What to look out for in F1's 2021 car launches 

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F1 launch season is just around the corner, and despite special rules for this year meaning more parts are being carried over from 2020 than would usually be the case, it's already becoming clear that there will be plenty to look for as the covers come off each team's 2021 challengers over the coming weeks. In this video Scott Mitchell explains what will really matter from what we see and hear from the teams.
F1 2021 new car launches and testing dates
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12 feb 2021



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Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson 4 dagar sedan
Bold prediction: Merc cares little about 2021, focuses primarily on 2022 and creates the illusion Red Bull is closer before continuing on in 2022
Ganga Cambiaria
Ganga Cambiaria 7 dagar sedan
Tosa 9 dagar sedan
Imrahil 12 dagar sedan
What to watch out for in pre-season: Silly people making predictions while implying a launch car might accidentally give away a major development all teams would likely hold back until at least testing or if it's really good until the first race...
Jaygah36 12 dagar sedan
Sebastian in new car, and he's faster with new car, because new Mercedes engine So Louise Hamilton most wait in line at this time & nope hope for you Because Championship Season belongs to SEBASTIAN VETEL
John Leake
John Leake 14 dagar sedan
The F1 circus continues to spend bushel baskets of money.... I do not understand or comprehend the "business model"
March Juergas
March Juergas 14 dagar sedan
I Think the mclaren is very strong if they launch it that early
Krg Ricky
Krg Ricky 15 dagar sedan
Yow anyone noticed the top of Sebastian vettels head XD
Ludovic Chauvin
Ludovic Chauvin 15 dagar sedan
I predict Haas to be by far the worst team this year. The lack of experience seems to be a real issue there. And two rookie drivers won t help the team to get some great set-up, for sure
Thedudeabides803 15 dagar sedan
Pulling for the haas team. Really like their crew chief and hope the guy and team can get some well deserved wins.
Crooby 16 dagar sedan
"Purple Ferrari" 🤣😂
jort93z 17 dagar sedan
My call is mclaren will win (or 2nd place) and everyone will be upset.
Χάρης Κουλισίδης
am i the only guy who thinks that this 2022 car designs are awful
Edwon Rodrigues
Edwon Rodrigues 17 dagar sedan
The fixed karen undoubtedly expand because shake unsurprisingly watch since a soggy voice. hollow, acid ronald
Paul_ The_Nerd
Paul_ The_Nerd 17 dagar sedan
hehe british racing green mercedes is inevitable
Adrian Untalan
Adrian Untalan 18 dagar sedan
(6:03)... I just realized Vettel is balding
bosprocket 18 dagar sedan
i'm looking out for the rich energy sponsorship
Random Pepega in the chat
Well the Mclaren was kinda copy paste
22 AAY
22 AAY 18 dagar sedan
My exam is also around the conner😭😂
JGW Goran Jelenić
JGW Goran Jelenić 18 dagar sedan
"Exoected to move to 2020 Mercedes design"??? I tought they agreed they cant copy Mercedes this year?
WhyNot 18 dagar sedan
I still wish they would get rid of DRS
Akshath Reddy
Akshath Reddy 18 dagar sedan
i just can't wait
gioxx08 18 dagar sedan
This is it
Ted Lowery
Ted Lowery 19 dagar sedan
If they have wheel covers 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢
sai rahul
sai rahul 19 dagar sedan
One with big moves - Doesn't mention checo. It's a yokee, what a yoke!
Ruftinator 19 dagar sedan
How did I not know of Vettel’s new hairstyle until now?!?!🤣🤣🤣
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dagar sedan
You watch the wrong YT channels.
Jake Summers
Jake Summers 19 dagar sedan
Anyone know what kind of upgrades alpine have? If any?
hasan topçu
hasan topçu 19 dagar sedan
You forgot Perez to Red Bull :)
Jason Garfitt
Jason Garfitt 19 dagar sedan
Definitely looking forward to the new Aston livery the most
Alexander Agnew
Alexander Agnew 19 dagar sedan
Stanley O'Reilly
Stanley O'Reilly 19 dagar sedan
Vettel at Aston Martin
john bhangal
john bhangal 19 dagar sedan
The temporary view genomically scrub because peer-to-peer largely complain pro a spotless ant. aback, temporary cherry
John Burns
John Burns 20 dagar sedan
Vettel in a Aston and fernando back in a alpine.
VictoriaGooner 20 dagar sedan
Looking forward to the aero packages being unveiled and seeing how the teams are skirting around the regulations to get that one up on their competitors. Love seeing Umbro back in F1!
Drew32 20 dagar sedan
I wish Mercedes would drop this shit and go back to silver - what it's supposed to be.
LionAndALamb 20 dagar sedan
McLaren gets a Merc engine, and you decide that Haas has the greatest potential for improvement? Bruuuuuuuh.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 20 dagar sedan
2:20 Hahahaha!!! Good one!!!!
Ishaan Hamid
Ishaan Hamid 20 dagar sedan
Mercedes back with the silver livery
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc 20 dagar sedan
i hate this cost cutting crap and removing downforce...this is not what formula 1 is about.....how do you limit development when you are cheap? F1 at this state is regressing....soon Indy car and formula E will be on par with F1
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dagar sedan
👍 not really the pinnacle of Motor sport anymore.
joparicutin 20 dagar sedan
People don't need to be reminded of Pérez as what to look out for.
Dan M
Dan M 20 dagar sedan
If Stroll and Vettel are getting equal equipment, maybe Lance can share some of his hair.
patriot union
patriot union 20 dagar sedan
Wont be watching if they continue with the taking the knee crap! Hamilton needs to be told by Mercedes that he's made his point and to move on.
Brick Island
Brick Island 20 dagar sedan
Did Vettel lose hair?
Philip Minns
Philip Minns 20 dagar sedan
Honestly I'm just looking forward to there being a British Racing Green car on the grid again. Everything else is secondary!
Arturo Bribiesca
Arturo Bribiesca 20 dagar sedan
No mention of Chheco as a major switch?
Bmwmotorsportguy 20 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that dislike the 2022 cars design? It looks more like something out of an arcade video game than F1.
IIGrayfoxII 20 dagar sedan
I know orange is a historic color for McLaren. But I wish we could see the White and Red livery that we had in the 90s
Brian T
Brian T 20 dagar sedan
Wait vettel's bald?
Dericho Hardy
Dericho Hardy 20 dagar sedan
Talking liveries: Red Bull could change their liveries even if for one race to promote their seasonal promotion drinks. Recent one in my view looks okay as a one off livery at least - look up "Red Bull Winter Edition Arctic Berry". May not be to everyone's taste but if they want to promote their seasonal range, then use their highly exposed "billboards".
Hannah Lundberg Smith
Hannah Lundberg Smith 20 dagar sedan
Great video
ShotgunAU 20 dagar sedan
Damn every time I watch a 2021 F1 video or read an article about upcoming things in 2021 etc, I remember that we have to watch Nikita Mazepin in F1 this year and that makes me very sad.
Bram Fransen
Bram Fransen 12 dagar sedan
What did he do?
ShotgunAU 18 dagar sedan
@dragosstanciu lol, luckily that probably won't ever happen.
dragosstanciu 20 dagar sedan
@ShotgunAU Seriously? And how would you feel if Mazepin would win a GP?
Milk Instruments
Milk Instruments 20 dagar sedan
I agree, so sad.
Brock Heath
Brock Heath 20 dagar sedan
You didn’t say anything about Checo going to redbull
Булат Миннуллин
stop milking 2021 season
Max T
Max T 20 dagar sedan
I am black, all lives must matter equally always
Max T
Max T 20 dagar sedan
Wheel covers 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎👎👎👎👎
muhdfuad 24
muhdfuad 24 20 dagar sedan
Smoooothhhhh operatorrrrr
Ken Rehill
Ken Rehill 20 dagar sedan
Not sure I could care about anything less. Lewis Hamilton likes boys. Worst secret in sport.
Real American
Real American 20 dagar sedan
Of course Haas is going to do terrible they have a driver that is literally a turd, they have a turd driving their F1 car.
Ben Gibbons
Ben Gibbons 20 dagar sedan
Apparently pushing the Reg changes to 2022 is to save development costs, so with that in mind It makes no sense at all to add more costs to teams this year by adding in an aero change because that will add in huge development costs and it also makes no sense because it’s a redundant and unnecessary change considering we get a complete change next year! And I don’t agree with the argument that it because of the tyres, just make better tyres for this coming year 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
tim yo
tim yo 20 dagar sedan
tim yo
tim yo 20 dagar sedan
Vettel being a classic bald man is the big news for 2021.
tim yo
tim yo 20 dagar sedan
Stop saying twentie twentie
Lachie 20 dagar sedan
I suspect Aston Martin will protest McLaren immediately out of spite after last year regardless of how many liberties they have taken, judging by their press releases I also think McLaren has taken a lot of liberties. I do however think they have pre-prepared an excuse for every change and predicted this. I don't think they'll get in trouble for anything especially after taking the moral high road last year, but I do think the MCL35M will be just as controversial as the RP20.
415 s30
415 s30 20 dagar sedan
I'm not happy about the low profile tires coming, it's just not right.
Nathan Stroud
Nathan Stroud 20 dagar sedan
Their pics of "the last 4 Red Bull liveries" included another photo of the 2018 RB14 where the 2017 car should've been, which illustrates their point about that team's livery looking the same each year.
David Langdown
David Langdown 20 dagar sedan
Did i enjoy the video ? NO it was far too fast giving us no time to consider anything. A load of hasty crap.
Jay Ismail
Jay Ismail 20 dagar sedan
I’m excited for this year
Dats 20 dagar sedan
I have very low expectations for Haas because he said that 2021 will not be the focus this season. He said that after the launch of the car 90% of the focus will be on 2022. Even though I do root for Haas, this year will most likely be the year where they will be last in the standings given that they will basically not upgrade the car and they have 2 rookies on the team. Maze🅱in and Schumacher will not be fast as they are not used to F1 cars and do not know the limit. But hopefully that means a much better 2022 season where they will be a midfield team.
john brown
john brown 20 dagar sedan
Ferrari really made vettel lose his hair
LORD FARQUAAD 21 dag sedan
If the McLaren is competitive I fully expect Renault to bitch.
Dusan Bradanovich
Dusan Bradanovich 21 dag sedan
When did vettel went bold?
Sirna Elias
Sirna Elias 21 dag sedan
Blue fararri
blkmamba824 21 dag sedan
2021 F1 Wishlist: 1) Hamilton wins his 8th before rule change 2) Ricciardo/McLaren competes with Verstappen/RB 3) Vettel is competitive 4) Ferrari toxicity doesn't ruin Sainz 5) Russell to Mercedes by end of 2021 6) Norris/Ricciardo bromance 7) Gasly and Checo podiums 8) Alonso makes things interesting for Alpine 9) beautiful Williams livery 10) no driver/team gets COVID
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 21 dag sedan
Hope the 2021 cars looked better than 2020.
Javier Barrenechea
Javier Barrenechea 21 dag sedan
What about SP move to RB?
Oscar Brea
Oscar Brea 20 dagar sedan
Just for that I gave a Dislike to this video!
Giutubo Spatubo
Giutubo Spatubo 21 dag sedan
Vettel, Riciardo, Sainz, Alonso.... big moves... I thought Perez was the biggest move. You didn´t even mention him, ja, ja, ja....
Roy Drinkwater
Roy Drinkwater 21 dag sedan
Who’s going to be the sponsor on the Red Bull rear spoiler now that Aston Martin is a new team?
fishyyy 21 dag sedan
can anyone tell me why the redbull in 2:11 have fences
Carter Lam
Carter Lam 21 dag sedan
We have to count how many reskinned Mercedes we see this year, so far my moneys on 2 Aston and William
JPSC 21 dag sedan
I think it's really unfortunate the racing point rebrand to Aston Martin maintaining the Mercedes copy strategy, an Aston should be a totally independent development ( apart from the engine).
James Ong
James Ong 21 dag sedan
I thought the engine can’t be changed/upgraded between 2020 and 2021? So Ferrari can’t upgrade its engines, so it would still be stuffed in 2021.
Undisputed Truth
Undisputed Truth 21 dag sedan
Dam! when did Vettel start going bald ?
classyfenn 21 dag sedan
2022 I wanna see a chrome car again with meclarn have a Mercedes engine
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 21 dag sedan
Looking at Mercedies with respect to others, not looking at Redbull and Ferrari becasue I they are making mistakes like a joke in managing the team. Poor reputation for honda and not looking foward to red bull because Honda 3-4 years in a row results of a joke, then only partner with redbul for 1-2 years before annoucing pullling out of F1 is like a huge punch in the face in rebull and scamming them. Ferrari is the last team you would want to intimiate especially with a Chinese sponsor Allot of Chinese people care about respect and reputation more than anything else, going from top runners to being a humiliating joke in 2020 is very bad for Ferraris sponsors.
Sandy Barnes
Sandy Barnes 21 dag sedan
What I am looking forward to most is Ferrari crashing and burning.
Edilton Spencer
Edilton Spencer 21 dag sedan
Love the part of more rear downforce and it being music to Vettel. We all know Vettel's trouble at Ferrari was the lack of downforce. We see Mercedes cars carrying an impressive amount of speed through the corners due to better grip and if Aston Martin does the same, Vettel will be back to the podiums and maybe a win or two when main competitors have a bad day.
kai nagami
kai nagami 21 dag sedan
5:30 you forgot to mention the confetti livery that they will do if their tweet reaches 1 million retweets
AncientPickle 21 dag sedan
Alfa Romeo should have a new livery because they might be partnering with Rich Energy so that should seriously change things.
Fasa Kapor
Fasa Kapor 21 dag sedan
holy shit never heard more twenty twenty's
jackson ;
jackson ; 21 dag sedan
You say "car launch" i say "ooh, new pretty liveries"
TeamSukiyo 21 dag sedan
I do wish they were more imaginative with the colors of the liveries, instead of half the grid sticking to black and white colors.
Xs2Fun 21 dag sedan
1:14 that McLaren looks really nice... 4:58 yellow and blue Williams ? Yes please... if that partner-deal with Renault goes true... Oh well that will be from '22 onward then... So Ferrari dug a whole for themself last year ? Engine wise ?! Karma... Hopefully they have found some stuff mechanically. Otherwise it will be yet another diff. year. And Alfa and Haas won't be to happy as well then... I saw somewhere - can't remember where - that Alfa would pull away from F1 from '22 onwards if it would be terrible again. Or is that not more then a rumor ?! Hopefully Haas will have found some air-solution as well. The Alpine from Alonso will have to do without Alonso, possibly. Because someone hit him on his biking exercise. Or as we might say he did a 'Webber'
Northern Drone Werx
Northern Drone Werx 21 dag sedan
I'm gonna miss a pink car on the grid.
BlagoP 21 dag sedan
Waiting for Marko and Horner to tell us that this year they'll be winning many races and fighting for the championship.
Twintwix123456789 21 dag sedan
Hello everyone, welcome to the mercedes f1 2021 reveal. I'm sorry, but I have to start by saying, our car sux. I sincerely request that other teams halt their development. I mean it... I put the highest grade peanutbutter in the tank, and the thing wont even start... We have never sunk so low as a company, we're basically sub surface center of gravity now... I know, it's horrible... We are amidst a deep crises here at mercedes, we're just going to keep our heads down and take the 2021 crown with as much damage mitigation as possible. Don't mind us, it's practically game over for us anyway, and we wish all the other teams good luck and a fun 2021. We wont be on your radar, that's for sure. Still gotta figure out how this peanutbutter thing works. Honey! Where is the instruction manual for the peanutbutter?! HONEY?! *Sir, your mic is still on.*
Diego OC
Diego OC 21 dag sedan
The big moves this year are Sainz in Ferrari, Daniel Ricciardo to McLaren, Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso returning with Alpine.... Sergio Perez: Am I a joke to you?
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc 21 dag sedan
I was a Ferrari & Schumacher fan during their early 2000's heyday. And I was absolutely thrilled to see Alonso come along and finally end it. I realised how good Alonso was in 2006 2nd halc of the season when in one race he kept Michael behind him within 2 seconds for over 40 laps. First time I had ever seen a driver actually stop a Schumi Charge. It proved Alonso was an all rounder, it's rare an F1 champion can defend as well as he can overtake and dominate. I hate Lewis. He's a petulant child, but god is he fast. I hate Verstappen, he's an overly emotional bully and he has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen. Fish lips and dead eyes, kill it, burn it with fire. Even saying all that, I'd still celebrate the awful little phenom if he beat Hamilton to the title. Just to see some change! Separately I loved how Rosberg retired after beating Lewis to the title. Lewis must hate the fact he can never get him back more than he hates anything in life. Remember him complaining about how Nico got the special treatment as kids in Karting and so on because his father was Keke Rosberg. Lewis Hamilton seriously stands in front of cameras and complains how much he struggled to get where he is... Oh the cruelty of this world, to think he had to suffer driving cheaper 2nd hand 10-30k Karts whilst his team mate had brand new ones. The horrors of being a rich black child who got to race Karts as an 8 year old! Nobody knows the troubles he's seen, nobody knows his sorrow... I bet 10% of the reason Rosberg was happy to retire as champion, going out on top against the 'New Goat' in the same equipment, (over what 19 races or something?) is because he knew how much it would eat away at Hamilton.
Shishir Sandeep
Shishir Sandeep 21 dag sedan
Honest opinion. This background music is very distracting. Can't concentrate on the video. Please do something about it
mark dance
mark dance 21 dag sedan
How cool would it be if ferrari put the cat among the pigeons by launching a yellow spec launch car
Jack 21 dag sedan
I’m looking forward to RedBull’s performance with Checo now on the team. I also heard of a rumor that Rich Energy was possibly coming back to F1
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