The revealing details from Sainz's first Ferrari F1 test 

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Carlos Sainz Jr has had his first run in a Ferrari F1 car - a moment that was so special he made sure his legendary father Carlos Sr was on hand to witness it at Fiorano. But how much value could he really get from driving the team's 2018 car on its private test track? With the help of some insight from Sainz himself, Scott Mitchell explains the details of why this test was beneficial for both team and driver.
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28 jan 2021



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tony ross
tony ross 3 dagar sedan
It's going to be very good for him or very hard for him! Se la Vie.
Prince Royal
Prince Royal 3 dagar sedan
Sir Lewis Hamilton, Chip #8 😁
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 5 dagar sedan
I just hope they do him well
Ernie H
Ernie H 6 dagar sedan
Daddy's boy.... gets you an F1 appearance..along with hard work, but lots put in the work
racegod09 9 dagar sedan
This sounds great both for the team and Carlos.
Locomotion2121 9 dagar sedan
I am very excited for Carlos. Unfortunately this will be another Ferrari F1 season to forget and it will not be the last to do so.
Seal 10 dagar sedan
It's actually because the 2018 car is faster
Nadir Ünal
Nadir Ünal 10 dagar sedan
Why 2018 car? We all know that 2018 car is much better than the latest car. It must be for avoiding to scare the driver.
Areeb Tahir
Areeb Tahir 12 dagar sedan
I hope he would bring back ferrari's older reputation
Sentient 6
Sentient 6 13 dagar sedan
What is marinelo? Ah the pronunciation is hilarious, love brits
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne 14 dagar sedan
Sainz and Ferrari is an emotional connection, and I am here for it.
adrian wright
adrian wright 14 dagar sedan
Any good no great drive need a team behind him. I hope he gets it
pejko89 14 dagar sedan
Oh, I love both Ferrari and Mclaren... And Williams. I love most teams. Except Pink Shit and Mercedes
victor arcuri
victor arcuri 16 dagar sedan
We’ll see if Ferrari decides to start winning this year
psplfq1 16 dagar sedan
mike thulin
mike thulin 16 dagar sedan
The problem with Ferrari is that’s it’s ran by italians, the last time they won champions was with French and brits around 🤔
Andrea Ippolito
Andrea Ippolito 17 dagar sedan
Forza Carlos! E forza Charles!
Fastfoward prospects
Fastfoward prospects 17 dagar sedan
Hope that ferrari wont destroy sainz same as they have been destroying everybody else on their payroll
heylo lp
heylo lp 21 dag sedan
As a big Carlos fan all the way through Toro Rosso, Renault, McLaren and now Ferrari I am so happy to see him adapt so quickly he's a hard worker and great person. Guess we'll have to see what he'll be allowed to show of that at the Legacy team
kpvarma 22 dagar sedan
Alonso did not shine vettel did not shine .... Sainz will not shine either until binato kicked out of ferrari
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
If Sainz doesn't push Leclerc &/or Perez doesn't give Verstappen a run for his money I am going to stop watching F1.
davemis40 24 dagar sedan
Are Ferrari going to chew him up and spit him out ? .. I hope not.
boomshine7 26 dagar sedan
not much excited
Daytona Express
Daytona Express 28 dagar sedan
Can we talk Riccardo next please
Lyle Petersen
Lyle Petersen 28 dagar sedan
I have full confidence in Carlos Sainz abilities and I believe he will be a strong competitor to Charles Leclerc
hazeluzzell 28 dagar sedan
I wonder how long the hero worship will last? I hope for his sake Ferrari have got their act together.
SOFS GAMER 29 dagar sedan
run baby run
Jordan H
Jordan H 29 dagar sedan
I’m not a fan of Carlos but I want him to wipe the floor with Charles.
Amrut Nagasunder
Amrut Nagasunder 29 dagar sedan
Ferrari simply cannot make a decent mask.
Andrei Briceag
Andrei Briceag 29 dagar sedan
1:53 he's practiced talking with his enyeenieer
nominaltimes 29 dagar sedan
I hope they didn't just suck all that charm out of him! CAAAARRLLLOOOOSSS!!?!?!??
Shamim Huq
Shamim Huq 29 dagar sedan
I believe Sainz is moving to McClaren !!
Peter Wilkinson
Peter Wilkinson Månad sedan
he could be the surprise of 2021
Piotr Babiuch
Piotr Babiuch Månad sedan
he dont know yet he's gonna be Leclercs bottas xD
arthur batti
arthur batti Månad sedan
Problem is, whatever Ferrari does, Mercedes doubles almost overnight.
synth15 Månad sedan
Carlos seems like the nicest guy in the current F1 driver lineup. He's so professional and respectful and always says the right stuff.
Santiago Carreon
Santiago Carreon Månad sedan
He will probably end up bald...
Saabjock Månad sedan
Carlos is a very good all-around driver and is as capable as Charles in the same equipment. I don't see him as a deputy. He will ultimately take the fight to him, once more established at Ferrari. He may 'tow the line' initially if asked in a 1-2 situation, simply to gain team support. That won't last for long once embedded.
Nacho Aguado
Nacho Aguado Månad sedan
If Ferrari wants to be contenders, there's one thing they need to do...and that's apply the McLaren environment with their drivers. They need to let'em be themselves. Create that dynamic where they compete but also share personal moments together. Carlos and Charles won't be CarLando bromance...but they have chemistry and they respect each other.
Merc S600
Merc S600 Månad sedan
Good to see Sainz at Ferrari . Next they need a change of Binotto ( almost means Good Man ) , previous being ArivaBene ( means Arived good ) , they need to find one with a name like BuonaPartenza ( Good Start ) then maybe they can WIN against the Merc's ,lol.
Ro Ye
Ro Ye Månad sedan
I'm hoping junior has a brilliant 1st year with SF, but I fear his timing is off by 1 season. The McLaren's will get merc power and challenge for podiums most weekends, while the prancing horse will be a mid-pack team in 2021
Chen Zhang
Chen Zhang Månad sedan
The real reason is that the 2018 car was the fastest Ferrari for the last 15 years...
Callum Burton
Callum Burton Månad sedan
Good video dude.😃👍
PbPomper Månad sedan
All this BS about driving for Ferrari, being in red, blabla. It's all lip service. In the end, drivers just want the fastest car. But I guess it's expected from them to kiss the Ferrari ass.
Garry Wallace
Garry Wallace Månad sedan
I hope Ferrari can deliver a car that allows both Sainz and LeClerc to challenge at the front. One of the best driver pairing in the 2012 grid.
Tamer Andary
Tamer Andary Månad sedan
4:55, the mclaren car looks photoshopped haha
Visan Georgian
Visan Georgian Månad sedan
1:55 When you speak two languages and now you have to speak italian too. Wtf is an iiniineer?😂 good luck carlos! Hope ferrari doesn’t fuck up your career
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Månad sedan
His dad must be soo proud
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba Månad sedan
What's revealing is Carlos found the slow button, he is ready for 2021
Chris Månad sedan
would Ferrari be competitive in the Tour De France this year ?
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro Månad sedan
i think if ferrari gets a better car this season, sainz will be better than leclerc by mid-season.
LD Central
LD Central Månad sedan
I think he'll be a very close match for Charles Leclerc.
Patrick Kronenberger
they use the 2018 because its faster ahhahahah
Leon Månad sedan
Sainz: Wow that's fast Ferrari: Don't get used to it
Jason rushton
Jason rushton Månad sedan
Am very limited in my like's, for Ferrari in both team & driver's. But really hope'n all the best for Carlos!!!
Clubsport R8
Clubsport R8 Månad sedan
Wish all drivers the best but never cared for all the Ferrari hype it's just a race car & based on past performances just an average one.
valleywoodworker Månad sedan
"Here comes the domination". Hahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha Ha!
Eleven Ocean
Eleven Ocean Månad sedan
Better grab insurance for that bed of hair Sainz
roblox horse FOOL
roblox horse FOOL Månad sedan
S🅱️innatos master🅱️lan
Ebin Babu
Ebin Babu Månad sedan
Ferrari jus want to make him drive a fast car than a shitbox thats y chose SF71h than SF1000 so he doesn't instantly regret his decision to join Ferrari lol
Chrisi234 Månad sedan
if he wont challange leclerc in his first season he will just end up as another valteri bottas
Sandor Bako
Sandor Bako Månad sedan
"talking with my ennineer" :D
HG M Månad sedan
Still haven't fixed their masks.... typical 🤣🤣
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter Månad sedan
Leclerc first day as lead driver with Carlos as his partner; just crush Carlos out in the first race.
Timaz Månad sedan
Covid & F1 2021, 2022, 2023...And no one can design a mask that doesn't keep sliding down the nose when you talk. With the "World Government" I don't see it going away. It's about control, Control.
Golden Crypto Supreme
The 2018 car is also the best car they have lol
melina f
melina f Månad sedan
I can't see Carlos as someone who would gladly and quietly accept the 2nd driver position, specially with Mick just around the corner waiting for a Ferrari seat. I think he's gonna give Leclerc a hard time and fight him good to show his worth
mtbmadness Månad sedan
I hope we still hear the smooth operatooor radio calls with his new race engineer 🤞😊
Blame Månad sedan
I think Charles has recovered from last year's disastrous amount of mistakes, those esports races probably had something to do with it. So, Sainz will have a very tough time trying to keep up with Charles. Talking about Norris and McLaren, I think that McLaren was slightly faster than either driver could get out of it and Norris is not really that good of a driver (yet).
Bluewing Gaming
Bluewing Gaming Månad sedan
The Sainz are promising from this.
Dazla 85
Dazla 85 Månad sedan
Go Carlos 🏎
Dunny Rat
Dunny Rat Månad sedan
No offence to Sainz but it would have been great to test a Ferrari before they broke the rules with the fuel system. Now enjoy the Ferrari that has no power.
Kevin Mutai
Kevin Mutai Månad sedan
Benvenuto Carlos...super driver
Ho Zhuo Feng
Ho Zhuo Feng Månad sedan
Why the 2018 car is useful? Cuz that's the only fast car for Ferrari currently No way they are letting them to test in that shitbox
Caleb Black
Caleb Black Månad sedan
Drives like a boat
Fayzul rafi
Fayzul rafi Månad sedan
I can't wait to see his performance!
IcedFinnGaming Månad sedan
i think we've seen these big driver pairings before where they haven't really worked all that well. That said both Leclerc and Sainz are very aggressive speed merchants and work incredibly hard for the teams they are in. Sainz move to Ferrari was not a shock to me when i first heard it mentioned some time last year. Sainz just like Leclerc could be on to something special this season as long as there is no in-house favoritism. Given that I think Verstappen will win the 2021 championship, there is going to be a power shift away from the merc and hamilton and it could be one of those amazing season's where there is no clear favorite due to new cars etc. Sainz' move to Ferrari will do for him what Verstappen's move to Red Bull did for him. I am expecting very big things for carlos this coming term, he seems very settled as to whether he will win any races, is down to the gods on race day but its going to be really exciting to watch 2 very determined young drivers do battle throughout the season, lets hope they show enough respect to each other that they dont end up ramming each other off the track or crashing into each other deliberately because we've seen that plenty of times before with other drivers. Good Luck carlos, your certainly going to be one of my dark horses for race wins.
Yashraj Nikam
Yashraj Nikam Månad sedan
Finger's crossed for Ferrari and Carlo's Sianz
Britton Woodruff
Britton Woodruff Månad sedan
36 hours in the ‘21 car before lights out? Doesn’t look like his chances are going to be fantastic. Does he get into the ‘21 and think, “where’d all that power go?” I hope not. FER needs to be back in the hunt. PSA-look for the high rake RB to be slow this season. Loss of downforce will kill them
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson Månad sedan
I expect le clerk to be challenged a lot more this year. Carlos is no slouch or No2. Both drivers very professional so shouldn't be a problem. The only problem will be the car I'm afraid
Enrico Gabuzzi
Enrico Gabuzzi Månad sedan
Here comes the “Cavallino Rampante”!
Jlws _117
Jlws _117 Månad sedan
Honestly, I like all of the team pairings this season. Charlos is no exception, high hopes!
Kent Premium
Kent Premium Månad sedan
Sainz ; "don't worry red is just another shade of orange "
P Månad sedan
I feel sorry for him cause Charles will destroy him
Kurt M
Kurt M Månad sedan
Here’s to hoping Ferrari gets their act together. I miss seeing them at the top.
BlaZ0rKeKz Månad sedan
Ferrari didnt even fix that damn face mask
Fernando Machado
Fernando Machado Månad sedan
Pronto, Sainz? S🅱️INALLA
Ryan Gregory
Ryan Gregory Månad sedan
abhi verma
abhi verma Månad sedan
1:54 Ferrari 2022 car in development behind Sainz
Jason Bury
Jason Bury Månad sedan
I am a big Carlos fan, I hope he does well. 2022 is probably a better bet. He shuld use this year to get embedded in Ferrari and any resuults this year are just a bonus
Carol Ann
Carol Ann Månad sedan
I adore Ferrari cars.......they are the most gorgeous cars om Earth....!!!!
playr1one simracing
playr1one simracing Månad sedan
he drove the best ferrari in the last 10 years that should be fun
Giacomo Licata
Giacomo Licata Månad sedan
Buona fortuna
Justin Osborne
Justin Osborne Månad sedan
He will be fine
Derek Nickels
Derek Nickels Månad sedan
If Carlos can get on top of the 21 car immediately, which is possible considering the test & 1st race are at the same venue, he may be able to run with or even beat LeClerc, if he can do it with outright speed. He has to put himself in the position that Ferrari have no ability to favour LeClerc via strategy or team orders so that Ferrari have no better choice but to take advantage of Carlos's form, aka as LeClerc did to Vettel last year as soon as he realised Seb wasn't mentally plugged in due to knowing he was gone in 21 before the 20 season got started. I don't think they favoured either driver development wise, but I think Charles got the better quality parts, ie the ones closest to perfect in tolerances, etc, creating inconsistencies in Seb's car. It seemed to not work the same as CL's
Mike I
Mike I Månad sedan
Seinz is not a #2 driver Ferrari better not be fucking dumb. Let the boys race
Philip Edwards
Philip Edwards Månad sedan
He will be world champ before le clerc
MrBazz420 Månad sedan
its actually a good thing hes not testing on the 2020 taco car lel
Marc Månad sedan
Damn Carlos got the work ethic to do great at Ferrari.
Gilles Kaske
Gilles Kaske Månad sedan
Both Drivers are Great?Leclar has more raw speed , Saints is more consistent .Very close it will Be.Equal on points ,With in 5 .I would not place a bet on who. The car is a dud !! Worked good with 100 + Extra Horse Power . Tons of Draggy Down Force dialed in. Merc ,Ferrari and Red Bull had a gentleman Deal I Think.Must have. Red Bull was close but Getting there. Ferrari chassis was not even close to Red Bull and The Merc would destroy it. Both Merc and Ferrari helped Honda , Through them a Bone to end Honda head scratching. The fans needed a show. Who else better than Jos to break the Deal. Honda was given info on Tech and developed it close and confidence help not needed. Come on . Horner is Good. Hey guys what can I tell you . The Kid has a big Mouth. Why the Behind door Ferrari and FIA investigation and resolve. Toto N Horner did not really push back. 2022 That's what will be interesting. Hope the Looks of the Cars improves from wat been shown