What each F1 team needs to improve with its 2021 car | The Race F1 Podcast 

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With Formula 1’s car-launch season fast approaching, we lay out the key areas of improvement for each team in 2021.
The first of the launches confirmed so far is McLaren on February 15, a month ahead of the only pre-season test in Bahrain.
Despite teams having to carry over significant amounts of last year’s design, there’s still scope of change in the 2021 cars - and therefore room to make up for 2020 shortcomings.
Gary Anderson, Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell join Edd Straw to run through the 10 teams and what they need to do better this year if they are to improve on last season, and discuss which ones are best placed to do so.
And with Mercedes working to improve on the perfection of last year’s car, what are the chances of Red Bull pulling something out of the bag to make a fight of the world championship.
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00:00 Intro
06:32 Williams
12:50 Haas
16:40 Alfa Romeo
25:39 AlphaTauri
27:57 Ferrari
33:53 Alpine
39:35 Aston Martin
46:32 McLaren
55:00 Red Bull
01:02:17 Mercedes
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louie pecchia
louie pecchia 4 timmar sedan
If Hamilton wins again is ego will be so big .... he already thinks he’s god himself
P Bracken
P Bracken 51 minut sedan
You have a visual and brain issue loui-ci-fer.
Tassieguru 9 timmar sedan
The fact we have to reference teams as Class "C" is sad just watch F 1 to see someone other than the usual suspects win or even get on the podium
Hacmvers Quicnbvm
The steady server namely blot because judo lately discover like a bewildered tsunami. faithful, valuable turnip
63101 2 dagar sedan
dont let a guy having problems to speak fluently have an hour long podcast ... listening to him is hard
mark taylor
mark taylor 6 dagar sedan
Conjecture. All of it.
Nithya Moto G
Nithya Moto G 11 dagar sedan
A weaker Mercedes car, a strong McLaren and a strong Ferrari / AstonMartin. (With the current redbull). That will make the season interesting to watch. Likewise, Renault and Tauri fight for 6th place. And then the bottom three Williams, Haas and Sauber.
Culture Kiwi
Culture Kiwi 12 dagar sedan
im just getting into f1 still learning about it lol this will be my first season watching f1 hella excited
Humble Scotsman
Humble Scotsman 9 dagar sedan
Chainbear F1 is a great channel if you want to learn even more
C 13 dagar sedan
In terms of how they’ll do this year I suspect: Mercedes will be top dog as always. Red Bull will have improved and gotten closer to Mercedes but not quite close enough. Ferrari will have improve to be high midfield but not quite back up there with RB/Mercedes. McLaren will be 3rd best car/team. One of the most improved. Aston Martin will have a faster car than last year but overall perform slightly worse as their driver lineup isn’t amazing. Vettel will take a while to warm up. Alpine will fall back from last season/make fewer gains than Aston/McLaren. That close midfield battle between the three teams will widen and Alpine will fall behind the other two. Alpha Tauri will be one of the most impressive cars next season. They’ll have made decent gains and probably be up there in the midfield consistently. Alfa Romeo will be the most improved of the three teams at the rear. Unfortunately I think the gap between the bottom three and the midfield will widen so Alfa will consistently beat Williams/Haas but won’t be able to catch the other teams. Williams will improve quite a bit with new funding and consistently beat Haas. Their main challenge will be catching Alfa. Haas will be slower than last year, few improvements, new drivers and disorder within management/the factories will make them back of the grid. May not survive to 2022 season 🤷‍♂️ Here’s how I think the gaps will be: Mercedes Red Bull McLaren Aston Martin Ferrari Alpine Alpha Tauri Alfa Romeo Williams Haas
NazrulRahim Abas
NazrulRahim Abas 15 dagar sedan
i think the latest modern f1 car with b spec was mclaren mp4/19B in 2004
Brian Ligat
Brian Ligat 16 dagar sedan
I'm fed up with seasons being constantly described as a building year.
MJM FOX 17 dagar sedan
How has the best team found the best driver and the driver the best team? Easy. They are the best.
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 18 dagar sedan
Aplha tauri need a better number 2 which they have now
Leo Streat
Leo Streat 18 dagar sedan
It's always around this time of year I start getting a serious F1 itch . Watching old footage , looking up videos like this . I'll admit I was whooping in my kitchen when Gary said it's going to be the closest season in a long time . Can't wait . Sunday's as Sunday's should be with red wine , roast beef and a RACE !!!
Dan Case
Dan Case 18 dagar sedan
£40 lol
Trxsted Ds
Trxsted Ds 18 dagar sedan
Kimi Raikkonen: around the track
FormulaFish15 19 dagar sedan
I honestly was most impressed by Williams last year. Sure, they didn’t get any points, but very rarely were they easily the last car on the grid, they fought Haas and Alfa Romeo incredibly hard, and were simply unlucky
y1521t21b5 19 dagar sedan
Real performance convergence? *Yes, please!*
Mike Rodrigues
Mike Rodrigues 19 dagar sedan
Alpha Romero might stop f1 and go to formula e . F1 is going to have to change its cost before they have nobody .
Yacht HVAC
Yacht HVAC 19 dagar sedan
Any car not named Mercedes
Isip 20 dagar sedan
I like how williams has a better car but with less points
Kombivar 20 dagar sedan
Not just a copy and paste form last year but Ultimate Copy and Paste - I think FIA should penalize Hamilton (the advert boy) 1 second for each £1 he erns annually above F1 mean average driver earnings at the start of the season - Then it would be just a little bit fairer than this scam - especially after Russel showing that he is a league better than this advert boy.
A 20 dagar sedan
Gary Andersen's comments about Red bull not understanding why they start so poorly reflects very badly on them. Maybe Red Bull aren't as good as they think they are? The comments about Maclaren believing their own hype should be warning sign to Red bull as they forever talk themselves up and continue to produce cars which don't get unlocked for a good few races or in the 2020 season not really at all. We'll see in the next few weeks where they stand and also in 2022 where the order may change. I'm a big fan of Red bull and Max as they do things differently and F1 needs that but it's time to produce a cracking car from the off and see some good racing.
Derek Lush
Derek Lush 21 dag sedan
Is this on spotify??
Hd605 21 dag sedan
Im worried about alfa, there are new complications with aero rules and alfa is known to struggle with aero
John J
John J 21 dag sedan
Alpine: Fernandos jaw
Trevor Parker
Trevor Parker 21 dag sedan
McLaren had a renault engine and beat renault. Will they beat mercedes using a mercedes engine?
darrennorniron 21 dag sedan
Really sad for the sport that Honda are pulling out when they finally have a real shot to surpass Mercedes
Johan B.
Johan B. 21 dag sedan
Mercedes still the team to beat in 2021, but lets hope the teams are closer together, so we get more exciting races.
FIREDELL10 21 dag sedan
I think that with the issues that Williams has with aero, the new aero regulations may actually end up helping them out when compared with other teams. All those advantages that other teams had with the floor and diffuser may equal out the field quite a bit in general.
Charles Koushik
Charles Koushik 21 dag sedan
Question : what do you need to improve on the car most Ferrari : yos
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
mercedes will totally dominate even more the have the best engine by far and the best aero department also. mercedes win every title until the new engine comes in 2025
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
red bull will be fighting for second with mclaren now that they have a better engine. plus redbull high rake aero will suffer with the new rules
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
mclaren should be fighting for second place now that they have the best engine
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
aston is going backwards cannot trace mercedes this year and even worse in 2022 will not be able to copy new mercedes car, plus they have vettel who has retired like when soccer players go to italy to play retired soccer
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
alpine is a big question they could have the worst engine again
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
ferrari who knows if they can get the engine right even if they do their car will not be better than mercedes
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
alphaturi will go backward with aero changes hitting high rake cars the most
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
alpha romeo do no even care they could be in last place also williams haas alpaha who care not competitive
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
haas could be worse than williams have done nothing
COSMOS TREK 21 dag sedan
williams last place will never recover have not been competitive in 20 years
Rigi Bushi
Rigi Bushi 22 dagar sedan
I was thinking that this 1h video is only for ferrari
Robert Black
Robert Black 22 dagar sedan
Maybe the should all drive faster.
peter3334floyd 22 dagar sedan
Betting odds are 2/9 for Mercedes at the moment. 11/2/21. I think that tells us enough. Do McLaren get the same lubricants for the engine as Mercedes? No? Then it is not the same engine at all. Game over.
Raging Bull
Raging Bull 22 dagar sedan
Haas and Ferrari: Every damn thing from the top down.
peter3334floyd 22 dagar sedan
No change at the top. With the potential engine freeze Mercedes will win ten championships in a row and then even if the engines stay the same they will engineer a loss after the tenth to argue it was not the engine. Totally predictable. Mark my words.
Joe Mills
Joe Mills 22 dagar sedan
I heard James Allison talking the other day about the new challenges... and it strikes me Mercedes is an extremely well run and innovative team, who maybe have a different approach to engineering from many of the other teams. They speak so well in terms of contemporary approaches to engineering projects, project and team management, innovation, and product development. I've been studying project management in engineering innovation, and it's amazing how many organisations fail at this stuff. I could write a dissertation on how Mercedes seem to tick all the right boxes.
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann 22 dagar sedan
The first team to engineer a car that can race while also being behind another car and still go fast enough to maybe pass that car.................they will win races.
Ross Dark
Ross Dark 22 dagar sedan
I think it was 1992 with the Williams FW 14B and Nigel won his first championship with it.
Checkered Croat
Checkered Croat 22 dagar sedan
Ferrari: new engine, new aero, new boss, new sensors tricks....
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 22 dagar sedan
Ferrari- Engine n Aero Automatically Haas n Alfa will also go up if they improve their PU
soyjnls 22 dagar sedan
Bold vid lads.
Chris Hall
Chris Hall 22 dagar sedan
Just scrap and go back to V10s/V12 turbo charged cars of the late 80s early 90s. The cars were perfect then and the driver made a difference, the only thing I would keep from now is the safety shell.
Chris Hall
Chris Hall 22 dagar sedan
Ferrari need to change their whole ethos, the sport doesn't revolve around them anymore, I don't like the arrogance and I have loved watching them fight internally as they have bullied F1 for years, Karmas a bitch
hole shot shane
hole shot shane 22 dagar sedan
I think that were going to see another era of Williams dominance at some point. Williams knows how to win (obviously) they just need to get their development back in order. If they do that I can see a rapib climb in their performance.
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 22 dagar sedan
2:40 Shit, Sainz is already losing hair...
Nick Sande
Nick Sande 23 dagar sedan
haas: their choice of driver; at least one of them
General Dreagon LP's
General Dreagon LP's 23 dagar sedan
I wouldn't take the 2020 Red Bull rear either.
Mike Danielz
Mike Danielz 23 dagar sedan
🔋 🔋 🔋 power
Tom Hutchins
Tom Hutchins 23 dagar sedan
Red Bull are always bullish and gung ho. It's getting a little sad, actually.
Jerry Crow
Jerry Crow 23 dagar sedan
its speed.
Piyush Annaldas
Piyush Annaldas 23 dagar sedan
Everyone needs to improve and stop crying over mercedes being OP
grizzlyhamster 23 dagar sedan
Will high-rake vs low-rake still be a thing with the 2022 cars?
Humble Scotsman
Humble Scotsman 9 dagar sedan
I think it might still be there but will be smaller as they are switching to more ground effect aero
Gl Playz
Gl Playz 23 dagar sedan
Mercedes: replace bottas with Russell
Kiyiya Shirayuki
Kiyiya Shirayuki 3 dagar sedan
Haas: replace Mazepin
MKR Cinema
MKR Cinema 23 dagar sedan
I'm honestly suprised some people think Vettel will beat Max in a redbull lol
John Paul
John Paul 19 dagar sedan
@MKR Cinema Yep.
MKR Cinema
MKR Cinema 19 dagar sedan
@John Paul Yeah. But he ain't in his peak anymore sadly
John Paul
John Paul 19 dagar sedan
If it's Vettel in his peak then yes he would beat pretty much anyone bar Schumacher over a season.
Jerry Bouwer
Jerry Bouwer 23 dagar sedan
Long video basically saying all will remain the same. I think you have a few surprises coming.
Checkered Croat
Checkered Croat 22 dagar sedan
FIA never tried hard to stop Mercedes' domination. This is what i blame them for years. They are the reason Sir Rainbow warrior will always show his stats to push the story how good he is. Even though he cant even be in top 5 drivers ever.
Ottavio Saldarini
Ottavio Saldarini 23 dagar sedan
Gary is talking about 100hp missing from Ferrari engine. I thought the number was around 50-60hp
Dirk Hoek
Dirk Hoek 23 dagar sedan
What each F1 team needs to improve with its 2021 car Kimi: the car
MrHayze88 Dag sedan
@N Alpha kimi given the tools will excel 40s or not, he beat vettel when ferrari announced leclerc
Dirk Hoek
Dirk Hoek 11 dagar sedan
@N Alpha but if alfa romeo/sauber leaves the sport because it cant stay because of financial reasons you have two seats less. If kimi staying in f1 helps the team financialy i don't see the problem
N Alpha
N Alpha 12 dagar sedan
Kimi - should retire gracefully and let youngsters into the sport. Just because he can bring in sponsors doesnt mean he can hog the place
Cliff Cheung
Cliff Cheung 23 dagar sedan
I like turtles
Dustin Dingler
Dustin Dingler 23 dagar sedan
I want Haas and Williams to have a great year. Would be good for the sport
Dustin Dingler
Dustin Dingler 22 dagar sedan
@ok ok one can only hope
ok ok
ok ok 22 dagar sedan
haas 2 rookie drivers and no upgrades so gg
Dreamy 23 dagar sedan
Thankful that Williams has finally swallowed its toxic pride and accepted buying Mercedes components. Hopefully they pull up to the grid with a car identical to Merc and Tracing Point.
Dreamy 23 dagar sedan
@mircea miclos good point 🤡 Hate the rigged game FIA set up, not the player. They need to deregulate car construction criteria that is not essential to safety. The innovations with safety shells + halo are great; but let all manufacturers build whatever they want with their limited budget and fuel. If Red Bull-Honda wants to go AWD aero, Merc wants superchargers, and Ferarri wants illegal fuel flow then let them. FIA mandating all cars look the same way then getting mad when Mercedes finds the correct answer and others copy the only championship-worthy (legal) answer on the grid is ridiculous. 👍
mircea miclos
mircea miclos 23 dagar sedan
And make F1 great again. Ops🤑 The same again like the series racing.
Dreamy 23 dagar sedan
Every dog has its day Sbinotto. If Ferarri finishes in sixth place again, then say hello to the fishes. 🤌
Dreamy 23 dagar sedan
AlphaTauri needs to pull up to the grid with a machine identical to Red Bull’s car or do a Tracing Point and just copy the #1 Mercedes Championship Winning car. If Red Bull could field 4 identical Honda powered cars breathing down Mercedes neck, then that would be an interesting sight to see. 👍
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Just rename it M1: Mercedes 1
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
If the English aren't happy about Mercedes winning, you can fucking guarantee everyone else is miserable, especially the Italians.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Ferrari have become a joke since they got rid of Arrivabene.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
What was wrong with him? He was pushing the team in a positive way. He didn't speak to the media but I could live with it, at least they were strong during his helm. Binotto is a fucking clown who pretended that he'd had talks with Vettel about 2021 when it never happened, thus = liar.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Honda are little Japanese school girls running away.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
What was the race where Kimi was royally pissed off by mistakes from the team last year? Hungary? Where was it? You could see how massively pissed off he was but it was kept under wraps somewhat.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
He was fucking fuming.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
And Kimi made him point out his own mistake on TV lol
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
His engineer told him to come into the pits and ruined his race or was it the opposite and he told him to stay out? Either way I think Kimi had a new engineer after that.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Only reason to tune in this year is to see how Perez & Sainz do.
MKR Cinema
MKR Cinema 23 dagar sedan
@Harry Chalcraft i agree. Perez and Sainz are the most interesting part about this season. Also keen to see how Yuki does
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Even if Domenicali read this, I doubt he'd be able to sort it.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Vettel is a wash-out. Ricciardo will do OK. Beat his teammate. Former is questionable with daddy Stroll running the team. F1 is shit now.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
It's a white-wash FFS. Another year, another Hamilton win. We all know what's coming. It's crap.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
10:30 McLaren aren't out of the woods yet
Juan Pablo Matus
Juan Pablo Matus 23 dagar sedan
Love this smart, beautiful content. Keep it up guys, you're the best motorsport channel.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Valencia 2012, poor bugger got drowned out EACH and EVERY time he spoke lol
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
I often watch the race back, one of my favourites of recent times, so this is a painful and annoying point that I've really noticed over time.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
2:38 well all the smart people know it's going to be a white-wash again before the first race even starts.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Just like the last 7-8 years. Toto Wolff is reaching bullshit breaking point by now surely.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Gary Anderson from BBC 2012, quick, get the cars to go past to drown him out!!!!
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 23 dagar sedan
Keep at it with the content, smashing Autosport!
No Shit!
No Shit! 23 dagar sedan
Difference between merc power unit and renault being less than 1% sounds kinda off.
AT 47
AT 47 23 dagar sedan
Ferrari: Needing more terabyte space for comments.
Wedgetail 24 dagar sedan
McLaren, lets make sure that we only mention the car. This is a British production and we mustn’t mention that damn Australian driver and what he might bring to the team. Predictable.
nateyguy288 24 dagar sedan
im kinda hopeful for williams this year, they are getting I believe the merc gearbox now and they have the most time in the wind tunnel and aero is the biggest change this year so they have the chance to make decent gains
son 24 dagar sedan
Thank you to everyone at THE RACE for providing great stuff like this.
philipp ruest
philipp ruest 24 dagar sedan
Jordan chassis plate over a 964 for me.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 24 dagar sedan
McLaren will make everyone pay for the rediculous decision to have no full new cars this year. It should have been rejected by all the teams.
N Alpha
N Alpha 11 dagar sedan
@Mark Williams I hope it is true. Been waiting for a McL constructors win since 1998.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 12 dagar sedan
@N Alpha because McLaren can make a 100 percent new car and the others are held to 40 to 50 percent changes. The rear of the car where the floor changes are will benefit McLaren because they are able to change this area completely. McLaren already completed all the work last year on the token areas at the end of last season in preparation for this season so they are not at any token disadvantage. We will see I guess.
N Alpha
N Alpha 12 dagar sedan
why... mcl have had to spend their 2 tokens on the rear to just fit the engine.. while everyone could spent their 2 tokens on modifying anywhere on the car
Harshal Parmar
Harshal Parmar 24 dagar sedan
You guys have some of the best F1 analysis. Great job. Keep it up. More of this technical content please!
mircea miclos
mircea miclos 23 dagar sedan
Here you go: Mercedes use a special cooling system that requires smaller vents on the side pods making it more aerodynamical and less drag.
MJ H 24 dagar sedan
Nothing happens with Ferrari Alfa-Romeo, or Haas until they fix that power plant. All the aero tweaks in the world can’t overcome that hole.
F1 Master
F1 Master 24 dagar sedan
What´s that? Is Batman? Is Superman? No is Edd Straw saving us from F1 abstinence death!!!
Daniel Wilkinson-Shaw
Daniel Wilkinson-Shaw 24 dagar sedan
Hamilton: a haircut. Russell: a vodoo doll of bottas
@FellianTheDragon he started at the back in China because of an engine problem, engine grid penalties in Belgium, clutch problems at the start of Italy and Japan. Engine failure in Malaysia. Also, hit from behind in Bahrain start by Bottas, not mechanical, but not on merit by Rosberg.
FellianTheDragon 17 dagar sedan
@BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY I literally looked it up before posting my comment so it's not my records that are flawed
@FellianTheDragon Hamilton had at least 6 in 2016 alone, so your records are clearly flawed
FellianTheDragon 17 dagar sedan
@BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY I can only find 6 races between 2013 and 2016 where Hamilton had reliability problems so I'm still doubting your original statement
@FellianTheDragon do you not understand "on merit"? Most of rosbergs wins came from mechanical problems for Hamilton, that is not on merit. Merc had more mechanical problems earlier in the hybrid era than later.
TByrom 24 dagar sedan
PREDICTION: -Aston Martin will equal Red Bull -Alpine will earn 4th -Ferrari, McLaren and Alpha T will be close to each other -Williams will beat Haas -Lewis will earn 8th -Max will score fewer points due to competition with Sebastian
MKR Cinema
MKR Cinema 23 dagar sedan
@avocados from mexico yeah but Aston won't be redbull level though. I can see him being 5th if Aston are better than McLaren and Ferrari
avocados from mexico
avocados from mexico 23 dagar sedan
@MKR Cinema nah I think he'll do well, he's motivated and in a supportive environment after a disappointing year just like 2015
MKR Cinema
MKR Cinema 23 dagar sedan
I wouldn't expect so much from Vettel
boezerdieser 24 dagar sedan
free video idea: 'Every F1 Team ever, ranked from worst to best'. you're welcome.
shamr0ck 24 dagar sedan
whats the point, merc will dominate and the rest will follow
Ted Schoenling
Ted Schoenling 24 dagar sedan
Given the performance equalization measures in place, it makes all the sense in the world to write off 2021 for 2022. If you are Williams, you want to give 100% to next year and stay at the bottom to gain the most budget, CFD and Wind Tunnel for next year. Realistically the bottom 3 or 4 teams won't make it high enough up the grid this year to make enough money to make up for the loss of budget, CFD and wind tunnel time... Respectfully, Mr. Anderson, I think you are thinking old school now.
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