The questions posed by Hamilton’s new one-year Mercedes F1 deal 

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Lewis Hamilton has finally signed a new deal with Mercedes for this year, but he’s only committed to the team for 2021. Given that both sides were believed to be keen to avoid a repeat of the speculation that surrounded driver and team throughout 2020, a short extension to the deal raises quite a few questions. With input from Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, Scott Mitchell explores those questions and the potential impact this deal could have on Mercedes and F1 in 2022
Our verdicts on Hamilton's new Mercedes F1 deal
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8 feb 2021



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777 Dag sedan
mans just pussied out on 2022, because of ground effect
Andrea Lizarraga
Andrea Lizarraga 4 dagar sedan
The taboo gear oceanographically bow because lan virtually scratch across a zany lasagna. tame, rhetorical knight
Doraan Cilliers
Doraan Cilliers 7 dagar sedan
Bye cry bby good too hear if u gone
Doraan Cilliers
Doraan Cilliers 6 dagar sedan
@Chris OK.. Go bend for him coward
Chris 6 dagar sedan
You silly mug.
MrWilhelm76 7 dagar sedan
the most overrated driver ever !!
Chris 6 dagar sedan
Deluded 😂
Jarema Karwowski
Jarema Karwowski 8 dagar sedan
At this point,with 8th title coming, him not wanting to race with Russell is just a cowardness.
Chris 8 dagar sedan
Yawn. Nowhere has be avoided racing Russell.
Lukas Lulu Kaimarak
Lukas Lulu Kaimarak 8 dagar sedan
Hamilton HM 44# the best now f1
Tim Annear
Tim Annear 9 dagar sedan
So he's signed....fuck what a shame. Hang in there George, you're the more than worthy replacement.
Chris 9 dagar sedan
You clown.
C. T
C. T 9 dagar sedan
Dude thinks hes gonna become king of the SJWs
Patrick Terrett
Patrick Terrett 9 dagar sedan
Lewis has become way to political and should be dropped by Mercedes. His success is as much down to Mercedes as Hamilton. Time to move on and make the sport watchable again. Sponsors need viewers and they are falling out of being bored with the sport. The best race in 2020 was when Hamilton was not racing.
Chris 9 dagar sedan
Simon White
Simon White 9 dagar sedan
9:23. "So this is what you do. You're going to end a fake interview, give a wave to your invisible friend, walk down the steps to the pitlane and go past the Mercedes garage. Give another wave to your mates working on your car and finally zip up your overalls at the end."
Sam Lancaster
Sam Lancaster 11 dagar sedan
So F1 represents a New World Order then ? Where does all this fit together ? Can I suggest that you take a look at the Italian Grand Prix 1971 , yes a long time ago and in black and white with French commentary. But , this will give you a glimpse into a time long ago before F1 sold it’s very soul , all for money. You won’t miss me and I’ll not miss F1 anymore .
Chris 10 dagar sedan
Bye. Good riddance.
Sam Lancaster
Sam Lancaster 11 dagar sedan
Is Lewis still allowed to kneel for Marxists ? If so , I’m off - again.
Chris 11 dagar sedan
Bye. Good riddance.
Alistair young
Alistair young 11 dagar sedan
Toto is full of it................
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 11 dagar sedan
Maybe Hamilton will try and snatch his last championship with Mercedes and then do an exit year in a Ferrari. I cant see him leaving F1 without being a Ferrari driver.
fred ado
fred ado 12 dagar sedan
Now I’m fully convinced there are a lot of crackhead fans in F1. Every sports in this world works fine with top players and teams earning big money and winning trophies. Anyways, when people are delusional, they see and know things that the experts can’t lol..
Frank G
Frank G 12 dagar sedan
he is not the best ever if you compare apples with apples, the best can win with lesser means something loulou never did. he has become an sjw and thus is no longer desired by many
Chris 12 dagar sedan
Oh dear.
Todd 14 dagar sedan
he wants to give George a shot
DAN NY 14 dagar sedan
If he wins this year, i can see him retiring and moving to motogp
david garton
david garton 16 dagar sedan
Sooner Hamilton is gone the better. Sick of his rhetoric
Christine Crockford
Christine Crockford 16 dagar sedan
Lewis im ashamed of the abuse you get of lot of British people. I think your a god to me and should I ever even get to speak or even touch ur beautiful skin my life would be complete. You given me so much joy watching u thru gp2 and f1. Your AMAZING THANKYOU xxx
day 2 day
day 2 day 16 dagar sedan
Russell deserves that seat. He is top 3 or 4 drivers in f1 ...
ND J 16 dagar sedan
What's the name of the BGM that starts at 10:00?
kanyedian 16 dagar sedan
Wow Retirement is total nonsense. This kid is so young. Let's goooooo
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 18 dagar sedan
Imagine: Bottas gets Covid (but nothing serious) and George replace him for a race or two
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 18 dagar sedan
8th title and it will be his last. Quit while you are ahead, set that bar for someone else to break through. Also, Toto has terrible taste in wall art...
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 19 dagar sedan
Go Hamilton
Sibusiso Mngadi
Sibusiso Mngadi 20 dagar sedan
To tell you the truth... We are clueless, but cannot say it, coz we know zilch! 🤣🤣🤣 L M A O ...
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 18 dagar sedan
Wants that 8th title and he’s gone....could join up with Toto and start a different type of racing...
Rick Stewart
Rick Stewart 20 dagar sedan
Mercedes missed a great opportunity with not signing Russell into the Botas car, that would give Hamilton a true team competitor!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 18 dagar sedan
i wanna se hamilton in the alfa romeo just to see what happens
Rick Stewart
Rick Stewart 20 dagar sedan
Dreaming I know, but I really hope Ricciardo kicks his arse this season!
Sven 20 dagar sedan
Anyone could beat Bottas in that merc in equal equipment.
Ariel Cao
Ariel Cao 20 dagar sedan
Russel is overhyped and will have to reset his expectations.... Bottas is very complementary to Hamilton to bring both constructor and driver championships...
Sinking 21 dag sedan
Verstappen Russell dream team in 2022...It would be an unbelievable battle but the rest of the field would be racing for F1.5 title.
Simon 21 dag sedan
Lewis potentially just needs one season to have the most titles, but I think he'll be up for the challenge brought on by the new rules, it's not like he shies away from a challenge!
Legionnaire Gonk
Legionnaire Gonk 21 dag sedan
Questions posed? What, like is Hamilton going to spend another year as one of the world's biggest hypocrites, lecturing anybody in sight about all things environmental whilst participating in THE most environmentally unfriendly sport, both in itself and the footprint of running the sport crisscrossing across the globe with thousands of people and a fleet of 747 cargo planes to carry it all? Or maybe he is going to see if spending one more year in F1 can help get a famous historic watchmaker of many times the age of him to surrender their name to be his trademark as his ego is so huge.... Those sort of questions posed you mean? Lewis Hamilton - the egotistical hypocritical pr*ck that just keeps on giving.....
Chris 21 dag sedan
Imagine being so pressed by a guy living his life. Deary me, how embarrassing for you.
Hamilton video - OK boys roll out the stock footage again.
Aaron Yanez
Aaron Yanez 21 dag sedan
Most decorated in history, far from greatest driver in history. He wouldn't even make top 10.
Chris 21 dag sedan
Yawn. Good joke.
Simon C Broadley
Simon C Broadley 21 dag sedan
Russell , Bottas 2022 Hamilton leaving as the best ever F1 driver ever , He beat Schumacher's records seasons ago , By not not being the no 1 driver in the team ,
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen 21 dag sedan
yes he retire. he will not drive under 30m pay. he has atleast 1m pocket money more than normal peepol make lifetime. he will survive lol 1 in sure bottas drive 2022 with hamilton or russel. lewis want bottas so he can let him pass he need points or not other tactics need use same tires so cant overtake,but when bottas lead race anything happen
Chris 21 dag sedan
Centurion Guards
Centurion Guards 21 dag sedan
I think Ricciardo would be a great partner for Hamilton at Mercedes, I don't think Red Bull appreciated his racecraft, he beat Vettel like a drum in the same car.
pip-will-tell -nothing
Chris 21 dag sedan
Lol no
Denizhan Acar
Denizhan Acar 22 dagar sedan
I'm sick of this 'diversity' non-sense that Hamilton constantly mutters. Dude, Yuki Tsunoda has joined F1, that's a step taken forward for more diverse F1. Did Hamilton say anything about it? I doubt it, by saying 'diversity', he just means more black people. I never heard him talking about former Japanese and Indian drivers.
Marcfx 22 dagar sedan
Wants that 8th title and he’s gone....could join up with Toto and start a different type of racing...
Gustav MH
Gustav MH 22 dagar sedan
i wanna se hamilton in the alfa romeo just to see what happens
Drew32 22 dagar sedan
Sure hammy, let's get some diversity hires because skin color is more important than skill.
V12F1Demon 22 dagar sedan
Lewis desperately wants that 8th WDC or else people will still say Schumacher is better.
Chris 19 dagar sedan
@Ernesto Gasulla lol nice joke
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 20 dagar sedan
Which he is.
V12F1Demon 22 dagar sedan
@Chris Oh, I think he does... Very much, and, esp when it concerns his skills vs the car and field and comparisons to Schumacher's abilities.
Chris 22 dagar sedan
He doesn't care what people say.....
David Marles
David Marles 22 dagar sedan
Hamilton is NOT the the greatest driver. Put any F! driver in a F! Mercedes and they could be the best driver. Hamilton has just be lucky to get a good car. Lets put Hamilton in a Williams and se how good he is.
Syfa Delgado
Syfa Delgado 22 dagar sedan
This is pure speculation and assumptions. When you get to Hamilton's level. You tend to call the shots, and get the response you desire. Don't make a big deal out of it. No one else does.
Walter Hunter
Walter Hunter 22 dagar sedan
I knew this would happen to Lewis. The amerikkkan owners want to get rid of him.
Rex Deus
Rex Deus 22 dagar sedan
time for mr politician to focus on his career and get out of motor sport.
John Vasey
John Vasey 22 dagar sedan
Flexibility there for Hamilton and Mercedes. Doubt Lewis would want a teammate that could genuinely push him, I have no idea where we are going to end up, imagine though if Lewis wins, picks the right drive for ‘22 and goes on to try 9 or even 10? That would be almost unbearable. Personally I would like to see Russell in with a shot as a title contender going forward.
nelsond1498 22 dagar sedan
This guy thinks he's going to save the world.
Zontar 22 dagar sedan
If I was a Mercedes shareholder I'd be living at Toto burning tens of millions for no gain
Arun 22 dagar sedan
It turns out there was no "Verstappen clause", or that Lewis was asking for more money. The number of articles and videos stating these lies over the last few months has been incredible, as has the vitriolic comments aimed at Hamilton as a result. The standard of journalism needs to improve drastically. Instead of stoking divisions just report the truth, otherwise we will continue to go down the same path as America where we stop believing in journalism while others are religiously devoted to untruths. We must do better!
Zontar 22 dagar sedan
Then why is Hamilton getting less money this year then he got last year?
ricky 22 dagar sedan
He obviously has special powers in his contract to keep Russell away and Bottas in the 2nd seat. Even though Bottas isn't championship material he still made sure Lewis can't beat certain pole records. Russell in the Merc looked as good as Lewis at McLaren. Lewis only won 1 championship in his first 7 years. The same as Raikonen, less than Alonso and Schumacher.
extranjeroviajero 22 dagar sedan
As far I concern, he can go to hell with his nonsense politics, darn ignorant...go back to England and pay your taxes...A-whole
extranjeroviajero 3 dagar sedan
Monaco residents do not pay taxes. fool!!!
extranjeroviajero 20 dagar sedan
@Chris As I thought YT erased my message you fool!!!! Monaco is a Tax Heaven As Switzerland...you foollllllll!!!!!
extranjeroviajero 21 dag sedan
@Chris F" youTube erase my message Monaco is a free ride POS!!!!
extranjeroviajero 21 dag sedan
@Chris you F' A-whole Monaco is free ride POS!!!!
Chris 22 dagar sedan
He does pay tax you fool
brakel8r 22 dagar sedan
tail waggin the dog
Pranjal Jain
Pranjal Jain 22 dagar sedan
Corona doesn't hamper Lewis' ability to have a video call with Toto, which is how they negotiated anyway
Pranjal Jain
Pranjal Jain 21 dag sedan
@Tieme Witte yeah not debating that, he should absolutely get sick days. Though the reason given by Toto doesn't seem convincing because hamilton was back in the car within 10 days so he wasn't THAT sick. Something could be brewing in the background, this reason alone is not sufficient to convince ME(my opinion)
Tieme Witte
Tieme Witte 21 dag sedan
Depends on how sick you are, right? I'd rather not be signing multi million dollar contracts while having a fever, nor would I want to negotiate a contract like that with someone who's potentially very ill. People are allowed sick days, no reason Hamilton should be an exception.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 22 dagar sedan
Plainly Hamilton is an excellent racing driver, but I am sick of all hearing all this other stuff which surrounds him. Please change the record!
Beau Goddard
Beau Goddard 22 dagar sedan
All I'm saying is I called this 6 months ago...
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada 22 dagar sedan
If he wins an 8th Championship he will either retire or try to work magic with another team.
Chris 21 dag sedan
@Zontar russell exposed Hamilton by driving on a non technical track with a fresh engine and MGUK, not racing Hamilton or Verstappen. Yep, sounds very exposed to me. You're also ignoring the fact that Russell is damn good. F2 world champion, GP3 champion, Merc academy driver. Russell performing in the car doesn't suddenly make Hamilton a midfielder. But you know, those with agendas to push like you two can't be told otherwise. The fact he draws praise from rivals and teammates alike says it all. Nobody has a bad word to say about him or his skill.
Zontar 21 dag sedan
@Chris Russel exposed Hamilton, there's no closing that box, sure people like me have been calling Hamilton out for years but now there's nothing to pretend otherwise unless you're going to say that Russel is a contender for the title of GOAT
Chris 21 dag sedan
@Zontar oh deary me, so clouded by your bias 😂 Let me reword Fastest drivers tend up to end up in the fastest cars as No1. Vettel Hamilton Schumacher Alonso And their no2s. Webber Bottas Barrichello Massa. There's a reason Hamilton is worth 40 million to Mercedes. And it's not because he's a midfield driver in a fast car. or maybe you'd like to explain how Toto et al have wasted their money on a midfield driver. Hmmm, pretty sure Hamilton's skill is obvious to them.
Zontar 21 dag sedan
@Chris Yes, he's nowhere near the fastest driver, that's why the myth that the fastest driver gets the fastest car is destroyed by his career. Hamilton fans love to push that myth though, since it allows them to rationalise that Hamilton is the GOAT rather then just a British Vileneuve.
Chris 21 dag sedan
@Zontar Bottas isn't one of the fastest drivers is he.... Perfect No 2. Nowhere near Hamilton.
Xyzzyx 22 dagar sedan
oh noes, more wokenism coming to F1
Made Sanjaya
Made Sanjaya 22 dagar sedan
Well ITS just gonna ruin the F1 ... same champ for 2021 like WRC Loeb era n moto gp Marquez era n became suck...
Yes, we have no bananas today
He ain't going anywhere. Still driving like a boss and he can't do all the extra stuff he wants near as well out of the car as in.
bmx687 22 dagar sedan
If other teams take the fight to merc, Hamilton will stay. I think hes bored
Silvano Paolucci
Silvano Paolucci 21 dag sedan
I agree!! Bottas to Williams George Russel to Merc!! He will challenge Lewis.
nfp none
nfp none 22 dagar sedan
How can you say Verstappen is the best on the grid after Hamilton when Bottas finished second in the drivers championship! I think Mercedes is smiling ear to ear with Hamilton and Bottas with Russell waiting in the wings. They have a problem of too many drivers, but they have the best in the car right now!
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 20 dagar sedan
You don't know shit about F1, do you?
Mikhail Fong
Mikhail Fong 23 dagar sedan
It's the car, lulu. Ask Russel.
Chris 22 dagar sedan
Hahaha good joke
Simon Barnes
Simon Barnes 23 dagar sedan
If Hamilton wins another title this year I can see him leaving at the end of this season which I think will lead to a Vestappen and Russell line up at Mercedes for the 2022. Will Wolf still be in charge come 2022, who knows.
Cody Knight
Cody Knight 23 dagar sedan
Will Mercedes even be racing in 2022 ?
Wayne Barfoot
Wayne Barfoot 23 dagar sedan
Good isn't he
Rihit saundankar
Rihit saundankar 23 dagar sedan
*hamilton two laps into a race: 🔘👈 bono my tired are gone
karelpipa 23 dagar sedan
5:32 wtf, when did Vettel lost his up hair?
poly cube
poly cube 23 dagar sedan
If Lewis leaves Mercedes I don't see them being dominant anymore even if they have the fastest cars, unless they get Verstappen, sure the car is fast but somebody with real skill has to drive it, Bottas has a few wins but he lacks that killer instinct Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have.
Zontar 22 dagar sedan
Russel showed that there's already a lineup waiting to take Hamilton's place when he leaves, midfield has plenty of talent who are Hamilton's equals.
TheRabbitFear 23 dagar sedan
I don't like the F1 statement of carbon neutral and bio fuel engines. I don't watch F1 because it's clean, we should be moving towards v8 and v10, maybe v12 engines instead
poly cube
poly cube 23 dagar sedan
I think they should try to go back to them once they start to use 100% synthetic fuel.
JONNY MURRAY 23 dagar sedan
We all know he loves a challenge he would never for give himself if he didn't at least drive for ferrari and maybe won a title there he's not hanging up his gloves anyway he's gonny smash the f1 titles out of reach .
K4lr0b 23 dagar sedan
Statistically but not truly the best ever... might be the most succesful driver yes in the most dominant car ever with no rule changes for 8 years...
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 23 dagar sedan
Keep the teams and swap the driver pairing for each team each year. lol
Cyberlivion 23 dagar sedan
I like they went black
Tim Vernak
Tim Vernak 23 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that thinks it isn't the worst idea for George to stay at Williams? You never know what can happen with major rule changes. They used to be on top of the world, and finished p3 not so long ago.
Rob M
Rob M 23 dagar sedan
Why is it that Toto keeps looking up and away each time he tries to answer anything?
MrAllister9 23 dagar sedan
Lewis Hamilton has almost 100 wins and 100 poles and has been on the podium 2/3 of his career Just sayin
Zontar 22 dagar sedan
He also spent 9 of his 14 seasons driving the best car on the grid, winning over him and his team mate in those 9 seasons was an achievement in itself given the car quality gap. Hamilton is about as skilled as Vileneuve when you get right down to it.
Jackdaw 23 dagar sedan
Lewis needs to step away, so does Vettel, and Alonso, and Kimi. Being in a sport with only 20 seats for 10+ years isn't right. It was okay in the past when there wasn't enough drivers to replace the experiences grid, so teams kept the best option. But now the teams could replace older drivers for young drivers and only lose a tenth or two, it's just how good the young drivers are due to the hugely competitive environment they have grown up in. Look at Leclerc, in the last race with Prema he shunted the leading car in a hairpin then overtook him in the drag down the following straight and was called an amazing talent of F1, despite that shit behaviour he still pulled himself together to outdrive Vettel in 2019. (2020 doesn't count, Leclerc is cutthroat and had already picked Vettel out of the team at that point).
Anton Goring
Anton Goring 23 dagar sedan
Hulkenberg needs a chance
Eddie Adams
Eddie Adams 23 dagar sedan
Mercedes hopefully not looking for signing Verstappen, why would they do that when they have George? I do not even understand why Verstappen's name has to come up in the first place? just to make this content more interesting?
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 23 dagar sedan
Hamilton will only race as long as the car has the advantage. With the new rules, Merc's advantage is slipping away. Hamilton can only prove his greatness by driving for a non-Mercedes back marker team like Haas, Alpha Tauri, or Alfa Romeo.
Removal Man
Removal Man 23 dagar sedan
So, instead of actually watching this season, we can just go to the F1 world champions wikipedia page, cross out "7" and crayon in "8" by Lewis's name and call it a day?
Gaurav Vel
Gaurav Vel 23 dagar sedan
Gtfo Scott Mitchell
Epicon 6
Epicon 6 23 dagar sedan
2021 was a done deal a year ago. Mercedes just wanted to sign him for more. And Lewis just wants to be 100% certain he will win 2022 and 2023 before he signs again
Britney Chin
Britney Chin 23 dagar sedan
Alpine will offer lewis tje highest salary in history on 2022, and again Alonso partner Lewis and again Lewis smash Alonso and again Alonso cry like a baby.
Ross Macfarlane
Ross Macfarlane 23 dagar sedan
Can anyone tell me what are the "mumfs" the narrator talks about? Asking for a friend....
gino smith
gino smith 23 dagar sedan
GOAT? George Russell showed that is it the car that makes Hamilton good
Chris 23 dagar sedan
Hahahaha good joke
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann 23 dagar sedan
He needs to keep his options open if AMG doesn't build the best car. If he is not in the fastest car, his lack of "god-like skills" will be exposed. He needs to be in the fastest car to maintain the illusion that he is the best driver. If AMG is slower than Red Bull in the next couple years, HAM needs to be able to retire or switch teams in order to stay on top. He isn't a good enough driver to get a slower car a win and/or championship.
Simon Falize
Simon Falize 23 dagar sedan
In corona time asking that amount of money!! Ridiculous.
Pat176 23 dagar sedan
1:10 master
Daniel Engel
Daniel Engel 23 dagar sedan
I guess, Lewis and Toto will retire after this season, but if the 2022 car performs like a beast in the tests, they will stay.
Fusune 23 dagar sedan
hamilton finally FUCKING OFF? Yes please.
honestmcgyver 23 dagar sedan
Strange how what should be a 5min or less video just creeps over the magic SElosk 10mins...mmm
Frankie Boy
Frankie Boy 23 dagar sedan
Its a 1 year deal plus a driver’s option.
Slime Levi
Slime Levi 23 dagar sedan
Some hater will be saying why again . We don’t want him again he as be giving us slept night
Geewiz 27 G
Geewiz 27 G 23 dagar sedan
I think Lewis wins this year he'll be the only one with 8 titles and he'll retire. I think he's started to get more interested in life after F1.
Zayd Ayyoub
Zayd Ayyoub 23 dagar sedan
I love how he doesn’t say he is the best driver ever but the best driver statistically 😂
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada 21 dag sedan
@Vague Quad - GFX No! Tom Brady in no way shape or form carried that team to a Superbowl Win. He was an integral part, but the defense was what actually carried them through the season and ultimately a SB Win. As usual Brady is on the Sideline when the game winning play is made.
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada 21 dag sedan
@drip dr What I mean is just like the NFL, F1 is a Team sport. Yes you need a good QB in the NFL, but if they don't have the defense and Offensive line and Offensive weapons to help, it won't matter how good the QB is. The Same with F1, you need to be part of a great team, as all of History has showed. You need a great car, great aero, great strategists etc. But in both cases without the right guy behind the wheel it's not a total fit.
drip dr
drip dr 22 dagar sedan
@Tango Nevada what do you mean?
Vague Quad - GFX
Vague Quad - GFX 22 dagar sedan
@Tango Nevada didn’t Tom just carry a super bowl W? Lol wut
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada 22 dagar sedan
Well, they are different things. Just like Tom Brady is statistically the best NFL Quarterback ever, but by no means the best QB in the NFL.
Swooping Sausage
Swooping Sausage 23 dagar sedan
So glad he said for diversity and inclusion in his contract. But forgets he made fun of his nephew on instagram for wearing a dress because he liked to. Forgets that he comes from a europe which last I checked was predominantly Caucasian racing in a sport that centres around Europe. Says he wants f1 to be carbon neutral but takes upwards of 200 flights a year and gets partly paid from the teams title sponsor a fuel company. Races in a sport the uses metals pulled from the ground and refined in factories and transported around the world to the huge factory that uses more power then a small suburb. Works for a company that has its own supply of cows that are then killed to produce the leather in the cars that he drives to the race track and then around his home town. He's a walking contradiction and is in no place to lecture anyone on being earth conscious. Im surprised he hasn't got a breathing apparatus filled with his own farts.
visningar 21tn
visningar 21tn