Why Ricciardo thinks McLaren's his best-ever F1 title shot 

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Daniel Ricciardo has had his first taste of driving for McLaren following the launch of the team's 2021 MCL35M car. As Ricciardo settles in to life in orange, Scott Mitchell assesses why the Australian decided the time was right to go to McLaren now - having rejected approaches from the team in the past. Ricciardo has revealed he has a three-year deal with the team, which he believes can give him his first proper F1 title shot in the years to come.
McLaren MCL35M: Your questions answered
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18 feb 2021



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PimpDaddy G
PimpDaddy G 13 timmar sedan
everyone is too unrealistic with their season goals. I mean there is a team called Mercedes that has been dominating the decade and has two very skilled drivers no one can compete with them its always a fight for the 2. place in constructors and 3rd in drivers
Manolo 14 timmar sedan
Hope McLaren will grab a win or two this year!
perp1exed Dag sedan
I predict Daniel will have a good season with McLaren narrowly finishing 3rd in the constructors ahead of Aston Martin, then moving on to Mercedes (after 1 or 2 years) replacing Lewis (or Valtteri) to fight for the drivers championship. I don't see a title challenge happening with McLaren; though I definitely see Daniel being on the shortlist to join Mercedes on a 2 or 3 year contract as early as 2022.
Richard Baines
Richard Baines 2 dagar sedan
I would love to see Ricciardo take a title at McLaren :-)
the e-man
the e-man 2 dagar sedan
They are moving on and getting a great driver and great teammate. He enjoys and will make the team better.
Kian YT
Kian YT 3 dagar sedan
I just started following f1 this year and, although I know basically nothing, I'm feeling pretty good about choosing mclaren as my first team to root for
Indie Love Brand
Indie Love Brand 3 dagar sedan
McLaren number two this year. Another step up. Ricciardo will have a great year with support from Norris. Redbull will find out Perez races for himself not the team. Best stay clear of him Max. Should be an exciting year of great racing.
Channel Z
Channel Z 5 dagar sedan
Sainz was a fool to ditch an upswinging McLaren for a Ferrari management team that is REALLY pushing hard to get Mick Schumacher in that second car next to Leclerc. Believe it! Sainz is 1 season away from yet a THIRD...career fiasco like at Toro Rosso AND Renault, if Mick works out at Haas. Mick's a PR dream for Ferrari in every way and Ricciardo just might have fixed his mistake of being played like a rube by letting Cyril Abiteboul exploit his insecurities into running away from Max. It's fair to say Horner's gotten the last laugh on Cyril about that smug "no engine and now no driver" wisecrack on Drive to Survive. lmao
Shamim Huq
Shamim Huq 5 dagar sedan
Honda Honda Honda with their Variable Timing Engine will beat Mercedes. Just watch. I have two Engineering Degrees from Texas A&M and I own a VTEC Honda (better know as Acura in Texas).
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 6 dagar sedan
*It is starting to concern me is how RIC and SAI seem to be somehow following ALOs path, **_but on steroids._* They're quickly running out of "good teams". If it doesn't work out this time, it'll be back to F1.2 or INDY for both... *Especially when they jumped ship one year BEFORE the New F1 gets going in 2022.* They're stuck in multiyear contracts when many of the others will be able to pick and choose the "best horse" for 2022. Too nervous, too anxious, it may backfire pretty badly.
Tosa 7 dagar sedan
Doubt it. Ricciardo doesn't have the character of a champion.
Florian Reinfeld
Florian Reinfeld 7 dagar sedan
I really like how you analyse the situation, great job 👍🏻
Richie Rich 007
Richie Rich 007 7 dagar sedan
This year Mercedes and RB are still going to be more dominant but next year could be a totally different story...they can begin to dream from 2022
AKOy Gwapo
AKOy Gwapo 8 dagar sedan
I think McLaren will be the 2021 champion because of Mecedes Engine.
Malole26 8 dagar sedan
Well I'm pretty confident he will never win a championship then
Shakengandulf 8 dagar sedan
Have a good feeling about this season.
James Middleton
James Middleton 8 dagar sedan
I'd love to see a British team back at the top
muhammad nabil
muhammad nabil 8 dagar sedan
Ric world champion 2022
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence 8 dagar sedan
Redbull with 2022 engine....and it looks mean...and they got Perez. ...
Phil Tindle
Phil Tindle 9 dagar sedan
I really do not think McLaren will beat the Red Bulls, deep down he had his heart set on Ferrari.
9 ronaldo
9 ronaldo 9 dagar sedan
i'm so excited watching his overtakes. this season's gonna be awesome! he will be on podium every game!
muhammad nabil
muhammad nabil 8 dagar sedan
To see he win could be great too
James Limon
James Limon 9 dagar sedan
I hope he does great, it would be great to see another winner and team besides Mercedes ,Ferrari , and Red Bull
Ahmed Naveel
Ahmed Naveel 10 dagar sedan
Redbull will suffer massively from reliability woes if they decide on making their own engines. Their best bet is convincing Honda to stay in F1
George Gaitanos
George Gaitanos 10 dagar sedan
Yes I do. He will do well ...much better than some have said ...good on him ...he is a great guy and driver...
Kerry Lewis
Kerry Lewis 11 dagar sedan
McLaren will continue to improve with regular podiums during 2021.. Wins are not far away.
Tyler Fernandez
Tyler Fernandez 11 dagar sedan
Interesting to hear the move to Renault viewed as misjudged. Yeah, he probably would have finished higher in the points with Red Bull, but two seasons of coming up short next to Verstappen would not have done well for his value.
Samira Peri
Samira Peri 11 dagar sedan
Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson 11 dagar sedan
Hopefully this should be a good season! With Seb at race point aswell
Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson 11 dagar sedan
Welcome back mclaren (hopefully). They have always done well with Mercedes power so now will be no different.
Chee Hei Foo
Chee Hei Foo 11 dagar sedan
If he can qualify well, he should always be in the hunt for a podium place with Norris. Possibly ahead of Ferrari.
DDG 11 dagar sedan
Dependent on how well the car and engine work together, I think Mr Ricciardo has an outstanding chance to be #1 or #2 this year. Beyond that, it will only get better. Good luck Daniel!!!
Josh Gee
Josh Gee 11 dagar sedan
Daniel Ricciardo is a top 3 driver not top tier...Well played McLaren you have a WDC in waiting on your hands.
Hus 9
Hus 9 12 dagar sedan
It will be impressions
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 12 dagar sedan
Feel like he’s just below pure championship quality but with the right car and teammate I feel he could sneak one. This contract and this team is probably his last chance.
wolfe1970 12 dagar sedan
I believe his best chance was in 2014
Max P
Max P 12 dagar sedan
I expect Riccardo to win two titles, both with Ferrari in 3-4 years time.
To the point Reviews
To the point Reviews 12 dagar sedan
Ric will get the title when Lewis retires. This year Ric will beat Norris in points and will come third/fourth overall in points. Next year he will come second/third overall points wise. In three years he will win the title.
Dread_Pirate_Jodwin 12 dagar sedan
I couldn’t have worded this better myself
mabboyz4lyf 12 dagar sedan
The move wasn't ill-judged. He mad a tonne of money at Renault and realistically wouldn't have beaten max over a season. now, he's in a Mclaren on the up with a Merc in it.
Dustin Dingler
Dustin Dingler 12 dagar sedan
This might be the best engine he’s ever raced with so yeah its possible
Michael Brook
Michael Brook 12 dagar sedan
Oh Ricardo I’ve waited for you to be on the podium again
muhammad nabil
muhammad nabil 8 dagar sedan
I wait to see him take WDC
david fish
david fish 12 dagar sedan
I don't know if he is going win world title or not but it's step up from last year's car
John M
John M 12 dagar sedan
He might well be right and there is a certain amount of "of course he would say that" about a new signing gushing about his new team, but at this stage in his career Riccardo hasn't got too many more years left to win the title that he yearns for,
Patrick Guinnane
Patrick Guinnane 12 dagar sedan
he is not that good...simple...
Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger 12 dagar sedan
They will be closed to Red Bull may be Bottas too
VC YT 13 dagar sedan
Is pronunced 'al-pine' -- not 'al-peen' !
Damien Kearns
Damien Kearns 13 dagar sedan
Title shot??? He's been on more than just Fosters then 😂
Silent Wolf Streaming
Silent Wolf Streaming 13 dagar sedan
I really hope he gets that championship!
Duolingo German
Duolingo German 13 dagar sedan
They will finish 3rd again in 2021. Maybe Ferrari can put up a good fight. Aston Martin lost Perez and Alpine lost Riccardo. I don't see them fighting for the 3rd spot.
Javier Ruiz
Javier Ruiz 13 dagar sedan
Nicest pair in the paddock
Tahneek Uddin Mullick
Tahneek Uddin Mullick 13 dagar sedan
I think people are overhyping McLaren. They have improved, but their 3rd place in the constructors championship last year is a bit misleading. They actually finished in 4th but got 3rd place due to Racing Point's 15 points penalty. And if Ferrari weren't caught red handed then they would've been the 5th best team. They are still very far from being a championship contender.
MxM_Prime 13 dagar sedan
Short answer: because he's delusional. Saved some minutes of your life, you're welcome
gastino 13 dagar sedan
Ricciardo is definitly a top tier driver but he will never be a world champion. Not with Mclaren at least.
OSUCherokee 13 dagar sedan
I'm going to go on record today and say that McLaren WILL take over 2nd in the constructors title. Red Bull will be in a hard fight for 3rd with Aston Martin and Ferrari.
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 13 dagar sedan
Ricciardo couldn't have timed the move to McLaren any better. A great team now, cohesive and tight-knit. Perfectly balanced, with the absolutely correct leadership available. The engine move was yet another solid step towards a push to start getting regular podiums this season, and make a real push for victories from the next season onwards. Lando and Daniel are at the perfect place at the exactly correct time. Come on!!!!!
Tetsuo 13 dagar sedan
He is a nice guy but unfortunately he’s too slow.
Christian Horner
Christian Horner 13 dagar sedan
Daniel is a top 3 driver. He and Max can compete with Lewis in equal machinery. Unfortunately that McLaren will be 5 tenths off the Mercedes.
Ian Howlett
Ian Howlett 13 dagar sedan
I hope McLaren can give those smug gits at Red Bull a damn good thrashing!
N Sz
N Sz 13 dagar sedan
As much as i like Ric i think mcl mercedes is overhyped. They will be slower this year compared to last year.
Terry Glover
Terry Glover 13 dagar sedan
Only if Hamilton retires will Danny have a chance at a title shot.
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams 13 dagar sedan
optimistically he should be fighting for 3rd if not 2nd in the championship...reality fighting for 4th or maybe 3rd
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave 13 dagar sedan
Change the livery already, its ugly...
Dion Smith
Dion Smith 13 dagar sedan
He's a great driver and I hope they do awesome this year but I don't think Daniel is quite good enough to beat the likes of lewis, max or charle for a world title without a superior car which he is never likely to have
TLR Eclipse
TLR Eclipse 13 dagar sedan
Let's Hope the Meme Team becomes the Dream Team.
f montes
f montes 13 dagar sedan
I only clicked on this video to make a snarky comment (without watching the actual video). DR is full of sh-t, he knows it. His best chance would be to challenge himself each year. If he really had aspirations of fighting, he would've stayed at RB and fought with Max. He couldn't hang, so he left for Renault (LOL). His days of winning GP's have long since passed, and McLaren will have teething issues this season with the Mercedes powerplant. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!
Astrostevo 13 dagar sedan
Really hoping and do think this move to Mclaren will work and hopefully deliver race wins this year! Can't wait! Go Danny Ric! :-D
DennyHulme 13 dagar sedan
This septuagenarian Kiwi race fan weeps when he sees these butt-ugly modern McLarens. The Golden Age of McLaren F1 cars is well gone. RIP Bruce, Denny, Chris and Ayrton the greatest McLaren driver ever.
Beb 13 dagar sedan
Olisser Gomez
Olisser Gomez 13 dagar sedan
I like Ricciardo, but he's going to get murked by Norris
Liam Rowsell
Liam Rowsell 14 dagar sedan
Sorry everyone but at the end of next season it will be... 1. Mercedes 2. Aston Martin 3. McLaren Hit me up in a year 😋
Collin Wadham
Collin Wadham 14 dagar sedan
Daniel is capable of every driver's dream in F1. And so is McLaren capable again as top constructor. But they both need what we call, a little luck. We never work out how to influence that but trying helps. And both of these, the racer and his constructor, have the magic. Exited to watch this possibility happen.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 14 dagar sedan
Great to see me in the video on the virtual audience
MrWadrO Rodriquez
MrWadrO Rodriquez 14 dagar sedan
Never should’ve left Redbull. Would’ve been a world champ by now.
Jackson Ansell
Jackson Ansell 14 dagar sedan
2021 will be pretty much the same as 2020. It is all about 2022
W G 14 dagar sedan
With the budget cap, the limited aero changes, and the DAS system gone, I honestly believe the teams will close the gap to Mercedes. whether or not this turns into fewer wins for Mercedes is yet to be seen. That being said, yes. this is definitely Ricciardo's best shot at an F1 title since his pre-turbo days at Red Bull.
Andrew Metcalfe
Andrew Metcalfe 14 dagar sedan
Ricciardo’s move to Renault was not ill judged at all. It took him to another level in his driving and he developed as a real team leader.
Steve Luth
Steve Luth 14 dagar sedan
Not a chance in hell he wil win a title, but maybe the occasional podium might come
GJNA 14 dagar sedan
Daniel will never become World Champion. Sorry, that's just the truth.
GJNA 14 dagar sedan
Still the ugliest car on the grid
GJNA 14 dagar sedan
People who believe McLaren is getting the same performing engine as Mercedes themselves are delusional AF
abidamn 14 dagar sedan
Plot Twist: He decided to join after he watched McLaren's SElosk content. He wanted to join McLaren's SElosk project. I don't blame him.
Paul Ginge
Paul Ginge 14 dagar sedan
Not the title this year but 3rd place after bottas 1st Hamilton 2rd
CMS 25
CMS 25 14 dagar sedan
i hope so much for him and Mclaren that they can manage to win both titles together
BMrider75 14 dagar sedan
I was puzzled by the narrator describing this Free year deal ; it's free to whom?
r k
r k 14 dagar sedan
Lol no...not gonna happen. The next different drivers champion will be the one who can get the Mercedes seat after hammy retires. Until then the rest of the drivers can fight for whatever else is left from P3 onwards.
S Kiran
S Kiran 14 dagar sedan
I hope he wins WDC like Button
Willi Bellic
Willi Bellic 14 dagar sedan
so, i Need a new t-shirt again, lets go McLaren. all luck to avoccado
shnrrr 14 dagar sedan
As much as I'm hoping for McLaren do do well, their 3. Finish came because of Racing point's point strip a long with a string og bad luck and because of Ferrari being nowhere. I also expect Mercedes to be utterly dominant with the new regulations, as they will probably have spent a fortune on development for 2022 already. Both because of their enormous funds and the fact that they have had the titles sealed abouth halfway through the 7 last seasons, freeing manpower to work on the next car. They've been dominant in the turmo hybrid era, mainly because they spent years and 100s of millions of euros on the engine compared to everyone else meaning they started the era with a huge advantage.
John Preisler
John Preisler 14 dagar sedan
You don't beat the factory with customer equipment.
Kurt M
Kurt M 14 dagar sedan
The fact McLaren hasnt won a race since 2012 really surprised me. Didnt think it had been so long
Ikaruga 14 dagar sedan
Great to see McLaren being competitive again. Daniels a great replacement for Carlos.
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 14 dagar sedan
Good video dude.😃👍
Pitboy 14 dagar sedan
Good to be positive ... but no. Lets hope with an engine change that they arent set back too far and they can pull off a couple mid field finishes. 2022 is a whole other matter ... if they get it right, they could win it all.
alin116 14 dagar sedan
If he wins a WC, it's gonna be great. If he doesn't, the memes with Lando are going to be epic. So win-win.
muhammad nabil
muhammad nabil 8 dagar sedan
I see he take WDC for sure
Mason Bell
Mason Bell 14 dagar sedan
I really want Daniel to have a world championship to his name, but it won’t probably happen unless McLaren are better than I think they are
Mpho Mokoena
Mpho Mokoena 14 dagar sedan
Probably will look good in the beginning then things will start to unravel every plan is always better on paper his unfortunately going to end his career without a WDC unless he sticks around till the end of the Turbo Hybrid era and gets a massive slice of luck with whatever team his at mastering the regulations and engine
ItalianStallion 14 dagar sedan
Honestly I’m rooting for all teams to perform their best. Red Bull, Aston Martin, Alpine, McLaren, Alpha Tauri etc
Corsair Riker
Corsair Riker 14 dagar sedan
First season? I don't expect much. It takes time to adapt to a new car (and engine). He'll want to consistently top 10 in the first 5/6 races and then try to top 5 and/or podium from then on. This season will be more about achieving consistency and reliability. McLaren have already said they expect a mixed season due to their engine change so no real expectations at all for his first season.
fablewalls 14 dagar sedan
Just watched Daniel's first laps in the McLaren video - loved the "feels fast, it's been a while..." comment. Hope Danny can really rub this season into Marko and Horner's faces.
muhammad nabil
muhammad nabil 8 dagar sedan
Corsair Riker
Corsair Riker 14 dagar sedan
"His move from Red Bull to Renault proved ill-judged" Umm. No. It didn't. There's a fundamental misunderstanding of his move to Renault.