Why Ferrari holds the key to Alfa Romeo’s new 2021 F1 car 

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Alfa Romeo has launched its 2021 Formula 1 car, the C41, which it hopes will allow the team to join the frantic midfield battle this year after spending 2020 cut adrift in a group of three teams at the back. In this video Edd Straw looks at the changes the team has made, how it’s spent its permitted development tokens, why Alfa has followed-up last year’s C39 with the C41 name, and what the team needs from Ferrari to take a proper step forward
Gary Anderson's verdict on 'lost' Alfa Romeo's 2021 F1 car
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22 feb 2021



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Robert Walker
Robert Walker 8 timmar sedan
Really hope Alfa stay in f1 the sport need tradition and the alfisti need to support f1 not electric racing.
DennyHulme Dag sedan
Is it just me - or do all these 2021 F1 look exactly the same? It was not for the paint job and graphics you could not tell them apart.
BoneYard 2 dagar sedan
definately the best looking car, the removal of the shark fin is welcome. Looks Italian.
bal dur
bal dur 3 dagar sedan
artistjoh 4 dagar sedan
While I am a McLaren fan, I have loved the Alfa Romeo colors on the car. It is the most attractive livery on the grid. Pity it has a Ferrari under the hood. That Ferrari engine is a hybrid between a boat anchor and rubber band power.
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 6 dagar sedan
Alfa, HAAS and Astroll Martin will go through intense changes this season. Form leadership/ownership changes to new alliances or even a new unexpected PU supplier... *2021 will be a memorable season in terms of F1 changes, silly season, surprises, etc. As to racing... only RB or Alpine may surprise.*
Ancient1 5 dagar sedan
Astroll - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Dan may [hoping!!!] surprise with a stellar year
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 6 dagar sedan
Whenever i hear 🅱inotto, I understand: *FAIL!*
Jay Grogan
Jay Grogan 7 dagar sedan
Cuz they have the same fucking engine duh
Edvards plays games
Edvards plays games 7 dagar sedan
Ferrari, Alfa romea: Points
Isaak Vedalt
Isaak Vedalt 7 dagar sedan
0:45 Bwoah intensifies
K1234 8 dagar sedan
I think kimi will retire next season.
Big Boi
Big Boi 9 dagar sedan
Edd Straw is my god. He is my deity.
Sébastien Reinier
Sébastien Reinier 9 dagar sedan
Oikku Oek
Oikku Oek 9 dagar sedan
The punchline of this joke is, Alfa Romeo has developed the best V6 engine ever mass produced. And now they are stuck with Ferrari, trying to swap it to Renault.
zlatko vujevic
zlatko vujevic 9 dagar sedan
Like you said the only problem whit a car is underpower ferarri PU. I really hope that Binotto is not wrong about the new PU and power managment.
Uchenna Okoye
Uchenna Okoye 9 dagar sedan
i don't think anyone notices but, the Pirelli tyres are lot rounder than last years' tyres
Mattia Longhin
Mattia Longhin 9 dagar sedan
Guess Kimi has the best hobby ever
k A
k A 9 dagar sedan
Alfa Romeo wants an Italian driver in their car even if is underperforming. ferrarri hire just Italian because their proud Italian hence the result of the latest decade are there if they are happy who else against it...
Piersandro Mannino
Piersandro Mannino 9 dagar sedan
I don’t know what’s wrong between English journalists and Antonio Giovinazzi. They simply don’t like him. I don’t think giovinazzi is the fastest guy in F1 but if you guys analyze his races you can see how the team fucked up his strategy almost in every race. So.. I won’t say inconsistent just because he finishes races behind Kimi.
Peter Elbri
Peter Elbri 9 dagar sedan
No Huski Chocholate sponsor this year?
Zaphod 9 dagar sedan
They need better drivers. Kimi is way past his prime. He was past his prime even at Ferrari. I love the guy, but that's just a fact. And Italian Jesus seems to have moments of class, but they are so few and far in between. Very few,, and very far in between.. If they stay in 8th again this year, I honestly think they'd be better off just bringing in rookies for 2022 if they're still in F1.
Ivan 9 dagar sedan
alfa romeo is not ferrari's B team. they are the team that's least dependant on their engine supplier.
Aaron 9 dagar sedan
Kimi will one day be the oldest world champion. I'd love to see him next to Lewis at Merc.
Zadara 10 dagar sedan
It's a beauty!!!
Jacob Fishel
Jacob Fishel 10 dagar sedan
I hope it can perform better because that livery is just mean as hell and it deserves a car that isn't at the back. Easily the best livery of 21 that's been revealed thus far.
xSilverScreenx 10 dagar sedan
Ferrari needs to get their crap together in general
CheckMan 86
CheckMan 86 10 dagar sedan
nobody is commenting on the rear rims that are copy paste from mercedes to cool the tires
isaac gaming 21
isaac gaming 21 10 dagar sedan
Wait they gived some SF1000 parts to Alfa Romeo and nothing for Haas I was specting Schumi in the points this year
Max Mac
Max Mac 10 dagar sedan
Is overregulation a good thing?
Dave Poulton
Dave Poulton 10 dagar sedan
Nice creative camera work - just a pity you can’t see what the car looks like!
Dutch 2059
Dutch 2059 10 dagar sedan
They will sub-optimize performance by keeping Giovinazzi in the second seat. Could have had any number of excellent young drivers but no.... On a different note, F1 wants to provide the best show for its fans...... Well, Kimi is a big party of that, he has captured the heart of many fans by simply being himself rather than the stylized behavior of most rookies. Kimi Forever!!
AndreiTupolev 10 dagar sedan
"The team's long term target" ... of managing to get a points score in double digits 🤷‍♂️
Elio Van-Dúnem
Elio Van-Dúnem 10 dagar sedan
We have to see how the power units developed this season.
Chris Readman
Chris Readman 10 dagar sedan
I love the look of Kimi’s new daily
Mad Mick
Mad Mick 10 dagar sedan
Sounds great in theory but with the Nissan-Renault group swallowing Mitsubishi, Peugeot-Citroen and a merger looking likely with FCA the Alfa teams days are probaby numbered.
Dean Probert
Dean Probert 10 dagar sedan
Kimi = F1. Alfa Romeo is F1 THE SAME AS FERRARI is. The two marques must make their 20w21 and 2022 seasons really count. Long live Alfa Romeo.
CHARITY SHOP POP 10 dagar sedan
Every image that is shown of this makes me fall in love with it more and more! Looks fantastic
OTHOUD 10 dagar sedan
If the ferrari engine is good this season , alfa romeo could be a challenger in the midfield battle
Alex Bentley
Alex Bentley 10 dagar sedan
won't they be a bit screwed once they lose Alfa?
Roy McDre
Roy McDre 10 dagar sedan
Who is in class b??
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann 10 dagar sedan
Carlos Geli
Carlos Geli 10 dagar sedan
If they switch to Renault (they probs wont but u never know) they’d be like what Haas is to Ferrari now where they have Renault academy drivers be their guys & a lot of Renault parts
Liam Kelly
Liam Kelly 10 dagar sedan
What are those ABSOLUTELY nonsense points tables you've come up with? *Based on awarding points to the three slowest teams WTF? Just show the actual points table rather than making shit up!!!
Kandiimitsu 10 dagar sedan
Kimi is the chuck norris of f1. He will race until f1 finishes its final season
Loknath Shankar
Loknath Shankar 10 dagar sedan
These guys are like AR is doing bad, Instead they can say Other teams are giving a good fight :|
Raimonds Rudzītis
Raimonds Rudzītis 10 dagar sedan
It's all part of The great Ferrari Masterplan!
andy chen
andy chen 10 dagar sedan
all your statements are questions . with the words like "could be: just a dunce speculator you are.
MKR Cinema
MKR Cinema 10 dagar sedan
This is just Kimi's world and we are living in it
3j4hi 10 dagar sedan
Just do it again... Beat the works Ferrari!!
onlyjake _420
onlyjake _420 10 dagar sedan
they wont be near Honda, Honda will bring the 2022 pu in early
ilove quotes1
ilove quotes1 10 dagar sedan
They could score points just not with Gio
Andy McBride
Andy McBride 10 dagar sedan
That has to be one of the most beautiful F1 cars I have ever seen 😍😍😍
Jake M
Jake M 10 dagar sedan
There have been multiple F1 drivers in their 50’s, and the oldest F1 race winner was 53. Who’s to say Kimi can’t be the long term future for the team? He still has the pace, and a wealth of experience!
K1awhi 10 dagar sedan
Alfa Romeo is the team everyone likes.
中村有希 10 dagar sedan
The scary latex booly connect because malaysia explicitly camp of a obnoxious pyjama. comfortable, aggressive toothbrush
Nihal Kenkre
Nihal Kenkre 10 dagar sedan
what is Class C ? is it official ?
Andrew B
Andrew B 10 dagar sedan
Very nice looking car, like the colour scheme layout the way the red and white flow from one end of the car to the other.
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 10 dagar sedan
I like Alfa Romeo, so yes they will do good in the future
asian man
asian man 10 dagar sedan
if they drop kimi, f1 fans drop them
sdanen4 10 dagar sedan
Car will be be just ahead of Williams......Haas may split the twp
Elliot Crossan
Elliot Crossan 10 dagar sedan
Personally, I will be sad if Alfa does indeed split with Sauber in 2022. The liveries this partnership has produced have been GORGEOUS, and it's been nice to have the 1950-1951 World Champions on the grid, even if only in name!
Hondo Rincon
Hondo Rincon 10 dagar sedan
Man that’s a beautiful livery
Maximilian Bima
Maximilian Bima 10 dagar sedan
Reason for alfa downfall last year pretty much caused by the ferrari engine, if they can fix that. Hoping both drivers could fight a bit more towards to the front this year
Dave Russell
Dave Russell 10 dagar sedan
01:02- WTF Alfa!? As your 2022 car was already designated C40 why not designate the 2021 car the C39B?
peter gan
peter gan 10 dagar sedan
Hope Àlfa Romeo can give Kimi a good car this new F1 season so he can deliver the result. All the best to the new car
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson 10 dagar sedan
Can't see them doing much this year. driver line not good. Kimi good in dry but add a few rain drops his car turns into a spinning top (remember when he drove the red car). Givo last year never really impressed. Shame always liked this team they are good at punching above their weigh. But think thneed fresh drivers. There are plenty in the wigs that are good enough.
Sven W
Sven W 10 dagar sedan
Only Mercedes liked the v6 hybrid crap engines. While everybody else hated it (fans and teams) i hate it that the balance of power usually only shifts when FIA greatly changes the regulations and demand a different (worse) type of power unit
Vids Produc
Vids Produc 10 dagar sedan
Bwoah, I swear the alfa last year wasn't bad aerodynamically. The engine was really the culprit. If the engine performs as well as Ferrari promised, they'll definitely fight within the midfield groups and scoring regular points even.
Stefan Medina
Stefan Medina 10 dagar sedan
The real question is, Why Ferrari is not winning?
arthur staal
arthur staal 10 dagar sedan
Why is giovinazzi getting all the criticism, he's been one of the best starters consistently and had to survive in one of the slower cars (and also showed improvement)
Matthew Haycraft
Matthew Haycraft 10 dagar sedan
Praise Italian Jesus
Jeff Keen
Jeff Keen 10 dagar sedan
Thank goodness next year we won't have to have F1 completely dominated with aero...F1 aero has ZERO real world applications and is just an expensive rabbit hole for the teams to throw money into. Wouldn't it be great to brake the correlation between budget and speed and inject a bit of unpredicability into F1.
William Power
William Power 10 dagar sedan
Where is the triangle! (Or square wit a side missing)?
Richard Naujoks
Richard Naujoks 10 dagar sedan
Yeah uhm I think anyone knows that Alfa Romeo needs Ferrari to step up to be able to return to the midfield and why that is
Reinhard von Lohengramm
6:18 God, I love the livery of the 2017 Sauber. Blue, white and gold; perfection!
Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy 10 dagar sedan
no not a regular point scorer but that livery doe
shorryu FZ
shorryu FZ 11 dagar sedan
Nose looks sick.
虎ちゃん 11 dagar sedan
Antonio is the best Italian driver since farina
Asisten Traveling
Asisten Traveling 11 dagar sedan
Well... Kimi only one time World Champion. But his performance since he joined with Sauber was super special.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 11 dagar sedan
It wouldn’t surprise me if this team either isn’t on the grid or is but in a different guise next year. They are kinda going nowhere. Are they the Ferrari B or sister team or not? That’s the question that has to be resolved.
skua stone
skua stone 11 dagar sedan
Mercedes must break them.
Vince Cannava II
Vince Cannava II 11 dagar sedan
Just guessing before watching... The engine. 🤷‍♀️
Landyacht 11 dagar sedan
Race cars don't have keys
Silly Rabbit
Silly Rabbit 11 dagar sedan
This new model is beautiful i hope it performs better this year.
marlon gerber
marlon gerber 11 dagar sedan
He will not get the drink
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf 11 dagar sedan
A lot of people don't realize that the Alfa-Ferrari deal is like a package deal especially since the parent company (Exor) that owns part of Stellantis (Alfa Romeo Parent company) also owns like 22% of Ferrari. If Sauber drops Ferrari then most likely Alfa goes too sadly. There's more to it behind the scenes than just keep the branding and switch engines.
Jasper Cruz
Jasper Cruz 11 dagar sedan
I just realized that Leclerc scored a bunch of points in that Ferrari that was battling the Alfa's with only 8 points in the constructors championship.
mitchtavio 11 dagar sedan
That minimal shark fin looks great. I wish they would get rid of shark fins altogether.
Naoufal Rhou
Naoufal Rhou 11 dagar sedan
I think alfa romeo might be beating Ferrari this year.
Worlds Worst Musician
Worlds Worst Musician 11 dagar sedan
The problem with Ferrari taking a step forward is that everyone else has taken a step forward too!
Majad Ali
Majad Ali 11 dagar sedan
“Subscribe buttons” 😂😂
David Griffith
David Griffith 11 dagar sedan
I refuse to believe Kimi will retire.
Its all about The shield
Dino result's mean jack if the engine its un'realible
Utetopia 11 dagar sedan
I've never been a fan of, nor understood why. competing works teams provide engines to non-works teams. I can understand Honda providing engines to multiple teams if Honda themselves are not competing as a team.... but with Mercedes providing McLaren (and McLaren needing to alter the car to fit the new engine), and Ferrari providing Alfa Romeo.... why would they provide an engine that's as good, or better than the works team's engine? What are the rules around this? Do the teams request certain criteria for the engine? Or get what they are give? *is* the engine the same as the works teams?
Atkins Paints The World!
what is kubica doing there?
MyChem 10 dagar sedan
Reserve driver and sponsorship money
T BZ 11 dagar sedan
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief 11 dagar sedan
Legit question: Can any of these teams that borrow from the top dogs actually compete with them? What I mean is, won't an Alfa Romeo always be worse than a Ferrari, a Racing Point/Aston be worse than a full on Mercedes, etc? It seems like the customer teams compete with each other but their performance hinges on the advancements of power units they don't have input on, and will likely never outdo the producer of said engines. Maybe I'm just not understanding, and I don't mean to sound ignorant. Just trying to understand how a team like Alfa Romeo or Haas Ferrari will ever beat an actual Ferrari.
Damien Kearns
Damien Kearns 11 dagar sedan
Great looking car with the old school logo and prominent quadrofolio (four-leaf clover) which is a symbol of luck with the four leaves representing faith, hope, love, and success.
Paul Sven
Paul Sven 11 dagar sedan
Max T
Max T 11 dagar sedan
Kimi still has the personality of an empty cardboard box
Atpisies Genādijs
Atpisies Genādijs 11 dagar sedan
And others don't? 😂😂 Who has a great personality in your opinion? I think more than half of them are lacking personality, bunch of regular well spoiled guys.