The key details of F1’s new plan for Saturday sprint races 

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Formula 1’s weekend format is back on the agenda following comments from new CEO Stefano Domenicali about a possible sprint race being added to the timetable. In this video Edd Straw outlines the new idea in full, looking at the pros and cons, and explaining why it’s almost certain teams will vote against it
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10 feb 2021



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Danielle Stewart
Danielle Stewart 3 dagar sedan
The legal viscose socioeconomically curve because sink retrospectively detect amidst a overrated activity. skillful, majestic color
Arvind Wee
Arvind Wee 3 dagar sedan
Sprint races without reverse grids... Why?
Robert DeKelver
Robert DeKelver 4 dagar sedan
Great idea, go for it!
Dan Bird
Dan Bird 5 dagar sedan
No sprint race
Christian Horner
Christian Horner 5 dagar sedan
Artificial manipulation never works in the long term. The answer is technical regulation to create car parity and challenging track conditions to create driver errors. Add in 2 or more mandatory stops and a significant difference between tire compounds creating alternative strategies and you will have ample competitive and enjoyable racing.
Gustavo Lacerda
Gustavo Lacerda 6 dagar sedan
Just stop the nonsense. Friday practice Saturday qualifying and Sunday race. Leave it alone. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.
C Yeo
C Yeo 7 dagar sedan
Broken parts + wear on engines + not enough tire allocation = too much cost. Sorry not worth the action. Maybe if they did it in go-karts financed solely by the drivers. Hahaha now that’s worth watching.
Toni Siret
Toni Siret 7 dagar sedan
Well, at least they're willing to experiment & that I'm "For", rather than just shooting down every idea. Let's see.
Danie Du Plooy
Danie Du Plooy 7 dagar sedan
I think it's complete bullshit to be honest
chuckschilling 7 dagar sedan
If you want competitive racing, then give the drivers cash payouts for the first three finishers of the sprint race - a million bucks for the winner, $500k for 2nd place, and $250k for the third place finisher.
TLR Eclipse
TLR Eclipse 8 dagar sedan
Merc be like, you mean we can score even more points!!!
Teabag McPick
Teabag McPick 9 dagar sedan
No. Just no.
Ladislau Bandi
Ladislau Bandi 9 dagar sedan
Why it isn't pointed the qualification session for be considered into championship ?
Derrick Farrar
Derrick Farrar 9 dagar sedan
As a North American ( Canadian ) it seems to me F1 is visibly trying hard to have a bigger presence ( here ) as the sport isn't that popular , aside to streaming sites its next to impossible to catch a race vs Nascar being on all the big networks . So as the die hard fans reading this and are ready to bring out the noose but I feel this move is to compete with Nascar . I started watching 2 years ago and I 100% don't watch time trials , I bring up SElosk and watch the quick 5 minute video and see the race order because as a new fan its not like picking up a sport like soccer . F1 is very detailed and technical and you're not learning it in the duration of a race so that being said F1 would also have these stats and ticket sales as myself personally would only get a ticket to Sunday race . Nascar however makes it a race Weekend IE Clash Race one day , quali / practice another , another race , more practice / quali , Big race and thats what North Americans want to see is racing and I think F1 recognizes that . Personally I would like to see all the main drivers practice / quali then have a race ( Hamilton / Verstappen etc.) , then their team mates do the same the next day (Bottas / Checo etc.) then on race day the top 8 from both races line up in winning order and have a show down of 16 I think it would be thrilling but I understand it would never happen , however as a novice fan I think this move is to try to appeal more to a North American market , maybe I am wrong but I was kinda excited for 2 days of racing lol however reading the comments I appear to be the only one and that's okay . PS I don't want to argue with anyone nor make anyone mad I was trying to shed light on a different perspective and I also don't think the world revolves around North America .
Alan Whitmore
Alan Whitmore 9 dagar sedan
Shit idea
jmedias 9 dagar sedan
What if they award points to the number of laps led? Like 1 point to ever lap. That would add a bit more strategy. Force the car to stay out longer or come in to swap tires and lose the lead for a bit? Course that could run the risk of giant points gap by the front runner.
Doug Ball
Doug Ball 10 dagar sedan
While I agree with the comments that this won't happen, I would love to see it. Heck, it's only a test, just three races.
Brett McIntosh
Brett McIntosh 10 dagar sedan
Since there are such big rule changes for 2022 I think this would be a waste as the new changes will hopefully bring about more competitive racing without diluting the Sunday race. Lets revisit after we see how 2022 looks.
Blake Ward
Blake Ward 10 dagar sedan
How is starting position for the sprint determined?
Rob Brady
Rob Brady 10 dagar sedan
Hi guys, Firstly just want to say I Love the channel and great work to all involved Thank you. Regarding the sprint race idea, I think it might be a good idea and I’m in favour with at least trying it out to see if it either enhances or ruins the overall experience for the sport, teams or fans or possibly all. My suggestion would be to 1. race weekend, Friday practice, Saturday qualifying sprint race and Sunday main event 2. Run the cars for the sprint race in reverse finishing order Of the previous Grand Prix 3. Total laps to be 1/3 of the proper race distance 4. Points should be awarded to the top 10 cars and drivers with 10 being the maximum and 1 point being the least 5. If one or more cars incur a DNF in the previous GP then the order will be decided based on the total number of constructors points up to that date and if there are more than one team with equal constructors points the position will be decided by the combined total of their drivers points up to that date 6. The sprint race will replace qualifying and teams can utilise full qually max attack mode in the sprint race Anyway that’s just my thoughts on the idea , don’t know if it’s good or bad, You guys are the experts but what do you think ? Kind regards, Rob.
Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray 10 dagar sedan
next they could try a rocket league format
Diego Cespedes Daza
Diego Cespedes Daza 10 dagar sedan
The sprint races should be a driver focused championship. Drivers should drive a standard car, perhaps one borrowed from F2. This could be run in half the venues to save on transport costs.
Neil Graves
Neil Graves 10 dagar sedan
Do this type of shit at a football match see what happens...just stop fuckin with racing guys leave it alone,it the one thing I look forward to among all the drivel on TV
Patrick Rothlisberger
Patrick Rothlisberger 10 dagar sedan
John Luu
John Luu 11 dagar sedan
They should do one Qualifying, a reverse grid sprint race with fewer points and a regular race. Of course this will never happen, partially because Mercedes is guaranteed to veto this.
Alex Dickinson
Alex Dickinson 11 dagar sedan
Instead of sprint race, it should be 3 qualifying rounds as normal but just one lap to do it in each round
Alex Dickinson
Alex Dickinson 11 dagar sedan
One car at a time. Start with Williams for example and make your way down the garage from there. Whatever that time is will stay till all cars have gone round and then knock them out from there until the final top 10 shootout but still one lap on the final qualifying
liam clarke
liam clarke 11 dagar sedan
I don’t want it please stop this gimmick bs
Ethan Grover
Ethan Grover 11 dagar sedan
I feel like there is already a lot of change happpening this upcoming season and the 2022 season, they should wait and see how the new rules affect the sport before adding more changes
Ben Hayes
Ben Hayes 11 dagar sedan
It may just be me not liking change but I think isn’t a good idea. Trying to force a sport to be more competitive defeats the point of a sport. You don’t see sports like football, rugby etc changing the rules to try and make it more competitive at the top of the table. All this does is damage the sporting integrity of F1 and yes, it may lead to a few more shock podiums, but do they carry the same weight when we know the only reason they happened is because of a rule change.
Simon K
Simon K 11 dagar sedan
28 out of 30 so its not happening so why even try?
Martti Hänninen
Martti Hänninen 11 dagar sedan
Sprint races don`t belong in F1. I knew american owners will start this show crap.
Ruohong Zhao
Ruohong Zhao 11 dagar sedan
switch car not places
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 11 dagar sedan
imagine if - it was a one lap race - start - one lap - chequered flag...the mayhem would be awesome !!! Some guys would hang back , others would go for it , the nerves would be massive for drivers. One lap dash...for cash !!!
godoftenors 11 dagar sedan
Use reverse grid from the sprint for the GP, and see how things shake out.
Maurice Rose
Maurice Rose 11 dagar sedan
...FIA should allow one free gearbox per season if regular Sprints...and one free set of tyres per weekend...
Dominic Bazinet
Dominic Bazinet 12 dagar sedan
I think they should give it a try
Mechanically Creative
Mechanically Creative 12 dagar sedan
F1 definitely needs to implement playoffs like NASCAR. 😂
Alexo Chromatic
Alexo Chromatic 12 dagar sedan
Not a fan. It's like how Nascar implemented segment racing and it really devalued that sports endurance aspect. My issue here is small teams not valuing these events but are forced to compete for odd chance of points.
Gunnerchris30 12 dagar sedan
No this will devalue the world title because if someone wins because of an experimental race then in my eyes they wouldn't deserve the title
Tosa 12 dagar sedan
Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? - Jerry Seinfeld
cone 12 dagar sedan
F1 has been around 70 years
cone 12 dagar sedan
Sprint races seem like a terrible idea
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 12 dagar sedan
It will be interesting if the car setup can be changed after the sprint race. This way saturday's car can be adjusted to the 1/3 fuel load and then for the 100% sunday race.
Genifer Teal
Genifer Teal 13 dagar sedan
If it's for qualifying, sounds a lot better than the games they play waiting to be the last to cross the grid for qualifying lap.
Genifer Teal
Genifer Teal 13 dagar sedan
If this is going to be the new qualifying, it sounds like revamping the old qualifying. Was before my time following but they didn't always run the three different sessions. Didn't they have one time trial where you had to get your best time in?
Alex Vanburen
Alex Vanburen 13 dagar sedan
what a waste of time
Paul Jennings
Paul Jennings 13 dagar sedan
Yeah I feel like I understand this now, why dont they give a go? if it works it might be good.
xander10 13 dagar sedan
I think it would be interesting to test.
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence 13 dagar sedan
Have the sprint race 18 laps and 5 points for win. Top 5 get points 54321 etc. 1 point for pole 1 point fastest lap in sprint race 2 points fastest lap in main race.
Scully's Tie
Scully's Tie 14 dagar sedan
Look at that voting threshold, 28 out of 30 votes to pass? This is literally being proposed just to keep F1 in the news during the slow time of the year.
Rasmus Poulsen
Rasmus Poulsen 14 dagar sedan
Let me introduce a new concept. DRIVER ROTATION! Let the drivers have one weekend in each car, and lets see who is the best driver.
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 14 dagar sedan
I really hope this doesn't happen
deedas 14 dagar sedan
Those points awarded are completely bonkers. You need to lower them by a lot. Maybe award one point to top 7 or 8 finishers outside of podium and then do 2 3 and 4 for 3rd 2nd and 1st place.
James Harrison
James Harrison 14 dagar sedan
Its not that bad an idea, but I would prefer points to qualify, and then a reverse grid. I haven't worked out the point system, and how it should be weighted, you might be able to keep the current system. I think it would be ok to to keep the current system as often top cars can recover from the back of the field, and the engines etc have to last a few races so they can't easily fiddle about with short race specials. As the top cars will be to the back, and slow cars to front the field spread will e reduced and your main competitors should be close by.. but watch out you don't knock a wing off
Shifty Malone
Shifty Malone 14 dagar sedan
Yeah if you win on Saturday, you're not a Grand Prix winner. It cheapens the sport. A qualifying race is a better idea than actually giving points! If you're not fascinated by practise sessions, then you're not a real fan of F1. Why should we change our sport to suit you?
Azaldi 15 dagar sedan
That would be hype if they added the spriny race format. It would be a completely different meta to the grand prix
George Holt
George Holt 15 dagar sedan
i reckon they should do the old points system for sprint races... 1st = 10 2nd = 6 3rd = 4 4th = 3 5th = 2 6th = 1
George Holt
George Holt 15 dagar sedan
i don't know if it will be good but i think its definately worth trying
Steve Kemper
Steve Kemper 15 dagar sedan
I'd only be for this if the actual GP used a reverse-grid start based on the results of the sprint race. Fast teams couldn't afford to miss sprint race points just to get a better start in the GP, so we'd see the better teams having to make their way through the field in the GP.
Ward Wright
Ward Wright 15 dagar sedan
I live in Montreal and go to the F1 every year. I don’t like the sound of this, hopefully it doesn’t happen. If you want to make it more competitive I suggest you bring back multiple tire suppliers and scrap any tire rules. Like starting the race on tires from Q2. And bring back gasoline to pit stops. Simple and will work 100% or my name isn’t JOE SMOE!!
Tim Winningham
Tim Winningham 15 dagar sedan
I’m for the change
Johnnie Guitar
Johnnie Guitar 16 dagar sedan
balf1111117373 16 dagar sedan
They should make the drivers drive the opposite way around the track to make it more interesting
BarracudaHawk 16 dagar sedan
All for it
MastaMS21 16 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks the concept of a "sprint RACE" as a QUALIF session is a complete contradiction ? Also, in 2003 with the one lap concept, they put a qualif session for Friday with the same goal : to decide the order of the next qualif session and bring more action for the first day of a week-end race. In 2004, Friday was once again reduced to practice sessions only...
Ste Mercer
Ste Mercer 16 dagar sedan
Nah not into it. Takes away from grand prix
CT- 5555,5
CT- 5555,5 16 dagar sedan
I am Not a Fan of this idea
James 16 dagar sedan
Top 8 get points? So no incentive for 2-3 of the teams.
Steph Autumn
Steph Autumn 16 dagar sedan
Just show F2 instead!! Grrrr
James Lancaster
James Lancaster 16 dagar sedan
This will only work if they reverse top 8 for Sunday’s race like F2
warren thompson
warren thompson 16 dagar sedan
Against it
Harrison King
Harrison King 17 dagar sedan
The view point that it's good for tv and the tv audience is incomplete. More 'must see' racing will have a massive negative impact on which channels can broadcast the season, potentially limiting it to 'bespoke'/sports channels (usually paid for services rather than the free to view channels) as the others will struggle to give time to F1 on Fridays and full race coverage on Saturdays. It also negatively impacts those who work: qualifying will be on a week day and thus will be mostly unwatched/ruined by news/social media 'spoilers' before they can get home. Some people already have to 'go dark' (tv, radio, phones) for hours to avoid this as life doesn't always match F1. Also adding more 'stuff' to watch isn't necessarily a good thing or something that people can 'afford' (monetarily, time or socially/environmentally) to do. All this "could" create different classes of fan (in both the 'dedicated' and 'amateur' groups); those who can afford to watch the extra day and those who can't. So many challenges with this but I think Fridays should remain for the die-hard fans with all the competition on Saturdays (morning quali, afternoon =
Bert Demeulemeester
Bert Demeulemeester 17 dagar sedan
Never ever gonna happen if they need 28 out of 30. Couldn't see a reason why any of the sensible teams would risk their car on Saturday. Also it's F1, stop messing with it
Simon Zimmermann
Simon Zimmermann 17 dagar sedan
Tim Coe - VideoSkunk
Tim Coe - VideoSkunk 17 dagar sedan
I’ve been watching every F1 race since Mansell’s year (1992) and welcome something new. Why not try it?
Carola Rouw
Carola Rouw 11 dagar sedan
I've been watching since 1988, and I completly agree with you. Most of the time diehard F1 fans are so conservative.
Zach Boulton
Zach Boulton 17 dagar sedan
V A 17 dagar sedan
what about if rain affected quali or race. 2 different tracks is that a possibility like Sakhir in a weekend or is that too much setup effort and changes?
Alika Ostermiller
Alika Ostermiller 17 dagar sedan
I cant wait
LauGarSifu 18 dagar sedan
I really have no interest in seeing this idea
Yorkshire Man 66
Yorkshire Man 66 18 dagar sedan
I’m against a sprint race a specially with cost cutting
800Viffer 18 dagar sedan
A Covid isolation stopping a driver competing and/or a DNF could mean the (up to) 12 points being very sugnificant
Alfred Lukasek
Alfred Lukasek 18 dagar sedan
WorldTRAVELLER003 18 dagar sedan
Good idea but only for like 5 races a year
Hans Schufleur
Hans Schufleur 18 dagar sedan
No! F1 is not touring cars.
racingtingz 18 dagar sedan
If it ain't broke don't fix it
HuntingB3ar 18 dagar sedan
It’s actually kinda a smart idea I guess
Calin 18 dagar sedan
Go back to 2005 qualy. Each driver, one lap, in reverse order of the championship standings. I even liked the cummulated values from Friday and Saturday. Has more variables outside of teams control (weather over 2 days has more chances of being fluctuant than over one day). Bring back refuelling and you solve the F1 problem
James B.
James B. 18 dagar sedan
Would love it ! People expecting the same results forget the impact of real races, like accidents in the first 3 corners, blown out tires and the occasional accident changing the outcome and the grid for Sunday.
Malcolm Gambrill
Malcolm Gambrill 18 dagar sedan
Too many negatives. Keep qualifying, no sprint race. This move is ALL about money and not racing. If they want to try it, then run it as a shadow for comparison, take the grid from qualifying, and monitor the difference with a sprint race with no points, again you could shadow points to see what the effect would have been. Three races is not enough to test anything, shadow for a whole season.
Alexander Panzeri
Alexander Panzeri 18 dagar sedan
Bullshit, Stop to use drugs, Focus on core business And most important keep rules constant and that teams respect them!!!
Jason Fothergill
Jason Fothergill 18 dagar sedan
So reduce a teams budget but create more stress on cars this costing more money. Surely sprint races would impact on engine reliability
kaputt2k 18 dagar sedan
whati it will do is reducing the value of a good car as you can make up for shit 1 round performance.
Gid'sWorld 18 dagar sedan
I thought F1 was trying to cut cost? Another race regardless of how short, will cost money, lots of money.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 19 dagar sedan
I am opposed. For me you need to improve the existing racing and having a sprint race by itself will not do that. If the 2022 regulations are a success then people will forget about sprint races.
NAJMI BIN NORDIN Moe 19 dagar sedan
I'm worrying about engine wear for the team
G Mac
G Mac 19 dagar sedan
Bob Ferguson
Bob Ferguson 19 dagar sedan
Kinda like nascar
Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace 19 dagar sedan
Reverse grids and success ballast are the way to go, BTCC has it sorted for excitement and use this formula. Use mystery reverse grids, 4 or 5 events are picked but teams font know once qualifying is over reverse grid is announced, the quick guys will work through the field. Then add success ballast to stop one team running away with it, once again it works and makes for exciting racing as it's so close.
stanleyplank 19 dagar sedan
The order they finish the sprint race will determine how many items of woolly clothing is worn in the main race. With each position wearing one more garment. If you get poll then you must wear twenty pieces. These could include, gloves, scarves, cardigans, socks (count as two garments) and various items of underwear. Tweed is allowed.
Zack Holiskey
Zack Holiskey 19 dagar sedan
This is dumb, which probably means they have already decided to do it.
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