What’s holding up Hamilton’s 2021 Mercedes F1 contract? 

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The new F1 season is only two months away and Lewis Hamilton still hasn’t signed a contract with Mercedes. With the world champion officially a free agent at the moment, Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell join Glenn Freeman to assess if Mercedes can really have the situation fully under control, how likely it is that Hamilton will re-sign, and who would be affected if the deal didn’t come together in time for the first race of the year
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25 jan 2021



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trailBrake 80
trailBrake 80 29 dagar sedan
Merc should do a lottery. “First place.........One 2021 F1 Drivers Championship. Gotta be in it to win it!”
HoseZentaur Månad sedan
Its cuz of the budget limitations that will come in the 2021 season wich couldn’t allow lewis getting paid 54 million usd as usual or the even larger sum he probably wants now. Somehow Mercedes gotta get everything done for 150m usd
Erik Groothuijzen
Erik Groothuijzen Månad sedan
Hamilton's greed!
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez Månad sedan
No one really knows but from the things Hamilton wanted in his contract it could very well be that Mercedes is explaining to Hamilton that he is a driver not the owner of Mercedes. Its apparent it hasn't sunk in yet.
Cortez The Killer
Cortez The Killer Månad sedan
I think Hamilton wants to retire he just doesn't want to be the one to pull the trigger.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Månad sedan
One word: GREED.
Edison73100 Månad sedan
This is some BS.
Aaron Vannistelrooy
Aaron Vannistelrooy Månad sedan
His greed is holding the contract up, simple as that.
Patrick Terrett
Patrick Terrett Månad sedan
The most exciting race last year was the one where Hamilton did not take place. Let him go he has got too big for his boots.
TIEBLOE Paalupaikka
TIEBLOE Paalupaikka Månad sedan
My guess is that he’s waiting until almost every big F1 youtuber has made their 2021 season predictions before retiring, just to throw it all off
patrick B
patrick B Månad sedan
autdelux Månad sedan
maybe he retire so he can lecture us how we have to live our life fulltime now. i rly hope hes gone cant stand this guy.
Andrew White
Andrew White Månad sedan
Swap them Russell to Mercedes Hamilton to Williams.
Alex Simonelis
Alex Simonelis Månad sedan
Gerry D
Gerry D Månad sedan
His ego !!!🤣🤣🤣
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Månad sedan
You don't have much longer, seven years maybe. Ask 4 $40mi dollars a year. Go Lew!
James Stewart
James Stewart Månad sedan
Mercedes need to distance themselves from the whole Burn Loot Murder movement
ovoski Månad sedan
Yes please. Do a video about the 10 craziest f1 contracts
Mark Månad sedan
Lewis thinks he's special and Mercedes can't win without him. It's the car Lewis, and they know it. Lower your demands or they'll replace you and nothing will change for Mercedes
Kriz Yamz
Kriz Yamz Månad sedan
If it is the car, why is Bottas not even close to Lewis like Nico was?
Robert Strupe
Robert Strupe Månad sedan
He's a 7x champion. He has "been there, done that." Maybe he is happy being just as good as Schumacher...
Chakalaka Månad sedan
This happens every time they're renewing and he always gets what he wants. I'll literally shove a pineapple up my ass if Russell gets his seat.
CHRoOMAX Månad sedan
Ego and money
Mi Ko
Mi Ko Månad sedan
Without Merc it was impossible to be a 7time champ ... in the same time he loves a big money .... I would take Russel .... just don't like the greed !
Erik de Koster
Erik de Koster Månad sedan
Barbara Connolly
Barbara Connolly Månad sedan
If he wants another title he will sign. I am staggered at ths greed of sports stars. In this time especially it makes them look what they are. Self obsessed greedy people. Let him go. Bring someone else through. Max Verstappen would have won in Hamilton' s car, that is currently the car to be driving. Let him go.
Tim Annear
Tim Annear Månad sedan
Don't care if he ever returns. George is the way to go!
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews Månad sedan
His dreadlocks 😂🤣😂
Yes, we have no bananas today
I'm not one of these "it's all the car" guys because I believe drivers matter... a lot... but I can't remember a time when any car has been as far ahead of the others as the Merc is so while Sir Lewis piloting one is nearly a lock for a title, I don't think they necessarily need him to get there. A car like the '08 McLaren needed a guy like Hamilton to win. The modern Merc does not so I think the team has the leverage advantage here. If they plopped Russell into his seat, I don't think he could do the job as easy or as convincingly as Hamilton... but I do believe he could do it. Doubt Bottas could but you never know. Perhaps. It'd be a long shot, though. Nevertheless, I predict he'll be back.
Senna 1993
Senna 1993 Månad sedan
Don’t worry we have George for back up plan B 👍🇬🇧🏆🥇
Ruwanga Wijetunga
Ruwanga Wijetunga Månad sedan
Like for Senna '93 contract video and an episode on Bring Back V10s!
Thor Agust
Thor Agust Månad sedan
The number one driver and the number one team... is it money? no. is it personal? no. is it Hamilton making it a part of his contract that George Russell will not replace Bottas while he is still with mercedes... ofcourse. after all these years that is the only logical thing that could be causing this. The only way to become 7 time F1 champion is to be the best and live for the win. The only way to become a 8 time f1 champion is to be willing to kill for the win...
Martin Gonzalez
Martin Gonzalez Månad sedan
It's a video on Lewis Hamilton: Cue the comment section to be taken over by the fanny boys.
Capt. PhilSTO
Capt. PhilSTO Månad sedan
Mercedes needs to look to the future : Russell
Martyn Payne
Martyn Payne Månad sedan
It’s about money and he wants the HyperCar. That is all
Karol Danilowicz
Karol Danilowicz Månad sedan
Money sack is not heavy enough for Mr. My tyres are gone.
Eddie Jr
Eddie Jr Månad sedan
Without Mercedes, Lewis would be just another F1 driver. Anyone with eyes seen that! The car are superior. That doesn't make their accomplishments any less incredible. They all play by the same rules.
saucy nonchalance
saucy nonchalance Månad sedan
Ed is gem
Daniel ORourke
Daniel ORourke Månad sedan
They don't want to pay him. They should charge him 20 Million to drive the car next year and get his 8th WDC
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler Månad sedan
Hello good evening formel F1 thank you So much for Sharing 👍 and iam pray for you my king Lewis Hamilton 👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥☁️⛈⛅🙏🙏🙏✋🌎🌐🌏🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎❤❤🏆🏆🏆🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🔥🔥🔥🌎🌐🌏 don't worry okay ! and iam pray for you Mercedes-Benz Almost mass good luck my king Lewis Hamilton ❤❤ ⛅☁️🌥🙏🙏🙏🌎🌐🌏✋
EatSleepDrive Månad sedan
When the money gets in the way, everything else just follows.
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston Månad sedan
They should get rid of Hamilton. Suggest to him that in order to truly be a world great he should undertake a season with Williams and that George Russell should take his seat for a season. That should clear up the "Car or Driver" question.
m holla
m holla Månad sedan
arrogance is what’s holding it up, along with way too high of a price tag. he’s already way overpaid.
Chilternflyer Månad sedan
Put George Russell in the car! FFS. Lewis can go and do Extreme E
Ufuk Yanmaz
Ufuk Yanmaz Månad sedan
Short answer: MONEY
Hectors House
Hectors House Månad sedan
Who cares? Should sign Russell
Mark Coope
Mark Coope Månad sedan
Some people are just fucking gready
Alex Frankl
Alex Frankl Månad sedan
Benz has realised they dont need that muppet to win titles when any kid will do it for nothing.
mrtheoden Månad sedan
Senna was worth EVERY SINGLE dollar in that '93 season - 5 wins, more than the Ford works powered Benneton team and Schumacher managed...despite an inferior engine (rumoured to be 50bhp less than the Benneton work Ford engine I might add). He pushed Prost right to the end, shat upon them at Donington in a wet race display that has NEVER been seen again by any other driver. Don't get me wrong, Hamilton is very very good, I would say the best on the grid in today's line up, but I do not think he is in the same class as Fangio, Clark or Senna.
Nick Webb
Nick Webb Månad sedan
Scott Mitchell, it’s Daimler...not Dymler
Bobo's Gonna Get Yi
Bobo's Gonna Get Yi Månad sedan
I really hope that, in this current climate throughout the world, that it's not a case of Lewis wanting more money! I used to be a massive fan of Hamilton, even more so because he was a McLaren driver, but I've been going off the guy more and more over the years, especially with all of this political bs he brings into the sport. I know he's not the only one doing it and, with him, it seems to be something he genuinely feels passionate about, but he is so misinformed, which in turn, misinforms the people that listen to him.
Michel Crepin
Michel Crepin Månad sedan
I hope he gets out of F1 but I know it's wishful thinking. Too much of a distraction with the "American" look and politics angle.
AKASPEEDY cubley Månad sedan
Louis is getting too big for his boots
pgale Månad sedan
This is ridiculous how does it take a year to come to an agreement over a contract. Merc should just say this is all to hard close the door on your way out Lewis bring in Russell. Let be honest Latifi can be WC in that car.
Johan Burger
Johan Burger Månad sedan
Get in there Russel!!!!!!!!
GRORG Månad sedan
maybe the american owners of F1 asked Merc and Lewis to arrange a bit of fake drama to keep it interesting. "make it into a soap opera." the contract has already probably been made.
Wardana Prajanegoro
Wardana Prajanegoro Månad sedan
retired maybe, or review his contract perhaps
Alec Hinshaw
Alec Hinshaw Månad sedan
He probably needs a lot of money because he is probably still paying off everything after he attempted to sue Hamilton watch, because of the name. He obviously lost the case because it’s a watch company that was founded in the late 1800’s.
Zzqlocke Dreizehn
Zzqlocke Dreizehn Månad sedan
He want to be in a role of mentor and trying to pull his chosen driver in his place.
APM M Månad sedan
Hamilton clearly holding out for more money. While the rest of us struggle financially through Covid !
vin ducks
vin ducks Månad sedan
Hamilton = Ferrari
Ardsz Månad sedan
Greedy bastard. Mercedes would make the same amount in income with George Russell bringing in title winning revenue and sponsors and still cost 1/10 in salary.
Dino's Shed
Dino's Shed Månad sedan
I'll tell you what's holding up the contract, it's a giant ego
hello456able Månad sedan
relax guys no doubt lewis will sign done deal
John Oleary
John Oleary Månad sedan
I don't understand why they're waiting for him to sign. Russell proved that anyone on the grid in that car will be able to win races. I still think russell was stopped from winning .If you put BRUNDLE .WEBBER. COULTHARD. BUTTON. CARTERCAINE. In that car they come 1st/2nd in the 1st race in 2021.
Just Smashing
Just Smashing Månad sedan
Swop Russell, see if Hamilton is competitive
Micky Francis
Micky Francis Månad sedan
Mercedes should tell Hamilton he has to pay them 100 million to drive their car, he won’t win another race without it
Alan Poole
Alan Poole Månad sedan
Who gives a toss?
Bad Man
Bad Man Månad sedan
Hamilton when a driver thinks he is more important than the team then it's time to replace him ,big headed and arrogant and when 40 million a year and still want more sorry get rid Russell proved anyone in that car can win a race .
Lennart Markovic
Lennart Markovic Månad sedan
its bollocks. the fact is ive seen it. its what he sais and what f1 has done this year. Equality, inclusitvity, thats where parts of his salary will go to. im sure of it. hes trying to create a forum for those 2 words in ft1 and racing over all. and he is trying to do with WITH MERCEDES, not just alone.
Lennart Markovic
Lennart Markovic Månad sedan
talent and work should always beat everything else, money is just a tool. nothing else.
Lennart Markovic
Lennart Markovic Månad sedan
and if mercedes does this, they will win more likely every year in the future even more so than now unless the other teams and f1 as a whole accepts and tries to work this idea out.
Lennart Markovic
Lennart Markovic Månad sedan
the fact is, that any meritocratic form of governance which includes money will always beat any other that includes where money itself governs.
Freddie Freihofer
Freddie Freihofer Månad sedan
Hamilton did say that he hoped to wind up the 2021 contract negotiations by Christmas. It's legit to assume there are big issues here.
Oswald Flavius
Oswald Flavius Månad sedan
You all are more interested in what's happening with Hamilton more than your own family 🤔
Michael Holland
Michael Holland Månad sedan
David Whitsett
David Whitsett Månad sedan
Obviously it’s the car not the driver so tell Lewis to F off
David Whitsett
David Whitsett Månad sedan
Is toto trying to ditch Hamilton for Russell
David Whitsett
David Whitsett Månad sedan
Is Hamilton trying to control who he will have for a teammate
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Månad sedan
The bloody inch karyologically surprise because look originally reply down a paltry afternoon. terrific, hateful suggestion
luffararne Månad sedan
Nothing to see here except for headlines, should there be something to it it is simple right, is it not always about the $ where there is smoke? But thinking no smoke here, we don't have the adventurous guys anymore, no one will leave the winner and try to extract even more by grabbing glory with yet another team and hence lifting the status way higher than "just" winning in a merc. Which to be honest is not even half as impressive as doing it in RB 2021
MrNurdiboy Månad sedan
I really couldn't give a monkeys regarding this, in case you haven't noticed we are in the midst of a global economic meltdown, F1 is becoming rapidly more irrelevant as the months drag on
Norfolkc Månad sedan
Who cares
Boicote Månad sedan
Holy shit, 1 MILLION dolars PER RACE in 1993!!!!!! That's a shit ton of money!!!
Lanre Oladejo
Lanre Oladejo Månad sedan
If he goes the Senna route, he’d be raking in $4M per race if not more. Would be an interesting situation to watch.
Kunal DC
Kunal DC Månad sedan
2021 F1 Season will be more exciting if Lewis don't go with Mercedes. But there is no better Car like Merc and no good driver like Lewis. But I like to see, if Lewis and Max change the seats, next champ will be Max for sure. Only if Ferrari didn't improve their car.
i Digit
i Digit Månad sedan
Here is a thought - Hamilton out, Russel in and Hulk at Williams.
bike is life
bike is life Månad sedan
send him in other car he will not perform well for sure
Steve Martin
Steve Martin Månad sedan
sheer unadulterated greed is the only hold up. its obscene what he gets without a pay rise,
KK B Månad sedan
This contract saga is a nothing burger.
Mr MUNYANG Månad sedan
He'll re-sign. Give the boy more coin,what ever he wants.Still on holidays. Shit the boy wins.
Neil Hampson
Neil Hampson Månad sedan
He is having lessons on how to spell his name.
David Mendrei
David Mendrei Månad sedan
Lewis need Mercedes more than Mercedes need him, so he cant pool out a Senna 1993
Jazz Zsm
Jazz Zsm Månad sedan
So Senna was earning a Million dollars a race 20 plus years ago and I didn't hear anybody say anything negative then and he was also driving the best car and Michael was earning nearly 40 million a year all the years ago when he was arguably driving the best car with tyres specifically tailored to him, plus guaranteed no.1 status in the team and you guessed it I didn't hear anybody say anything then about his money or position in F1 or be degraded by people belittling his driving expertise and saying he's no better than any of the other drivers who could win all the races he does, which is absolute rubbish to people who follow race careers and really know about racing. It's a shame that in 2021 a black person still has to work twice as hard for something that is equal to all. I'm sorry to tell you that as long as Sir Lewis is around your Max's will never reach his levels of achievement and most importantly Mercedes knows that when theres major changes coming with the rules , theres only one driver you want in your team with the experience, skill and ability to drive through problems. Arise Sir Lewis.
David Mendrei
David Mendrei Månad sedan
Lewis is leaving get over it
bukata mutumba
bukata mutumba Månad sedan
Lewis is going to sign , he got too much of a big ego to throw away an opportunity to get an eighth. He's not Rosberg and Mercedes are not the ones who will lose the most if Lewis doesn't sign it's him.
J4M3S B 7103
J4M3S B 7103 Månad sedan
4:27 Lets play hypothetical then. The previous 4:27. **sad noises**
Phillip Maclver
Phillip Maclver Månad sedan
He's knelt on his pen!...
Callum Burton
Callum Burton Månad sedan
Good video dude.😃👍
SubaruForester2015 Månad sedan
I am not a Hamilton fan, but I really want to see him get 8 or more World Championship !!!!!! Please sign him.
Amilton10 Månad sedan
I am drive Mercedes.....
Andy Ellis
Andy Ellis Månad sedan
Perhaps F1 have had enough of his political bullying of the other drivers.
Mike Dodd
Mike Dodd Månad sedan
50.000000.M reasons....
john kersey
john kersey Månad sedan
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