How Perez’s ‘once in a lifetime’ Red Bull F1 shot has started 

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Sergio Perez has officially started work as a Red Bull Formula 1 driver. The Mexican has waited a long time to finally get his shot in a top car, and he intends to “overdeliver” in his bid to help the team launch a championship challenge against Mercedes in 2021.
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20 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
jeno826 12 dagar sedan
Perez we hope that you will beet that fish lips arrogant Max! Fight him, don’t settle to be his bich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO PEREZ !!!!!!
MS 16 dagar sedan
its gonna be 1. hamilton 2. max. 3. perez 4. bottas
Stephen Gamble
Stephen Gamble 23 dagar sedan
Expecting a Merc against RB season, with Ferrari nowhere. RB have at least doubled their tally of podiums.
Arijit Biswas
Arijit Biswas 28 dagar sedan
Looking forward for great 2021 season where redbull, McLaren, And Ferrari has great driver duo, with vettel at Aston Martin and I renualt will improve too.. let's hope there's new champion will be crowned..
Rocket Man
Rocket Man 28 dagar sedan
Does it really matter? If they cantfigure out what mercedesis doing?
Monster6x6x6 Månad sedan
I trust Checo... but the history of that second seat is the one thing that makes doubt RB performance.
formulafan Månad sedan
Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
Master CC
Master CC Månad sedan
TLDR : He comes with sweet sweet money.
Collin Wadham
Collin Wadham Månad sedan
Well...If Red Bull play fair with him, he will do well from about the half way stage of the season. If he doesn't get the fair shake, he will be another with a problem car. It seems the Red Bull way. But...maybe they've decided on Red Bull becoming World champions at last. After all, they did sign Perez. So maybe now, they ARE thinking Red Bull. Ah, but time will tell as usual.
J P Månad sedan
Plot twist: Pérez wins the championship, then retires. Drops mic
Alex Pozdnyakov
Alex Pozdnyakov Månad sedan
Two of my favorite drivers on one team. Perez might as well be considered the “de facto” American driver in F1. Red Bull should make let him throughout North America.
Duderama 67
Duderama 67 Månad sedan
Second seat sabotage is common enough in F1. Barrichello at Ferrari, Villeneuve at Williams, Russell at Mercedes, etc. Then there is the Max factor.
Andre Silva
Andre Silva Månad sedan
Don’t quite understand this move from RB...
eggy1962 Månad sedan
I think he has earned a shot in a top team, i wish him best of luck.
Ro. Månad sedan
Quit begging for likes, plz!
Chris Rose
Chris Rose Månad sedan
To hear someone who has been on the Ferrari and McLaren payroll saying Red Bull is the chance of a lifetime is a bit strange, you've already had two chances of a lifetime Sergio. My feeling is that he has taken his sponsors money to pay another year's tab at the last chance saloon.
R F Månad sedan
I think Perez will be on the podium many more times this coming season. Also he will win many times with his experience and calm mind under pressure
César Augusto Vargas Rivera
Imagine Max pressing Lewis all race, meanwhile Sergio will come from the second half of the race stronger and stronger to beat Lewis. This should be an enormous opportunity for Red Bull to be capable to win Mercedes with one or another Bull (maybe both).
RXT Avery
RXT Avery Månad sedan
Ik checo will be good but the first 2 or 3 races he might get p9 or 11 but after that he will get used to the car and start getting poduims
Dan Platinium
Dan Platinium Månad sedan
It seems that Verstapen will be having a tough teammate this season. Especially with some new regulations which means the 2021 car won’t be the same as last year!!
Jaime Alberto Osorio Avendaño
Poor Perez, he was hired to race Behind Max and he doesn't know it.
Thomas smith
Thomas smith Månad sedan
Street dogs are a big part of life in Mexico so I'm not surprised
WojM40 Månad sedan
i think he will be a great disappointment, and the second red bull curse will continue unfortunately ;c
christine prince
christine prince Månad sedan
This sounds like the bloke that does the Essex boys case to court room.?
David Hendrickson
David Hendrickson Månad sedan
I hope both Perez and Bottas have great years, I am really looking foreword to Checos 1st test
Travis Hanner
Travis Hanner Månad sedan
Perez has a history of out performing his equipment. If that's possible at Red Bull, Max may have his hands full. If the chemistry is there between he and Max, I believe the driver tandem is on par, or as close as possible, with Hamilton and Bottas. Now, let's see what kind of car he has to work with.
Vamshi krishna Reddy
Return to Renault engine and u will be world champions again christian
Ropponmatsu2 Månad sedan
A dog with a new chairleg. Good luck and well done.
Hugo Diaz Garcia
Hugo Diaz Garcia Månad sedan
Checo Perez will be a very successful driver in Red Bull considering his high skills or strengths like: tyre management, consistency, experience and maturity, leadership and as a fast driver.
Max P
Max P Månad sedan
Perez's consistency will be key. I also he think he will be quicker on different parts of the track and his feedback will make Max faster.
Bru Bru
Bru Bru Månad sedan
Excellent news on his signing with Red Bull🌟
mike bell
mike bell Månad sedan
All season a gap of 0.300 to max
Eddy BSR
Eddy BSR Månad sedan
A dog finding a new family because the last one dumped him on the highway. Stroll just made me wanna watch F1 again, just to see Checo outscore them.
Ben Benboi
Ben Benboi Månad sedan
Good driver and hopefully he can perform his duties well as a second driver. He has a similar mental attitude to Bottas which is all a team can ask for when looking for a driver to back up their star-talent.
Muhammad Ahmar
Muhammad Ahmar Månad sedan
Redbull curse isn't a thing Redbull curse isn't a thing Redbull curse isn't a thing Redbull curse isn't a thing Redbull curse isn't a thing Redbull curse isn't a thing
Samuel Wu
Samuel Wu Månad sedan
Checo, you deserved this seat. I'll be rooting for you in 2021. Drive fast, drive hard, but most importantly drive with fun!
Lawrence Dunn
Lawrence Dunn Månad sedan
At least he didn’t describe the car as a ‘dog’....
onkouth Månad sedan
I would like to think he will be competitive but Max has regularly been putting that Redbull in positions it should probably not really be in , I think Max and Charles are the new breed of super quick driver and Checo is probably as good as anyone else on the grid. I really hope he can shine at Redbull given the time and service he has provided in F1, definitely one of the more likeable guys in the sport and very talented. I hope beyond hope that the Mercedes just doesn’t run away with it again, but it will. Good luck Checo, you will definitely be a massive help to the team!
Peter Dickens
Peter Dickens Månad sedan
Peter Dickens
Peter Dickens Månad sedan
I think Perez is very much underestimated as good as max is he has his hands full here I predict it will be like the Lewis, nicko seasons
TsxD2N Månad sedan
0:14 sensationell
Ciaran McGuinness
Ciaran McGuinness Månad sedan
I'd love for Perez to win he's a fantastic driver but let's be real no one is winning anything while those unstoppable Mercedes cars are on the grid, maybe in 2022 when the regulations change again but right now it's going to be a repeat of last season with Merc dominance and Hamilton getting a historic Eighth Championship unless Bottas suddenly turns into Rosberg and goes against him, which btw will still not make him better than Schumacher
TigerChuu Månad sedan
I hope that this move works out. I love Albon, I hope he gets a seat in the future, but I want to see a title challenge
Ian Burgess
Ian Burgess Månad sedan
Perez has shown he knows when and more importantly when not to attack or overtake, something the past has shown Max is still learning, this is a fantastic opportunity for both Perez and RB
Jude.fishing Månad sedan
If Perez can fight for podiums and wins in a racing point he can win a championship in a red bull
David Bennett
David Bennett Månad sedan
Concerningly- he sounds like a man desperately trying to convince himself of a situation that isn’t the case...
Emilia Grace
Emilia Grace Månad sedan
While Perez isn't my favourite driver, I do feel he will take that team to another level to actually be a constructors championship contender. And it's all because of his experience. I wouldn't say he has more talent than the younger drivers but that experience is crucial to hold up in that seat.
A Human
A Human Månad sedan
I hope he does well with redbull
David Jolliffe
David Jolliffe Månad sedan
I can’t wait to see the jaws drop on Verstappen fans mouths when Checo starts beating Max for pace and winning races. Just like Ricciardo did the first 2 seasons he raced with Max before his 7 mechanical DNF’s in 2018.
Jayde R
Jayde R Månad sedan
i believe in my boy. If he and max get along, great things are in store for red bull
Vithor Leal
Vithor Leal Månad sedan
Iain Månad sedan
It’s a gamble, he is good, but can be too hot headed and blame others for his mistakes, like Vettel. When he knew his career depended on good results last year, he managed to keep it together....let’s see
Christian Phillip Ampoloquio
I don't care who wins this year I just want Checo to win 2 races and 7 podiums at least
Uvall127a Månad sedan
I think he will drive very well , in fact i think his points at season end will be within the top 4 in the constructors as he was this year, and i because how bad Ferrari was this year , also Albons results were and the fact that the Force India ... or what ever the bloody hell the team was called last year was a car that did not deserve the results it got , when a driver out drive the motor they are in then only good things will happen. Lets hope he can do it with superior machinery
Mihai Mihai
Mihai Mihai Månad sedan
RedBull shoukd let Max and Sergio race ...
I am going to root for Redbul from 2021 because of Checho 🥰
Donny Popovski
Donny Popovski Månad sedan
Once in a lifetime? This is the second opportunity he's had in his career with this level of team.
Don Lee
Don Lee Månad sedan
Now, nobody should be upset that Perez lost his seat at racing point.
Googlar Månad sedan
Red Bull is extremely lucky to have been able to get Perez so easily. Think about it, Perez's negotiating position was also not super strong because of how late Racing Point decided to decide to drop him. All the other teams already had driver contracts in place. It's just so absurd for Racing Point to drop such a great driver in such great form. This kind of thing wouldn't happen in almost any other sport.
Daniel Steingruby
Daniel Steingruby Månad sedan
In the next few years, I hope Lando Norris contests the 500. That would be very entertaining!
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico Månad sedan
The dog analogy was just that, an analogy. One must not be so literal. Throw us a bone here. Oh, I guess I shouldn't use that expresion, for this channel might literally think some listeners gnaw on bones for din din.
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano Månad sedan
he will definetly be closer to Max than others, he is a very exprienced and confident driver. Max will prevail in terms of speed, no doubt, but Sergio can use his experience and finally maturity (he was nuts in his early days). It will be fun
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano Månad sedan
He actually was in such a Top Team before, he raced for McLaren in 2013. Although the car was not any good that year and even Jenson struggled to finish 9th, the organization behind was at the time one of the top two, it was McLaren and Ferrari, then everyone else, including Red Bull, in terms of resources, facilities, size of team, etc.
Michael Adair
Michael Adair Månad sedan
Another driver announcing that Max is the fastest driver on the grid. 👍
Martino Lopez
Martino Lopez Månad sedan
Sergio will beat Max in 2021
kez Månad sedan
moving teams can make or break one's career and with Redbull its most likely break lol
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris Månad sedan
If this goes well, all will be fine. If it doesn’t.....there could be fireworks. Perez isn’t a child. This isn’t Albon or Gastly. Even Daniel was a “get along guy”.....not gonna rock the boat, just left so as not to deal with it. If this really doesn’t go well, I don’t see Perez backing down to Max or to Red Bull. I think he’s a talented driver. We’ve all seen it, and I hope the team can run down Mercedes.
Steven Murphy
Steven Murphy Månad sedan
I think Sergio will give Max a real challenge. Cant wait to see it!!!
eman kcin
eman kcin Månad sedan
"Overdeliver" is not far from "overdriving".
Hachiroku Media
Hachiroku Media Månad sedan
Lesssssss go Perez 🔥
Miles H
Miles H Månad sedan
Couldn’t be happier with this opportunity for Checo. I have a lot of confidence in him, in fact, I think he is going to get frustrated by lots of team orders to not pass Max or, or end up beating him often and backfiring on RBR by being too competitive and splitting their points when it comes to driver’s championship.
Juan Canales
Juan Canales Månad sedan
Work call!!, just do it. One more day in the office.
Charles jones
Charles jones Månad sedan
Perez with Verstappen is going to be a disastrous season
samuel fitzpatrick
samuel fitzpatrick Månad sedan
Good luck at max bull checko
nate pate
nate pate Månad sedan
Going to miss Albon a lot. We’ll see how it’s like having to be verstappens Seacond fittle
Northern Irish Man
Northern Irish Man Månad sedan
There is no points for quali!
Taynara Fagundes
Taynara Fagundes Månad sedan
Max destroys perez like hé is faster as any one in F1
TomorrowComesToday Månad sedan
He will be world champion this year. Max 2nd.
Chris LaKous
Chris LaKous Månad sedan
Perez is going to give redbull an excellent chance to take down Mercedes, i can't wait for next season
Video Account
Video Account Månad sedan
By not DNFing as much as Max, he could beat him by points, even if he doesn't win a single race. Consistency is the name of his game.
Wanted. Månad sedan
God Im looking forward to this years season
Fernando Soares
Fernando Soares Månad sedan
Will Kimi finally get the drink?🥤❄
Youre Boys Gottem
Youre Boys Gottem Månad sedan
cant wait until March
Dan Partridge
Dan Partridge Månad sedan
I can’t wait to see Perez in a red bull it’s going to be great
benjamin viklund
benjamin viklund Månad sedan
It is much harder to shine in a top team compared to a midfield one. I am expecting mediocrity from old sergio, but maybe he can surprise me.
Nathan Ricketts
Nathan Ricketts Månad sedan
Good luck mate if anyone deserves another shot it's perez !! You've earned it and a lot of fans along the way 🙌🏽
B-rad B
B-rad B Månad sedan
Let's see the two bulls charging the podiums in 2021 !
Chad Simplicio
Chad Simplicio Månad sedan
If RBR wants to be a very serious rival to Mercedes (even w/o Lewis), Checo needs to break out of that "2nd RBR Car Curse."
Alan Herrera
Alan Herrera Månad sedan
It really looks like Checo is willing to keep the seat for one more year, but also I don't want to see Checo being catch up of the second seat unlucky from past teammates...
The fleeing dutchman
I am a big Max fan, already supported his father from day 1, but I really want Checo to do well, and I think he will. He has got the talent, the experience and the motivation to do well. I think they can learn from each other and improve as a team. Mind you, a lot will depend on the 2021 car if he and Max can cause a bit of a stir in the Mercedes camp. Because let's face it, if it hadn't been for Max, the Mercedes boys would have had a walk in the park at virtually every race they competed and finished in 2020. And we all know who comes out on top if the battle is only between Lewis and Valteri on race day. Lets hope we get some good battles in 2021, be it for the driver's or the constructor's championship, and hopefully both. Bring it on!!
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas Månad sedan
He's going to be awesome in the races, really glad he got this chance, going to be great to watch him in such a great team.
Sean Månad sedan
Sergio needs to work on his qualifying but his racecraft and tire management is near Lewis Hamilton level. I'm very excited to see 2021 play out in the Red Bull garage
Paul Flood
Paul Flood Månad sedan
Oh that wry smile, Checo is gonna be fast in this car and I think he knows it.
Boon Leong Toh
Boon Leong Toh Månad sedan
Pour some Holy water all over the car and you'll be Good
Chee Hei Foo
Chee Hei Foo Månad sedan
Much as I liked Albon, I hope Perez beats Max
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones Månad sedan
Think Perez is decidedly average, rarely beat Button in the same car. Think he'll be better than Albon but will again look silly against Max
Jason rushton
Jason rushton Månad sedan
All the very best to him, top man, very good racer.
Groetjes Månad sedan
I truly hope Max and Checo will give Mercedes a big headache and not each other
Jack Mullin
Jack Mullin Månad sedan
Perez wont sit back and be #2, he will eventually be able to compete with max after several races he should be upto speed! Go Perez!
CapHowdy Månad sedan
The biggest problem I see is that Red Bull has only given him a 1 year contract. This kinda smacks of a combination of lack of confidence from the team and also that Perez is just keeping the seat warm for Tsunoda if he has a good year in the AT. Another thing you have to ask is, what if Perez actually starts outpeforming Max? Would Red Bull slap him down and tell him "Max is faster than you"? I hope to god that if Sergio has a great year, that he is not ousted for no good reason like they did at RP.
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Dom Pérignon
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