How Grosjean’s Bahrain F1 crash changed his 2021 IndyCar deal 

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Romain Grosjean will switch from F1 to IndyCar for 2021, having signed a deal with Dale Coyne Racing. But he changed his mind on doing a full season after his fireball F1 crash in the Bahrain Grand Prix. In this video Scott Mitchell has all the details of Grosjean’s 2021 plans, how his recovery is going from the burns he sustained last year, and the latest on his hopes to test a Mercedes as a way of saying goodbye to F1
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3 feb 2021



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rishabh sharma
rishabh sharma 15 timmar sedan
Indianapolis and
Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin Dag sedan
Classy move by Toto. Nobody’s last time in an F1 seat should be a crash. I hope he fares well in Indycar.
hello456able 3 dagar sedan
dont b a chicken grosjean
xenoborg007 5 dagar sedan
Yeah let's put one of the most dangerous F1 drivers ever into an indy car, that's bound to turn out alright. Can't wait for him to try and do a smoke filled 360 on an oval.
Carter W
Carter W 5 dagar sedan
I want to see him in enduro racing
Maz 6 dagar sedan
I’m super glad he’s ok.
eelke besseling
eelke besseling 6 dagar sedan
romain is a class act, so polite and nice, i realy hope he finds succes in indycar beacause he deserves it!
Errafri 7 dagar sedan
I'm so greatfull for mercedes for giving him such an amazing dream parting gift
Junaid Naseer
Junaid Naseer 7 dagar sedan
Empty 9 dagar sedan
certain events from the 2012 Belgian gp make me nervous about what will happen at the oval tracks
Stephen da Silva Madeira
Would be nice to see Grosjean joining FE
Tunç Serçan
Tunç Serçan 9 dagar sedan
🙄 just for remove the number of the beast. I love Jesus and Jesus love's you!
Saro's bonsai adventures
I definitely prefer IndyCar to F1, it's about 10 years that I follow it with more interest than F1, so I am curious to see Grosjean in this new challenge. He has the opportunity to show his real talent. Cars are for the 95% the same and made for overtakes; tracks are tough and there is an hard competition. On the other side, if he failed, he can't hide behind the usual F1 excuse about the lack of prestaction of the car and the gap between major teams. It's not so easy for an F1 driver
FresnoSwag 10 dagar sedan
100 bucks he crashes his first race.
Damien Kearns
Damien Kearns 11 dagar sedan
Good reason to watch some Indy this year, love to see him win.
Thedudeabides803 15 dagar sedan
I’m a motor sports fan, with Johnson and Grosjean joining Indycar, I’m an Indycar fan this year.
Liam Fippinger
Liam Fippinger 15 dagar sedan
I completely understand why he chose not to do ovals, I would have made the same decision if I had a wife, kids, and almost died the year prior.
Alen Mihelcic
Alen Mihelcic 21 dag sedan
If you have money, go with family. Fuck all, life is one!
colymoli 24 dagar sedan
allways is a guy disconecting from discord when he is telling something. that is sad
PassiveSmoking 24 dagar sedan
Wow, Nice Guy Toto to the rescue
Steve Cleaver
Steve Cleaver 24 dagar sedan
TBH I haven't really rated Romain as a "top driver" for many years, partly because of the many crashes he has had ( a lot of which he was majorly or even wholly to blame ) but also because of his willingness to quickly lay blame on others & his quick temper & yet I have developed a deep respect for him for his openness & willingness to apologise & admit when he was wrong, usually after seeing an incident in replay as this is obviously his first chance to see the full scenario of what happened. I was, like most of the world, horrified by his accident in Bahrain & broke down when I saw that he managed to escape alive with "relatively minor" injuries & was deeply touched by his praise for Doctor Ian Roberts & Alan van der Merwe as well as the two marshals, Thaer Ali Taher & Joby Mathew who were majorly involved in his rescue. I am so pleased he has been able to secure a seat in Indy & hope he does manage to organise the test day with Mercedes in the W11 as promised by Toto Wolff & obviously hope he will continue to recover from his injuries & enjoy his time in Indy with the Dale Coyne Racing team. Good Luck Romain, stay safe.
Jon B.
Jon B. 25 dagar sedan
Grosjean has always been a bad driver, at least in F1. I am shocked that HAAS kept him for as long as they did. He crashed himself due to error.
The Jolly Mercenary
The Jolly Mercenary 25 dagar sedan
Personally I think F1 drivers are too good for oval racing and oval racing does seem like a major step down, but that is just my opinion, but anyway I do hope that Grosjean can finally be on the front row and fighting for wins and championships
k4rlo 26 dagar sedan
2:26 i thought that was my discord notifications lmao
jiff jiffernson
jiff jiffernson 26 dagar sedan
Just had to try dis Indy. Reveals much about you.
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell 26 dagar sedan
Oh well least we should get to see some crashes Let's hope he doesn't
Mike A
Mike A 26 dagar sedan
I have never known a race car driver to turn down a chance to drive at Indianapolis.
Stuart Garlick
Stuart Garlick 26 dagar sedan
Discord > Zoom
Alex C
Alex C 26 dagar sedan
Ovals are gash
Damo's Entertainment
Damo's Entertainment 26 dagar sedan
6 adverts for 1 video is a bit much
Jared Sanderson
Jared Sanderson 26 dagar sedan
People talk a lot of shit about Romain but all I need to know is that Kimi speaks very highly of him.
michael hayden
michael hayden 27 dagar sedan
I,am so Glad,!!!! as well Greatfull 2 C !!!! @roman getting in the @NTT Indycar series for this up coming year !!! Pretty awesome that his talent will be on track here in the series.
Cam RSR 27 dagar sedan
I will be glad to see him bring some nice sponsor $$$$$$ and just his $$$$$.
Erik F
Erik F 27 dagar sedan
Dont forget that the meme is back "I think Ericsson hit us"
Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr 27 dagar sedan
I'd love the chat between Grosean and Lauda about restarting the racing...
Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr 27 dagar sedan
I'd wear any helmet my kids designed forever. God there's just no contest!!!!!
Mattanpattan fillidutplutt
damn what a HAASsle
Black Flagged Racing
Black Flagged Racing 27 dagar sedan
Would be great to see him drive in the Australian V8 Supercar season, even if its only Bathurst
weedfreer 27 dagar sedan
maybe he could also try Icelandic cliff climbing car racing? At least if he didn't make it up a run and crashed, it wouldn't really matter as that's just a feature of that particular sport.
DeHaviland 27 dagar sedan
Solid driver who got a fair bit of smack following his somewhat novel way on the track. In the light of some competitors doing similar antics I think he was treated worse. Considering his speed I don't think he ever got the right machinery to show his talent. It's easy to bash, but let's not forget where he put the Haas in 2017.
Fetzie 27 dagar sedan
Ruling out ovals is a smart decision. Maybe a drive at the Le Mans 24h awaits at some point?
Wais 27 dagar sedan
Grosjean would be amazing in Indycar, but the fact was that before the crash he was never gonna do ovals
Nick M
Nick M 27 dagar sedan
Hes always been horrible.
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson 27 dagar sedan
Can definitely understand why he doesn't want to do ovals have you seen days of thunder!! He should do well. He's a fast driver just his special awareness is a bit lacking at times. Good luck Romain
Charles H
Charles H 27 dagar sedan
0:59 F to Sato, Ericsson, Chilton and Barichello. Btw Ericsson hit us.
Jacob Dinsmore
Jacob Dinsmore 28 dagar sedan
Can't wait to see romain at mid ohio. Will be cool to see a driver of his level driving on the track i learned to race on
Pål Varhaug
Pål Varhaug 28 dagar sedan
He's gonna crush it.. trust me.. he is so fast
Doug Parker
Doug Parker 28 dagar sedan
Romain,please take the time you need to heal and get to 100%.nobody will think less of you
Francois D Van der Westhuizen
I knew that he will be racing again in some championship, he might not have become a f1 champ, but many f1 drivers has become champs in IndyCar or Le Mans in the past.
Bent Hansen
Bent Hansen 28 dagar sedan
Awesome to see him back in racing .... wishing him the best of luck .... in the front of the grid where he belong
btickson 28 dagar sedan
Best wishes to Grosjean and his future
bs 28 dagar sedan
Thank you for fixing the audio issues since the last couple of videos!
Martyn Dyson
Martyn Dyson 28 dagar sedan
A scared driver is a dangerous driver! These guys need balls of steel to drive on the very edge of whats possible, a driver whos not on that edge will be no good as they will be facing every other driver whos driving on the very limit, being scared of what might happen seems to me that their just waiting for their next big accident! I think that once a driver has lost that fine line of driving on the edge and ignoring the dangers is not only dangerous to himself but to other drivers who drive their cars expecting the drivers around him to be on the edge too, a nervous driver is an accident waiting to happen, Grogeion should hang up his gloves and boots and either work in the side lines of motorsport or try get his mojo back and then go race at the same level as the other motosport professonals who live on the edge when it comes to driving skills
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 28 dagar sedan
He's a liability.. Causes more accidents then anything else.. Not the last one though
Terry Golo
Terry Golo 27 dagar sedan
last one included , he just veered to the right like a madman without noticing Kvyat there , he's a danger to himself and others and should stop racing period
JD - AG 28 dagar sedan
So damn happy for Romain. Can’t wait to see him race💪🏼
Greg Brown
Greg Brown 28 dagar sedan
I'm thrilled for him. I think they already have a house in Charlotte, NC where HAAS is, But Coyne Racing is near Chicago. Lots of older drivers who fall off the end of F1 end up in indycar. Can he win? Well he'll have to beat that other, too old, no control, too wild F1 reject, Takuma Sato. Ask Takuma or other rejects Alexander Rossi and they will tell you two things... If you're fsst you can earn a good living in Indycar... and as much as it will hurt ya'll - getting the maximum out of a car, lap after lap on the knife edge of an oval is more difficult than a road course - Emerson said so too!
PhiNick Gaming
PhiNick Gaming 28 dagar sedan
ITT: F1 snobs and Indycar snobs going at it.
JMB 28 dagar sedan
Romain should retire. When you have close calls like this, its not many drivers that come back from this without incident. He will be putting himself in major danger and I do not think it a wise choice.
JG 28 dagar sedan
Amazing how, after that crash which was entirely his own doing, everyone seems to have bizarrely forgotten how dangerous and crash prone this guy is. If he did ovals he'll be dead in a year. Seriously.
Elias Raoufi
Elias Raoufi 28 dagar sedan
Imagine the scenes if he crashes the Mercedes
The initial Danker
The initial Danker 23 dagar sedan
It's a grippy merc not a shitbox that is the HASS with the those overheating rear suspension that make you spin like vettel
Epicastroman 28 dagar sedan
Grosjean is going to blame ericson agian for nothing
Dean Phillips
Dean Phillips 28 dagar sedan
good luck to him, really hope he does well
Roy Szweda
Roy Szweda 28 dagar sedan
Indy's gain, F1's loss.
Omar Ismail
Omar Ismail 28 dagar sedan
Grojean is very fast just needs to get his head in the game and he would get a few podiums thats for sure. Good luck to you Rogro
Nat Jes
Nat Jes 28 dagar sedan
He´s a seriously quick driver, all the best in Indy Car!
Alex M
Alex M 28 dagar sedan
Only Andretti fields 4 cars in regular races, Penske have 3 and Ganassi only have 2 regular entries.
alfieinnit 28 dagar sedan
Ericsson is at indycar as well
Giant Putt
Giant Putt 28 dagar sedan
Well done Romain
Paul Whitehouse
Paul Whitehouse 28 dagar sedan
I think he'll do well
Nubuck Blu
Nubuck Blu 28 dagar sedan
I’m happy he’s landed a seat in the US and hope he enjoys much success here! Although being an American I honestly don’t watch Indy but I’ll definitely be checking in from time to time.
Ryan.Y 28 dagar sedan
He just Haas to race after that crash.
Ryan.Y 28 dagar sedan
Him racing after that crash is just stunning.
Harris Stutzman
Harris Stutzman 28 dagar sedan
he won't be able to handle the ovals
Scott 28 dagar sedan
That big gulp he took right after he said "superspeedway".
vike fon
vike fon 28 dagar sedan
China leads the world in Burn Recovery Therapy. Consult them
David Yi
David Yi 28 dagar sedan
Yeah, nah mate
Yeah, nah mate 28 dagar sedan
I would have thought a bloke who used 8 of his 9 metaphorical lives in Bahrain wouldnt touch indycar with a 40 foot pole, but here we are.
I IZ KITTY 28 dagar sedan
If he goes to Indy car I’ll have a reason to visit the near by track.
That Terence Guy
That Terence Guy 28 dagar sedan
Super Formula! Come on Grosjean!
roberto incani
roberto incani 28 dagar sedan
Grosjean racing Indy car? , that wont be good . ,
Stephen M
Stephen M 28 dagar sedan
Romain is pure in heart in everything he pursues. Can’t help but admire him. I hope he sees victory in IndyCar but know that even if he doesn’t he’s already achieved a lifetime of great accomplishments both at home and on the track.
Hockey guy
Hockey guy 28 dagar sedan
Suck it Lance, maybe his daddy will buy him an Indy car team. That way he'll have to team he doesn't deserve to drive for !!
Darth Matt
Darth Matt 28 dagar sedan
@Hockey guy LUL
Hockey guy
Hockey guy 28 dagar sedan
@Darth Matt lol I don't think he's rich enough Ha Ha
Darth Matt
Darth Matt 28 dagar sedan
@Hockey guy you’d think Larry would invest in improving Lance’s skills
Hockey guy
Hockey guy 28 dagar sedan
@Darth Matt he's been given too many chances already. Guess we'll see how vettel beats him. Hell I wouldn't put it passed Lance's dad to make vettels car slower just to make Lance look good !!
Darth Matt
Darth Matt 28 dagar sedan
I really hope lance does better but if he doesn’t and still has a drive it’s definitely all daddy
indopleaser 28 dagar sedan
boy those indy car halo’s are ugly. maybe if it had clear glass. it just stands out and the proportions look off, too tall
Junaid Naseer
Junaid Naseer 28 dagar sedan
He is a good driver.
Syndie Turret
Syndie Turret 28 dagar sedan
Should be in nascar at least if he crash the car is still drivable.
Greg Brown
Greg Brown 28 dagar sedan
Sometimes yes, occasionally on a short track where aero doesn't mean much victory is still possible.... But the way he struggled with brakes, I can't see him doing too well there either. On a superspeedway you can win without brakes... but you need good aero.... Short oval with no brakes.... hello fence HARD!
Michael Grant
Michael Grant 28 dagar sedan
I’ve heard of getting back up on the horse after a fall but I have his big crash last year I would take his paycheck and his own and run like hell after a scale of that
andrew1979ish 29 dagar sedan
I think old crash for cash should’ve taken his blessing and not drive I don’t know how he survived that crash u don’t often get that lucky twice
SAVION WELLS 29 dagar sedan
the beginning is creepy asf I thought it was a picture and then his eyes moved.
Gregory Golden
Gregory Golden 29 dagar sedan
The guy almost gave his life up for the “sport” - you’d think they (Haas & F1) would have given him another year to prove himself, granted I don’t believe he’s ever won a GP race, but the guy always drove hard and gave it everything his ride / team gave him...I just think it’s a damned shame the way F1 teams treat their drivers - do you think Lewis or Sebastian would win in a Haas? I don’t think so...I hope Roman does well in Indy cars - proves to everyone in the big money making machine that F1 has become that a real race car driver doesn’t need F1 to be successful...just my opinion. So Go Roman Go! And just a question why does F1 keep pulling full races from SElosk? You’d think that they’d at least allow us fans who’ve been watching and following for decades (5 decades for me) something to remember exactly why we fell in love with the sport years ago and maybe draw in new fans at the same time? But I guess it’s all about the $$$$$$$
Patrick Beemsterboer
Patrick Beemsterboer 29 dagar sedan
Indycar fan: I'm excited to have Grosjean come and join the league. His driving style has shown more success in indycar compared to F1. He's a great personality, and seems to so far enjoy the indycar culture. Coyne is a somewhat competitive team, being a "spec" series, all teams can compete. This season you will probably see 26-30 cars show up to the track, 33 for the 500. There are quite a few part time rides. Realistically, since he's not doing ovals, 18-23 in points this season. If he did ovals, probably 13-18 in points. If he stays in indycar, He'll improve, and can possibly be a top 10 driver.
h08817 29 dagar sedan
Praying he succeeds brilliantly and shits on Pagenaud a lot, and that he is looked after by some guardian angel like he has been so far!
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey 29 dagar sedan
Go to Indianapolis!
Frank Ross
Frank Ross 29 dagar sedan
Previous F1 racers have fared well when they’ve transitioned to Indy. Wishing him all the best. “Three of the last four Indy 500s have been won by drivers with F1 experience.
Elliot Crossan
Elliot Crossan 29 dagar sedan
I was one of the people who loved Romain and defended him from the haters *before* the crash made him much more popular. I hope he does well in IndyCar -- I dunno much about that series but I'd love to see him win races if he has the right machinery! Never forget how close he was to winning races in the 2013 Lotus.
rob norish
rob norish 29 dagar sedan
Look forward to watching Indycar this year
Mike 29 dagar sedan
Grosjean will likely retire from Indycar the same as he did from F1. Literally with his ass on fire running out of a wrecked car.
PluggedWalnut 35
PluggedWalnut 35 29 dagar sedan
I really like grosjean because my uncle used to work for lotus F1 when domain was there
Ricky Henderson
Ricky Henderson 29 dagar sedan
I honestly hope his F1 experience pays off in Indy car. We've seen a few F1 drivers make the change with varying degrees of success but I wish him all the best, and to get back on the podium! I was heart broken after the Daytona 24 when that puncture happened, they had a serious chance at the win and at least a 2nd. It would be cool to see the two of them in a sports car.
kirk robinson
kirk robinson 29 dagar sedan
Aki Goteb
Aki Goteb 29 dagar sedan
Hoping for a great season for him in his first one!