The new F1 2021 rules that are worrying Mercedes most 

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With so much carryover from F1's 2020 rules for 2021, it should be another Mercedes walkover, right? However, there are enough changes that have caught the attention of F1's dominant team, and some key areas it needs to put a lot of effort into - as well as new rules in place that will ultimately restrict it in some of the areas it has been able to excel in recently. As Scott Mitchell explains in this video, Mercedes probably won't trip up, but it will have to change a few things about the way it works at the very least.
How Mercedes bids to 'offset' aero testing handicap
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5 feb 2021



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Frank Timme sedan
OH NO! The whole grid has to become more efficient! What are the Germans going to do?!
C. T
C. T 15 timmar sedan
The only sport that punishes the most innovative in order to keep bleeding money of companies whom dont have the funds to be competitive and shouldnt be there. Every other competition the most innovative a rewarded. This past decade has put the corruption on full show and created a soap opera instead of competition.
Ty Qiza
Ty Qiza Dag sedan
Each year same story But in the end we know who's gonna win
liam smith
liam smith Dag sedan
Damn great video. Never knew about all these aero testing allowances (yes im a newby)
Andrew Meadows
Andrew Meadows 3 dagar sedan
Merc worried. I believe there 2021 car was built to 2022 budget cap so there a year ahead of the game already.
CapHowdy 3 dagar sedan
Absolute bullshit. Mercedes are not worried about anything, they are just sandbagging by pretending they are worried.
ejay D
ejay D 4 dagar sedan
F1 is supposed to be moving forward...how can technology move forward while being handicapped.....f1 may loose fans...because its not about the best performance any more....
StuntpilootStef 4 dagar sedan
So you begin with saying Mercedes might lose and then spend half the video explaining how they've circumvented the impacts of the rule changes for 2021. You're rebutting your own video in the same video, guys.
John Vito
John Vito 4 dagar sedan
If there is a rule worrying Mercedes,the other constructors may as well give up
Martin Kaufmann
Martin Kaufmann 4 dagar sedan
Delete Mercedes from F1! It’s obviously unfair what happened in the last few seasons and it will continue without drastic actions.
Julian Lindley
Julian Lindley 5 dagar sedan
The F1 years go by. F1 progresses on its strange incestuous journey believing it is offering spectacle and excitement when in fact it provides a self serving menu for itself. Boredom for its young public is mostly assured. I hail from the Silverstone days of the 1960's, a cruder and indeed more dangerous time, but at least the teams were not constricted by commercial self interest. One cannot easily stop technological progress, and that has become the F1 problem. Perhaps the use of skinny cross ply tyres might be the way forward?
gary gulliver
gary gulliver 5 dagar sedan
No sport is entertaining when it is dominated for many years by one team. F1 is a high speed parade.
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey 5 dagar sedan
Although RedBull has the best driver in the current field, the car from Mercedes is still so dominant there is no chance on a championship unfortunately.
ILA 6 dagar sedan
Thus is some serious BS. I mean it's good news for the other teams, but bad for the advancement of technology since the best car gets penalized the most.
Dyslex Official
Dyslex Official 6 dagar sedan
"Mercedes brought no upgrades after Belgium" Thats 10 races!!! They were on pole for 8 of those 10 and won 7.
marco 58
marco 58 7 dagar sedan
Merc always fake they are concerned, like Hammy complaining of lack of power, while breaking the lap record. Really.
Matson Mist
Matson Mist 8 dagar sedan
Mercedes first race start of 2021: ok Lewis that is the world title well done
Vectro42 9 dagar sedan
Worried? Got any more jokes?
Rudra Gupta
Rudra Gupta 9 dagar sedan
I a bit happ but no very happ dogo
Zulharriansyah Syamsul
are ferrari throw 2020 season to get this, may be?
Tyrone Davis
Tyrone Davis 10 dagar sedan
The natural feedback intralysosomally muddle because study continuously squash off a ordinary currency. outstanding, witty thailand
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall 10 dagar sedan
I stopped expecting them to lose after 2017's rule changes. That was the moment I realised they'll never be defeated.
Jayden Glass
Jayden Glass 10 dagar sedan
Videos like this are absolute rubbish. Mercedes is going to dominate again, and the show will continue to suffer for it.
Optikification 10 dagar sedan
Mercedes will have 1 or 2 cheats to give them an even bigger advantage. FIA will then say as of the year after its not allowed so others can't copy it.
david fish
david fish 10 dagar sedan
not likely much is going change with f1 mercedes is still got the bulls eyes on its rear end
EntoSanto 11 dagar sedan
Yeah, the same tale that occurs every time at the beginning of the new season.
The Unterhund strikes again
gary redihough
gary redihough 12 dagar sedan
Haha ban
DAN NY 12 dagar sedan
More hearsay
padam19 12 dagar sedan
Even the editor couldn't find enough footage of Mercedes engineers looking very worried or shaking their heads to give us a bit of hope lol
Dragutin Rozankovic
Dragutin Rozankovic 12 dagar sedan
budget cap is worst idea and i dont like any idea of budget cap .... better is to give other teams better change to get money
ProfessorFATE 13 dagar sedan
Financial limitations on the bigger teams, cough Mercedes cough, has got to be the easiest rule to ever circumvent.
Welsh runner in London
Welsh runner in London 13 dagar sedan
Yeah yeah
Clickbait 4 Kids
Clickbait 4 Kids 13 dagar sedan
bruh I zoned for a second and out of the corner of my eye James Alison looked like that staunch lesbian actress from the 40 year old virgin Jane Lynch.
cafe88 racer
cafe88 racer 13 dagar sedan
that would be funny if mbz ferrari and rbr were fighting for midfield spots lol
TRBLMKR VEEZ 13 dagar sedan
How will testing be policed . . .
Thirty5mm Lens Photography
The apple does not drop far from the family
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne 14 dagar sedan
#8 let's go!
Brent Jordan
Brent Jordan 14 dagar sedan
All I’m saying is that of course the team that demonstrates pay2win the most is worried
212 15 dagar sedan
Right......but Its Mercedes....
PAWEL4513 15 dagar sedan
Atr is fucked idk who came up with this but he is dumb
Planetdune 15 dagar sedan
Who actually checks these wind tunnel times? I mean those are on private property right? Is there someone from the FIA 24/7 onsite?
jon bell
jon bell 16 dagar sedan
I think were at that stage now where it would be better if Mercedes stopped being able to win very often.
Tom A.
Tom A. 16 dagar sedan
Unfortunately, the superiority of Mercedes is hurting the sport. Russell's performance is only evidence needed--car took him from 19th place to what should have been a 1st place. Changes need to be more drastic, more like American Football.
Dre Erd
Dre Erd 16 dagar sedan
These rules are ridiculous this only going to make the field slower 🤦🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ No worries here for the sliver arrows
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 16 dagar sedan
it seems the more expensive and technically advanced F1 becomes the racing becomes more tedious and predictable. Its not a virus pandemic but a PCR testing pandemic. Follow the money back to the big pharma companies.
Cajay Vega
Cajay Vega 17 dagar sedan
They stop developing last years car almost mid season. I think they will be fine.
TheRabbitFear 17 dagar sedan
Here's a radical idea: Go back to the V8 or v10 engines. No problems with overtaking and significantlly less complex and expensive
Harley 18 dagar sedan
We should be betting how quickly Mercedes will wrap the title up. I reckon it will be all done by Hungary. Mercedes should be winning every race. The teams with Mercedes customer engines will be given engine modes when it suits them to challenge RB and Ferrari. Nice to know somethings never change.
Senna 1993
Senna 1993 19 dagar sedan
Nothing is worrying Merc. 👎🏽
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 14 dagar sedan
Its Leo
Its Leo 19 dagar sedan
Mclaren will reveal their car tomorrow
alfriedrich 21 dag sedan
i half expected this video to be just a blank screen.
MAD MAD 22 dagar sedan
I think these rules are OK, but the formula of sprint-race and letting go FP2 is something I don't like to see. Changes are drastic and give the impression of panick reaction to something that isn't there.
bukejit 22 dagar sedan
The production value of these videos get better and better. That syncing of the 2's appearing over the 2021's syncing with the music is sublime
deSisti84 22 dagar sedan
soooo what i heard was "they will be 3s faster per lap than anyone as opposed to pathetic 2s from 2020 season". Also if anyone gets in front of them by some miracle Lewis can complain (again) that their tires were not pumped enough :)
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 14 dagar sedan
Keep being salty! I’m sure Lewis cares...NOT!🧂🤣
the e-man
the e-man 23 dagar sedan
Pretty much if have money you win lol
ProtoRetro 23 dagar sedan
Redbull needs to start doing what Mercedes does. Stopping development of the current car halfway through the season to work on the next season.
Marcelo Onesto
Marcelo Onesto 23 dagar sedan
Typical Merc´s sandbagging.
Bass 'n Kitties
Bass 'n Kitties 23 dagar sedan
I hope this cost cap forces Mercedes to get back into sportscars and Le Mans! WEC is far more exciting - and if there was a top class for LMH cars in Europe that was a copy of IMSA would be fantastic. People would watch sportscars alot more if some races were only 2+3 hours long instead of 6+ hours. IMSA is the best racing in the world right now.
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 23 dagar sedan
Mercedes will be fine it is not going to affect there car too much as they don't have to downgrade the car because they have less money and this is Mercedes, they can work through anything
Drum Ape
Drum Ape 23 dagar sedan
These new rules are really smart, can't wait to see how this plays out.
Jlws _117
Jlws _117 23 dagar sedan
I think Mercedes will probably adapt well, as they always do
Jezza slade
Jezza slade 23 dagar sedan
Annoying channel .
Fazio 24 dagar sedan
If anything this regulation is gonna make the domination worse. Merc is already at the top by a mile, they don't need to develop shit, but catching up is gonna be really tough for competitors.
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales 24 dagar sedan
All this regulations of less sessions in the wind tunnel are bullshit FIA should provide a Wind tunnel or co rent it for the teams with less budget and please let the V10 back..!!
Phil Giglio
Phil Giglio 24 dagar sedan
The current debacle in F1 is a direct result of letting Merc write the freaking engine rules.They had what, 5 years of development work on the PU before anyone else even got a peak at the regs...unfair.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 14 dagar sedan
Rick T
Rick T 24 dagar sedan
Mercedes: we are worried about the 2021 regulations. Translation in English: we build the fastest car on earth yet again and you should consider yourself lucky should you manage to lap within 5 seconds of it.
Dylan .gaul-russell
Dylan .gaul-russell 24 dagar sedan
So by James saying he's anxious and excited by the 2021 aero changes. You have some how turned that into worry. Shut up you absolute tit
greg macdonald
greg macdonald 24 dagar sedan
How about doing reverse grid Racing and introduce weight penalty for teams that win more than 3 races in a row
Juan Carlos Berrocal
Juan Carlos Berrocal 24 dagar sedan
Good chances for Ferrari and Red Bull for development by mid season
Charles Gnarley
Charles Gnarley 25 dagar sedan
>implying Merc isn’t going to dominate this year as well
ovais217 25 dagar sedan
How does limiting CFD time, makes sense when it comes to budget cap, unless Mercedes have supercomputers ?? I can understand when it comes to wind tunnel testing..
James Suel
James Suel 25 dagar sedan
I thought F1 was all about delivering the best - best drivers, best power unit, best chassis... yes Mercedes wins and wins a lot. Why do all these trolls and the guys making this video slam Mercedes - isn’t a better matter to make McClaren, Ferrari , Williams, Red Bull do better? Not Mercedes fault that the other can’t match them so why does Mercedes have to be handicapped? That is so messed up just because idiots of the sport want closer racing... so messed up....
Pedro Fernandes
Pedro Fernandes 25 dagar sedan
Uhmm... This would be worrying for Mercedes if they actually had to build a new car. They don't. They just need to slightly upgrade last year's car...
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 25 dagar sedan
And I am not optimistic at all that there will be a serious contender to Mercedes.
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 25 dagar sedan
I don't like the "one shot" engine rule. So often there is a small fix needed to bring the engine alive during the season.
Kwashior 25 dagar sedan
I've never been less interested in a season than 2021. We already knows it's an easy Mercedes win again, GG. I'd just like to see any other team put on legit consistent pressure on them at the front. Most races now are just Mercedes taking 1-2 lead on lap one, normally from the start, and then off they go. Maybe I should just start watching another series until the Mercedes domination era is looking like it's coming to an end. It's just a bit dull now. It's only the young drivers and midfield racing that'll keep me watching.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 14 dagar sedan
Cian McCabe
Cian McCabe 25 dagar sedan
Ferrari sandbagged in 2020 in order to get more wind tunnel time in 2021 you heard it here first
Ian Parker
Ian Parker 25 dagar sedan
Sand bagging
kefren13 26 dagar sedan
I call it BS. Merc knows they will dominate, but as always, they`ll just downplay it for the audience.
buttieboy666 26 dagar sedan
I hope it is very close. I can respect the leader properly. ,
Thedudeabides803 26 dagar sedan
The F1 rules board calls it Operation Hamstring Mercedes. Mercedes says hold my beer while we smoke the field again.😂
Florin Herlea
Florin Herlea 26 dagar sedan
omg we dont care (on less you are a mercedes fan) i bet they will win each race again
Alex Poenaru
Alex Poenaru 26 dagar sedan
Have you heard about Audi s interests in replacing Honda s engine on Red Bull cars?
Ciaran McGuinness
Ciaran McGuinness 26 dagar sedan
I hope it stops, I really don't want Hamilton to break Schumacher's record and idiots claim he's the Goat
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 26 dagar sedan
Sounds like another of Lewis' "my tires are gone" before setting the fastest lap.
Xracer 599
Xracer 599 26 dagar sedan
Last year Russell clearly demonstrated to the world that , Mercedes is head and shoulders above the rest . 2021 will be the same story 🙀🙀🙀
Lantec1000 26 dagar sedan
Kinda sucks that winners get wing-clipped while the rest of the field get advantages. In the real world, if you suck, get good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Edy Rum
Edy Rum 26 dagar sedan
Mercedes car full tehnologi..very good car
ecatano 26 dagar sedan
Drivers salary should be included in budget cap
troeteimarsch 26 dagar sedan
1:09 - Budget Cap 3:56 - Less Aero Time 7:04 - Aero Changes
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson 26 dagar sedan
Think the only fly in the ointment for Lewis will be Max with an outside chance from McLaren (both drivers)
James Stewart
James Stewart 27 dagar sedan
Too much like politics.
glenniz1 27 dagar sedan
Superb job of explaining the rules changes for this coming season. Your ability to break down such technical information, so that the average fan will understand the new tech, is simply incredible.....Thank You!!!!
The Stig
The Stig 27 dagar sedan
Mercedes:we are concerned about this new rules.......GET IN THERE LEWIS!!!
nobody important
nobody important 25 dagar sedan
more and more money to that fuckboy
Chris Sawyer
Chris Sawyer 27 dagar sedan
Hamilton is to Mercedes what Brady was to the Patriots. As long as they’re together, they’re unstoppable.
이석민 27 dagar sedan
Merc is worried After the very first race : “Get in there Lewis”
pimped outstereos
pimped outstereos 27 dagar sedan
I can c this being Mercedes playing mind games again, full of shit
Web crawler
Web crawler 27 dagar sedan
let's be realistic, Mercedes have already won the 2021 Championship like every single one in the last eight years
DaylightDigital 27 dagar sedan
Good effort, James would be proud
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