Why Verstappen's special F1 driving style is a myth 

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Max Verstappen's phenomenal ability behind the wheel of an F1 car is not in doubt, but Red Bull's failure to get on terms with Mercedes, and the struggles of his team-mates in recent year, have prompted theories that what he needs from a car results in the team producing machinery that is very difficult to drive. In this video Scott Mitchell explores that theory, featuring some input from Verstappen himself.
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2 feb 2021



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YOUSUF JADWAT 3 timmar sedan
Alot act as tho Lewis needs to prove himself to Max, if this is ur 2nd season following F1, i suggest educating ur ignorant ass..Lewis had 2nd hand equipment b4 getting to F1 fighting guys in NEW wheels. In reality Max has achieved ZILCH😎
Gold 999
Gold 999 10 timmar sedan
Hamilton isn't as fast as the other champions, but he's the one to make least mistakes. He's very careful of his approach, he always take a calculated risks (he rarely make rash decisions). If he can't overtake, he wouldn't do it (there are some incidents, but his numbers are very low compared to the others).
alex jones
alex jones Dag sedan
He's beatable. He blows his top easily, and bitches about things outside his control. Lewis would humiliate him over race distance in the same machinery.
Dennis 2 dagar sedan
If Albon and Gasley cant replicate or get his pace with all the inside data, its just talent and pure speed. And people who say he crash alot, thats because he drive the car on its absolute limit and get the most out of it. Hamilton dont have to do that because of his car, he can drive on cruise controle that car has so much overspeed its insane.
Helge Kooistra
Helge Kooistra 2 dagar sedan
The fact that Verstappen won the race in a Barcelona, with only 2 hours in the car is easily overlooked. During the race Ricciardo could not match his lap times nor his tyre management. The same counts for George Russel last season. Verstappen told he especially had to learn how changes in setup affected the handling, being used to the more difficult Torro Rosso.
John 2 dagar sedan
Add some compression to the vocals. 🙂
Feline Prime
Feline Prime 2 dagar sedan
RBR may very well build the car to Max's liking but I believe his skill level is just a pinch higher than most other drivers. These skills allow him to adapt. I'll bet he could climb into any other car on the grid and within a half day be able to duplicate the normal drivers lap time. Its not delusion, he's just a great, flexible driver
Brendon Noble
Brendon Noble 2 dagar sedan
I think the biggest difference is Verstappen´s ruthlessness and agression which is promoted by the managment. Other drivers avoid contact and often let him pass rather than risk an accident. It is extremely likely that this carries on into the team. The few team-mates to be given chances after pairing with him have all flourished in a different environment and diferent cars so I don´t think it likely that the car is the problem rather RB management..
Matti Kake
Matti Kake 2 dagar sedan
Not knocking MV at all but he will have been influencing the design of the car from his setup direction and feedback for at least 3 years. You can't escape that drivers influencethe design of cars. That's been the case since 1950. Perez has already commented that the RB is a very different car to what he has experienced before. Gasly and Albon were certainly not experienced enough. There's every reason to think that MV's input has taken the RB in a unique direction. I do think the only drivers who could adapt to that RB are Hamilton, Alonso and LeClerc, perhaps Ricciardo, Russell etc. - drivers who have proven adaptability.
John Lourens
John Lourens 2 dagar sedan
He'll beat Hamilton in the equal car, all day every day
Panzer Chicken
Panzer Chicken 3 dagar sedan
Verstappen would beat Lewis when both would drive a Mercedes.
Tristanto Pambudi
Tristanto Pambudi 3 dagar sedan
Cant see who's the best till we see all top drivers on same same car . That would be a treat.
NexxOne _
NexxOne _ Dag sedan
Equal engines is a wet dream for me
Drum Ape
Drum Ape 4 dagar sedan
Verstappen and Perez will rock 2021!
Rad Rhat
Rad Rhat 4 dagar sedan
The abortive resolution behaviourally rock because kohlrabi reciprocally bury besides a literate waitress. encouraging, dysfunctional work
acuet 4 dagar sedan
Yaaaawn...no Alonso.
XSebi 5 dagar sedan
Honestly i dont see Max as a World Champion ever. He seem to have great training from his father but thats it. Yes hes quick but he also has a quick car, he also made quite a few mistakes last season. But every time i heard his radio, all i heard was complaining about everything. Feels like nothings his fault and everything else is to blame.
Robbert H
Robbert H 7 timmar sedan
Did you look last year the seasons til 2018? After Monaco 2018 he didn’t make more mistakes than Hamilton. Hamilton is a great driver but nobody is flawless.
S. Murz
S. Murz 5 dagar sedan
I think Riccardo at redbull showed exactly that the redbull design philosophy produces a car that is uniquely competitive on the current F1 grid. Slower than the merc, sure, but the difficulty of controlling it means the car is just that much more agile. We saw Riccardo struggle especially in braking zones when he first got in the renault. The initial turn in the redbull cars offer is a force to be tamed, yet rewarding to a driver who can control it... a testament to Verstappen's skill imo.
Million Dollar Empire
Million Dollar Empire 5 dagar sedan
I'm not sure what Horner and Marko have been smoking, but Michael Schumacher is still currently the best driver as set the benchmark of 7 F1 championships first. Lewis will be the Best if he wins 8 F1 championships. also Lewis has had to fight against his teammates, something Michael, Seb and Max and Alonso have rarely had to do because they have #1 Status. before I Bow down and kiss Max ass like Horner and Marko I would like to see him beat all of Michaels and Lewis achievements first😂
brineusa 5 dagar sedan
Max vs Lewis that would be awesome but already know that Lewis will be crying veey quick because Max will leave him in the dust. Max will beat Lewis given the same car..
Max Poznyak
Max Poznyak 4 dagar sedan
Wow thank you for your amazing knowledge of events that have not occurred ! Can you pull out the winning lotto numbers out your ass like you did that comment please
Anand Kewal
Anand Kewal 5 dagar sedan
Bullshit A Top driver is fast in any car
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 5 dagar sedan
Max will be world champion 2021 on a considerably less performing car than Mercedes and that says it all on who is who against Hamilton 😉 Max is the max ☝️
Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien 5 dagar sedan
max in a merc would make hamilton humble
Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien 5 dagar sedan
Rosberg was a great driver , the only one to beat lewis in equal machinery, and he took his ball and and went home. George showed how you can overtake with a merc, George should be in the nr 2 seat at merc
Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien 5 dagar sedan
i had high hopes for botas, but he seems to bottle it far too often
Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien 5 dagar sedan
lewis may still win , but he would have to dig deeper than he has ever done so far
niek heurkens
niek heurkens 6 dagar sedan
When I was 16 I karted for some. Time, this was in the Netherlands . At the track there was already a talk about max and that he was something special. At that time he was only 9.
Stan De Vette
Stan De Vette 6 dagar sedan
I remember albon stating he prefers the same things in a car as max does
esphi LEE
esphi LEE 6 dagar sedan
Max’s driving style, “if you can’t beat them, crash them out.”
Robbert H
Robbert H 7 timmar sedan
It’s getting old this command
Maverick21491 7 dagar sedan
If Redbull really gave Verstappen wat he needs , they would give him a Mercedes .
Blueey 7 dagar sedan
Why are people listening to max haters....
MPDeventer 7 dagar sedan
Hamilton lost to Rosberg, he defenitly fail against Verstappen.
TheJakeRichards1 8 dagar sedan
Russel is by far the best young driver
Rob 8 dagar sedan
His first drive for Red Bull and winning, holding Kimi off in the Ferrari for about 30 rounds, I feel is a great example and prove of his adaptability.
GloomGaiGar 8 dagar sedan
One could say, adaptability IS his style
jim de nooij
jim de nooij 8 dagar sedan
ahcariel 8 dagar sedan
So, he's been on F1 since yesterday and is already a myth? He, he.
Syndrome !
Syndrome ! 9 dagar sedan
“Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you’ll be walking cross the floor”
Sven 9 dagar sedan
Trash.... Hamturd lovers. Max is the best driver in F1.
The Blazing Wizard Pope
a myth I never even heard of
Luckey 10 dagar sedan
You said it so well, that I don't need to add anything. The point you made so well, is what I have tried (at times in vain) to make to pundits who were mistakenly convinced that RB made the car specifically for Max. Max doesn't need that. He is simply off the planet when it comes to talent and the right attitude. Anyway, thanks guys, this should go some way to putting the issue to bed. Now, let's get on with the season!! I am becoming impatient.... Most everyone here too, I am sure.
peter alafe
peter alafe 10 dagar sedan
As I say again and again, this season will be a shock for a lot of drivers, if hammy wins the title he will retire. If this video is accurate as regards redbulls driver& car development. A motivated Perez with a 1 year contract may shock a lot of people with his race craft. And Ferrari may be resurgent again. Making it impossible for verstappen to focus on just hammy.
Yerrie 10 dagar sedan
I have been saying it from day 1 and you are right and Albon recently explained it when asked, it's not one or two things, it's every corner and lap at the limit. When it's not qualifying and it's race or practice a race driver drives at 95% of his limit, the better you are the higher the number, with Max it's extreme and it has been since day 1 and before lap after lap, Max 95% is Albon's 99%, Ric's 98% and Hamiltons 97%, And he could do it at age compared to Messi making his Barca debut at the age of 11 and his first CL goal at 12 years old.
insAneTunA 10 dagar sedan
If F1 exists long enough I think that it is possible for Max to become a world champion. On the other hand in F1 anything can happen, there are plenty former very good F1 drivers who never got the chance to drive with a car that was good enough to compete for the title. Max has the talent and ambition for it. He just needs the right hardware. For the coming season I think that it is going to be a lot tougher for the Red Bull team because I expect to see that the Aston Martin F1 team with Lance Stroll and Vettel are going to be very competitive with Red Bull. And I expect that the Mercedes constructor team will be taking the lead in the Championship again. I think that the teams that ended below the top 5 in last year's championship are going to be a lot closer to the top. Especially the teams that drive with a Mercedes drive train. So in general that would be bad news for Red Bull.
Jason Hawkins
Jason Hawkins 10 dagar sedan
He's way overrated and will never be champ.
Andy Charland
Andy Charland 11 dagar sedan
I like the video and understand the premise but I feel like you also described his driving style through most of the video so a blend of the two positions
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 12 dagar sedan
The big problem is Max is able to drive a bad car and make look good, but he is not able to communicate what changes could be made to make the car better. This creates a problem for the team on direction they needs to go on the car development.
Curitiba 12 dagar sedan
Can’t wait for the season to begin!
TheWeeaboo 12 dagar sedan
If you haven't been a Verstappen hater this has been clear as day since the beginning they started saying it.
BeeCee 12 dagar sedan
Agree with all, but the turkish spin was a bad example. He didn't plan on overtaking perez there.
Patrick Abas
Patrick Abas 12 dagar sedan
who will come out on top is clear to me. We actually do not need a one on one comparison as George Russell did this for us last year by showing he could beat VB77 in the same car on the first go. So if we put a Verstappen in that car who is equal quick as LH in an unmatched car the result will be humiliating for LH.
Tosa 12 dagar sedan
most over-rated drivers are now team-mates.
Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger 12 dagar sedan
I do believe so, DNF not!!!! let put Max in a Mercedes ?? Red Bull big year and Checo pick up lots of points McLaren's they will push
Hans Ketting
Hans Ketting 13 dagar sedan
Verstappen vs Hamilton in the same car would be the best battles you ever see. Verstappen telling his team to hydrate en Lewis telling Bono my tires are dead
user12122342423422344 13 dagar sedan
Perstappen is no speciality. Hes average.
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft 13 dagar sedan
sure the failure of albon and ghastly is verstappens fault... how sour can one be .... truth is that red bulls car is just not as good as the mercs and max is capable enough to drive it at its top performance most of the time.
Everton Stephenson
Everton Stephenson 13 dagar sedan
You guys keep talking about the Brazil race the only driver that did not make a mistake in that race was Lewis miles ahead as I remembered max spun and almost hit the guard rail
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne 14 dagar sedan
Max continues to demonstrate his maturity and prowess as a seasoned F1 driver and champion.
Martin Hendriks
Martin Hendriks 15 dagar sedan
i think you nailed it !, Max was born to be a race driver, thanks to both his mother and father.
Nigel Jones
Nigel Jones 16 dagar sedan
Mad Max first race he wins, you do the math
Nermin Okanovic
Nermin Okanovic 17 dagar sedan
I still want to see Ric get the championship medal. I think he deserves it the most of the drivers on the grid now. It’s only less likely for him to get it as years pass by. Versteppen will get his chance(s) I am sure of that. But I really want to see Ric get his in the next few years. And I hope it for him :)
Matthew D
Matthew D 17 dagar sedan
Thank you for putting this ridiculous myth to rest.
Graham Belfield
Graham Belfield 18 dagar sedan
Fascinating the predictions here about how the perennial underachiever Verstappen would destroy Lewis if only he had the same car. Let's see him win a season before we start making such rash predictions
Juan Esteban
Juan Esteban 18 dagar sedan
Max Verstappen - Future Formula 1 Champion That's a myth!
y1521t21b5 18 dagar sedan
Probably the best driver on the current grid.
Tone 19 dagar sedan
Interesting concept, but Max has a driving style. so does Lewis, Vettle and any other driver. Style is the uniqueness that each driver brings to the Car. Each car has its own style as well, Mercedes drives different than a Williams or Ferrari. Someone in the comment wrote that the Red Bull may have a lower margin for error. My theory is that the Car is always designed and built to suit the lead driver and that makes the most sense. To make a car that suits everyone's driving style just doesn't make sense. Many past great drivers were instrumental in the design and building of their car. Lewis, Michael , Arton and etc all had roles in designing their car. I can't think of one great that just jumped into the car and became great. This is why a great team needs one experienced driver, to help guide the time to maximize its performance.
David O connell
David O connell 19 dagar sedan
Max is another Schumacher of the future.
inderraj kewal
inderraj kewal 19 dagar sedan
there is a reason lewis dont want max as a teammate like lewis said few weeks ago max is extreem good we still havent seen 100 % from him and am sure he will be quicker then me
hezik1 20 dagar sedan
Vertappen does have a different driving style. Driving style is not only how you handle a car, but also how you approach a corner, find grip. Verstappen doesnt drive the 'optimal' lines. Look at perez, who has a more traditional driving style. Both styles are distinctively recognizabe as being different from each other. Verstappen often brakes late, then turns the majority of the corner, and accelerates out. While perez uses the more traditional line, start from the outside, turn in, apex, and accelerate out. Verstappen DOES have his own style. Albeit nothing as unique as senna's 'throttle blipping' or Alonso's agressive corner-attacks.
Gabriel Freitas
Gabriel Freitas 21 dag sedan
Max is so overhyped
Rotor Air Group
Rotor Air Group 21 dag sedan
Max's hype is too much. So far in 6 seasons he has lost 2 seasons against Ricciardo, crashed repeatedly in Monaco, Japan & Baku, destroyed hundreds of cars and so far has never being a tittle contender. His so called rivalry with Hamilton its a myth because Lewis has beaten him in 6 of 6 seasons. Actually Bottas in 5-1 against him, Vettel is 4-2.
formulafan 21 dag sedan
Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
Sai Gopal
Sai Gopal 21 dag sedan
Williams have a fast car nobody is adapting to it yet.
ioann geo
ioann geo 21 dag sedan
It is not a myth. Max Verstappen is a great f1 pilot with driveing intelligence and no fear.
Brian Hall
Brian Hall 21 dag sedan
Thank you for making this video and I'm glad that someone finally made a video that Praises just how good of a driver Max verstappen truly is
Brian Hall
Brian Hall 21 dag sedan
First off Max verstappen does have his own driving style and he is an unbeatable teammate so far and he is without doubt the best driver in F1. Lewis could never be as good as max. The reason I say Max is better than Lewis is because Lewis was handed seven titles Max doesn't need to be handed seven titles and is still better than Lewis could ever be
Daniel Piza
Daniel Piza 22 dagar sedan
Sergio Pérez is far better driver than Verstapen
Daniel Piza
Daniel Piza 21 dag sedan
@JohnDaWhale3 I guess we'll see soon enough...
JohnDaWhale3 21 dag sedan
No he isn't.
Raihan Yusuf
Raihan Yusuf 23 dagar sedan
I would love Lewis vs max in a midfield team or a Williams.
Mikael2650 24 dagar sedan
Max in a straight fight with Lewis. Max would be on top 8 out of 10 times.
SubaruForester2015 25 dagar sedan
Max is just better than everyone else by far.
IL CRITICO 25 dagar sedan
Max Kamikaze driving style is suitable for bumpers car. Six years of F1 proove it widely.
Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 20 dagar sedan
Like your own comment hater
Ron Swann
Ron Swann 25 dagar sedan
this still does not explain why he is such a dick!!!!!
Rill Music
Rill Music 25 dagar sedan
petition to close this youtube channel. Like to support!
Enzo MA
Enzo MA 25 dagar sedan
The way he was brought up makes me think of Takumi in Initial D
John Andrew Wilson 999
John Andrew Wilson 999 25 dagar sedan
Could Max verstaffan be the next Hamilton ?
deleyt 26 dagar sedan
Everyone's talking about Verstappen in a Mercedes competing with Hamilton . I'd like to see Hamilton in a Red Bull compete with Verstappen.
King_Cola 5 dagar sedan
Yep. Let him drive a car that is not perfectly suited for him
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 7 dagar sedan
Also would be intresting.
aca1can2 26 dagar sedan
Give everyone the same car with the same engine and then we will see how skillful each one really is. Hamilton is overrated, George Russell demonstrated that when he replace Hamilton in 1 race. Max Verstappen we will see this 2021 season when he is compared with a more experienced driver.
Max Poznyak
Max Poznyak 4 dagar sedan
No one said any one of the current drivers can’t win in a Merc...their issue would be winning against Lewis in that same Mercedes
G M 26 dagar sedan
Tell us next time something we didn’t know ... 🤷🏻‍♂️
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 26 dagar sedan
of the masterplan.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 25 dagar sedan
He is still nowhere near Hamilton’s level.
Casey k88
Casey k88 27 dagar sedan
Max, as much as I dislike him, I think is the better driver between he and Hamilton, he just hasn't had the car to show it yet.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 25 dagar sedan
THE RACE You make so many excuses for Max, you come across as very biased
Patrick Schoolderman
Patrick Schoolderman 27 dagar sedan
Being a (Dutch) F1 Fan from the start of 1987 (8yrs old) till now you know by now that no race is the same and a driver is only as good as his last race. Cars change, drivers adapt, weather and track conditions play a huge part in it as well. But with the question: Will Max win from Lewis, everything needs to be the same, down to even the weight. So if the cars have the same weight and the boys don't have the same bodyweight then this needs to be accounted for in the one that has less weight and therefore making the car heavier to compensate. Then both need to get familiar with whatever track they are on in such a way that they can't beat their own times (with their own ideal car setup). Then have a Mini Race without pitting and you will have the answer.... Right now Max has enough races under his belt to match Lewis and both have their own unique driving style. Who can keep their cool? And who will flake out! In my humble opinion, Lewis hasn't got a far deal of real race struggles over the years. Max does and did. So with that said I think Lewis might buckle under the stress if Max is on his ass just waiting for a tiny mistake and overtake. If the overtake happens then we get something, as we got from Lewis, that said "I can't pass this guy" "This guy" of course being Max. Now Lewis is one that's so "one" with his car that mistakes rarely happen anymore. Where Max still can make mistakes however very small. If Lewis can keep his cool and he can take the pressure where both cars are identical in every way (except for their own setup) then I still think Lewis might win by a nanosecond. But it's a big IF Lewis can take the pressure. Neither is willing to give in. Max has 10 or more years to go and needs to fight for his Future. Where Lewis is near the end of his career but doesn't want to fold or give in. It's like asking a boxer to throw in the towel in the ring. Not going to happen! Good luck to all, this new coming F1 season, the last season of these cars, and then on to the new cars in '22 with complete new regulations where everyone can benefit and more drivers make a chance where they don't stand a chance now and just fight for a few points. See you out there when we are back allowed on track... Orange will be the overruling colors you will see! ;) Even though I'm a big Alonso Fan and glad he's back we Dutch folks have been longing for such a long time for a Dutch driver to be competitive and now that we have.... "The Lion" is Loose!
Icemanv10 27 dagar sedan
Max is the best driver...that's why his teammates cant keep up!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 26 dagar sedan
either A: verstappen is a over achiever or B: 2nd drivers are not good enough. That’s it P.S yes he can beat Lewis
Ondřej 27 dagar sedan
Thank you for this video. I've been trying to explain this to people for months. Why would Red Bull build a car only one person in the world can drive? It only has disadvantages and Max himself complained about the car many times. This whole conspiracy is utter bullshit, forgive my french.
SW3RVY 27 dagar sedan
If RB gives him the car, he'll give them the championship.
Carmillawoo 27 dagar sedan
Drivers for sure. It'd be down to Perez vs Bottas. Personally I rate Perez higher than Bottas. But Bottas is kind-of an unknown, his entire career at the top has been in Lewis' shadow.
Giovanni Giorgio
Giovanni Giorgio 27 dagar sedan
Lol they will not do that at all. It depends on how much the driver can adapt and extract the best out of the car. Albon and Gasly couldn't. So they got removed. Let's see what happens this year. RB want to fight for P1 and if not possible, they want to maintain their P2. So of course they'll give their best. Only deluded fans can think of the Max myth. (Sorry Tommo)
mark taylor
mark taylor 27 dagar sedan
Verstappen is senna good. Anyone who doubts it is a fool.
Garrett Ressa
Garrett Ressa 27 dagar sedan
Bunch of old heads hating on the young kid. Put Max in any other car and see how he does
Michael Peligro
Michael Peligro 28 dagar sedan
Verstappen is overrated. The 2020 Turkish Grand Prix demolished the myth that Verstappen is a constantly adaptable driver. The rain and the new asphalt were the ultimate factors that brought out the true driving skills. Verstappen spun many times during the race, unlike Lewis Hamilton. And where did Verstappen end up after the race? In sixth place. Even Vettel was competitive than him. If there is any driver that has phenomenal ability behind the wheel and adaptability as the race goes on, that driver is Lewis. All that Verstappen does is to go all out. He doesn't even know how to conserve his tires, unlike Sergio Perez. Looking forward to Perez dominating Verstappen in the 2021 season.
Andre Duncan
Andre Duncan 28 dagar sedan
Verstappen drive like a bull in a china shop
ThaBoyA Maynard
ThaBoyA Maynard 28 dagar sedan
This is what I've always said......the boy is just special.....up there with Hamilton, Schumacher, Senna, the lot of them and he's only 23......if he had a car like the Mercedes no doubt he would have had a driver championship by now no debate.....I reckon even put him in that 2019 Ferrari and he wins the championship and not let it slip away like Vettel did.....the boy just has it end of story
Stephen Yates
Stephen Yates 28 dagar sedan
Let's hope the 2022 cars close the gap between Mercedes and Red Bull that would allow Max to go toe-to-toe with Lewis for the title
tshego zar
tshego zar 28 dagar sedan
He's not challenging Hamilton a small bit. Maybe Bottas
Carmillawoo 27 dagar sedan
Please, he's taken wins from hamilton numerous times. He already outscores Bottas in terms of wins using lesser machinery. Bottas is a nobody compared to Max and Lewis.
TitanMode 28 dagar sedan
THE RACE You make so many excuses for Max, you come across as very biased
MAC 28 dagar sedan
He is still nowhere near Hamilton’s level.
Stefan M
Stefan M 20 dagar sedan
@MAC Agreed, you have a 90% chance of correctly predicting the winner just because of his machinery. I've been using F1 as white noise mostly the last few years, for my afternoon naps.
MAC 21 dag sedan
@Stefan M there are 22 races a season these days, it’s hard to keep head and tail of them all
MAC 21 dag sedan
@JohnDaWhale3 the car is far less important as a factor than usual in wet weather
Stefan M
Stefan M 21 dag sedan
@MAC If you can't recall it, it can't be that epic ;)
JohnDaWhale3 21 dag sedan
@MAC Hamilton has a better car so...