Red Bull's new F1 engine masterplan explained 

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Red Bull is pressing ahead with taking over Honda's F1 engine when the Japanese manufacturer exits at the end of this year. Even though the team has the development freeze it required to make this a realistic option, taking over the running of an F1 engine is still a huge task that will involve it partnering up with a specialist and creating its own engine department. In this video Scott Mitchell explains what Red Bull needs to put in place, how it will run the engine operation, what it will call the Honda engine when it takes over, and if this means we could see a Red Bull engine built from scratch for new engine rules in the future.
Why Red Bull's exit from the customer ranks could be permanent
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16 feb 2021



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Bill eib
Bill eib 4 dagar sedan
why not? Energy drink money isn't forever. The clothes line? Eh!
Rad Rhat
Rad Rhat 4 dagar sedan
The flowery viscose wessely detect because cloud pivotally heat regarding a phobic herring. rapid, jazzy harp
Too Late
Too Late 4 dagar sedan
Is Merc engineering that much better?! Why dont these other engine manufacturers just poach Merc engineers and build a better engine?
Radek Wieczorek
Radek Wieczorek 4 dagar sedan
Honder? Is that some new manufacturer?
Russel Andrew
Russel Andrew 4 dagar sedan
@8:02 looks like the alien
Fredrick Gordon
Fredrick Gordon 4 dagar sedan
The moaning birthday behaviourally mate because air epidemiologically disapprove except a foamy duck. young, fancy triangle
Donald Hausenfluck
Donald Hausenfluck 5 dagar sedan
Nothing but pure pleasure to keep that Honda engine running
Subarno Sinha
Subarno Sinha 5 dagar sedan
Only Ferrari gets to have a Master🅱️lan, and not any other team.
Shamim Huq
Shamim Huq 5 dagar sedan
Honda in USA sells Acura and I own a Acura 3.5 TL. Acura uses a Variable Timing for the Spark in each cylinder.
Ged Houghton
Ged Houghton 7 dagar sedan
They should have branded the engine as KTM, Austrian company and close ties to Red Bull, and imagine the KTM branding on it 😍
Andy Harman
Andy Harman 7 dagar sedan
Red Bull seems to be structuring it right. AVL is a go-to source for all kinds of engine engineering. I don't see how Mercedes would allow Andrew Cowell to go to a competing team. All the major team employees have non-compete clauses in their contracts.
Oved Appr
Oved Appr 7 dagar sedan
the only way i see red bull evolve ? they ll need a portion of the floor to be made of kevlar to hold the various wire ( about 6 inch wide so each wire can be about 10 mm from each other if those are big wire !see the f1 are good at metal and carbon fiber ! and those two material are buddy of electricity ! you end up with ton of false signal ( check with an emf detector you ll see what i mean right away ! the simplest way to mind about it ? imagine all wire bare . meaning no protection ! then find a spot for each wire. once you ve found a spot ? you are ahead of all f1 tewam by a vast margin . as for the ground ? you ll need to do like electrical company ! make a canister full of oil and ground directly there ! i would not use the engine oil since it would oxydize the oil ( think zinc plating ) that canister can be made of carbon but it cant touch directly other carbon so it would need to be above the floor by 2.5 cm ( approx since a huge amount of electricity would be passing there . even isolated wire let electricity pass and now a days everything is so sensitive . the best bet is to fiber optic everything till the abosute last portion and there airgap wire proper ! check the motherboard they re screwed with metal screw ! no fiber washer on both side of the motherboard nothing then there is the wire. solid for dc . multi fiber copper or whatever for ac ! most adopt multifiber for dc because it is easier to install . otherwise the work needed to mold them to need if they re solid is more work ! since i doubt red bull would ever be aware of these . my money is on merc
Andrea Lizarraga
Andrea Lizarraga 7 dagar sedan
The jolly millennium univariately film because dryer indisputably look an a gray greasy great spruce. icy, worried cuticle
crxdelsolsir 8 dagar sedan
Plot twist Master plan = Redbull keeps the seat warm for Honda until Honda or Mugen Returns RedBull is only funding the Honda engine development (with frozen rules) using Honda personnel (the so called 3rd Party). Honda will be back in after the uncertainties of Brexit, Covid, China and increased Environmental focus on EV hitting the car market hard Real Team work during trouble times
crxdelsolsir 8 dagar sedan
Plot tiwist RedBull is only funding the Honda engine development (with frozen rules) using Honda personnel (the so called 3rd Party). Honda will be back in 2025 after the uncertainties of Brexit, Covid, China and increased Environmental focus on EV hitting the car market hard Master plan = Redbull keeps the seat warm for Honda until Honda or Mugen Returns Real Team work during trouble times
Rob McCall
Rob McCall 8 dagar sedan
I dont think it was a masterplan at all. More like no where else to go.
John L
John L 8 dagar sedan
Best f1 SElosk channel out there! Keep up the great work guys
4TEΣ -
4TEΣ - 8 dagar sedan
🅱️inotto would like to know your location
Chad Pettit
Chad Pettit 8 dagar sedan
As much as I love Honda power, I'm glad Red Bull Racing will finally become a true works team. I'm almost certain that there will be some growing pains, but if they can get the right personnel in place, they'll be golden. They might even have the ability to support a third team, possibly another Red Bull team.
Shayan K.
Shayan K. 8 dagar sedan
I seriously hope Red Bull will do WONDROUS things with those engines! I wanna see Mercedes not win for once...
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 9 dagar sedan
The new engine company should provide engine for bttc those engine would be cheap
6666wat 9 dagar sedan
ferrari has its master plan: spinalla Red bull has its own : genius cant wait to see it
Andris Laskins
Andris Laskins 9 dagar sedan
Answer me this, maybe i dont understand something. Ethanol. 100% bio, sweet, sweet unicorn juice. More power, cooler running, needs more fuel :( Why they dont use ethanol?
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 9 dagar sedan
Red Bull Engines should be required to supply other teams, as Mercedes do.
Josh 9 dagar sedan
Red Bull is going to be a supplier team eventually... mark my words. That is the only explanation as to why they won't give the engine a sponsorship.
Kulvinder Bhogal
Kulvinder Bhogal 10 dagar sedan
They could do a lot worse than manufacture their own engines and become a completely independent team.
TheHarfOfJarr 10 dagar sedan
Call it a Torro Rosso engine
Mats Buhrman
Mats Buhrman 10 dagar sedan
We have come a long way now from energy drinks. In 2025 there might be a Coca~Cola F1 car powered with a "have a Coke and a smile" engine.
shaunmark1 10 dagar sedan
An energy drink company now develops an F1 engine. Crazy, crazy stuff.
Jay137x 10 dagar sedan
Red Bull in F1- 1995: Here's some money Sauber 2021: So we'll build our own engines from next year
Instakill 10 dagar sedan
Why does redbull have two teams? It doesn’t make any sense
Vynzography 10 dagar sedan
Nobody should ever make deals with Honda. This is the second time they did all the hard work and then pulled out just before achieve sucess.
I Doubt It
I Doubt It 10 dagar sedan
This was the plan from the outset. Redbull has always been secretly looking to become an engine manufacturer. Powered by Redbull. This is gonna be interesting, especially if production cars in 2025 leave the line with a Powered By Redbull stamp on it.
LastName LastName
LastName LastName 11 dagar sedan
Shifting jobs to slim down, suprise the teams are finding ways to get around the spending cap. The cost cap is yet another pointless distraction from F1s real issues. This allows Honda to publicly separate itself, while leaving the option to jump on the positive press if they somehow manage to turn things around.
Som Guy
Som Guy 11 dagar sedan
Honda power will stomp the field this year. Both titles for Red Bull this year. Alpha Tauri 4th.
MaxCam35mm 11 dagar sedan
The next engine name: HondaBullShit.
D6Soldier 11 dagar sedan
These videos are such good quality
Leo Johnson
Leo Johnson 11 dagar sedan
All PR bling. Employment opportunities? I imagine it'll be similar to anywhere else in the corporate-fueled world... swathed in HR's PC bureaucracy
Joseph Cota
Joseph Cota 11 dagar sedan
I wonder if Redbull would ever consider selling detuned, or older spec engines as crates... Especially if F1 goes to more simplified but still efficient engine designs...
Akira T
Akira T 11 dagar sedan
Red 🅱️ull Gives You 🅱️inotto
hangm4n 11 dagar sedan
Not a Red Bull fan but their commitment to the sport impresses me. Good on them for being brave enough to stand on their own two feet the best way possible.
Janardan S
Janardan S 11 dagar sedan
Ahh yes the 🅱️lan
Raheem Abdul
Raheem Abdul 12 dagar sedan
Imagine Red Bull becoming a car manufacturer and giving them wings? yes please
A Clever Name
A Clever Name 12 dagar sedan
RedBull really said; fine, I'll do it myself. Powered by redbull
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 12 dagar sedan
manufacturer to supply an engine.
hugolafhugolaf 12 dagar sedan
I hope they fail. Hard.
Xj S
Xj S 12 dagar sedan
Thanks Honda for making this possible
Slipstream Videos
Slipstream Videos 12 dagar sedan
Rumour has it the redbull redbull engine will run on actual redbull
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 12 dagar sedan
Red Bull 2019 - we might quit the sport Red Bull 2021 - actually we’re building our own engines now
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 12 dagar sedan
this thing is really unbelievable how a single team manage to get the engine freeze because they can't find an engine manufacturer. F1 is dying.
Rob Kitchen
Rob Kitchen 13 dagar sedan
New green agenda should mandate wind/solar powered F1 cars, Right???
RetardRay 13 dagar sedan
Both Megatron and Supertec ended up being nothing more than cheap stop-gap measures for teams to keep up some kind of form while looking for new deals. Then there was Arrows, whose takeover of Hart ended up being a total disaster. I guess this time success depends on how much money will Red Bull be willing to spend to stay as one of the top teams.
Greg Glover
Greg Glover 13 dagar sedan
Well Done to Red Bill, securing a long term plan to be a force to be reckoned with. Not all about MB any more, McLaren coming back into the foray and Aston Martin now what a line up we’re going to have !!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 12 dagar sedan
And it will be , well . Not as good in the end. Give it 2 yrs , and they will scrap it . They change their minds all the time.
Adnan Amin
Adnan Amin 13 dagar sedan
Redbull's Ⓜ️asterplan?
TheMaverickSpawn 13 dagar sedan
I like Redbull, I just don't like Max and Horner because they are toxic. I want to see them succeed and hopefully fight for the WCC; however, not at the expense of killing driver's careers and the sport with arrogant moves like making car upgrades/changes that benefit only one driver.
petezzzz 13 dagar sedan
Melanie Dawn
Melanie Dawn 13 dagar sedan
Yes I would.
Potato 13 dagar sedan
powered by handa
ristomatti kolsi
ristomatti kolsi 14 dagar sedan
Arrows raced with their "own" engine back in -98, wich was actually -97 Yamaha. I think this is just a requem to Redbull and Alpha Tauri, they are losing the major engine factory support, wich is essential for success. I also don't understand, why Honda bothered to come back in F1 back in 2015, if they weren't ready for long term commitment. They have the best opportunity for long time to be world champions with Redbull, but it dosn't matter because they are falling for this greenwash battery powered future crap.
Scott Smeaton
Scott Smeaton 14 dagar sedan
I wonder if there’s any possibility of seeing this engine show up in any other forms of racing?
halofreak1990 9 dagar sedan
Given how much difficulty Mercedes has with fitting their F1 engine in a road-going car, I'd say highly unlikely.
Scott Smeaton
Scott Smeaton 14 dagar sedan
Obviously they will need qualified engineers and leadership guiding the development of the engine! Going to be very interesting!
Mbogo Kuria
Mbogo Kuria 14 dagar sedan
So long as they have genius Adrian Newy, it's possible to pull it off.
RockSolitude 14 dagar sedan
So what the hell does Honda get out of it? That bit was missing from the video. Video reads almost like a press release.
Marco C. S.
Marco C. S. 14 dagar sedan
this thing is really unbelievable how a single team manage to get the engine freeze because they can't find an engine manufacturer. F1 is dying.
The Fifth Generation
The Fifth Generation 14 dagar sedan
Honda at least going all out for its final season.
Shadow7717 14 dagar sedan
I still think it would have been better if Honda stayed in F1 with the Red Bull teams. Give Honda free titelsponsor status, they deserve it.
vol番人 14 dagar sedan
thank you RedBull
day 2 day
day 2 day 14 dagar sedan
And it will be , well . Not as good in the end. Give it 2 yrs , and they will scrap it . They change their minds all the time.
artyparis 14 dagar sedan
So Honda may support RB development... who may be a new competitor for Honda in the future ?
Nathan Pike
Nathan Pike 14 dagar sedan
I have been are massive supporter of Red Bull since the days of mark webber, this plan they have to build their own engine is the best chance they have & that Red Bull can, are, have & always will be are true competitor in the formula one industry.
TurboDieselDan 14 dagar sedan
I ❤️ Hondurr engines.
Christian Horner
Christian Horner 14 dagar sedan
Yes that's our Master plan....!!!!😉😉
Jam795 Hot
Jam795 Hot 14 dagar sedan
Good to see i hope thay take the fight 2 the top Im got a red eye from when the v12 were going bang . The sport has come a long way since then i still miss the sound of a v 12 any bage fyi my spelling not good
Tom Newham
Tom Newham 14 dagar sedan
About time I say. F1 needs another engine supplier that will stick around in the long term. Red Bull can spend the amount of money that is needed to make an engine competitive and Red Bull can design their car around that engine instead of adapting a chassis to an engine that they happen to be supplied with. A good move and long over due.
The Stig
The Stig 14 dagar sedan
Red Bull masterplan,why i feel S🅱️inotto vibes here 🤔
david garton
david garton 14 dagar sedan
Wouldn't it all be a lot cheaper for everyone, and more exciting if there were no rules. Fit any engine you like, go mad on aero, it is F1 isn't it ???
zbatchDOC 14 dagar sedan
If you don’t love redbull for what they’re doing for F1...
rpols22 14 dagar sedan
Bout time.... Redbull made the mistake McClaren made in not building their own engines. Not to mention their own mistake with Renault as the writings were on the wall during their dominant years even. During the Redbull years they had the slowest engine on the grid consistently. Clearly the car had such an aerodynamic advantage they didn’t need a super powerful engine. Just a reliable one. Christian H should have been on the bullhorn every day to get Renault to build a faster engine but for whatever reason it didn't happen. They really should have learned years ago. Yes, yes, yes they saved billions but at what cost - 1/3 of the most vital components of the car which is the chassis, the driver and the engine. There is something to be said about the security of engine building autonomy.
_MARS_ 14 dagar sedan
I love you Honda
Carlitox b
Carlitox b 14 dagar sedan
Watching this while drinking redbull ✈️
Video game Valley
Video game Valley 15 dagar sedan
I have learned alot about other drivers in motorsport thanks my g 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Bose 15 dagar sedan
2028, RedBull after seeing great success with it's engine, starts producing a road car
lil Sebastian
lil Sebastian 15 dagar sedan
Good... Now we no longer have to listen to Karen Horner complain about the engine. He no longer has anyone to blame but himself.
ben low
ben low 15 dagar sedan
They need to switch to E10 fuel and V10 engines
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 15 dagar sedan
Let's see what they got...
yonD 15 dagar sedan
POV: You dont know what these all Master🅱️lan™️ comments mean, you just found this in your recommended.
Der Beppo
Der Beppo 15 dagar sedan
I think if an outfit can pull this off and make it successfull it is Red Bull. I am pretty sure they know exactly, what they are buying into and what challenges lie ahead of them. A full fledged Red Bull Power Unit would probably also be a good news for the sport itself. If we will see even customers for the Red Bull engine in the future is a totally different story though.
Timaz 15 dagar sedan
But we all know it is a Honda.
Bruant Quentin
Bruant Quentin 15 dagar sedan
Again RB shits on F1 and then when they are fucked because they have to go back with the ones that they shit upon everything is done to go as they want.
David Lawlor
David Lawlor 15 dagar sedan
Honda's decisions in the sport since 1998 have been absolutely shocking. 1999 let's be a works team, no let's go with Jordan no let's go with BAR, actually no let's be a works team and be back markers then build an incredible car and leave the sport before that car wins a WC. Then rejoin as an engine manufacturer in the middle of the most technologically difficult age. They are a basket case.
Parker Portlock
Parker Portlock 15 dagar sedan
RedBull x Lamborghini branding? That could be cool albeit unlikely.
Francois Haurat
Francois Haurat 15 dagar sedan
Engine development is a very very costly business ( that do not reflect the $ paid to Honda) and marketing wise RedBull tagging an engine does not make sens for a soft drink company. 2025 might also welcome new powered engine like at Le Mans with hydrogen. 2025 cannot be already organized around traditional architecture. The car market moving forward with electrification and clean energy (hydrogen) will dictate the F1 world strategies. Changes for once are happening faster on the international car market than in the F1 universe. For once FIA and F1 teams will have to play catch-up to survive the era in the eye on the new generations. Interesting times ahead ;0)
Tibchy91 15 dagar sedan
Risky roads for sure, though this is why I like them a lot, because instead of just opting for an engine from the 3 other brands, they try building their own. And well, so sorry Honda is pulling out.
Gari Velez
Gari Velez 15 dagar sedan
No Renault and now no Honda. Good luck
grizzlyhamster 15 dagar sedan
But, who will Red Bull blame when they don't win now?
Sam Moore
Sam Moore 15 dagar sedan
Yeah, Red Bull is going to match Ferrari and Mercedes engine development.... suuuure that is going to work...
Frany 15 dagar sedan
I want my Redbull Civic Type R
EastCoast Autobahn
EastCoast Autobahn 15 dagar sedan
I think we as fans should be thanking Honda for helping keep things competitive in the future. And if/when Honda decides to return we hope it will be with open arms
istina postenje
istina postenje 15 dagar sedan
MUGEN HONDA-RED BULL... Bull treba nagovoriti tjunersku kucu da uđe ponovo u f1... Mugen Honda je imala zapažen rezultat sa Jordanom... Sto ne znaci da nebih imala sa Bullom koj ima kud i kamo veći buđet...
Michael Young
Michael Young 15 dagar sedan
It's a big step. But seems a better plan than arrows own engine in 90s
bishopoftroy 15 dagar sedan
Yes, i`m supporting Red Bull until they win a title with Max and then move on to support another developing team. I hate this Mercedes monopoly.
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