Race 1 - Asian Le Mans Series 2021 

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Live from Dubai Autodrome
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13 feb 2021



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Chris Bryant
Chris Bryant 3 dagar sedan
Good to hear Olly Gavin in the booth.
Debojyoti Sarkar
Debojyoti Sarkar 17 dagar sedan
I'm new to this, why are there so many types of cars??
Noel Bailey
Noel Bailey 17 dagar sedan
Different classes of cars racing lmp2, lmp3 and gt
Andrzej D
Andrzej D 19 dagar sedan
I have ford transit,can i start on this series?
William Ford
William Ford 19 dagar sedan
Good job by Oliver Gavin in the booth.
Neil Martin
Neil Martin 19 dagar sedan
Good to hear Oli Gavin on comms. Much better than his predecessor.
William Ford
William Ford 19 dagar sedan
3:10:01 The yellow Ginetta is like a moving chicane. It is slow! Getting passed easily by GT cars???!!!!
Ian Ham
Ian Ham 19 dagar sedan
Are you guys editing a highlights post?
MisterBenne 19 dagar sedan
40 (fourty?!?!?) Minutes of dull intro AD in a loop - thanks! I am sure you can do even 60 min. C'mon, try it! :-P
Mani 1610
Mani 1610 17 dagar sedan
Just skip them, where is the problem?
J.D. Crownover
J.D. Crownover 19 dagar sedan
What time does the race start tomorrow (Feb 14th)?
TheMaverickSpawn 20 dagar sedan
720p? :'(
Tobi Fuchs
Tobi Fuchs 20 dagar sedan
1:17:51 bruh...
SxxN 17 dagar sedan
Big bruh moment
BlindGoose1 20 dagar sedan
So great to be able to watch those races, but as a viewer, we are kind of missing some timing information, placements are not enough.
Seth Logan
Seth Logan 19 dagar sedan
And car info please. Not just driver names.
MiniBomba1995 20 dagar sedan
55:25 Race Start
Rahul77_ YT
Rahul77_ YT 20 dagar sedan
I'm a new fan coming because of team India I didn't understand anything at all but i hope I'll stick around :)
Neil Martin
Neil Martin 19 dagar sedan
So good to see new fans getting into sportscar endurance racing. With the new hyper cars debuting this year and the new lmdh coming in a couple of years now is a very good time. Good times are coming I feel.
manan joshi
manan joshi 20 dagar sedan
@William Ford narian was a very good driver but didn't get the proper car ever, but hopefully they will get into Le man's 24hr after ALMS... 😍😀
William Ford
William Ford 20 dagar sedan
Hope you enjoy it. I discovered it last year coming across race replays while on Covid lockdown.Naveen Rao is getting increasing attention in the USA from his racing in our IMSA series and a lot of us know Narain from his Formula 1 days.
toaster 20 dagar sedan
why isnt is asian endurance championship rather than naming it after a track in europe
Brandon Ryan
Brandon Ryan 15 dagar sedan
Just to add to some of the points above, they run under ACO rules racing specifically and Le Mans is their copyrighted brand.
William Ford
William Ford 20 dagar sedan
It was a spin off from the European LeMans series several years ago with races held in Asia ( China, Japan, etc) and allowed smaller teams in that region to race without having to travel to Europe. The term "LeMans" is known worldwide so this provides a connection and recognition from a branding standpoint that helps with sponsorships for the series and the teams.
Mani 1610
Mani 1610 20 dagar sedan
Because there also is a European Le Mans Series and these series award invitations for the 24h race in Le Mans.
Benis Village in Iran
Benis Village in Iran 20 dagar sedan
Major racing tournament in Asia bruh
Mani 1610
Mani 1610 20 dagar sedan
What's the issue with that?
Giambe X
Giambe X 20 dagar sedan
That's cool. I hope the Race will start to follow Endurance Racing alongside F1. -the entire FIA WEC -24h Daytona, 12h Sebring and Petit Le Mans from Imsa -24h Spa, 12h Bathurst and 24h Nurburgring from GT3 All these race deserve a strong coverage
M Szerlag
M Szerlag 20 dagar sedan
All those races do get strong coverage....
Mani 1610
Mani 1610 20 dagar sedan
Well Nismo TV already streamed the Blancpain GT races, shouldn't be too hard to stream those again.
ibbopaul 20 dagar sedan
Starts around 39:20
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