The 10 biggest controversies in F1 history 

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Controversy is never far away in Formula 1. But over the years, which controversial moments stand out as the biggest? Edd Straw looks back at the arguments, broken rules and on track moments that have gone down in F1 folklore - some of which are still subject to debate today.
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17 feb 2021



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SimEnduranceRacers 15 timmar sedan
Honestly? This was a shitty and biased video... People in the comments already mentioned other, certainly bigger, controversies you should have mentioned, yet you kept focusing on the few ones involving Michael Schumacher. Well done, you lost one subscriber.
Gui [GD]
Gui [GD] 22 timmar sedan
As a brazilian,the crashgate was the thing that made Piquet Jr. be and still very hated here on Brazil. Cause we coulndt believe that he accept to do such a thing,for help Alonso to win. A lot of brazilians still call him "traitor" for do something like this,and definetly destroyed Massa chance to get close to Hamilton in the championship,even about what happened before in the year (Spins,Engine Failure,Bad Pit-stop).That was something that a lot of brazilians will not forget so easily,for sure.
Faraz Ali
Faraz Ali Dag sedan
U missed Senna's death!!
Ndumiso Mnyani
Ndumiso Mnyani Dag sedan
Alonso and schumi 😁
FLINSKI 2 dagar sedan
I just realized the pronunciation of Michelin is Michelaine
Aidan Brazill
Aidan Brazill 2 dagar sedan
F1 can be so tone-deaf at times, and the Senna and Hunt instances are proof of this. In the Prost incident, Senna dropped back to about 8th and masterfully drove through the field only to have the win taken from him, and Hunt came back from what should have been catastrophic suspension damage to win. These are great performances that should be immortalized, instead, they get disregarded due to stuffy and obsolete rules and its total bullshit.
Yevriks F1
Yevriks F1 3 dagar sedan
The 10 biggest controversies in F1 history
Logan Bot
Logan Bot 3 dagar sedan
Brawns Double defuser 2009?
J Egbert
J Egbert 4 dagar sedan
The quarrelsome drawbridge admittedly repeat because daffodil rhetorically report lest a maddening cabinet. capable, clever banana
Gianni Ricotta
Gianni Ricotta 4 dagar sedan
Ferrari Engine+ Mazepin going for a grab
XSpeedyXITA 4 dagar sedan
Stepney had out some kind of powder on the fuel tank at the Monaco gp though
Jonki Pastramki
Jonki Pastramki 5 dagar sedan
The foregoing ship structurally coil because class postauricularly disagree abaft a disturbed gallon. puny, terrific vacation
Gonçalo Sousa
Gonçalo Sousa 6 dagar sedan
The 1989 championship was robbed of Senna
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 6 dagar sedan
VERSY CONTRA VERSY. Why are you only saying contravasy
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 6 dagar sedan
You're saying controversies all wrong. Contro- versies
SiVlog 7 dagar sedan
The Austria 2002 controversy could have been avoided. If Ferrari had been slow enough at Barrichello's pit stops, it would have not lead to all the booing that happened afterwards, many outsiders would have been none the wiser (a bit like Massa rejoining from his final stop in Brazil 2007 in traffic, which was just enough to allow Raikkonen to make his final stop and rejoin in the lead, thus securing the world championship for himself)
blackmore1030 7 dagar sedan
2007 was the most successful year of Ferrari because every race was won by a Ferrari car, even if 2 of them were painted silver :)
D C 7 dagar sedan
Mazepin in F1
Edwon Rodrigues
Edwon Rodrigues 8 dagar sedan
The naive risk archaeologically confuse because community rapidly decorate as a mute cap. accessible, modern motion
Southern Boy
Southern Boy 8 dagar sedan
""Bono! My tyres are gone!" The biggest conspiracy of all time.
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels 8 dagar sedan
Weird how Alonso is involved in 2 of them 🤔
carl595 9 dagar sedan
I wonder how many fixes and scandals there are in F1which we don't know about... Surely got to be a good few, as most of these were only discovered due to whistleblowers etc!
Mateo Frara
Mateo Frara 9 dagar sedan
Hamilton and Mclaren lying to the stewards, Melbourne 2009. For me, the "dumbest scandal ever".
Terblanche Jordaan
Terblanche Jordaan 10 dagar sedan
Who can forget Scheatmacher's disqualification from the qualifying session for the Monaco Grand Prix 2006 after the stewards ruled he deliberately stopped his Ferrari at the Rascasse corner ... after all, he remains the only driver in the history of the sport to have been disqualified from the Drivers’ Championship. Let's see, there is 1994 Australian Grand Prix, 1997 European Grand Prix, 1998 British Grand Prix, 2002 Austrian Grand Prix, and the above mentioned 2006 Monaco Grand Prix. ... you can make a TOP 10 of only Michael Schumacher controversies.
alexforder 10 dagar sedan
14:44 I can see Mazepin's hands on a pair of Ferraris
thecognacsipper 11 dagar sedan
9:11 "took his anger to the grave" damn chill wtf i mean I understand the figure of speech but...personally I find it a tad uncalled for. no? maybe?
VonBlade 11 dagar sedan
94 - Let's not forget Roland either.
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare 11 dagar sedan
Imagine the things we don't know,yet.
Maximilian Tan
Maximilian Tan 11 dagar sedan
The pronunciation of controversies in controversial
azwris 13 dagar sedan
Rubinho 4 Life!!!
saurabh mhatre
saurabh mhatre 13 dagar sedan
FIA is scum. Would love to see F1 go down the dumps.
F1god04 13 dagar sedan
Wrong. Bridgestone is a division of Firestone. They had data that Michelin didn’t have, and could thus design tires that could handle this obstacle.
F1god04 13 dagar sedan
Why don’t women report sexual assault when it happens? Idk. Ask Piquet Jr. what happened when he reported the 2008 Singapore GP.
mcmcnair97 13 dagar sedan
I know I'm in the minority but I always don't feel Indy 05 is a massive deal. I just cant see it in any other way than that most of the grid turned up with the wrong equipment, why should the Bridgestones have compromised?
Ray Kelly
Ray Kelly 13 dagar sedan
Canadian gp 2019 anyone?
SiVlog 13 dagar sedan
There was a pretty much forgotten controversy in Monza, 1960. Officially, it went down in history as the final victory for a front engine Grand Prix car, however, it was a far from glorious. The seeds of the controversy were sown by the season Ferrari were having up to then. While Cooper and Jack Brabham were well on the way to a second title after claiming both drivers and constructors titles in 1959, Ferrari were yet to win a race as the sport arrived in Italy for the Italian Grand Prix and the prospects for the Scuderia looked bleak as the teams began to arrive in Italy. Then, the organisers hit upon an idea to attempt to tip the balance in favour of Ferrari, use the full combination circuit, which featured the infamous banking. The organisers did this to try to tip the balance in favour of the one advantage Ferrari had in 1960, straight line speed. The rest of the field, lead by Cooper and the other British teams, were outraged at what they saw as blatant Italian Nationalism as the motivating factor in using the combination layout. Feeling that the banking was too dangerous, they issued an ultimatum to the organisers, reverse the layout change or they would pull out of the race weekend. No such reversal was forthcoming and the entry list was reduced to a mix of works and privately entered Ferraris. The driver who won the race, future world champion, Phil Hill, who in a tragic twist of fate would clinch the world championship a year later at that same location after his team mate, Count Wolfgang Von Tripps, was killed when his car clipped the blameless Jim Clark and speared into the crowd lining the track by Parabolica, taking the lives of 15 spectators along with him
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich 13 dagar sedan
You actually forgot Jerez 1997!!
Bearbull 13 dagar sedan
Properly punishing Ferrari will never happen.
Nicolas Tallqvist
Nicolas Tallqvist 13 dagar sedan
2012 Bahrain?
CoughingPig 14 dagar sedan
Flavio, dear Flavio ........
F18 14 dagar sedan
It’s kinda karma that they finished 4th
Tashdemash 14 dagar sedan
3:42 "Fisa f*** a war" lmao
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 14 dagar sedan
05:49 as I recall, Alonso won the next GP at Fuji.
RAWDernison1 14 dagar sedan
I've got one you missed: the 1984 Tyrrell "lead shot" controversy.
Arun Sapaare
Arun Sapaare 14 dagar sedan
Also, it's really amazing that Ferrari was involved in so many controversies!! Their history is peppered with controversies more any race wins or championships..😂😂😂
Arun Sapaare
Arun Sapaare 14 dagar sedan
You guys missed on Ferrari burning oil to extract extra performance which the FIA & Ferrari agreed a deal in 2019 which made it's 2020 Power unit so down on power.... That was a big talking point of 2019, you guys definitely missed on that one...🙄🙄🙄
Scott Elder
Scott Elder 15 dagar sedan
Senna was completely and utterly justified for crashing into Prost to win that title, and morally correct to do so, after the year before
Scott Elder
Scott Elder 15 dagar sedan
Prost would’ve scabbed the driver’s strike if he was around then
Mike Pacholek
Mike Pacholek 15 dagar sedan
Renault are such babies.... who cares if a team copies another? The only way you complain about this is if you are so insecure in you own engineering abilities that it is you only option. Kind of funny that the next “controversy” is a Renault bad that was designed by their team. VB and Simmonds.
chuckschilling 15 dagar sedan
Senna caused BOTH accidents with Prost. The video evidence is clear that Prost was ahead in both cases and Senna was obliged to yield the racing line to him.
Daytona Express
Daytona Express 15 dagar sedan
Top 30 or 40 or 78 if you guys have the time 🤷🏽‍♂️😁
JLM PC 15 dagar sedan
the video every f1 channel already did
FairRodTheCapacitor 15 dagar sedan
You have missed the acceptance of pay drivers, especially Mazepin HAAS situation
Mr Carson
Mr Carson 15 dagar sedan
How about rich kids that destory the sport and take the place of a talented driver? How about rich kids behaving like idiots, but still get to keep their seat? Mazepin? Stroll?
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 15 dagar sedan
The 2008 Crashgate still fresh in everyone's mind.
SuperDuperWreckingCrue 15 dagar sedan
Apparently nothing controversial happened in the first 25 years of Formula 1. Must've been nice...
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon 15 dagar sedan
I hate to be that guy, but Spygate did not cost McLaren the constructors title. They would've finished second.
Tom Quick
Tom Quick 15 dagar sedan
2020 was a quiet year tbh, not much realllllyyyyyy happened...
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 15 dagar sedan
3:43 "And it was the highpoint of the FISA-Fucker War" - Edd Straw, 2021
Harry Brotherton
Harry Brotherton 15 dagar sedan
2018 ferarri fuel flow... big miss
David Martin
David Martin 15 dagar sedan
Missed a couple of Schumachers dirty moves surely? Adelaide? Monaco was corner quali block?, nearly running Rubens into the wall? And a few more im sure.
Martin Fraser
Martin Fraser 15 dagar sedan
2:26 I'd laugh, but it's probably my dad in his shorts and beer belly.
mitchtavio 15 dagar sedan
McLaren probably wishing they spent the few hundred pounds on their own copy machine now 😆
Evan saunders
Evan saunders 15 dagar sedan
Question about the Giles/pironi part. Why did only 1 of the Ferraris have a front wing?
András Borgátai
András Borgátai 15 dagar sedan
to this day i firmly believe they should scratch the entire 2008 singapore grand prix results and induct massa as world champion
Han_Gyeol_Sheld 15 dagar sedan
12:38 You are wrong he didnt go prison, but he was in jail (There is no way they will send you to prison without going to jail first....)
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma 15 dagar sedan
Should have added the years Schumacher crashed into Hill and Villeneuve in a bid to win the championship. Truly pathetic sportsmanship conduct.
PJV1990 15 dagar sedan
I'm so fed up of people totally ignoring the fact that Roland Ratzenberger also passed away in 1994 and only talk about/remember Senna's death. That was also a BIG part of the tragedy of 1994. His death was/is ALWAYS overshadowed by Senna's untimely death the next day. Senna was a brilliant driver and his death was heartbreaking but I wish people would stop being so utterly disrespectful by ignoring the fact that Roland lost his life in '94 too. Ayrton was devastated by his death and showed an enormous amount of respect by having an Austrian flag in his car. I expect better from you THE RACE, that was so sloppy and disrespectful to Roland Ratzenberger's memory. You should know better. So PLEASE show the same amount of respect to Roland that Senna did in his last 24 hours.
Spaceman Africa the Musical
I thought Multi 21 was going to be in the top 10
Justin McAllister Prod
Justin McAllister Prod 15 dagar sedan
The accent on controversy hurt me
chris brinkley
chris brinkley 15 dagar sedan
Spa 2008
Ron Knox
Ron Knox 15 dagar sedan
Schumacher again driving into a Williams but this time into Villeneuve. This time losing out but I guess it's not a controversy because he was guilty and was dropped from the championship for that year
Joseph Guay
Joseph Guay 16 dagar sedan
Schumacher crashing into Villeneuve, Renault mass dampers, illegal water tanks
Joseph Guay
Joseph Guay 16 dagar sedan
@Olivyay yeah but it was controversial, this is what the video is talking about right?
Olivyay 16 dagar sedan
Renault mass damper was fully legal.
Juan Canales
Juan Canales 16 dagar sedan
Balestre, Benetton 1994, Berny E., Brawn. B+B+B+B= Infamy
bear2bull 16 dagar sedan
Pundi X NPXS ^^^^
Dreamy 16 dagar sedan
F1 Racing in Saudi Arabia should be a hugely controversial topic. The fact that it isn’t right now speaks volumes about the FIA and Liberty Media. 🤔
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich 13 dagar sedan
yeah they can't get a German GP on the schedule but some random Tilke street track is no issue
Mika Hakinnen
Mika Hakinnen 16 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: The anonymous photocopying employee is a die hard Ferrari fan.
Andrew schickler
Andrew schickler 16 dagar sedan
The FIA can be ridiculous with policies.
Oniel James
Oniel James 16 dagar sedan
Who thought pronouncing Foca as a word and not just say the letter was a good idea 😂😂😂😂😂
El BonitiilloO
El BonitiilloO 16 dagar sedan
in what Mclaren benefitted from spying ferrari? cars where totally different, can someone explain?
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan 16 dagar sedan
If it wasn't for that photocopier in Woking being possibly an F1 fan, McLaren would've gotten away with it.
TurtlelordGR 16 dagar sedan
Is the moustache guy on the right a young Gunther Steiner at 14:42 ?
anshul 1045
anshul 1045 15 dagar sedan
@Olivyay yes
anshul 1045
anshul 1045 15 dagar sedan
He was with RedBull sooo
Olivyay 16 dagar sedan
Yes. He was with Red Bull in 2005
FI5H R1200R
FI5H R1200R 16 dagar sedan
No mention of the Singapore deliberate accident Benetton n breatorrev what ever his name was 🤷‍♂️😁
Chris Dopson
Chris Dopson 16 dagar sedan
Multi 21??
David Thompson-Mack
David Thompson-Mack 16 dagar sedan
My biggest flex is that I met the “fernando is faster than you” man lol
brown-eyed man
brown-eyed man 16 dagar sedan
n my mind, Schumacher will never be a champion. His actions through the years (secret traction/launch control, intentionally crashing rivals, team orders etc.) mean he may be a race winner but never a true champion.
Sean McCambridge
Sean McCambridge 16 dagar sedan
Would love to know if the photocopier got any of that juicy fine?
Jusuff 15 dagar sedan
The photocopier actually busted Coughlan, because he noticed it was secret Ferrari information
TheOldBill 16 dagar sedan
You missed Verstappen stealing kvyat's girl
Mr Carson
Mr Carson 15 dagar sedan
Not just his girl, his seat RB too. Max is like a rocket, what he sees, he gets. Hamilton should run and hide xD
btryhard7 16 dagar sedan
Amazing crash-gate wasn't a bigger on going thing
davidD 16 dagar sedan
Weird seeing Gunther Steiner @ 14:42.
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
Congrats little Nelson
philipp ruest
philipp ruest 16 dagar sedan
Senna wiping out Prost for the 1990 title is the most unsporring move in motorsport history.
philipp ruest
philipp ruest 16 dagar sedan
@wolfvadar James,Hunt said the 89 crash was Senna's fault. Senna kept the 90 title despite wiping out the title rival. Nobody ever gpt a bigger gift from the FIA. BTW the pole was always on that side. The Senna 'documentary' denies clear facts. Just like Senna himself.
wolfvadar 16 dagar sedan
@philipp ruest and the FIA on both occasions had fucked him over so he was understandable pissed
wolfvadar 16 dagar sedan
@philipp ruest well fair is fair he returned the favour coudlve gone badly in 89 aswell granted it wasent the smartest move by senna
philipp ruest
philipp ruest 16 dagar sedan
@wolfvadar Wiping out another driver full throttle at 150 mph is beyond comparison. Total disrespect for even the health of the opponent. 1989 was different, the chicane is narrow and Senna was late, so it was always going to be tight and he needed Prost to be super fair to make it work. That's expecting a bit much.
wolfvadar 16 dagar sedan
I think prost wiping out senna in 1989 is the most unsportsmanlike move in Motorsport history
Claudio Placinta
Claudio Placinta 16 dagar sedan
Nothing about Schumacher hitting Villeneuve on purpose?
Ethan Po
Ethan Po 11 dagar sedan
Schumi didn’t win that race so that’s probably why
Nehtiyalyr 13 dagar sedan
They did show a picture when talking about title deciding collisions, but yeah, this videos needs a part 2...
Richard 16 dagar sedan
Where are the MotoGP uploads? I thought the feedback on the first video was really good.
carboncitizens 16 dagar sedan
We release Copyright Free Music every Sunday & Wednesday for all content creators + our live 24/7 radio!
Myle2 16 dagar sedan
when he says MicheLAN...
Olivyay 16 dagar sedan
It's really difficult for anglophones to pronounce correctly. It's closer to 'Michelah' or 'Micheluh' but there's not really a sound in English that is equivalent
NightDex 16 dagar sedan
I sense a missed opportunity here, to remind the community about a golden quote from Max Mosley, saying that out of this 100M fine, $5 was for the offence itself and $95 was for Ron Dennis being a t**t ^^'
kodrich1204 16 dagar sedan
Thank you for some F1 content that isn't freaking out about Mclaren not changing their livery 🙂
Sven 16 dagar sedan
Fernando was involved in 40% of these... lol and they didn't even get into Hungry 2006 quali.
Magic Mass
Magic Mass 15 dagar sedan
*2007* :)
Cletus Spuckler
Cletus Spuckler 16 dagar sedan
How could you not include *Spa 2008* on this list?
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