Quali 1 & 2 - Asian Le Mans Series 2021 

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Live from Dubai Autodrome
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11 feb 2021



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Gustavo Antonelli
Gustavo Antonelli 21 dag sedan
Excelente Franquito!! 👏👏👏👏🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Ben Blakemore
Ben Blakemore 21 dag sedan
Can you guys please figure out some graphics to follow sector times and lap times on screen guys??
Ben Blakemore
Ben Blakemore 21 dag sedan
Wow the race is number one in great racing content!!! Thanks guys thanks so much
Loek Tube
Loek Tube 21 dag sedan
I have one question, how can Asian Lemans be Asian? Are there only Asian teams and drivers or something?
Mani 1610
Mani 1610 21 dag sedan
Yes they only race in Asia, the drivers and teams are from all over the world.
Luca Berger
Luca Berger 21 dag sedan
I think its more about where they are driving, the DTM drives primarily in Germany, the BTCC in the UK and ELMS in Europes tracks. So the ALMS focused on Asian track, and to keep everybody close they probably decided to do it on the closest Asian Tracks they could find, they are only 100km apart
Oliver Trewavas
Oliver Trewavas 21 dag sedan
Those tags are a massive yikes
Oliver Trewavas
Oliver Trewavas 21 dag sedan
@chakky hashtags to promote via people searching phrases, just like Twitter I bet because there's an F1 hashtag, the stream will be taken down at Yas Marina by a content strike. Happens at ELMS Spa, the bots think there's an illegal Formula One stream
chakky 21 dag sedan
paul hayton
paul hayton 21 dag sedan
I would love one of those for a daily driver.. I could be there before I got up.
DS SAVAGE 21 dag sedan
Quali starts at 57:22
kynan 21 dag sedan
thanks bro
gamende tukker
gamende tukker 21 dag sedan
Masumiyet 2. Bölüm
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Masumiyet 2. Bölüm
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