The teams that have let F1 down since 2014 

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Mercedes remains a seemingly unstoppable force in F1, winning every world championship since the beginning of the hybrid era in 2014. But who is to blame for Mercedes going unchallenged during this period? Is F1's dominant team the bad guy, or should the finger be pointed elsewhere after seven years of unbroken success?
Mercedes' main strength is something rivals can't copy
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22 jan 2021



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D Harper
D Harper 6 dagar sedan
The truth is there is no better team than Mercedes for forward thinking development and innovation. The other teams cannot keep up with them . So the FIA ban this and ban that instead of letting the teams innovate and produce their own solutions, the FIA is killing the sport
Yash Karve
Yash Karve 9 dagar sedan
blame ferrari
Dank Memer
Dank Memer 10 dagar sedan
haas 2022 constructor champions
Erwin Mulder
Erwin Mulder 10 dagar sedan
102 out of 130 means your game is broken and FIA should fix it. The fact that they haven't is their fault entirely.
Briggy 15 dagar sedan
I blame the teams that are meant to be challenging mercs because merc don’t want to slow down
Blufferfish089 16 dagar sedan
I’m starting to see a trend with Alonso dipping from teams and them suddenly getting better
elfwald 19 dagar sedan
I was a foetus last time Mercedes didn't win the world championship.
Gju Jumpsuit
Gju Jumpsuit 22 dagar sedan
Rip FIA .. waste of talent drivers like Nico , Alonso , Max , Russell, Charles , Riccardo , lando ..... If they had similar competitive cars it would be fkin aswome to watch F1 we could also know the best driver
Katherine Aplacador
Katherine Aplacador 24 dagar sedan
Can I ask a Question? Why McLaren team on F1 didn't make their own engine even if they are the one who manufacture the best car in the World? 🤔
Apratis 26 dagar sedan
Lmao how? Every team but Ferrari have achieved results comparable to their budget for the car. So you cant say Mclaren let us down when they run on half of Mercedes budget
John Carter
John Carter 28 dagar sedan
I think the FIA is the only problem. I remember my mom talking about in the 70s and 80s the FIA sided more on rules and regulations with Ferrari, after that there was a small equal ground in the late 80s through the mid 2000s with Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, and even Renault having success. But since 2012 it almost seems like the FIA wants to keep the new boys happy. Because Mercedes struggled badly in 2012-2013 but all of the sudden the FIA hands them a overnight fix with hybrid engines that they just happen to be the leading manufacturer of. But what do I know, Im still new to F1 politics and I’m an Iceman fan.
Michael 29 dagar sedan
All of them?
Stijn van Arkel
Stijn van Arkel 29 dagar sedan
i think i blame mercedes because they had a big avantage over the other teams because they already had those hybrid engines
Shark Max
Shark Max Månad sedan
formulafan Månad sedan
Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
DARSHIL SHAH Månad sedan
Philippe Beinaerts
Philippe Beinaerts Månad sedan
First of all: let's not talk F1 down too much, I think 2020 was a great season. But apart from big names letting the sport down, risk-averse driver pairing is a major contributor to predictability: we used to have Hamilton vs Rosberg, Vettel vs Webber, Verstappen vs Ricciardo... now too much of intra-team rivalry has been lost.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Månad sedan
The blame has to be shared around but for me the lions share has to go to Ferrari.
TLG Electro
TLG Electro Månad sedan
Forever being told by "experts" that Newey is a genius, and is the best car designer, old school , uses a ruler and pencils... Etc etc. Well it ain't working! Got every car wrong for almost a decade. Red Bull are the serial tail chasers..
Jocw27 Månad sedan
I blame formula E. If formula E wasn't that good, F1 wouldn't look that bad in comparaison Oh, and also F2
Hot Rod
Hot Rod Månad sedan
Some teams go in the wrong direction every year. But ALL BUT ONE team failing year-after-year is symptom of a far deeper problem. Simple answer, it’s the ruling body and the ruling team, and their long-running 69-ing relationship. Schumacher dominated 2002 & 2004, and 2003 had major changes to race format while 2005 chaned the racing entirely. Vettel dominated 2011, and FIA specifically outlawed Red Bull's 2010-11 tech. [Not counting 2014, because those changes were long planned, but it’s still worth mentioning the secret tyre tests with Pirelli that Merc fanboys are so quick to defend with series of whataboutisms.] When Merc dominated at first, FIA changed the aero (which wasn’t in fact Merc’s advantage) to be more expensive and big-budget research-oriented (Guess who the richest automobile manufacturer is among these 10! Go on, make a guess!), and then stagnated the regulations for 4 years. And then yet again all the tyres were changed in 2019 after non-Merc cars started winning races regularly.
Callum Burton
Callum Burton Månad sedan
Good video dude.😃👍
Ling Endrawati
Ling Endrawati Månad sedan
5:51 for me i got an ad a ferrari torpedo everybody and also hamilton p7
Jordan Russell
Jordan Russell Månad sedan
Mercedes: for continually renewing Bottas's contact and not allowing Hamilton to be challenged. At least when Rosberg was in the second car there was some excitement, despite one team dominating.
fablewalls Månad sedan
Love reading the salty tears trying to blame Mercedes and the FIA - as if the FIA haven't changed rules to slow Mercedes down or Ferrari didn't have the most powerful engine in 2018 and 2019.
beach cottage
beach cottage Månad sedan
I blame Force India. There, I said it ...
Gibran Bedra
Gibran Bedra Månad sedan
I blame FIA themselves for the predictably with their rules which choke the teams from innovation. Less rules would make for better competition.
NearioNL Månad sedan
F1 has failed itself in this.. FIA cant even handle all the rules themselves, because of lack of knowledge... nuff said
bu kwok
bu kwok Månad sedan
i forgot 2015 season Ferrari got 3 races win.which 3 ? i guess singapore?
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief Månad sedan
I'm newer to F1 but it seems that the FIA would be to blame in large part when a single team dominates for basically a whole decade. They're setting and monitoring rules yet they've done nothing but contribute to this gap between teams. I mean, can we pretend Ferrari isn't working 24/7 on making a better car? Or any of these constructors for that matter? I refuse to believe that Mercedes is just "better" than everyone, every year. In any major sport it's so tough to repeat championships. Seven is just unheard of, and really just reflects on the stagnation of the sport more than anything. other sports seem more timely in their way to address lopsided outcomes. The fact that Bottas finishes ahead of Verstappen as a driver just proves to me that this sport is flawed. Anyone watching can see Max is better driver yet F1 hasn't found a way to reward something like that. It's all very lopsided IMO. F1 just fails with the lack of leadership from the FIA.
fablewalls Månad sedan
What specifically have the FIA done in your opinion? Or not done? What rules could it have changed that it didn't - or what system could it have put in to change things? As for Verstappen - he's twice had his chance to join Mercedes and usurp Bottas so is it Bottas' fault that Max is at Red Bull?
Aedan Månad sedan
Teams can be competitive as they allowed by the rules and regulations i think every team made their mistake during this period but i think main reason for lack of competitiveness is FIA ‘s hybird era rules and regulations
Alexandre Alvarez
Alexandre Alvarez Månad sedan
I m sorry but even if the challengers cannot take the fight to the Mercedes, surely the FIA can’t let Mercedes win more than double 10 championships. They came prepared for 2014 and I have no doubt that they are already two steps ahead for 2022 (or even 2023, rona)
fablewalls Månad sedan
Everyone had the same information about the new rules as the teams had to agree them in 2010. I really don't understand why it's Mercedes fault they did the best job especially as Renaut were the team demanding the new rules or they would leave F1.
Sonathan 1893
Sonathan 1893 Månad sedan
Sorry, but I'm not going to watch a video where the existence of positive feedback loops in F1 is denied and instead is said that all other teams are just that much more worse. That may be true for proviliged Ferrari, but not for everyone.
fablewalls Månad sedan
Is that because you already knew what you wanted to read or hear and didn't want to be challenged?
Morgan Rees
Morgan Rees Månad sedan
There have always been dominant teams ever since F1 began, and even before that - think of the pre-war "silver arrows", Audi and Mercedes, Alfa Romeo immediately post-war. Of course the vastly improved reliability factor nowadays accentuates this. but even back in those times the domination of the various British "garagiste" teams until Ferarri's steamroller of the early 2000's. Remember McLaren's utter domination, then Williams - in both cases there were cries to peg them back. I can't recall, however, there having been much, if any such cries against an even more dominance - that of the Cosworth DFV. That was lauded throughout it's glittering career (except maybe around Maranello). Maybe it's just a personality thing with teams.
Max0072 Neal
Max0072 Neal Månad sedan
TJ32 Månad sedan
When Ferrari dominated too much in the early 2000's the FIA specifically targetted them and their suppliers with rules to that would hurt them and favor others.
David gladwin
David gladwin Månad sedan
Thought Mercedes has already won the 2021 Championship - almost the same cars as 2020 so why not just give them the awards and let all the losers compete with one another.
solraccarpy Månad sedan
Herman tilke. Sure nobody likes to see 1 team win all the time but at least if the races were fun to watch it wouldn't be so bad.
Mert Ronael
Mert Ronael Månad sedan
When Ferrari were dominating, FIA targeted their strong points directly to stop them. No unlimited testing, reduced bargeboards and new tyre rules. 3 huge changes, DIRECTLY to stop Ferrari. And it worked. Now look at the state of F1. Merc has been much more dominant and for much longer. FIA just sat there and waited. People are defending FIA with DAS bans and quali mode bans. Come on. Back in the day they shot a nuclear missile to Ferrari's face in order to stop them. With those changes they just scraped Merc with a small knife. No other team has been this dominant because FIA always intervened. Not for Mercs tho. Even tho they knew about the engine regs earlier, even tho they did illegal secret tyre tests with Pirelli (just google it). Aero is way too complex, engines are spaceship level complex, cost of entry is raised, one team has been dominating for years and even experienced teams can not challenge them; no wonder no one is interested in getting into F1. We even lost Honda. All this combined is killing this sport slowly and I don't think they realise it.
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann Månad sedan
Oh sod off, you knob. AMG can get fuct along with F1 for not keeping them in check.
TheMTower Månad sedan
Personally I blame FIA, they are making the rules worse and worse year after year. No racing attitude, no chances for technical improvement, ridiculous penalty system, and favourisation with Mercedes
Fabian Honor
Fabian Honor Månad sedan
Nikki Lauda about Ferraris: "Its a shit box"
Dalibor Joksimovic
Dalibor Joksimovic Månad sedan
I blame Mercedes for not replacing Rosberg with someone more competent than Bottas. F1 has (almost) always been a one horse race, but intra-team battles were what made sparks fly. Can't really say that I don't understand their decision, but I still blame *them* for predictability.
BirGurbetKusu Månad sedan
the fact that all the regulation changes ALWAYS BEEN IN MERCEDES` FAVOUR says all.... ith definetly not the other teams beeing bad, its the FIA BEEING A SILLY BITCH OF MERCEDES....
Joe mercuri
Joe mercuri Månad sedan
This is the fault of the FIA! Their lack of vision has kept rules in place which favor the team who was on top and stifled development. Plus these new engines sound horrible!! (or should I say LACK of sound)
Jordan Melton
Jordan Melton Månad sedan
have they let f1 down... or have f1 let them down?
COSMOS 2017 Månad sedan
The only competitive teams has been Ferrari for 2 years, but Mercedes is so far ahead no one can catch up with limited testing and development allowed. Mercedes will win all the titles until the new engine introduced, but Mercedes may win that too
TerribleFire Månad sedan
RB have always focussed too closely on the here and now instead of taking a longer term view. Ferrari are just an embarrassment... they spend more money than anyone else and come 6th in the championship. Also every team Eric Boullier has run has done very badly. I have no idea how that guy has a job doing anything more than sweeping floors.
TLR Eclipse
TLR Eclipse Månad sedan
102/138 That stat alone is insane.
Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson Månad sedan
As a new fan, I'll say something controversial. I don't think FIA should even the playing field. Look, we all hate watching drivers struggle to get first, although what I like about F1 is that its as much as a sport for engineers as it is for drivers. I think it is awful that all Formula E cars are the same, of all the technology out there, it is electric vehicles that need that competitive edge to innovate and get better. In the long term, I think Formula 1 is as much about R&D which goes into our own civilian production cars as it is about developing driver skill. There is so much to be gained that cannot be found anywhere else when tracks are used as labs for research. It gives a competitive element to R&D which is incredibly important to the way cars are used today. How much have Mercedes found out about hybrid engines on the track that they may put into cars on the road? How much have the other teams learned that they use as well. How much have others who don't even race been taking design notes? Besides, it may suck now that Mercedes has dominated the track since 2014, but that will make it all the more satisfying when somebody finally cracks the code and finds a winning "formula" ;) Just give it a little patience, it'll get there. When it does, we'll all be happier for having waited.
xevious2501 Månad sedan
fans complain, but those old enough know that this is common, before mercedes their was red bull, and in the era of Schumi, it was ferrari ferrari ferrari. of course their were the spells at mclaren as well. so its not all together uncommon but for those new to the sport. But indeed the sport would be "better" if mid pack teams were not so mid pack. And that would be the case had it not been for the stewards changing the rules of f1 which sterilzed the sport. arguably the most race damaging rule being refueling. In my opinion Its the loss of refueling thats really caused the mess we have today. not withstanding the fact the teams have simply not been able to match merc. Refueling has been the xfactor that made fast teams slow down and often be surpassed by slower teams. Errors in the pits, errors misjudging fuel amounts, misjudging pit strategy. additional time to tire change, a number of issue that simply slowed leading cars down giving slower cars a fighting change to podium or even win. without refueling all that has be taken away, even worse, pit times have lowered a further 2 seconds. tires are no longer a major factor to race wins. in fact one can say much of the time a race is won or loss in the very first turn.
Michael Lavergne
Michael Lavergne Månad sedan
I blame the FIA....Lewis Hamilton is the best driver..not his fault other teams can't keep up with Mercedes
Tom Mosher
Tom Mosher Månad sedan
I blame Bernie and Max.
Michael Engelmann
Michael Engelmann Månad sedan
I never got into F1 but have wondered why I haven’t seen cars like Red Bull & the legendary Ferrari
Travis Loftis
Travis Loftis Månad sedan
No it fall back on Jean Todt the FIA President. Every time a team get close to catching up they switch regulation to flavor Mercedes.
KU3Z Månad sedan
9:10 ...it's obviously Ericsson's fault
Stoutcleric9176 Månad sedan
Manor murusia
mircea miclos
mircea miclos Månad sedan
So the plot is : every team fail to beat Mercedes even with dopped Ferrari engine since 2014.
tim yo
tim yo Månad sedan
“It seemed Williams was back” ... and then Claire Williams happened.
Jonathan K
Jonathan K Månad sedan
Imo it's more on the fia for not introducing a major rules update as mercedes proved its dominance
Lebzaar Lebzaar
Lebzaar Lebzaar Månad sedan
There are 10 teams in F1 and 9 of them can't seem to find the solution to the formula. To make matters worse, when other teams tried to close the gaps, their solutions got discarded by the FIA (Ferrari's allegedly illegal engine did at least provide some competitiveness, RedBull and their flexi wings keep being clamped down on and we all know Aero is RedBull's strength, Renault had their advanced braking system banned as well). The token system has been reintroduced and we have all seen how that adversely affected the 2014-2016 seasons in terms of competitiveness.
Adam Gaite
Adam Gaite Månad sedan
It's all Valtteri Bottas's fault! Merc was always going to dominate this era, but at least we had an opportunity to have a Senna/Prost type of race era where we could have watched 2 of the best drivers fight each other in equal machinery for the crown. Instead, all we've gotten is Hamilton being his brilliant self while Bottas gets practically eliminated from the championship less than halfway through the season. What would this era have been like had we seen Alonso in an unbiased German team vs Hamilton, prime Vettel, Ricciardo, or Verstappen in his current form against Hamilton? It would have been exciting at the top at the very least. All those guys I mentioned at the top were better than Rosberg whom managed to actually push Hamilton and at least beat him in one occasion. Bottas's mediocrity has killed the top of the grid. I still think Hamilton would have beaten all of the above, but I promise he would not have won 4 straight championships in a row.
Brad Månad sedan
ok but who cares lol
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris Månad sedan
Red Bull is all talk. Get your shit together.
Darkowl 57
Darkowl 57 Månad sedan
It's been 10 seconds and you already depressed me. That's got to be worth some kind of record.
No Shit!
No Shit! Månad sedan
Wasn't it all about Lewis? Why blame teams? Every car was as good as mercedes, Lewis is just at a whole another level on his own that is the reason why f1 became so predictable.He would do the same even if he was sitting in a Williams. Ask Brundle, he will prove it!!
Arsh X
Arsh X Månad sedan
Mercedes are just good! There’s no one to blame for that because they started brilliantly Except for ferrari; those guys are clowns 😂
Nelson Luis Freire
Nelson Luis Freire Månad sedan
Comparing a big auto maker with more than a 100 years of experience against a "garage" team like RBR is a joke. This is so poor commenting. Maybe Renault, ok. The rest? Forget it. Sad "analysts" ...
TimmyTheSnail Månad sedan
Oh god I beg for McLaren to be back winning races
fix0the0spade Månad sedan
I blame Renault and Ferrari, they pushed for the hybrid engine formula hardest, Renault threatened to leave if they didn't get what they wanted. Mercedes campaigned against the turbo-hybrids, they wanted something simpler and lower cost. Never has the phrase 'be careful what you wish for,' been more apt.
more bounce to the ounce
Liberty media.
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli Månad sedan
I blame Mercedes' brilliance. 😀 . . . . Naah.. I blame the idiots at Ferrari who should have challenged the leaders, but couldn't. Such a shame. Their last constructors' title was in 2008. 😏
bakker071 Månad sedan
I blame Ericsson.
Stevan Zdravković
Stevan Zdravković Månad sedan
Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren must challenge Mercedes, others need to work for improvment
Jake SCOTT Månad sedan
I think sainz is making a huge gamble by switching from an improving McLaren team to a Ferrari team in freefall
Jake SCOTT Månad sedan
Could you please do a video about what F1 would be like if nico rosberg had never retired, so there would be bottas at Williams and rosberg at Mercedes and talk about like who would be at what team and who would’ve won championships and races etc
mcmcnair97 Månad sedan
Ah yes the FIA are solely to blame... even though they aren't the only ones who decide on the rules 🤫🤫 The fia simply don't have the power to just change the rules when they like. The old structure of the sport, I.e the strategy group consisting of the 6 'big' teams of the day, the Fia and Bernie, all signed off on the rules and the 3 groups had equal voting weights - that is maybe where you folk should start to look for blame
Ante Živković
Ante Živković Månad sedan
Doesn’t responsibly fall on regulation of engines that are to expensive and too limited to turn the initial advantage around?
Belphegore Månad sedan
Yes considering no new manufacturers joined except for Honda, and now they’re leaving anyway
Michael Tabbal
Michael Tabbal Månad sedan
I blame the fia
Cameron B
Cameron B Månad sedan
bit harsh to blame Williams imo
SausageAndBeanMelt Månad sedan
This channel was once a place to watch great content from trusted journalists - even when earlier content was low-production. Having accelerated to nearly 500k subscribers, the content has hit a gravel trap having deviated from reporting on recent/developing events to becoming weak opinion pieces on past seasons, where the outcomes (and consequences) are known and probably forgotten. For example, a poor 2014 for Red Bull, Vettel and Ferrari had massive consequences on those three, plus Arrivabene, Alonso, Ricciardo, Kyvat, Veratappen, Sainz, Renault, Williams etc etc. There is good and bad involved in most events, therefore analysing multiple interacting p parties at a high-level leads to poor conclusions.
Advait Tilak
Advait Tilak Månad sedan
You didn't talk about FIA who have literally sought to ban every technological innovation by any team instead of making it available to all teams the next season. The DAS system was not banned mid-season, while any other innovations by other teams in the past years were banned mid-season. This is unfair.
Free Månad sedan
Could a list a few examples of the other teams?
Belphegore Månad sedan
These are power unit regulations that have made F1 much more expensive than it ever was. They were also intended to attract new manufacturers to F1. Cosworth left, Honda joined and are now on their way out. The entire era has been a failure, but the FIA are determined to die on this hill. When other teams dominated, the FIA were quick to ban their advantages, but they won’t do a thing to Mercedes, and it’s not like we have close championships. You only need to look at the previous engine era to see what competition is. There were plans to change up the power units but these were canceled after no new manufacturers took interest (imagine that). The hybrid era has failed on every single level. Costs, entries, competition, and overtaking.
Greg Glover
Greg Glover Månad sedan
You can’t help it if MB have a good reliable engine and the other makes don’t...simplicity of the situation, get the motor right and competitive then the domination will stop. Couples with the policy of the team all for on and one for all clearly been a winner for MB thyme work as a team and done it the very best of their ability resulting in being the best in F1......so the argument about fans not liking the domination I respectively disagree. I’d like to see the other teams up there with competitive cars yes, but don’t hold a gun to the best team in the business at present. Pity teams like Audi and Porsche from the Le Mans don’t get involved with F1 drivetrains it would change the dynamic for sure. Hopefully this year Ferrari could perhaps find the form of former years to be a major competitor. I’d like to see Aston Martin team this year with. Aston drivetrain then we may have some competition for MB.
sanctemify Månad sedan
F1 has let F1 down.
Naxhos Protein N Gyms
Nice Mclaren back to business with Mercedes again
jay overmars
jay overmars Månad sedan
The dominance of Mercedes comes that they developed their V6 engines in 2009 for 2014. That gave their advantage
Giri_shiva Månad sedan
@jay overmars jst link ur source and I will link mine
jay overmars
jay overmars Månad sedan
@Giri_shiva No its not. Thats the hard truth. Even been a video from on youtube. So it has been cleared that Mercedes were developing their 2014 V6 engines from 2009 onwards
Giri_shiva Månad sedan
Come on, it's a fake news kid
Ramaano Muravha
Ramaano Muravha Månad sedan
Surely redbull and Ferrari are to blame
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua Månad sedan
Actually FIA is to blame
liberty buying F1 was the worst thing to happen to this sport since Lewis Hamilton
Edd Straw, The Race. why Formula 1 failed us when they didn't let the Gregg's GP team join the paddock
Ludwig Wilding
Ludwig Wilding Månad sedan
9:09 Who do I blame? Well. After it became clear that the engine blue print was locked after the initial concept and Mercedes the only one to get the design right - giving them 10-15% more power, only one culprit stays: regulation. If you don't let development catch up properly or level the playing field at some point, you always end up with a gap due to the leader not spending resources on a solved problem. That means more development time on other areas. It's very easy to claim that everybody else is useless for 7 years. But I seriously doubt that this is the case. To stay on top for such a long period only works if there is an advantage that can't be catched up to. Such advantages came up again and again in the history of Formula 1 - but never were they kept for such a long period. That doesn't diminish the enormous efforts of Mercedes as they perfectly understood to keep that edge over the best engineers in the world. But there are claims that it's basically impossible to build a race winning car without building engine & chassis in one team.
Jorge Emídio
Jorge Emídio Månad sedan
Mercedes started the hybrid era with a full functional power unit prototype while other teams started from the 0. Mercedes had a year of development lead over the other teams that people choose to ignore.
dtMuzL Månad sedan
What? Other teams? Bernie took money from Merc to change F1 to their preferred spec. That's what happened. It's still going on now. Throughout the history of F1 the rules have been aimed at dominant teams but not anymore. They can even invest in other teams and give them the complete plans to the last winning car to help make them money through investment. No.... I'm wrong? No money for investment in an F1 team? One word for you....dorrilton
gmckay0406 Månad sedan
I blame Ecclestone, got money hungry and the sport lost competition.
Chris Roche
Chris Roche Månad sedan
It’s Ericcson
Harith Azmi
Harith Azmi Månad sedan
Universally, we can all agree that the Turbo Hybrid era of F1 is an absolute joke. From the sound, to the team politics, to the massive spike in development costs, to the top 3 dominated by the same teams for 6 years, to the absolute stagnation in innovation. All for the sake of an engine technology that's already been made obsolete at this point by evs.
whale oil beef hooked
Phuk sham
Maheer Brown
Maheer Brown Månad sedan
When you maintain a standard set of regs then eventually the teams converge but when you keep tweaking then the teams with the most money and resources pull away. Look at what happened when they changed the front wing regs in 2019
hidden785 Månad sedan
You need to change in order to improv but if tokens and development hours are capped, then the winners stay ahead. There should be a “reverse grid token system”