Why AlphaTauri turned down ‘free’ Red Bull parts for its 2021 F1 car 

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AlphaTauri is the second team to launch its 2021 car, with the AT02 looking to build on a strong 2020 season where the Italian outfit won a race with Pierre Gasly. In this video we take a close look at the new design, looking at the changes the team has made, and why it decided against taking more parts from Red Bull that it was entitled to do without using up its permitted development tokens. We also explain why the car is much more than just a copy of what ‘big brother’ Red Bull Racing produced last year, and how AlphaTauri is going in its own direction with developments
What's different on AlphaTauri's 2021 F1 car
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19 feb 2021



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Kleon II
Kleon II 15 timmar sedan
Hot take: Gasly and Perez will be fighting each other for 4th place in the championship
CecDog3 Dag sedan
Happy to hear “Gran Prix winner Pierre Gasly.” Also hope AlphaTauri does well this season, I do think they are the most stylish team on the grid so far.
BoneYard 2 dagar sedan
love the livery with those white wheels. proper sharp.
FlyByU 2 dagar sedan
Yuki dono, がんばってね
Dark Star
Dark Star 3 dagar sedan
Who is that little 13 year old Asian girl, dressed as a driver ???
Dallas Schwartz
Dallas Schwartz 7 dagar sedan
Love the livery, especially the wheels! So cool... I see them making a real run at 4th though 5th is most likely their final resting spot come the final checkered flag. If the Prancing Pony gets its act together they will knock McClaren off the podium thus cementing our spot in 5th. If not, it's game on!!
Joe Gaines
Joe Gaines 8 dagar sedan
Alpha Tauri with a uprising of a doubt with the honda powered I think that Alpha Tauri might have some to prove in F1.
AndreDenker 9 dagar sedan
2:55 they have a coke bottle on the car?
gizzy guzzi
gizzy guzzi 10 dagar sedan
maximum geekage.
adaness osman
adaness osman 11 dagar sedan
To be honest, last year looks better
Aarohans World
Aarohans World 11 dagar sedan
cant you just run lower rake with the shorter diffuser?
iamjeffness 11 dagar sedan
the nose design reminds me off the Merc 2014 car
Oscar Egbogu
Oscar Egbogu 11 dagar sedan
Teams get development Tokens? I despair.
chillikoala 11 dagar sedan
Love seeing HONDA on the rear wing.
peter alafe
peter alafe 11 dagar sedan
Yuki looks like he just stopped breastfeeding...oh sorry chest feeding 😭
Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre 11 dagar sedan
Bruh that car looks like 70’s station wagon💀💀
sarif samudra
sarif samudra 11 dagar sedan
I like this season how alpha tauri manage to show the other that They can get income in all other aspect not just from main team sport but another brand
exiledrabbit 11 dagar sedan
I'm not a fan of Gary Anderson ever since 2012 when he was at BBC his takes are always such rubbish
Slougo 11 dagar sedan
I'm looking forward to the Aston Martin and that British racing Green. To bad it wasn't Lotus.
Richie5903 12 dagar sedan
So they didnt turn down Red Bull parts .. they just took front end bits instead of rear. So a fair bit misleading right from the start
DoxYDox DeLamanca
DoxYDox DeLamanca 12 dagar sedan
7th place. There.
I come from the Future
I come from the Future 12 dagar sedan
Matte finish destroys even the nicest color design. FIA should set a minimum paint thickness so that all teams use the final gloss paint layer as they did until a couple of years ago.
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart 12 dagar sedan
Don't you mean 2021 car in the first sentence of the video?
H8 M8
H8 M8 12 dagar sedan
1990 livery
Gainesy 12 dagar sedan
It's clever coz now red bull can share info between the two teams on different concepts and how they work
Abhijit Deo
Abhijit Deo 12 dagar sedan
I wish all the team from the back of the grid should win atleast one race in order to make F1 more interesting. As far as Alpha Tauri is concerned I am a fan of Gasly and he should win atleast 2 GP this year.❤️
Stefan Lindström
Stefan Lindström 12 dagar sedan
The livery Alpha Tauri have is amazing, simple but sexy.
XenoFireStar 12 dagar sedan
I don't know how much of a fan of Alpha Tauri I really am, but I am a fan of the new livery.
Dylan Nicely
Dylan Nicely 12 dagar sedan
can yall get edd to do all of your voice overs, I can actually understand the dude
Ryan Zhang
Ryan Zhang 12 dagar sedan
where do you get the models for the animations?
BUGSYGb1 [GANG] 12 dagar sedan
Another misleading video title, Not surprised...
Tyrone Mogadishu
Tyrone Mogadishu 12 dagar sedan
f-1 still pain in the arse. The rules so complicated and so many variances.
Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger 12 dagar sedan
PotatoMoose 13 dagar sedan
"Proven team leader and GP winner" made me smile
Matthew Raymond
Matthew Raymond 13 dagar sedan
It looks to me like they are mastering their aero. Simpler aero but hopefully better results, I hope. Thanks guys for great videos.
CalgarGTX 13 dagar sedan
Their fashion crap look like stuff my grandparents were wearing 40 years ago
RisingSunCountry 13 dagar sedan
yuuki tsunoda.
bashar almustafa
bashar almustafa 13 dagar sedan
7:27 Gasly showing the serial killer face
Michael Keohane
Michael Keohane 13 dagar sedan
This is an awesome team. I’ve been watching motor racing and Formula 1 since 12/13 years of age. And I like the vibe in this team.
TheKingkingg 13 dagar sedan
Looks awesome, and Honda LOGO and badges seems bigger which looks awesome. Best luck this year and beyond.
K H 13 dagar sedan
Team certainly has improved. From the 2nd in Brazil and win in Monza. But for years now their overall results show they are below the midfield teams. Can't they put a complete season together first? Before being considered not the B team or top of the mid field.
Max Allen
Max Allen 13 dagar sedan
Maybe AT have actually hinted that the new Red Bull car is awful
Pete Harper
Pete Harper 13 dagar sedan
Paint job reminds me of Damon's Arrows.
Bobby Bonilla Bobcat
Bobby Bonilla Bobcat 13 dagar sedan
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in the new livery. The 2020 was much better.
Nanuan 13 dagar sedan
My favourite team and driver pairing in 2021. Let's hope Pierre can win and Yuki get's his first podium in the Samee race?
Information1Seeker 2
Information1Seeker 2 13 dagar sedan
Loving the colour matched painted wheels!
Nathan Peabody
Nathan Peabody 13 dagar sedan
I love the livery. Tbh, I haven't felt compelled by Formula 1 since 2013. I still don't find the aesthetics of the halo pleasing. I could careless about the safety advances. If safety was truly paramount drivers would perform remotely...
bishopoftroy 13 dagar sedan
"Though Alpha Tauri has also taken the 2020 specification Red Bull power steering system which is possible without any token spent thanks to the rules allowing those running non-listed parts supplied by other teams to upgrade to 2020 specification if they ran year old parts the previous season." I didn't understand a bit of this...why you always speak so complicated? Not all your audience is PhD in English Literature..make it more concise please.
woll dippen
woll dippen 13 dagar sedan
7:26 -7:27 Gaslys Eyes....
Yurded Mhams-Kaant
Yurded Mhams-Kaant 13 dagar sedan
It looks like a Lego car
Lightening Bolt
Lightening Bolt 13 dagar sedan
The front wing looks like it generates quite a bit of vortexes to keep the tyre wake controlled
Christian Horner
Christian Horner 13 dagar sedan
These guys will finish 6th. Tsunoda will cost them points, but bring them ¥🇯🇵
AyyFuji 13 dagar sedan
I'm struggling to see the difference in the noses
manspej 13 dagar sedan
I wish they didn't turn down the parts so that their car isn't only ugly but is ugly and more competitive
Eruptic 13 dagar sedan
Aston Martin: Interesting... Go on.
Dejaun Pillay
Dejaun Pillay 13 dagar sedan
can you guys do a ferrari version of the renault failed years plan?
Nicholas Holmes-Siedle
Nicholas Holmes-Siedle 13 dagar sedan
If A Tauri wanted to improve the front end of their car they should have taken the "free" RB back end . It spent most of last season trying to overtake the RB front end!!
Marc Wilson Señase
Marc Wilson Señase 13 dagar sedan
Aside from AT which teams can copy other team's specs ?
VivaMidnight 13 dagar sedan
Lovely jumper @ 0:51
Caleb Jarschke
Caleb Jarschke 13 dagar sedan
One of the best liveries in recent years for sure
John Micheal
John Micheal 13 dagar sedan
The front end looks lean. In a good way. If the front end stays more or less the same after testing, then that'll mean that they are aiming to reap the benefits seen over at Racing Point. That rear body work makes no sense though.
Daniel Towill
Daniel Towill 13 dagar sedan
Bit of an idea for a video. History of Blue and White F1 Livery's and how they've changed. From Tyrrell to Williams and more recently maybe Sauber a few years ago and Alpha Tauri now.
opacus13 13 dagar sedan
If nothing else it looks nice!
Atharva Date
Atharva Date 13 dagar sedan
Imagine Red Bull vs Alpha Tauri for the title challenge
Josefin Kjellsson
Josefin Kjellsson 13 dagar sedan
White rims👌🏼
Max T
Max T 13 dagar sedan
Ed you are a legend
JnManuelAG 13 dagar sedan
I want Alpha Tauri to beat Red Bluff
Porto 13 dagar sedan
The cars are huge
Nakul Naik
Nakul Naik 13 dagar sedan
If they put red bull parts in it, Pierre might not be able to drive it.
PRIS 13 dagar sedan
Wow can't believe we are now mentioning Ferrari as a mid field team😨
Kurt M
Kurt M 13 dagar sedan
Rooting for these two. Love the team.
Ignacio Aguirre
Ignacio Aguirre 13 dagar sedan
I love this team
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 13 dagar sedan
"tokens" spent what does that mean?
kube 13 dagar sedan
I believe there's a cost cap now in f1, teams can only spend so much on upgrades
Nathan Pike
Nathan Pike 13 dagar sedan
Watch this space race fans, we have are new top dog rising to the heights of the sister team.
Patrick de Groot
Patrick de Groot 13 dagar sedan
Will end higher than Renault
KK B 14 dagar sedan
If Yuki does well, I can imagine him being named baby assassin or some anime character. 🙂
Chad Rienstra
Chad Rienstra 14 dagar sedan
The livery is a real eye catcher.
Karrde 14 dagar sedan
Is it so they keep their car easy to drive for their noob drivers? Wasn't the problem with the redbull an unstable rear end? Looks who's driving? My guess would be that red bulls brand etc would be better served with young drivers further up the midfield with a ceiling rather than 4 edgy unleashed cars not being fully driven.
Oʊdɪn 14 dagar sedan
well i am just excited to see how Tsunoda will do
Fide Nemini
Fide Nemini 14 dagar sedan
holy shis this car looks siiiiiiiiiick. way better than Redbull car
MadelnOahu 14 dagar sedan
Interesting how this season and last season have little sponsorship on their car
Darren 14 dagar sedan
To me this car looks very much more Ferrari in concept than Red Bull. The car just overall seems lower rake than previous designs, and I wonder if that is a nod towards the 2022 regulations. Given all that, and the known issues Red Bull had with their rear instability, what is the case for them using the parts?
Stromberg Thornton
Stromberg Thornton 14 dagar sedan
Love the new car design. I hope it moves up the midfield.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 14 dagar sedan
Tsunoda looks like a little kid stood next to Gasly lol
Saïtri10 14 dagar sedan
Aston Martin takes inspiration from Mercedes blueprints : THATS ILLEGAL! :| McLaren changes nose due to Mercedes engine : OMG AN ORANGE MERCEDES, PROTEST! D; Alpha Tauri flat out admitting it uses some RedBull parts: GO GO GO!! :D
Zed283 14 dagar sedan
I felt bad for Albon throughout this video!
Rick Visser
Rick Visser 14 dagar sedan
7:15 guys, did you have to do this statistic shaming? Renault already has taken their name from the car... if you keep rubbing it in... instead of Alpine Renault, will it be soon Alpine TAG Heuer
BlagoP 14 dagar sedan
Looks like another 7th place for Alpha Tauri.
khasmir666 14 dagar sedan
Doing the same as RB would be easy, they are doing their own thing which I can only applaud.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas 14 dagar sedan
This is pretty funny actually. Alpha doesnt want Red Bull's 2020 sh!t. 😂
Stetson Gray
Stetson Gray 14 dagar sedan
The livery looks so retro
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 14 dagar sedan
looks like theyve built a car that can with confidence respond to setup changes....not sure about that wide front nose - ive never seen a wide nose car be fastest in the speed traps...
Cristóbal Cárdenas
Cristóbal Cárdenas 14 dagar sedan
I Love the livery!
foxpon105 14 dagar sedan
Hopefully Gasly gets a few more podiums or even a win. His win at Italian GP had such an emotional reaction. I gennuely felt good for the guy.
Shaun Brazier
Shaun Brazier 14 dagar sedan
Sorry but this cars livery is the worse I have ever seen its absolute horrible and dont even look streamlined the front looks to high I'm really not impressed
Beryllium 14 dagar sedan
white red bull
Mart Beth5
Mart Beth5 14 dagar sedan
Livery reminds me of the Tyrrell 019. That is a good thing.
Martin Gonzalez
Martin Gonzalez 14 dagar sedan
In other words, it's crap.
nyanta 14 dagar sedan
Oh! Tyrrell F1 like. but This is good coloring.
jon bell
jon bell 14 dagar sedan
Who would blame them for not wanting Red Bulls twitchy rear end for this year. Unless they could strike a deal where they get the twitchy rear end and Max to drive it. That would be ok.