Is Leclerc an F1 superstar or overrated? | The Race F1 Podcast 

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Charles Leclerc didn’t have the best of machinery in Formula 1 in 2020, yet most recognise him as one of the best drivers on the grid.
But just how good is he?
This is a question we answer in the latest episode of The Race F1 Podcast, as we ask if he’s a future world champion or overrated.
Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell join Edd Straw to discuss Leclerc’s merits - in particular the criticism that he makes too many mistakes that is often cited by those who don’t rate Leclerc as one of F1’s best.
We also discuss his underlying pace, racecraft, technical ability and how he might fare in a world championship fight.
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00:00 Intro
02:53 - How fast is Leclerc?
13:11 - How good is Leclerc’s racecraft?
25:42 - Rating his technical ability
32:17 - Leclerc’s mental strength
40:52 - Can he fight for a title?
43:46 - Books our audience would love to write
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1 feb 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
Ryan Cuda
Ryan Cuda 11 dagar sedan
id say he is fast but ferrari will ruin him just like everyone the last 20 years
John Namkeh
John Namkeh 17 dagar sedan
I'm really not sure why you can say "Verstappen made mistakes, but that's ok because he's Verstappen. But Leclerc does the same, Leclerc bad". Just trying to nitpick on him and stepping on the Leclerc hate train for no reason at all.
Null 20 dagar sedan
Leclerc with the Ferrari 2018 would have won the tittle
rajeev kumar
rajeev kumar 21 dag sedan
Why the hell u guys do a podcast on this???....The guy stromed through junior categories and beat four times World champ consecutive seasons and dragged the slow a## 2020 ferrari to multiple podiums. Your so called ""Analysis"" is a joke.
Ian T.
Ian T. 24 dagar sedan
more of a media driver like crashtapen
RC Ritter FPV
RC Ritter FPV 25 dagar sedan
Leclerc, Max, Dani, Russell, Lando... the future is bright
Dominic Viner
Dominic Viner 25 dagar sedan
Dudes a superstar just as good if not better than max they both deserve the same recognition as a multiple time world champion
kontinnuum 25 dagar sedan
This one is difficult since he was driving an illegal car. However, his performances last year with the legal car were impressive. For me the jury is still out concerning his racecraft. Otherwise he is a likable and exciting driver
Mucky Vagrant
Mucky Vagrant 26 dagar sedan
He's definitely something special. Also very humble. Love to see Charles Lewis Max George in equal cars.
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 26 dagar sedan
Vettel is still the better driver than Lecrec because hes working with the team and engneers untill they didn't want to listen to him anymore. Lecerc is leading the team down the drain and totally destructed and destoryed the team.
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 26 dagar sedan
Lecrec is the person who took the car in the wrong direction and the unstable rear which killed the entire Ferrari team
Buster 28 dagar sedan
he cant be slow when he drove the dumpster fire car to a top 5 finish more than 2 times and won 2 times last year
s7evin88 29 dagar sedan
Charles is great. Incredibly fast and good in attacking and defending. That he takes high risks is more because of the weak car, the only possibility to achieve something with it. Will be smarter and more relaxed when the car gets better. For me, it is down to Ferrari and their car-building whether he will be successful or not, he will be there when he has a chance of winning. Like in Monza 19. He is not someone who fails at the end when possibility is there.
Son what
Son what 29 dagar sedan
Overrated, same as Verstappen.
beach cottage
beach cottage Månad sedan
"Gretchen, stop trying to make 'Clerc happen. 'Clerc is not going to happen."
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez Månad sedan
The kid is legit.
Uğur Uçar
Uğur Uçar Månad sedan
sorry but when you were talking about qualifing you didnt mention he put a tractor in p4 at sakhir so i stopped watching clearly you didnt prepare for the video
reltih floda
reltih floda Månad sedan
I would like to se lecler have a car like seb in 2018
Vince Cannava II
Vince Cannava II Månad sedan
Not a Ferrari fan but considering what he's done with that pig of a car he's been pretty amazing. I'd love to see him test drive last year's Merc.
ladadie Månad sedan
Although I do think Leclerc is a superb pilot. I could see it happen that Sainz would beat him. Cant say the same about Perez beating Max or Bottas beating Hamilton. As for now its HAM and VER as top tier and Sainz, Bottas and Leclerc under it. With LEC being the best prospect
eden5260 Månad sedan
The question is, did Leclerc made Vettel look bad or did Vettel made leclerc look really good ?
Leslie George
Leslie George Månad sedan
Overrated and Ferrari put whole attention to his car and left out sebastian
Jayden Glass
Jayden Glass Månad sedan
He is definitely championship material
Miguel Velasco
Miguel Velasco Månad sedan
He’s a star right now. Not a star of the future. If you think he is overrated and bad you are just a Ferrari hater or a max fan who can’t admit there are other future champions on the grid
Gaurav Vel
Gaurav Vel Månad sedan
Scott and Edd have a reputation from their previous channel of being wrong in predicting anything in F1 more often than not. They don't even show their faces when they talk now. Gary Anderson's opinion is respected due to his years in f1. But these guys are no better than us in giving a final prediction
Le Spaz
Le Spaz Månad sedan
we will find out next season
Nation Harris
Nation Harris Månad sedan
I'm 3 minutes into the video, I think when leclerc matures, he'll be phenomenal. He's very emotional and would cave in a title challenge against Hamilton et al
Vok250 Månad sedan
That turd of a Ferrari had no business being in the front, but Leclerc got it into Q1 and podiums multiple times.
Alanthelonewolf Månad sedan
It’s a team sport, Leclerc’s “mistake” in the Turkish Grand Prix wasn’t one - he knew Vettel was behind. Either he passes Perez and is a hero or he drops a place to Vettel, which brings home the same amount of points to the team. Trying it was the right decision; if he had DNF’d it would have been a different story
aditya jethi
aditya jethi Månad sedan
wasted 52 mins on 3 people ass-licking and sugar-coating Leclerc
Chua Jantzen
Chua Jantzen Månad sedan
So far he has not proven anything out of the ordinary. Another rich kid being overhyped by Ferrari.
Alan Robertson
Alan Robertson Månad sedan
Giancarlo Fisichella is the one I want a book for. He was dynamite in the F1 midfield and when running backmarker cars. He finished way above where his cars should have been and was even voted the Driver's Driver of 2002 by the other racers. What happened at Renault with Alonso and Briatore? Why was he suddenly an also-ran? It was a team he'd been to before with people he knew and rated but it didn't work at all from 2005 onwards.
ata faja
ata faja Månad sedan
Reece Johnson
Reece Johnson Månad sedan
For me i would say that Jules Bianchi it would be interesting to know about his life his relationship with Charles leclerc and all the details. He was defiantly a big part of the Leclerc Family getting into racing as charles may have not been where his is now without him
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle Månad sedan
I have followed many drivers since Michael,but Leclerc is something special for me for Ferrari too,i like Perez i like Max and Carlos But Leclerc for me hes something special still in the making
Auzzie Worker
Auzzie Worker Månad sedan
Well we don't know yet. He was quicker than Seb, so he's not total plonker.
Joost van den Heuvel
In my head I always compare his development to that of Verstappen in his wild phase. Talent and skill bursting out of every battle, but to make that last step to title contender status he needs calm and consistency. I'm pretty sure he'll develop that, but for now he's just slightly below Ham and Ver for me. Can't wait for Verstappen vs. LeClerc title fights.
Siegbert schnösel
Siegbert schnösel Månad sedan
Arunz Månad sedan
He’s the real deal.. just wait for it.. “beware the day this man gets a decent car...!”
beach cottage
beach cottage Månad sedan
He'll still be, maybe, 3d-5th best among the u-24 age drivers.
RUFUS Månad sedan
I think I hear an angry Matt Gallagher in the distance
raymond goh
raymond goh Månad sedan
He got the psychological strength which I believe very important,
can't think of a name
checo is overrated
crossphaded Månad sedan
Leclerc is a massive talent. Its Ferrari thats stunted his growth. You think he would've made those errors if he was at the front of the field??? He's champion material given a proper competitive racecar. He was head and shoulders better than 4x champ Vettel so if thats any indication of his talent, he's an elite driver. Definitely not overrated.
Karrde Månad sedan
Pushback? If it happened its not because hes a bad driver, hes at least another perez with the same potential. Its just because if you're not wealthy or monogasque his personality could come across as a bit of a w&*(ker. When you compound that with ferrari's empty boasting its easy to flick him off the table.
Greg Marcus
Greg Marcus Månad sedan
A lot of the drivers even the pay ones probably have the skills but don’t have the car underneath them. Only way to know is thru a spec series but F1 fanboys don’t want that. They just wanna yak off about all things F1.
Piotr Feder
Piotr Feder Månad sedan
He was faster than 4 times world Champion, 2 years in a row.
Ben R.
Ben R. 26 dagar sedan
@Bumble Bity The 2019 car would have been designed before Leclerc had even signed with the team. So no, this can't be true.
Bumble Bity
Bumble Bity Månad sedan
@Richard Uhlhorn cuz Ferrari building arround him, but if he do not forfill Ferrari wishes, he will drop like a scapegoat as did to Vettel. Ferrari politics at its finest, always blame drivers.
Richard Uhlhorn
Richard Uhlhorn Månad sedan
Like Kimi, Vettel's days are over.
TByrom Månad sedan
LeClerc is NEITHER at this point. He has exceptional talent, so not overrated. He makes unforced errors and bad judgement calls (eg. dangerously squeezing Lewis at high speed, going for gaps that aren’t there), so not yet a Superstar. He appears destined for greatness; there’s no need for under or overstatement
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand Månad sedan
Agreed I think this year he will be more cautious on first lap and if Ferrari car is better he will take fewer risks leading to lesser mistakes
COSMOS 2017 Månad sedan
Yes totally dominated vettel into retirement, utter domination that made vettel into sir spin a lot
philipp ruest
philipp ruest Månad sedan
About mistakes: Hamilton threw away 3 wins in 2020!
philipp ruest
philipp ruest Månad sedan
Leclerc is the best in qualifying, where Hamilton beat Rosberg only 42-36 and Bottas 52-25.
Adem Evmez
Adem Evmez Månad sedan
I’m not sure that Leclerc could deal with season long pressure, every race on the limit. I think it would cause him to crash a lot but I guess he could learn from those and get better and better.
Jean Gagnier
Jean Gagnier Månad sedan
"Edd's autobiography is basically a haiku." - Scott Mitchell, a savage, 2021.
TerribleFire Månad sedan
He is overrated. I hope Carlos owns him this year.
Ken Chen
Ken Chen Månad sedan
Too bad you can only hope, hater.
Oliver Court
Oliver Court Månad sedan
I know it’s tempting to dismiss Hamilton as the Fastest out there because he has the quickest car, but you watch that lap at Singapore in 2019? ...2018? ...can’t remember which, and tell me there’s another driver that can do that in a car unsuited to a track. The guy is phenomenally fast when he has to be.
He's the podium winner for Ferrari and when Ferrari was losing podium with seb this guy was winning it for Ferrari that too in that junk troubled SF 21
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Månad sedan
F1 should be 50/50 car/driver and we would all win.
MTL FPV Månad sedan
His raw speed is unbelievable in such a terrible car
Sushmito Lahiry
Sushmito Lahiry Månad sedan
Is this even a topic worth discussing? seriously?? You couldn't come up with anything else I guess, that's why this bullshit video doubting Leclerc's clear potential and his proven worth! Absolutely disgusted!
Bulali Dazana
Bulali Dazana Månad sedan
LeClerc is the real deal. No doubts
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Månad sedan
"Leclerc overrated?".... nice click bait.
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor Månad sedan
I think the jury is out on Leclerc more than some people think. He is talented and has shown a lot of potential but is still prone to making big mistakes in races . I think Charles will have very tough task staying as clear numero uno because Carlos Sainz is no slouch particularly in race and in my opinion is a more mature, methodical , well rounded and more consistent driver . Yes Leclerc's peaks are brilliant but he still lacks some consistency in his race craft which is a shame because his qualifying speed has been superb. Leclerc has the potential to be a superstar but is not quite yet we need to see how he copes with the heat of being a potential WDC contender first and that probably isn't going to happen for another season at least. If Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel couldn't break what I call the 'Curse of Kimi' what evidence is there to suggest Charles can do this? Nothing conclusive i'd say.
aewallace81 Månad sedan
Seems fairly one dimensional to me so far, but the mistakes are very Ferrari. Time will tell, but I think he enjoys driving a dead unfeeling car and those rarely win titles.
swed sweg
swed sweg Månad sedan
Leclerc is definitely a star of now and the future, but I disagree with the take that he never makes the same mistake twice. You can meticulously analyze crashes in certain corners and call them distinct, but he's sent it into braking zone and crashed a handful of times. Japan 2019 and Sakhir 2020 as stated, but consider Russia 2020 as well. Styria 2020 to me was too much of a rookie error to be excusable of a 3rd year race winning driver.
TexasRunIt Månad sedan
W Cooley
W Cooley Månad sedan
Let’s not be silly...
IntrinsicPalomides Månad sedan
He's fantastic, but still many people are overrating him AT THIS TIME, he's got the potential to be great. But one of the greats? way way too early to tell, he's no Verstappen.
Ken Chen
Ken Chen Månad sedan
@IntrinsicPalomides lmao unsure how blind you are to their battle for P3 in the drivers championship.
Arjun Grewal
Arjun Grewal Månad sedan
Imagine thinking Verstappen is one of the greats. Max is a brilliant talent but he hasnt achieved anything special
IntrinsicPalomides Månad sedan
@Ken Chen Unsure how you worked out he gave Verstappen a good run for his money in 2019.
Ken Chen
Ken Chen Månad sedan
Says “He’s no Verstappen” when he gave Verstappen a good run for his money in 2019
Youtubax Månad sedan
The guy is obviously much better than the average F1 driver. He is still young and I’m sure with the right car he would be unbeatable most of the time, just like Max.
Ethan Whisman
Ethan Whisman Månad sedan
Inexperienced and this year I think a little bit of that showed at times this past year with Charles Especially at the starts of races where I the first it was the second Bahrain race it comes to mind Where he got in the Sergio and took out Max and took himself out that's down to a lack of experience him trying to get everything impossible in the first couple corners because really that's probably the only pass that he's going to make all day long but if you don't criticize race car driver further mistakes they can't improve I know this personally I am a race car driver I've been criticized for similar mistakes I wouldn't consider Charles a style aggressive but I always go back to that battle with his the teammate battle in 2019 and there was times that Charles just got flustered by vettel and I think Brazil is probably the most obvious because they started blowing taking shots at each other and both Ferraris ended up tore up I think Charles is one of them guys if you put him in a position where he gets flustered if you keep putting putting loads and loads and loads of pressure on him he will eventually make a mistake Or he'll just start taking blows at you and that just comes down to the experience and needing to learn from things like that Running a fast lap is different than having race pace though I don't quite put Charles on the same level as Max verstappen in Lewis mainly I'm Lewis is at another level completely sir Lewis by the way I don't think he's there yet and he's not going to really get to their Pace if he can't race with him every week and that Ferrari is just version of the Ferrari I I feel is not capable of going up there and battling for race wins But every young driver has to go through mistakes and the learning curve Lewis and battle both had to go through that learning curve it was maybe a little less obvious with them You can prevent your car Called lifting off the throttle and tapping the brake Independence day Charles LeClaire is still hired to win races and championships And these little tiny errors at the beginning of races what do they cost him and I go back to the second power rain race he ended up with a dnf if I'd remembering correctly It means 0 points on a day where he could have possibly scored points if if you do that if you just out break yourself on the start of a race And you take out the guy who's second or third in points you start to get a reputation At least among the fans washing your front end out into someone like Max it's still a mistake and at the end of the day it could it could get you a penalty that could cost you a championship it could you probably avoidable contact I don't know the penalties off the top of my head or 5 second penalty I don't know the penalties that straight up off top my head for contacting F1 but it could get you a penalty because the Stewart say hey we didn't like that We feel like you could have passed and clean So and at the end of the day them mistakes right there could cost you a championship and that's where the criticism comes in it's it's not about the wins it's not about it's about the war it's about the championship which we in it's how you win the war which I got like Lewis Hamilton is so good at doing now there's a reason he's a seven time champion he knows how to win the war but Charles is going to have to accept that he's going to have to take what the car can give him if the car can't take what he's giving it or what he's trying to get out of it then more of these incidents are going to pop up Some days you just have to accept you don't have the best car and you don't have a car it can go for second or third or even fifth and and sometimes you just if you want a podium you A lot of the mistakes I saw from Charles eclair last year was just him outbreaking himself just missing his breaking marks That's that's just the normal mistake race car drivers make
S Kiran
S Kiran Månad sedan
When you have a agent that basically eliminates all the fines and penalties he is a corrupt champion. Cough monza 2019, Suzuka 2019 no penalties for stroll crash and many more
Ken Chen
Ken Chen Månad sedan
Max did the same to him in Austria without penalty and you wanna cry about that? Hypocrite
Jordan Cogley
Jordan Cogley Månad sedan
To question he's overrated is ridiculous he's done nothing but prove he's goat material
maxilos1987 Månad sedan
he will be a future champion when Ferrari sort themselves out, yes he has made mistakes but every single time he has admitted his error and taken full responsibility for his mistake. imo this makes him id say the 2nd best driver in F1 at the moment not only is he incredibly fast and consistent when he needs to be i think he is clearly a superior driver to Verstappen who is more than a bit petulant and blames everyone else for his mistakes especially when he caused the incident e.g. the race in Brazil.
Meine Postma
Meine Postma Månad sedan
Let's see how he performs under pressure when/if he gets a good car...
Ken Chen
Ken Chen Månad sedan
He already proved it in 2019, a half decent car and bags the most number of poles of the year. Two wins and a shelf of podiums
Ricouk74 Månad sedan
literally overrated
Yazid Nugraha
Yazid Nugraha Månad sedan
Should the last year's cars the same on both drivers. He is definitely a champion material
iniquity Månad sedan
The potential and skill are obviously there, as stated. Some drivers just need to build their racing experience before they fully flourish.
Albert S
Albert S Månad sedan
I feel like they are discounting the mistakes he made by a lot, when max did the same stuff we where hammering him I get Max is more disliked in general because hes fking awful at paddock politics but it still feels a bit biased.
Serxhio Kasa
Serxhio Kasa 11 dagar sedan
@Albert S Vettel was in threat from Hamilton which was with supersoft tires that are better for rain compared to medium tires that had vettel. Vettel was 10 sec ahead of second but cant say that wasnt threaten.
Albert S
Albert S Månad sedan
​@Ken Chen yup cus you know what was in Vettel's head in 2018 germany, how do you know he wasn't under massive pressure out preforming that ferrari and trying to bring the fight to Lewis in worse machinery. Also you need to take Le Clerc's shit car and his preformances in the context of time and competition, getting in a top 6 in 2016-2019 in a midfield car is much more impressive then getting it in 2020(those seasons where truely class A and B racing). In my opinion Max 2020 season has been much much much more impressive then Le Clerc's 2020, but then again he has more experience but that is my whole fking point Le Clerc might have potential to be in the league of Max and Lewis but hes not yet (just like russel isn't).
Ken Chen
Ken Chen Månad sedan
"You" were hammering Verstappen, the Race was not. And the difference that you do not understand when the Race mentioned it is that--fighting from a vulnerable position for half decent results makes Leclerc a lot more susceptible to errors than cruising to a 1-2 in the most dominant car like Ferrari F2004 or Mercedes W11. Max has had a decent (not dominant, but decent enough) car ever since he is in RedBull, Leclerc doesn’t have that luxury in 2020. When he is pushing himself to the limits, it is easy to exceed that limit and fall, but he has to exceed it a few times to be able to know the limit and then expand it. A better racing driver is one that pushes for the best result knowing that there is a half chance that they won’t pull it off. Like Scott said, if Leclerc is given a car that can pull a half minute gap to the rest of the field every race, we will never see these mistakes. Mistakes that are a result of challenging oneself is not one that deserves criticizing, but an unforced error is one that does-that’s why Vettel crashing out in 2018 Germany and spinning every now and then is so heavily criticized.
Loveisblindness1 Månad sedan
Max is loved by the majority of fans, it's just the moaning ones are the loudest
aydan khaliq
aydan khaliq Månad sedan
The last no championship Ferrari drought lasted for 21 years, the one before lasted for 11 years, what if this current drought will last for 31 years?
aydan khaliq
aydan khaliq Månad sedan
Shyam George
Shyam George Månad sedan
In a hypothetical scenario, who would take over the mantle from Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes in case he retires in 2022. Will it be... 1. George Russell; 2. Max Verstappen; 3. Charles LeClerc, provided that any two of the drivers are in the same team, i.e Russell & Verstappen in the same team / Russell & LeClerc in the same team. Please give your reasons / rationale for your choice.
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand Månad sedan
I think in same team there will be fireworks with that said it will come down to who has the best race raft George is weakest in that , leclerc is better than him but still weak compared to max so right now in equal cars max would come out on top but if leclerc and russell can improve their race raft then the fun starts I do expect both of them to improve this year in this regard . But realistically they will not be in same team it will come down to which team nails the 2022 regulations if it is merc then George has a good chance , let’s hope Ferrari and. Red Bull do improve
Radu Ratan
Radu Ratan Månad sedan
Old Jim
Old Jim Månad sedan
Chuck16 is a superstar. A pinch low on the killer instinct of a Lewis Hamilton or the huge sack of a Daniel Ricciardo or a Kimi.
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury Månad sedan
Just look at his record pre-F1 especially F2. The boy can race, but needs to mature. The same goes for Russell.
Brad Hilton
Brad Hilton Månad sedan
He made mistakes, but literally everybody in the grid falls into one of two categories: they either make too many mistakes, or they're too slow. Unless you are Lewis Hamilton of course. Leclerc made mistakes, but did everyone forget that Max also made a ton? How many times last year did Max get involved in a scuffle in the race shortly after lights out? Quite a few. Leclerc is for me the second best on the grid after Lewis. Has the pace, but not the consistency that Lewis has. (Though Lewis' consistency is arguably the strongest of any driver in F1 history)
Serxhio Kasa
Serxhio Kasa 11 dagar sedan
For consistency Alonso is better
Robert Eugen
Robert Eugen Månad sedan
it is very gooooddddddddd
Robert Eugen
Robert Eugen Månad sedan
charles is the best from oll the roky
Robert Eugen
Robert Eugen Månad sedan
i love you but now i hate you ,give an oportunoty for a beter car and you see a real charles i was better than vetell with that pice of c....t and the andrers
Mariel Fernandez
Mariel Fernandez Månad sedan
He is definitely overrated.
Glatze Metzger
Glatze Metzger Månad sedan
Overrated for sure
Raku S
Raku S Månad sedan
Might be 1h of just talking about a subject everyone already have the same answer. Not interested in this one tbf, just talking about little mistakes here and there when he beat 2 year in a row his 4 time world champion team-mate.
Mike Suarez
Mike Suarez Månad sedan
I am sure Charles, Max, George and Lando are surely future world champions
Bruno Brites
Bruno Brites Månad sedan
That's very unfair of you guys to even question it. He outperformed the car consistently in 2020.
Bobby Bonilla Bobcat
Leclerc is a superstar no question. Him, George Russell, and Max Verstappen are the future. All elite drivers.
Tyler White
Tyler White 23 dagar sedan
@Jeffrey well he’s pushing his hardest, he’s gonna make mistakes, Lewis and max all did when they where pushing, give him time, it’ll iron out
Prisoner Monkeys
Prisoner Monkeys 23 dagar sedan
No, only George Russell, Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez are the future.
Jeffrey 29 dagar sedan
no question Leclerc is a superstar, but that doesn't make it okay too yeet around, just because you're in a bad car.
Manoj Kumar Shrestha
How do you know the limits of a car: Well let charles drive it❣️
Daniel Crawford
Daniel Crawford Månad sedan
Leclerc is better than verstappen
FPL Asssist
FPL Asssist Månad sedan
He’s really really fast , but he needs to work on his race craft , there’s a lot of times where I see he was too aggressive
Tyler White
Tyler White 23 dagar sedan
I think it’s More so just over pushing the car, rather then too aggressive
Ken Chen
Ken Chen Månad sedan
I don’t think you understand that he needs to step over the limit to find the limit.
Bigfarmer8 Månad sedan
Is Leclerc an F1 superstar or overrated? Yes/No Impressive to fill almost an hour with that question.
Fayzul rafi
Fayzul rafi Månad sedan
He is a superstar. Not overrated.
Sebastian Luis Dizon
Why is this even a question lmao what's there to debate abt? The answer is quite obvious
Parag Naik
Parag Naik Månad sedan
There should be a system where drivers get a chance to drive each and every car in f1 championship. Till then it will a guess work.
Gentleman eDriver
Gentleman eDriver Månad sedan
Does he make too many mistakes as charles looks at Max
Fawaz Khan
Fawaz Khan Månad sedan
I started watching f1 2 years ago and really liked Leclerc! And now I know him properly . He's not at all overrated. He is near Perfect !!!
Ireland Ball f1
Ireland Ball f1 Månad sedan
Me to
Mr Mathh
Mr Mathh Månad sedan
The man is the first person to win f2 and f3 both in his rookie year, never lost to a teammate in his entire career, beat verstappen to 6 karting titles, beat a 4 time world champion is the youngest driver to drive for ferrari... Brits: "idk mate, seems like he's overrated to me, since he's not british, his results must have been a fluke..." George russell wins f3 and f2 in his rookie season (not as dominant as charles, but still) got beatem by his teammate half the time he raced, got destroyed by verstappen in the few seasons they competed in karting, gets to formula 1 and drives for the worst team on the grid... Brits: "george russell is the best driver of the young generation and will be the god of formula 1 in the future..." You guys from the race kinda of piss me off sometimes with your biased opinions....
Willem Holleeder
Willem Holleeder Månad sedan
Look up Verstappen Leclerc head to head karting.
Loveisblindness1 Månad sedan
Lies, Max beat him all the time in karting
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Part 1 - 2021 Rolex 24 At Daytona
Daft Punk - Epilogue
visningar 23mn