or hybrids, F1 has to follow along.
CAIrondad 20 dagar sedan
I’ll admit, I don’t understand the details, but I think this freeze in engine development is insane! Formula One engines are the most efficient on the planet. Why not make them more so?? The move away from traditional internal combustion engines is absolutely, unequivocably the asinine!! Please somebody inject some sanity into the sport. This seems like political correctness run amok!
Viraagh Singh
Viraagh Singh 20 dagar sedan
Just bring back the V10's ;)
A J 19 dagar sedan
V10 development stopped in 2005, they would have to do a lot of work to get the V10 reliability up to be anywhere close to the reliability of a V6 turbo hybrid.
A 20 dagar sedan
Didn't know a freeze was always planned and they brought it earlier one year. Good info.
Web crawler
Web crawler 20 dagar sedan
If everyone would drive a stock Dacia Sandero all problems would be fixed.
MR JKE 20 dagar sedan
What will they call the engine 🤔wings 😅
Andrew Tolhurst
Andrew Tolhurst 20 dagar sedan
I would like to see a move to DI 2 stroke, and would love to see V6s used as door stops or coffee tables only, V6 engines don’t belong on the race track, aero and chassis engineers should not have a call on the direction of engine big picture layout...
Nikola Kirs
Nikola Kirs 20 dagar sedan
This why a dont watch f1 Maybe they can use 1.0l 3 cylinder in the future F1 is dead
Ugypt Kutan
Ugypt Kutan 20 dagar sedan
Formula one is going to be formula one "E"
Wind of change
Wind of change 20 dagar sedan
Niiccccce, good for them. As for my idea for engines ? Bring back the V10s, bring back refueling and switch to alchahol based fuels for the hippies.
Madhulika Rao
Madhulika Rao 20 dagar sedan
This might as well bring back red Bull domination
Mal-2 KSC
Mal-2 KSC 20 dagar sedan
I feel this should be made permanent. Auto manufacturers don't see internal combustion engines as worth the development resources any longer, but until a battery can be swapped in a 20 or 30 second pit stop, F1 can't go electric. Freezing engine development is probably the best compromise until the latter problem can be solved. I know nobody here WANTS F1 to go electric... but if the automakers would rather walk away than continue pouring cash into dying technology, I don't see that they have a long term choice.
goodiezgrigis 20 dagar sedan
If they want to have competition in F1 limit the amount of energy/fuel expended per lap or 100km or hour or race. That would get engineering departments scratching their heads for efficiency and performance.
Sean O'Keefe
Sean O'Keefe 20 dagar sedan
Unless red bull is working on a plan to build high-end sports cars or low cost hybrids or some combination.
Sean O'Keefe
Sean O'Keefe 20 dagar sedan
Not sure how or why Honda who builds engines will leave and why a team with a budget would build there own
Lee baldwin
Lee baldwin 21 dag sedan
Simplify engines v8 petrol 1. 5 litre supercharged
Bruce Kerr
Bruce Kerr 21 dag sedan
Red Bull are Prima Donnas always crying about something and threatening to leave the sport, I wish they would. Also, the FIA promoted the engine freeze as a money saver, well they should just give Hamilton and Mercedes all of the championships until the new rules come in. They will win them anyway, and not running any races will save a lot more money.
AbeyMind 21 dag sedan
So Mercedes can have an easy run till 2025.
Paul McDonald
Paul McDonald 21 dag sedan
Honda just needed a responsible Adult to take the Raines, and to lend a helping hand! A problem shared and all that!!! They’re too good and worked too hard to walk away again after their involvement in F1 in the past! Gud times ahead I hope! 👍
Rasmus Nielsen
Rasmus Nielsen 21 dag sedan
Forti, Zytech and Cosworth (FORD), but no world is going electric, Audi, Jaguar, Renault, BMW, Nissan and Mercedes all in formula E all of them spending money in formula E development. World is going electric and F1 will have to do so to, or slowly die, it will take many years for Formula 1 to die, if it doesn´t go electric but it will die.
fausmarten 21 dag sedan
I hope v10s come back.
David Gretlein
David Gretlein 21 dag sedan
Carbon neutral fuels, and elimination of petrol/race gas is a ridiculous idea. The notion of “fossil fuels” and it being a “precious and limited commodity” is what we say in the States as “BS”. Rockefeller coined this term around the turn of the 19th century to raise the value and price of crude oil. Crude oil, fossil fuel is sustainable. Fact. In addition, exactly what fuel do you think is used the run the generators to charge the batteries? In my never to be humbled opinion, backed up by my father, grand father, and two uncles having retired from the oil industry with 40 years of experience EACH. I genuinely hope F1 doesn’t go full bonkers and become F1-Formula-E ..... leave that to the annual World Solar Challenge on Stuart Highway in Australia, PLEASE!
My predictions for 2021.. Max for drivers championship, Mercedes for manufacturers. Mercedes, Renault, Honda..
Sven Kuhar
Sven Kuhar 21 dag sedan
Derek Lush
Derek Lush 21 dag sedan
Ethanol hasn't been an issue at all for Indycar. Seems like a pretty obvious solution for F1
MetikalMan 21 dag sedan
Keep both MGU. Remove the turbine! Make F1 supercharged again, powered by MGU! Loud, aggressive and very efficient. Far less piping. May not even need intercooler, but probably would. I sure would love to see Freevalve tech being tested in a race car.
tamake 44
tamake 44 21 dag sedan
Does this mean I can put a RedBull badge on my minivan?
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 21 dag sedan
I would like BMW to come back and power red bull
Kenny G G
Kenny G G 21 dag sedan
A smokescreen . Ferrari will have new emoting engines in 2025 season.
Jordan H
Jordan H 21 dag sedan
I said this is how it would play out from day one of Honda’s exit and everyone said I was wrong and crazy......seems I was right
Roy McDre
Roy McDre 21 dag sedan
So they are allowing low power engines to get a development?? To me that wasnt clear
TheKingkingg 21 dag sedan
It's too bad someone chased Honda out just before peak... either redbull or FIA didn't make it good deal
Tino MallorKing
Tino MallorKing 21 dag sedan
That's not fair! F1's meaning of "evolution" and F1 cars (and engines) might evolve every year. Doesn't matter if a team can't reach the others because they are new in anything. F1 always had new teams or engine manufacures, and progresing had not stopped because of that. Also, the team which has more benefits about that is Mercedes, because Ferrari couldn't make a better engine... Just, wtf??
P W 21 dag sedan
red bull engines give you wings. On a side note, if they make a better engine than Ferrari, as a drink company...
jon bell
jon bell 21 dag sedan
An engine freeze in F1 ! "shakes head as the sport goes even more budget vegetarian" sad times.
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 21 dag sedan
NA engines are the way to race, because of the much lower weight. If road cars doesn't have the required hybrid or turbo/hybrid engine then even F1 will not have a solution.
roller 21 dag sedan
F1's DNA, Adapt or die they say.
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 21 dag sedan
Even maintaining and building the engines up until the end to 2024 is a huge thing from RB.
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 21 dag sedan
02:35 Woww. Interesting detail. 👍
Luke Finnila
Luke Finnila 21 dag sedan
C’mon Porsche, make an engine for 2025
vrh13 21 dag sedan
Freevalve, turbo, X number of cylinder engines should be next. With simpler electricity systems to keep the cost down.
Chris Weatherly
Chris Weatherly 21 dag sedan
Formula One should abandon these ridiculous engine rules, and go back to basic V10s. This would allow more engine suppliers to competitively enter the sport
Godfather95 MBS
Godfather95 MBS 21 dag sedan
This is a joke
Bigfarmer8 21 dag sedan
F1 should start focusing on hydrogen engines a.s.a.p. or more like yesterday.
That's not the point
Teams: We need to make f1 more competitive. Also team: Hold on, others are closing in on us too much.
Joe Felony
Joe Felony 21 dag sedan
seriously fuck the environmental nonsense and just keep the damn v10's. Why is F1 being a pussy about this? Who are they afraid of?
grafixguy 21 dag sedan
I would love to see a loosening of the rules around engines to something more akin to specifying total displacement and electrical energy output and letting the engine suppliers develop their own solutions for it
Chris Flemington
Chris Flemington 21 dag sedan
It’s good to see that F1 are working towards allowing engines to be built that will be environmentally sustainable and which could be used for example in classic cars without the risk of them becoming unusable in the future. I noticed that Shell are working with Ferrari in the development of new fuels for their engines and as I only use Shell V Power fuels in my classic cars as it’s the only fuel to be consistently rated at 99% octane rating I will be delighted if they were to come up with a suitable replacement fuel to allow me to continue to use them in the future.
A-6M ZERO 21 dag sedan
Spicy Meat
Spicy Meat 21 dag sedan
So we have 4 season of no engine development? Is the assumption that each engine in term of performance is now on par with each other in that case?
Heath Cliff
Heath Cliff 21 dag sedan
Mazepin keeps his seat after groping a teen girl. What would happen if Lewis was caught groping a teen boy in the back seat of a car?
srinitaaigaura 21 dag sedan
Binotto is sweating profusely. The master plan may actually succeed for an entire decade!!!
inderraj kewal
inderraj kewal 21 dag sedan
I wanna Redbull in the front off my car hell yeah Drive the bull Hihaw
Matticus Renwood
Matticus Renwood 21 dag sedan
Does this technically make Red Bull a works team?
Koheleth of Agartha
Koheleth of Agartha 21 dag sedan
Fuck Carbon Neutral bring back V12s
what biker is going to give v12 engines
mark taylor
mark taylor 21 dag sedan
I hate this. This is like putting weights on all the other horses in the grand national so that that one slow horse can keep up. Its ridiculous. P.s red bull are my favourite team.
peter chapman
peter chapman 21 dag sedan
haha i agree!!! w no trac control
Freddie Wisdish
Freddie Wisdish 21 dag sedan
what will it be labelled as
Evol Punk
Evol Punk 21 dag sedan
2025 - naturally aspirated V8s, V10s and V12s with refuling allowed.
Hiren Sheta
Hiren Sheta 21 dag sedan
Redbull Porsche or Redbull Toyota...
christianbro2 21 dag sedan
F1 needs to make 20 fast and exciting cars, not 20 clean cars. What matters is the million of other cars.
When Formula 1 Teams Cheat